Victim Possibly Linked To Michael Vick’s Dog Fighting Operation

VickMichael Vick’s dog fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels, is in the middle of another investigation.

Authorities are looking at a possible connection to another dog fighting ring, whose owner was murdered in April.

Roy “Bud” Melton was found shot to death on his property in North Carolina, which was used for his dog fighting operation. Thirty pit bulls and dog fighting equipment were seized from his home.

Documents and video tapes were also removed from the property. The documents list dog names that are consistent with Bad Newz Kennels.

Investigators are looking into connections between dogs Melton owned and dogs owned by Bad Newz Kennels. They said there is a strong possibility the two operations are linked.

The tapes were watched by federal investigators, and when asked, they said Vick was not on any of the tapes. When they were asked if Bad Newz Kennels were involved in the tapes, they said they couldn’t answer that question.

Court documents mentioned that Vick had bought and fought dogs in North Carolina, but there were no specific locations mentioned.

Source: WSOC

(Thanks Irene and Barbara)

8 Responses to “Victim Possibly Linked To Michael Vick’s Dog Fighting Operation”

  1. Lynne says:

    A link between violence against animals and violence against people is well established.

  2. nora says:

    No surprise here. I am sure there were many violent occurances affilated with Bad Newz Kennels that will never be known. Against animals and humans. May all the Bad Newz jerks rot in hell.

  3. Merlin Marshall says:

    Perhaps I am uncharitable, but I can’t feel sorry for a dog fighter who is shot to death.

  4. Debra says:

    here here Merlin

  5. nora says:

    The way I look at it, this Roy Bud Melton guy got his…no matter where it came from and I hope the rest get theirs too. NO MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM. Rot in Hell Bad Newz Kennel dudes and every dog fighter and supporter out there.

  6. Baaboo says:

    AMEN Nora…………………

  7. Dee says:

    Viiolence against animals and humans do go together, And all dogfighters are linked together, they are all insiders and have info on each other. IT IS ORGANIZED CRIME!!! GET IT!!!

  8. Lynn says:

    I think after all is said and done, they’re going to find that Vick links up with a bunch of operations not only in states surrounding Virginia, but in the SE, too.

    As far as Melton….good riddance. [And please don’t bother commenting on my attitude. I just want these misfits GONE.]

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