Video Of Redskins Players Defending Michael Vick

On May 25th, we brought you the story of a fellow NFL star who got in trouble for defending Michael Vick’s alleged involvement with dog fighting. This video is the actual interview with Clinton Portis, running back for the Washington Redskins, that got him in trouble. It was shocking to read about what he said, but as this video shows, the lack of Portis’ respect for animals is mind boggling. Does he own a dog?

The graph overlay shows research conducted by a media relations firm in reaction to the interview.

30 Responses to “Video Of Redskins Players Defending Michael Vick”

  1. kae family says:

    As long they are being treated like a privileged group of people and hence think so themselves, they don’t give a damn the well-being of other human beings nor animals. Whose fault is that those who pay to put them there on the pedestal!

  2. straybaby says:

    i was shocked seeing the video also. saw it for the first time recently after having read what he said. i think the lack of emotion goes partly to the fact he grew up with it being accepted around him. i noticed the same thing reading viewer comments on various sports blogs. there were those that did not see the big deal with this, so i think it’s a cultural thing. and that does not mean race! but rather the culture in which someone is brought up. CNN did 2 separate pieces last Night, one on Paula Zahn and also on Larry King. Kids can be introduced to this at a young age. They basically are *conditioned* to this.

  3. Mia says:

    Conditioning is one thing but it truly disgusted me and I could not watch the tape. All I can say is how can no one have any compassion for a sick, wounded, abused, and bleeding animal except to collect the winnings? Truly despicable!

  4. nora says:

    The ignorance they display is appalling and it has nothing to do with color or race. The “good ole white boys” network also partakes in this horrific activity for many generations. And when any person comments it is a “race issue” I can only contribute their opinion to stupidity and an attempt to doge the real issue! The coldness of their laughing and off hand comments about “he ain’t bothering anybody” is so ridiculous and it is obvious that they are also out of touch with reality. The videos of dog fighting are so sickening. Most of the dogs are half starved and emaciated and weak and are only trying to stay alive. This level of Animal Abuse cannot be tolerated any longer in any specter of life. Law enforcement included ( example: New Orleans).

  5. straybaby says:

    in case anyone is interested, the other guy yucking it up with Portis is # 60 Chris Samuels. A Redskins Tackle.

  6. furmom says:

    Those of us raised in a culture where abuse of animals (or people for that matter) is sickening are not ever going to understand this kind of thinking. But cultural or not, that obviously doesn’t make it right. There are cultures where it’s okay to abuse women or children, rape or sexually abuse. If a country doesn’t want to allow that sort of thing they make a law and there’s a penalty. That’s called civilisation. All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to stand by and do nothing.

  7. Jenny Bark says:

    This is sick. Do these 2 evil scumbags have children? I would love to meet their parents & grandparents to try & get some insight of how people can grow up like them. I think they must be into dog fighting in some way. I wonder if their has been any studies about dog fighters & hurting children & women. Our children & grandchildren look up to people like them.

  8. Kevin says:

    You know why they play football? Listen to them talk. They sound like idiots! They said alot of nothing…

  9. HighNote says:

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  10. mittens says:

    someone posted HERE about how they saw no big problem with dog fighting which was stunning.

    lately i’ve heard people who fight pit bulls referring to themselves as ‘ sporting men’ . sporting men ? what is this, the 19th century? it’s as if they were accused of wearing their ball caps backwards instead of torturing animals. some have the gall to differentiate themelves from those poorer feaks who raise their dogs in the street( ie inner city neighborhoods) instead of having an expensive house and chunk of land in better zip code to do it on. i guess if you shoot the dog in the head or let it bleed to death on more expensive real estate it’s morally elevating.

    sporting men…. and culturally appropriate cruelty?

    is the part about it being against the damn law ring a bell with these morons? throwing tons of cash at stupid, thoughtless people who have never taken the time to evolve as human beings just leads to this sort of barbarism. if someone has money this society tends to foster and encourage the idea that they can do whatever they want and be protected by a wall of cash and lawyers. and that’s what they damn well expect.

    and what is it about americans and jock culture? the love and fanaticism that is slathered on even high school athletes( meaning male athletes) that allows them to commit even outrageous crimes and be forgiven or ignored(”they’re just boys!”), to fail at school miserably and passed on through the grades, given scholarships they do not deserve to go to schools allegedly for learning not sports playing? the gay bashing, women harassing, gang raping, might is right culture of the revered jocks was well in effect at the high school and colleges i attended. i’m not sure why anyone expects civilized, humane and law abidding behavior from someone shined on their entire life due to their relatively short lived abilities on a playing field where character doesn’t appear to be king.

  11. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    OK, so where’s the video link?! I’d like to watch it but there’s no link here that takes me to it?

  12. Katie says:

    I did not watch the video, can’t bring myself to do so. However, I too wonder what kind of individual can do this? I don’t think you can be conditioned to it. Ex. Do medical professionals get hardened to all the sickness around them -NO. Do police officers get hardened to the killing and abuses they see,NO. So I don’t think one can be hardened to a so called “blood sport”. That’s sick. And, it makes one wonder how they view the human race. I agree with what was said above; I wonder if any studies have been done on human abuse of woman and children by these “lovers of blood sport”.

    Furmom you are absolutely right. We have laws. When laws are broken there are penalties. Civilization. Good over Evil.

    On MSNBC yesterday, one of the defense lawyers suggested Vick’s lawyer will probably ask for him to turn state’s witness in order to beat the charges and get back his career!


  13. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Just saw it now. How disgusting, these football player pigs are standing there LAUGHING about this, and making references to “Animal Planet” and “Animal Precinct”. I’d love to see these fools getting arrested on one of the animal law shows.

    I wonder how many fans and viewers the NFL is going to lose over this. I hope it’s enough to make them start getting serious about their players’ crminal behavior.

  14. Lynne says:

    “People should “mind their own business”, he said.

    Oh, the irony. In 1850 abolitionists were told to “mind their own business”. Had they done so, that man would still be property.

    Just like a dog.

  15. Lynn says:

    Leave it to a bunch of bullies to make fun of the underdogs. These men may be massive in size, but in my book they are the wimpiest wusses to every walk this planet.

    I look way down at them with great condescension. They are nothing short of disgusting. Their parents should be ashamed.

  16. Lynn says:

    Katie and others [who want to know about the prevalence of abuse, domestiv violence, etc., amongst pro-football players:

    Google the two expressions as shown below:

    “pro football” “battery”

    At one time there was a lot of talk about a surge in domestic violence on Superbowl Sunday; then there was talk about domestic violence increases during any Sunday during the football season. But nothing conclusive was shown, to the best of my knowledge. Only a very limited study was done at UCLA many years ago.

    This would certainly be a very interesting undertaking for a doctoral student in police science or forensic psychology.

  17. Lynn says:

    Check this out:

    Definitely, Goodell is the man to raise contention with. Looks like he’s had it with out-of-hand pro-ballers in the NFL. Good for him.

  18. straybaby says:

    looks like Reebok is on board:

    Reebok suspends Vick jersey sales, says charges ‘too disturbing to ignore’

    Associated Press

    Updated: July 27, 2007, 4:23 PM ET

    CANTON, Mass. — Canton-based Reebok is suspending sales of Michael Vick jerseys.

    The sneaker and apparel maker says the federal dogfighting charges against the Atlanta Falcons quarterback are “too disturbing to ignore.”

    Reebok is the official supplier of apparel and equipment to all National Football League teams and their players.

    Vick pleaded not guilty to the charges yesterday.

    Reebok doesn’t have an endorsement or marketing agreement with Vick.

    Sales have been suspended at retail locations and online.

    Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press

  19. straybaby says:

    CNN BREAKING! NIKE is suspending Vick’s contract without pay! they tagged it on to the end of the Reebok story . . . .

  20. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Lynne said:

    “People should “mind their own business”, he said.

    Oh, the irony. In 1850 abolitionists were told to “mind their own business”. Had they done so, that man would still be property.

    Just like a dog.”

    Ohhhh…that is brilliant! LOVE IT! Somebody needs to remind this dude of that. It would shut up him real quick!

  21. Pet Connection Blog » Nike moves to cover rear, suspends sales of Vick gear says:

    […] check this out on Itchmo: The notorious interview with two other NFL players, who just don’t see why […]

  22. Mary says:

    Thinking ahead, I wonder how they will ever find a jury to listen to this case?

  23. Lynn says:

    RE: Finding people to sit on Vick’s jury.

    That’s going to be tough, I would think. Wonder who the judge will be and his/her background.

  24. straybaby says:

    i think the judge is the same one from the arraignment. no nonsense. says the jury will be picked in half a day. i’ll see if i can find the link . . .

  25. Kevin says:

    This is the one time I would not mind jury duty.

  26. Kathy Hayes says:

    Remember one thing as you watch this video if you do watch it,
    These people are the roll models for the kids of today.
    They are being overpaid by the tickets fans buy and the articles of clothing etc.they sponsor

    Many of these players are uneducated low class idiots that just happen to be big and become pro players only because scouts see them at high school games and recruit them.

    Many schools let these guys slide on grades and pass them only because they want to win games.
    If they weren’t huge guys noone would even give them a second look.

    What kind of respect and compassion can we expect from someone who has everything handed to him just because he is a huge overgrown bullies all his life.

    This kind of person has no place in sports if sports figures are going to be allowed to be roll models to future generations.

    Oh and just because others break laws and seemingly get away with it does not mean everyone should get away with it.

    f I had my way they would all be treated exactly as they treated these poor animals but I suppose I’ll have to settle for them sitting behind bars.


  27. Anonymous says:

    There is no excuse for what he did. He is a sociopath. I hope he goes to prison for it and loses everything. As far as his “supporters” go, I wish the same for them. May your millions be flushed down the toilet and may you return to the ghetto where uncivilized behavior is the norm. I hope you all rot in hell.

  28. Stefani says:

    People have been asking what is wrong with our culture.

    There have been debates and many bigoted comments about whether or not dog fighting is perpetrated by people of certain races or immigration status.

    There is so much unacceptable cruelty that goes on every day. And, it seems, so often — whether it’s terrorists, missing/abducted/raped/murdered women and children, etc. people try to find a PATTERN among the perpetrators — an obvious one, like race, religion, or nationality.

    Well, I hate to say this, but THERE IS a pattern. And it isn’t race, it isn’t religion, it isn’t immigrant status, culture, etc. It’s something much more obvious and MUCH more consistent than that.

    From the child rapists to the wife murderers to the 9-11 hijackers to the NFL dog fighters, they all have ONE thing in common — They are male.

    Over 85% of violent crimes are committed by males. If 85% of all violent crimes were committed by persons of a specific religion, race, country of origin, or ethnic background, there would be a serious discussion going on about why, and how to target that group of people for some rehabilitation and prevention. But while bigots try to seize on race, or ethnicity, or religion, everyone ignores the obvious thing. Gender.

    What can we do from an early age to SUPPRESS and REDIRECT male inclinations toward violence and sadism? And what is the best thing to do with someone when they have shown a persistent pattern of violence? (I consider dog fighting a violent crime, whether the law does or not.)

    Now, I realize that NOT ALL males are violent, and SOME females are violent. But just because most males aren’t violent, it is still true that MOST VIOLENT PEOPLE are male.

    This is a problem of global proportion manifested from crazy wars all the way down to sadism and violence in the home.

    We have to discuss the problem with males.

    Which is not to say that this is a defense for the likes of Michael Vick because . . . its too late for him to be rehabilitated.

    I know people are going to point out Susan Smith or the exceedingly unusual female suicide bomber. This is just diversion because the problem is staring us right in the face, and always has been.

  29. MaineMom says:

    Stefanie, you are right on target. Always figured competitive sports were supposed to redirect/release excess testosterone in both males and females.

    One of my neighbors was a 49′r, and he and his pals would come to our parties. They behaved better than some of our friends and business associates - we never found a football player asleep in a guest room bathtub the next morning.

    Since 3/16, I’ve spent too much time on the internet reading the “real” news, before it’s watered down by the mass media. And it’s been a real shocker! “Civilization” as we have know it, is falling apart; classify me as a futurist in my thinking on everything from real estate, home design and decor to the stock market.

    There are still “good” people out there - I’ve had the great fortune to know and communicate with many. But currently, greed and religion seem to be winning the race around the world.

    Wish I knew the answers but, as of today, the only means I have to change this course is to speak out on issues and spend money judiciously in favor of the good guys.

    By the way, my current favorite slogan is “Save a pit bull - neuter Michael Vick.” Can’t take credit, someone else had it on a T-shirt.

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