Virginia Animal Shelter Under Investigation

Norfolk Animal Control is being investigated by the State Veterinarians Office for substandard conditions, and now there are new accusations against the Virginia animal shelter.

An insider claims that there are 109 dogs inside the shelter while the capacity is only 100, and they have 104 cats which means the shelter is over capacity by 39 cats.

The insider took pictures of dogs standing in their own waste and cats too sick to stand. She says that animals are not receiving needed medical treatment and are left for long periods of time with inadequate amount of water.

More about what the insider says about the animal shelter after the jump.


In one case, a cat got sick on May 30th. It was seen by a veterinarian and given medication on the June fourth, and was euthanized on the June ninth.

“Due to the understaffing and poor organization, poor management, I don’t believe that this cat was given the medication that the vet prescribed for him.”

Our insider says this incident is an example of what many other animals have been suffering through. Problems are at their worst when the shelter is over capacity like it is now. When that happens, dogs are often left unattended for hours.

5 Responses to “Virginia Animal Shelter Under Investigation”

  1. Nancy M says:

    This is very disturbing, as this is in my own back yard. I’m glad that they are investigating this situation, but I think that Norfolk Animal Control should be shut down and animals should be transferred to various other animal shelters and SPCA’s around the Tidewater area. They need to fix this problem immediately for the sake of the animals.

  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    I saw this on the news. I also have heard about the conditions before. and at other places around there.

  3. Elaine says:

    Everyone is quick to judge Norfolk Animal Management and be less than understanding. However, have you been to the shelter and seen for yourself? I have. What is happening there is very upsetting, but lets look at the real cause of the problem. Irresponsible pet owners. Those who do not spay or neuter their pets, those who do not micro chip their pets, those who let their pets roam the streets unsupervised. And the worst offender those who simply can’t be bothered or inconvenienced by the responsbilities of bet ownership and leave the animal tied to the door of the shelter.

    Yes, Hampton roads it is happening in our back yard!

    Let’s also take a look at city government. What kind of budget do they provide for animal contol? Why did the city allow the shelter to beome so understaffed? Did the city provide proper training for the staff it does have?

    Before we convict the few people who are trying to desperately help these animals, we need to get off our soap boxes, roll up our selves and HELP them, help the animals!

  4. Nancy says:

    While everybody is busy wringing their hands over the conditions at Norfolk Animal Management, maybe they should take a good look in the mirror and honestly assess whether they have contributed to this problem. When you decided you wanted a pet, did you pay an exorbitant price for a purebred animal that was probably bred in a puppy mill, rather than considering adoption of a shelter animal? Did you have a pet who got old and needed expensive veterinary care, that you decided to discard at the shelter? Did you decide that it was too hard to take the family pet along when you moved, and discard it at the shelter? Did you fail to spay or neuter, allowing your animal to contribute to the pet overpopulation problem, and discard the unwanted puppies or kittens at the shelter? Did you allow your pet to roam or tie it out (which is, incidentally, illegal in Norfolk) so that they were picked up by animal control and ended up in the shelter? Did you leave your dog in a hot car, resulting in confiscation by animal control? And when you had a little free time, did you spend that time writing irate letters about the conditions at Norfolk Animal Management rather than coming to the shelter to volunteer? Do you see yourself in that mirror??

  5. Rhoda says:

    I think Nancy (06/21 11:46pm) and Elaine pretty much covered the problem of why the shelters and rescues across the country ( not just our backyard ) have such a hard time providing for the animals in thier care.

    “ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND HELP” says it all!!

    Don’t just listen to news accounts and go back to your day shaking your head. Go on line, educate yourself, learn about puppy mills, pet shops, and backyard breeders. Understand and spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering pets.
    Put pressure on the media to report on the real problems like how many companion animals die each day due to lack of resources.

    What an impact it would make if each news cast started with “Our top story today…Local animal controls in the Hampton Roads area euthanized 72 dogs and 109 cats. You can help stop this killing if you donate TIME, food, or money. Foster an animal in your home, or sponsor thier care, contact…if you would like to help” 2 minutes of news time to help the public understand the magnitude of this problem and how they can personally help, could save thousands of lives and help the over population shelters are dealing with now.

    Picture your self for one moment as an animal control worker…report day after day to pet love and play with the animal you have to kill tomorrow. Don’t you think you might ( even though there was no room ) try to buy just a little more time for as many as you could?!?

    Put pressure on local government to step up animal welfare resources, and also to take the steps needed to put money hungry flesh dealers in jail and out of business.


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