Video of Chinese Supplier on CNN

CNN visits the source of toxic wheat gluten in China including the distribution center and their offices. CNN’s video is here.

Thanks paulbos!

9 Responses to “Video of Chinese Supplier on CNN”

  1. Susanne Scott says:

    Hey Menu Foods - Some quality control you’ve got. You are a filthy, filthy swine of a company - trying to save a buck by using a shanty shack of a “company” with some high tech name in rural China to make your ingredients. Gross, disgusting, filthy. You are nothing but an exploitive disgusting company.

    This is BEYOND disgusting. This is so absolutely unsanitary and this is the same wheat gluten that is used in the human food chain. UNBELIEVEABLE!!

    Please sign our petition against Menu Foods:

  2. Mark Wheeler says:

    I also hate Menu Foods, but it seems like the real culprits are Stephen and Susan Miller, the co-owners of ChemNutra. ChemNutra is the US Supplier that decided to use this crummy Chinese middle-man supplier. Susan Miller (wife?) is the “China expert” who finds these cheapo Chinese companies and convinces equally cheapo companies like Menu Foods to go with them.

  3. catspajamas says:

    NO!! It’s all of us who must take the blame here! I am so glad all this is now under the magnifying glass! This is long overdue. I’m just sorry it took a terrible event like this recall to get petowners looking into it. But that’s how it happens. We’ve been led to believe that the big money interests are looking out for fluffy and fido and also–that they know what’s best–and are honest! This is not so. We’ve believed their fancy packaging and AAFCO blurbs. We’ve also believed the big pharma interests that supply animal vaccines that many of their products are protecting our pets - certainly we would not expect them to cause illness! There’s a lot we have not known about. All of these industry ties to the pet health businesses must be examined. So i think it’s good consumers are angry. I hope they stay angry and proactive so that the deaths and sufferring of all these animals will not have been in vain. It’s the least we can do, isn’t it? I blame suppliers but I also blame myself if I don’t continue to educate myself and ask questions and be proactively suspicious where big interests affect my animals health. There’s a lot we can do ourselves and it’s high time we all became aware of it and demanded change.

  4. James says:

    Thanks so much for posting this video. This is so important that citizens of both the US and Canada see what is going on with our foods and our pets due to these greedy companies and the look the other way FDA. The public needs to wake up now and take a serious interest into what is going into our foods. We need to become proactive and keep the pressure on the FDA and these companies.

    I feel so bad for these precious animals affected by this. I have never fed any of my cats or dogs these brands, and keep praying that their brands don’t eventually show up on the list as well.

    Thanks for all your info here as well.


  5. Susanne Scott says:

    I have to disagree with you Mark. It is really Menu Foods that is responsible for their quality control. It isn’t good enough for some slick-talking salesman to convince them to buy their wheat gluten. It was Menu Foods responsibility to check it out and make sure that the ingredients they were buying was safe. They needed to have their people go check it out - just like the journalist did - he took a little trip to China to check out the “Bio-Tech” company - ugh….

    MenuFoods is manufacturing the pet food - they are obligated to ensure high quality ingredients. They are the ones ULTIMATELY responsible.

  6. Denise says:

    In the past communities knew where their food was coming from, and, by gosh, if there was a problem they took care of it. Agency’s, such as the FDA, have become our ‘community’. These people are our neighbors, our
    friends, our family, yet they don’t have a face. It’s sad.

  7. johnypaycut says:

    Buy American!!! it’s what we’v always known.. if you allow products from
    outside your country/communities to become your source of food , or basicly any essential you’l be at the mercy of those who’v only your money to gain?
    we need a grassroots economy, we need to look out for our interests?
    throw away this idea of global economy ,it’s not reliable ..
    i hope all the affected pet owners band together and start they’r own
    pet food bussiness! and i hope it doesn’t end their? we ought to truely
    buy from , and support our own people! we’v let corporations take our country? let’s take it BACK!

  8. Susanne Scott says:

    Here Here johnypaycut - I’m with you!!

  9. 3pits says:

    This is how it all starts people now I see you bashing again more american companies. So you say lets all attack menu foods. They came out up to 10 days before all the other recalls and said they had a problem!! Do not forget menu has 1200 americans your bad press is going to attempt to put out of work. That is all we need to put more americans out of work because the chinese screw something up. Wow I am so not with you!!

    You want to fix it do not buy chinese product! They screwed this whole thing up for like 10 companies and now they try to lie!! Chem Nutra said they were certified. That is the audit system that regulates the food and many other things around your house and family. Your babies are probably in iso safety car seats.

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