Virginia Dog Breeder Guilty Of Animal Abuse

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

Dog Breeder ChargedA dog breeder in Virgina has been charged with numerous counts of animal abuse.

10 dogs and one cat were found dead inside the house and one vet said that some of the bodies were so badly decomposed that they must have been there for more than a year. Animal control officers also seized a poodle from the house that had bite marks on the bottom and cataracts on one eye. They also found a baby goat that looked like it had been in a dog fight and a Sheltie covered with mange. Authorities also said that the breeder tried to poison the poodle with two dozen ground up pain pills.

The breeder was fined $250 for each count which totaled to almost $3,000. The judge said he would suspend the fines if she would agree to a three-dog limit.

28 Responses to “Virginia Dog Breeder Guilty Of Animal Abuse”

  1. Susan says:

    That judge needs his head handed to him! $3,000 plus jail time is not enough!

  2. pat says:

    i can only hope that when this judge is in his dotage, he ends up in a home that’s run along the same lines as this dog breeder’s operation.

    and btw, where did this breeder person get 2 dozen pain pills?

  3. Monika says:

    We have got to collectively petition or do something to change the laws in regards to animal cruelty and animal abuse.

    What the hell is wrong with this judge? The woman was planning on murdering that poodle with antifreeze next! And the judge limits her to 3 dogs??? Is it the judge or is it just Virginia? Ugh.

  4. High Note says:

    I do not understand this judge at all. Why would he let her keep any animals at all after this? The fine was not high enough and she should have had some jail time and maybe she should have been put in a hospital for the insane. Why would a person that makes a profit out of breeding dogs want to kill them and if she does not care for them where is her profit then? She was a sick woman and the animals suffered because of her!

  5. Lisa Clay says:

    What kind of a judge lets an animal abuser keep 3 dogs? Do we let people who abuse children keep their children, but only 3?

    Doesn’t anyone realize that a person capable of harming animals is not a person who should be allowed to ever have any animals again?

    The answer here is NO PETS EVER for this woman - not even a gold fish. Fine her a real fine and tack on community service as well.

  6. Lisa Clay says:

    How about NO PETS EVER for this woman? Not now, and not in the future. Do we let child abusers have only 3 kids to abuse?

    Does the judge NOT SEE that this woman has a REAL problem? He needs to up her fine, send her for counseling and tack on community service.

  7. karen says:

    that really disgusting! i think that judge should have banned her for life from owing pets & NOT suspended the sentence at all!

  8. Gerry says:

    It makes both MAD as hell and sad at the same time when I read things like this. Life isnt fair to animals or in general. This judge is not an animal person or he would of let her have it. He should not let his total disregard for animals effect his judgement. What this woman did is no bfd to this judge. Now she can have three dogs to abuse. There is no reason for someone like her to stop the abuse if she gets away with it!

  9. KarlaSanDiego says:

    Can the court system poison her for punishment?? Or is that illegal?
    ( unbelievable)!!!!!

  10. Monika says:

    I don’t understand why her crimes were classified as Class 4 misdemeanor (the lowest of the misdemeanor charges that only carries a $250 fine) when the Virginia Law states that animal abuse/cruelty is classified as
    Class 1 misdemeanor (which carries up to a year in jail). WTF? Looking through the Virginia laws I can see that a Class 4 misdemeanor is charged for things like adultery, drinking in public and swearing in public. How is attempting to kill a dog not animal abuse and therefore not Class 1? (In my opinion it should be a felony and not a misdemeanor to begin with).

    Felter’s charges in detail from the Virginia Circuit court:

    Virginia Misdemeanor/Animal Abuse Laws:

  11. Monika says:

    I just realized my link above for the court documents might not work.
    In that case, use this new link below and follow these steps:

    2. Select FRANKLING COUNTY from the drop down menu
    3. write FELTER in last name and click on SEARCH BY NAME
    4. info on all open cases for Felter will open up

  12. Monika says:

    I meant FRANKLIN COUNTY.. haha.. leave off the G

  13. e wem says:

    I am not defending this judge but it might be the law in his state does not allow him to interfere with household dog ownership. A three dog limit is a typical limit for homeowners in many cities.

    But deep inside I just cant believe there isn’t some law in every state that prevents a sadistic monster from being able to repeat such a dastardly crime. This just doesn’t smell right.

    If I was in the judge’s position I would find a law no matter how thin to block this beast that is called a woman. Some sort of restraining order would be issued. Then if the woman used lawyers to fight the restraining order there would be a lot of publicity. If the restraining order were shot down in higher court the publicity could be used to force that state to change its laws

    Such publicity could only help that judge’s career.

    That is why this judgement stinks. How can that judge sleep nights? Can he not imagine what the beast called a human may be doing to three innocent dogs given her track record.

    In my world I would put this perp in jail for life, and that is too good considering her crimes

  14. Lisa Clay says:

    The judge gives her a 3 pet limit… what’s next, acused child abusers being told they are allowed a 3 kid limit?

    I agree that the punishment needs to be harder for people who commit crimes against animals and I also realize that laws vary by state. However, can’t a judge make the decision that this woman would never be able to have another pet again? Based on past history and the potential for future crimes?

  15. Stefani says:

    It is ridiculous that someone can perpetrate such cruelty and get off like this. May they all rot in hell. stefani

  16. catmom5 says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! I just cannot get my brain around someone who would do such horrific things to any living creature . . . and then to have a judge slap a fine on her? There must be SOMETHING that can be done to convince SOMEONE that this woman should NEVER be allowed to own any animals ever again!

  17. Stefani says:

    Re: “A three dog limit is a typical limit for homeowners in many cities.”

    Umm, but here is part of the outrage:

    He was offering her a deal just to obey the law she broke in the first place. In other words, pleading with her to agree to voluntarilly accept a limit that is already the law. And she was allowed to say “no” to that?

  18. trucorgi says:

    A lot more details here

  19. Gerry says:

    catmom5..It stinks..but not only did the judge slap a fine on her he suspended the fine if she would agree to a three dog limit!!!! Maybe a judge has the final say no matter what the law says. I wonder if the governater..whoops.. for got I live in Cal.. I mean the governor of Virginia would like some letters from us??

  20. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    This creature is appparently a very sick person. For her to be so abusive and get away with it is a crime, law or no law! They need to lock her up for insanity. I hope somebody finds a way to put her away and take all those babies from her. God help us!

  21. momkat13 says:

    Perhaps that judge should only get to try 3 more cases before being forced to retire!
    Letting her off without forcing her to have mental health treatment and some jail time is like giving her a license to go and collect some more animals to abuse. It’s a crime!

  22. Hannah says:

    Breeder? Breeder of what? More animals to abuse? These kinds of people are going straight to Hades as far as I’m concerned and I’d be happy to flick the Bic under them on their way out! I only pray that someday the world will come to realize that these wonderful creatures were put in our care and it is OUR responsibility to take care of them and defend them. Maybe we should put the judge in her care?? Might open his eyes!

  23. ann says:

    She should pay the fines, be banned from owing any pets for life, including fish, and do community service in a local animal shelter. ARRRGH!!!!

  24. Theresa says:

    This judge is sicker then the breeder! What a disgrace to the law this judge is for this breeder should pay the fines and be put in jail for at least a year and never be allowed to own another pet. I am disgusted!

  25. captncarl says:

    How typical of the American Legal System. Is this moronic witch the Judge’s mother or sister? Obviously this judge belongs in an institution for the criminally insane.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is the most sickening story I think I have ever read concerning animal abuse. The Judge is crazier than she is.

  27. Carling says:

    I think that this woman needs to be put in jail, i dont think that she should be allowed to own any more animals ever! There is nothing thats more disturbing to me than somebody who has no concern for their animals. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Animal cruelty laws really need to be more harsh.

  28. EME says:

    Last year at this time I was taken to court for my dog who was falsely accused of killing a neighbor’s cat. The judge ruled in the neighbor’s favor without any evidence. My dog was deemed dangerous and I had to give him up. I don’t understand with all of the proof that was found, why this lady pretty much got away with it! If the animals were people, she would have gotten the death penalty! What goes around comes around!

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