Video: How A Pit Bull Thinks Michael Vick Should Be Punished

Wonder how Michael Vick should be punished? Here is one pit bull that definitely knows a great way!

(Thanks 2CatMom via PetConnection)

12 Responses to “Video: How A Pit Bull Thinks Michael Vick Should Be Punished”

  1. Diella says:

    LOL, this is how my dog reacts with most stuffed animals…we like to call it “stuffing craze” As for Michael’s really too bad he can’t be punished like that

  2. Kevin says:

    Now go get Michael now that he has practiced with the bait.

  3. Bridgett says:


  4. 3FURS says:

    Justice has been served.

  5. Lynn says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this could be carried out on Vick and company?

    BTW - The Humane Society, according to CNN, reported that there are some 40,000 people estimated to be involved PROFESSIONALLY in dogfights. An additional 100,000 people may also be involved on the side. Purses are as high as $100,000.00. The Humane Society claims that 1/3 of all dogs coming into the shelters are Pit Bulls, many with obvious scars. Terrific, these a******s fight the dogs and then drop them off for the shelter to do the dirty work and kill them.

    Check out the CNN site:

  6. Anonymous says:

    Watch Nancy Grace - It’s on now CST regarding this.

  7. Michael Vick and Dog Fighting | Elaine Vigneault’s Diary says:

    […] link for feed readers: youtube hat tip: Itchmo […]

  8. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Hehehehe…I should get a hold of the maker of this video! My plan for Michael Vick is very similar to this, only it involves paralytic drugs, keeping him concious and several more hungry stuffed animal-killing dogs…Hehehehehe…

  9. NH says:

    LOL. That’s awesome! Vick is a loser! I’d rather kiss that pittie than Vick!!! Vick shouldn’t be in the NFL. Anybody who supports him or the NFL are losers too! The NFL needs to boot his butt out!

  10. turbo bouv says:


  11. Beth says:

    vick needs to be in prison,,,,,,, just think what those of us that have lost pets because of the recall would do to him if we saw him !

  12. Bill says:

    It’s a start.

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