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Report your pet’s death or illness now.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated since the first posting.
Several days ago, we started reading reports of dry food possibly making pets sick, specifically Iams. We then asked our readers to provide their experience to us. Here’s what we found:

Number of pets covered: 134 (47 cats, 87 dogs)
Reported ARF (Acute Renal Failure): 24 (17%) 15 cats, 9 dogs

Cat Deaths: 20 | Cat Illnesses: 26
Dog Deaths: 9 | Dog Illnesses: 77

Since our report, one DRY food from Hills has been recalled so far.

We caution you against accepting this as the final word as these are self-reported numbers from parents who have been reading about other sick or dying pets. Given the caveats, the brands that really stood out were Iams, Nutro, and Science Diet. We expected quite a few Iams reports since the survey results from posts about sick pets who ate Iams, (read about Menu Foods’ exclusive contract with Iams) but the Nutro reports seemed to have come from nowhere. Of the 5 reported deaths parents linked to Nutro, 3 were from Acute Renal Failure. 3 ARF deaths were reportedly linked with Science Diet and 7 were linked with Iams. There may be legitimate reason why some brands are on this list, for example, Science Diet may be recommended by vets to particularly sick pets.

Recall resources: Detailed timeline & facts | Recalled Food List | Get recall alerts | More

Our numbers are not enough data to make any conclusive decision, but some correlations were highly troubling. We are highly in favor of a statistically correct and significant study of dry food-related problems. And we’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments.

Important note: If you feel that dry food is causing your pet to fall ill, please contact the FDA.

Number of Specific Cat Food Brand Reported: What to feed your cat

Iams: 17 (ARF: 5 dead, 1 sick)
Purina: 6 (ARF: 1 dead)
Science Diet: 5 (ARF: 3 dead)
Nutro: 4 (ARF: 1 dead, 1 sick)
Special Kitty: 3 (ARF: 1 dead, 2 sick)
Royal Canin: 1 (No ARF)

Number of Specific Dog Food Brand Reported: What to feed your dog

ARF reported:
Iams: 21 (ARF: 1 dead, 2 sick)
Nutro: 14 (ARF: 2 dead)
Ol’Roy: 5 (ARF: 1 dead)
Eukanuba: 2 (ARF: 1 sick)
No ARF reported:
Science Diet: 4
Pedigree: 2
Purina: 2
Authority: 1
Beneful: 1
Natural Balance: 1
Trader Joe’s: 1

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332 Responses to “Voluntary Dry Food Reports”

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  1. Steve M. says:


    I spoke with the Itchmo Administrator today. I haved e-mailed him the
    Toxicology Report I received from Accutrace indicating Acetaminophen
    is present in the sample.

    Feel free to post my story on your blog. I would not be posting this information if there was any doubt in my mind that this toxin came from anywhere other than the bag of food I purchased. I can think of no way this food could have been contaminated after I opened it. This leaves me with the conclusion that the acetaminophen was in the factory sealed bag when I purchased it on March 15, 2007. This being the case I feel it is important to get the information out to others.

    I spoke with Hills today concerning the test results and needless to say they are at a loss to explain this situation. I encourage anyone who feeds or has fed their pet any Hills Science Diet dry pet food with an unexplained illness to have their food tested for not only the toxins that have been in the news (i.e. Melamine, Cyanuric Acid, etc.) but also for unknown chemicals and toxins.

  2. Katie M. says:

    Thank you for the information published here about the independent lab that will test for consumers. I contacted them today and plan to send a sample for testing. I bought canned food by the case, so can send an unopened can from the batch that my dog (Mandy) was eating from when we discovered that her BUN values, etc. were extremely high, eventually exceeding the level that the equipment in my vet’s office could measure. Mandy, who is 4 years old, went in for routine dental, and we did a blood panel before the procedure and discovered the high levels. Looking back, her main symptom was increased thirst, but not the other usual symptoms in a dog with BUN values that high. We did IV for about 4 days, ultrasound, antibiotics. She is home now, eating home-cooked food, and receiving sub-cu fluids once a week. I don’t know where her blood values are now, but her appetite is good. The ultrasound indicated something “probably going on for a while” — tending more toward chronic, but she does not otherwise fit the chronic profile, with weight loss over time, etc. The urine culture came back negative for infection. If the food she was eating had been recalled, we would have assumed it was the food, but her food was never recalled. She was eating Hill’s Science Diet Light canned. I called Hill’’s and the FDA to report the possible problem. I’ve also received from Hill’s the application forms for vet bill reimbursement, but for a product was never recalled (?). I’m sorry this comment is probably misplaced - not dry food, but I found the independent lab info here (linked in through petconnection) and wanted to comment and thank you for information. I’ve kept wondering for the past two months, if the food I had been using would be named in the next recall, now I can find out for sure if the food was contaminated or not.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ok maybe not in ohio .. but a company named ohio pet …. not menu foods ….

    they have Florida and California distribution centers .. not sure if they make it both in fl and cali or what but it would make sence right ?

    .. L8rz Cindy :)

  4. Animal Lover in FL says:

    My heart goes out to all of you whose pets have become ill or passed away. What a tragic situation. It looks like we can blame it on good old Communist China. From all the news reports I’ve seen, their ENTIRE food supply is sketchy, not just pet food. I can’t go to my local grocery and buy any seafood that isn’t from China. We get a lot of our food from there. They already confirmed that the melamine is in the human food supply. And to hear that they put it in the product INTENTIONALLY! Wow! Well, I’m sure American companies will continue buying food products from China even with this information. Cheap isn’t always better - but they only look at the bottom line. How sad.

  5. Dana Bozeman Gill says:

    I am still in such pain and only a true compasionate person could understand. My cat ate Meow Mix, Market Select with real salmon and crabmeat in sauce and died within 31 hours. He ate it and within 10 to 20 minute he became very disoriented, walking into walls, meowing very loud when approached (which he never ever did), would not eat, was urinating on himself because he could not hardly move. I took him to the vet that afternoon, they pump him with fuilds and gave him a shot to increase his appetite and soft food to force feed him. Needless to say it did not happen, he was vomitting and urinating as he lay still. He was the healthiest cat, happiest, great with my two young girls (3 & 4) and was never sick. I know without a doubt that the Market Select killed him. He only ate Mewo Mix dry and then started with the M/S in Dec. or Jan. of this year. I would not wish that on anyone, my memories of him suffering so desparately will haunt me for the rest of my life.

    I have been in contact from day one with Delmonte (the maker of M/S Mewo Mix) and at first they supportive, but now they would not release the results of the samples I sent in until I had my records from my vet and myself. My baby boy Dexter died in vein on March 8, 2007 a day I will hate forever and I mailed samples on March 10 and still have no answer from them. Now every time I go to walmart or anywhere and see that food I start to cry. My animals are not just pets they are my babies, my family, best friends and loves of my life, I am so mad and upset and scared to death now. I sure hope the rest of the world will pay close attention to their babies. The numbers on the 2.75 oz bowl is SKE-:SC X :23 01, EXP 30 Dec 2007. Please check your food and contact them if you feel that your cat became ill or died due to this food. I would honestly bet my life on it, he was just to good and healthy and was inside, no change in diet, no table food, and was so dehydrated and neurologically gone when he died. If you have any question feel free to contact me via email ddbozeman@aol.com, subject DEXTER. May you never experience this horrifying experience and if you have may the Good Lord Bless you and may you fight for your loss. I just want this food off the market and a definitive answer.


  6. Kat says:

    Steve M -

    So sorry for your kitties! Please keep us updated.

    Just wondering if you would post/paste your comments on my site, as well, along with the tox. report too.


    Under: Problem Pet Food - NOT RECALLED

  7. Joan Heckethorn says:

    Thanks to the fact that our dogs, two Pugs, a miniature Shnauzer and a long Haired Chihauhau, and their picky appetites, I began cooking there food 2 weeks before any recall was announced. Still since I feed them chicken breasts I fear that may be involved too. I buy raw meat and give that to the dogs.Some times I cook or just braise it. I think I have been really been lucky that they are very fussy eaters, they are our family. Joan Heckethorn.

  8. Jerry Guo says:

    Hi, I am a staff reporter with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review looking for anyone who has had a positive lab report back on acetaminophen. Please contact me as soon as possible if this is you. Thanks,

    Jerry Guo
    Staff Reporter
    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    office: 412-380-8505

  9. chrissy valentino says:

    what iams cat dry food are affected? i need to know!!!!

  10. Cameo says:

    First of all, my heartfelt sympathies to all who have lost a beloved fur kid. I wish there was a way to ease your pain. My dogs mean the world to me and losing one - even to old age - is devastating.

    I have read and researched pet foods for several years and used to feed Iams/Eukanuba until a few years ago. Then it was bought out by Proctor & Gamble. I started noticing differences in my dogs and the last bag of Iams I purchased said, “New and Improved Flavor.” What that means is we added something to make it taste better because we’ve cheapened the product! My dogs noticed the difference too and they didn’t like it.

    We live in a rural area so choices have been limited in the past but I finally found a local source for Canidae dog food. My Chihuahuas have done wonderful on the Canidae All Life Stages and my cat loves the Felidae too. Their coats are soft and shiny again. I know all of the ingredients come from the US and the food is made in Texas.

    Another good food is Eagle Pack. It is made in Indiana (both the dry and the canned) and the man who owns the company is a dog breeder. He belongs to the same all breed club as a friend of mine. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a local source for Eagle Pack or I would try that brand as well. People who are using it, recommend it highly and we know where to find the owner of that company. The dry food is made in the owner’s factory and the canned food is made by a local company that makes human food.

    Someone asked about Timber Wolf Organics. There is nothing “organic” about their food and they refuse to say who manufactures it or where - a red flag for me. I also worry about any meats (buffalo, venison, etc.) that are imported. How do we know the import source is also the place of origin? Another person mentioned Solid Gold. That food is made by Diamond who obviously has had some serious quality control issues in recent years. I was deeply saddened to find out that Natural Balance was recalled and that it was made by Diamond.

    I cannot begin to tell you all how grateful I am that my dogs have not been impacted by the recall. They are all doing well on the Canidae. I am by no means an “expert” on dog food but I have put a lot of time into researching the high end foods that are available and hope this information helps a bit. Let us hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again!

  11. Cindy N says:

    I got this from this website …


    kim says:
    7 weeks ago

    is kibbles n bits dog food have a recall? my dog ate it and then started acting funny and throwing up and today she died.

    Melinda says:
    6 weeks ago

    I was curious if anyone else has had problems with Kibbles-n-Bits, since I don’t see it on a recall list. My cat is dripping blood from his anus, and my dog has been throwing up since I’ve been feeding them this brand. I see several others have had occurances, so I’m not feeding it to them any more. It must be the food.

    has anyone else had any problems with kibbles n bits ? ..

    and has anyone had problems with the new one
    Kibbles ‘n Bits Brushing Bitesâ„¢ ??
    (my mother in law got a free sample at publix ) .. and if its bad we need to make sure they arn’t giving it out for free ya know …

    please e-mail me because I might not check back here every day


    .. thanx ,,, L8rz Cindy :)

  12. laurie stratton says:

    we lost all but one puppy akc pugs the one left is going in to best friends for opp and to be fixed the parents are getting better but puppy a little malformed

  13. Cindy N says:


    Class Action Lawsuit File Against Pet Food Producers
    This is a press release from Cathy MacIvor. Cathy MacIvor has filed a class action law suit in light of the recent pet food recall and the information the pet food producers are providing the public about the pet foods they produce.
    Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Pet Food Companies and Retailers For Misleading Consumers Regarding the Contents of Pet Food

    “Premium” Pet Food Marketed and Sold as “Complete and Balanced” Has Historically Contained Such Items as Euthanized Dogs and Cats, Restaurant Grease, Hair, Hooves, and Diseased Animals, and Other Inedible Garbage

    The Plaintiffs maintain that these companies have spent $300 million a year in making false and misleading marketing statements regarding the contents of their pet food to the dog and cat loving American public. While these Defendants tout their pet food products as choice cuts of prime beef, chunks of chicken, fish, fresh wholesome vegetables and whole grains to induce consumers to buy them, the Plaintiffs contend the food is actually made from “inedible” slaughterhouse waste products of the human food chain such as spines, heads, tails, hooves, hair, and blood. Rendering companies who process this waste have also added other inedible “waste” such as euthanized cats and dogs from veterinarian offices and animal shelters, road kill, zoo animals, rancid restaurant grease, toxic chemicals and additives. Additionally, dead animals and those declared unfit for human consumption due to disease and illness are also placed in the mix.

    The lawsuit alleges that pet food companies market their products as wholesome, choice cuts of meat, natural and complete and balanced diets even though they are fully aware that this food is largely carbohydrates and sugars combined with toxic preservatives and additives with very little to no meat at all. The lawsuit seeks damages to consumers for the false representations made in the Defendants’ advertising as well as punitive damages.
    “Sadly,” MacIvor said, “the Defendant pet food companies and retailers recognized that American pet owners love their cats and dogs like members of their family. The Defendants deceptive advertising specifically marketed premium healthy food to the American public knowing that they want to buy the best food that they can for their loved one and knowing that the food consists largely of garbage, chemicals, additives, diseased meat and even residual pentobarbital from euthanized animals.”

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Defendants targeted in the Complaint produce pet foods under a wide array of brands and names including:

    Goodlife Recipe®,
    Royal Canine,
    Science Diet®,
    Prescription Diet®,
    9 Lives®,
    Gravy Train®,
    Kibbles-n-Bits® and
    Nature’s Recipe®,
    Milk Bone®
    , Pup-Peroni®,
    Meaty Bone®,
    Canine’s Carry Outs®,
    Jerky Treats®,
    Beggin’ Strips®,
    Dog, Cat, Puppy and Kitten Chow®,
    Fancy Feast®,
    Mighty Dog®,
    Pro Plan®,
    Purina One®,
    Natural Choice®
    Dog and Cat Products, Max®
    Dog Products, Max®
    Cat Gourmet Classics,
    Natural Choice®
    Complete Care® for cats,
    UltraTM Products for dogs,
    Americas Choice Preferred Pets,
    Best Choice,
    Big Bet,
    Big Red,
    Demoulus Market Basket,
    Fine Feline Cat,
    Food Lion,
    Food Town,
    Giant Companion,
    Hill Country Fare,
    J.E. Mondou,
    Laura Lynn,
    Li’l Red, Loving Meals,
    Meijer’s Main Choice,
    Mighty Dog Pouch,
    Natural Life,
    Nutro Max,
    Nutro Max Gourmet Classics,
    Nutro Natural Choice,
    Ol’ Roy,
    Pet Essentials,
    Pet Pride,
    President’s Choice,
    Price Chopper,
    Priority US,
    Roche Brothers,
    Save-a-Lot Special Blend,
    Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans,
    Special Kitty,
    Springfield Prize,
    Stop and Shop Companion,
    Tops Companion,
    Weis Total Pet,
    Western family US,
    White Rose,
    Winn Dixie,
    Your Pet,
    Ol’ Roy
    Special Kitty brands of pet food.

  15. Dot Donnely says:

    Dear Pet Lovers,
    I own german shepherds. I had problems with all the foods and now using Canidia. I would like to
    be notified if any problems with the current food.
    Several months ago my cat was throwing up and not eating. She was trying to eat the dog food. I tried iams and the problems continued
    now I am using 9 lives and ahe is improving.

  16. Nicole says:

    My dog fiora she was pretty picky with her food. She would only eat kibbles n bits. just in the beginning of this month i bought a new bag. she stopped eating and got really really thin. So we took her to the vet and they said her kidneys are failing and that i would only have at the most 2 months with her. it ended up being two days. what happened? i have no clue. they say that she did test positive for lyme disease but she is strictly indoors. it just doesn’t make any sense.

  17. ryan booth says:

    I have been using Kibbles ‘n Bits Brushing Bites for my dog.. She loves it I just want to make sure nothing is wrong with it. Anybody have a clue email me at ryanabooth@yahoo.com

  18. Sandy Smith says:

    We’ve fed our two labs and a cocker spaniel and they live out doors in a big fenced area. We have fed them pedigree, purina, and another dog food plus kibbles n chunks and kibbles n bits. Very recently they quit eating. The food is usually gone as soon as fed. We thought something was wrong with the kibbles n chunks, maybe spoiled, so trashed it and bought kibbles n bits because they liked it before. They still are not eating the dog food. We logged on to kibbles web site and notified them and asked about recall. Searched web and found this sight. Yesterday one of the dogs had vomited. We have them together so were not sure which one. They are akc and the female is in heat and very busy so we are expecting pups but concerned. Please let us know if there are recalls. Thanks. Date 1-9-08

  19. Valerie says:

    I have had the majority of my cats (those who ate the most dried food or lived on the dried food alone) go down with hind limb ataxia, frightened, falling, unable to walk more than 3 steps without staggering, eye focusing problems, 34+ kittens born dead or died screaming in agony and lost a stud, plus uterine inertia, massive haemorrhage and one a seizure all while eating Nutro dried food. Since I stopped feeding it the girls are all walking again and I have just had several litters born all alive and healthy. These symptoms matched those of Salinomycin Induced Polyneuropathy as occurred in The Netherlands to 823 cats in 1996. The company has showed no compassion and just in denial. Others who have contacted Nutro have told me of intimidating phone calls, emails and bullying tactics but still no concern for their pets. There are 4 breeds belonging to these owners and a domestic household pet… all with the same problems.
    So the problem spreads now to your allies overseas and yet still nothing seems to be being done to show sorrow or to compensate victims.
    Might I suggest we all stop buying this garbage and feed our pets as our grandparents did decades ago … fresh natural food being meat for carnivores. Junk food is JUNK.

  20. Eva says:

    My son’s cat suddenly became very ill four days ago. We had to have him euthanized yesterday as the the x-ray showed that his kidneys were full of large tumors. My son had had started to feed the cat Nutro Complete Care Senior Indoor formula dry food and IAMS Indoor Formula dry food a few months ago.

    On another note, one of my cats developed fibrosarcoma due to Rabies vaccines and had to be put down. See: “Cat Owners Must Weigh Vaccination Risks With Benefits” by University of Illinois
    College of Veterinary Medicine

    Though I cook my dog his wet food I supplement it with “Kibbles n’ Bits” dry food. He has been eating it, though infrequently as the home cooked meals usually are enough to satisfy his appetite. So far he has remained in good health with a shiny coat and is full of energy.

  21. Dave says:

    My 10 month old dog recently became sick after eating Natures Variety raw pet food. The vet tested her posotive for salmonella and she is dying. My vet thinks it is due to the raw food diet she was on.Has anyone out there have experienced anything similar with this brand of dog food?

  22. Wes says:

    I am looking for the person named “KIM”………….The same thing that happen to your dog happened to my Milo 2 days ago. The only thing different was is that he has kibbles and bits that night, and was had died around noon the next day. He was only 2 years old and was very healthy..I am having a necrospy done right now and if they dont find anything I will be in touch with a toxicologist. He threw up and his last stool was almost orange. 20 minutes later he past away. If anyone knows anything please email me wesandsed@gmail.com. I currently reside in Ohio.

  23. Stephanie Grow says:

    My two cats have been on IAMS dry food from day one (since 2005), and they started throwing up sometime last year (2007). I often change foods to give them some variety, but with no noticeable effect. And it isn’t because of how fast they eat, since many times nothing comes out except some yellow looking fluid. If I notice it happening on a daily basis, I change to a new brand, and or a new type of IAMS. I believe the hair ball formula was the “least problematic”. It comes in a pink bag and the kibbles are round shaped. So the recent blue bag of IAMS has been causing vomiting now for about two weeks:

    IAMS Multi-Cat with Chicken and Salmon
    8 lb blue bag
    95705316 (found on bottom of bag)
    — 280809 28AUG09 —
    — 81194173 B2 US30940 —(found near top of bag, just under the seal)

    I don’t know if this food has been recalled, and don’t know where to check. It is a shame that I have to spend all my free time investigating food that I paid for, that should be safe to eat. I guess this is what we can expect for outsourcing our jobs and our products overseas and across both our borders. Certainly, the FDA is partly responsible. But how can they possibly check every single shipment of goods that come our way?? They can’t. It’s simply the way it is, when you import so much of what you consume.

    Perhaps it is websites like these that can track and record the “evidence” of all this, so “something” can eventually be done about it.

    A lot of work though,


  24. Heather Noeska says:

    I have no problem with cats like catchow but not much.
    I was adopt poodle dont like any food … waste my time of food what she eating.
    i hope something about dog food or miss the old owner didnt do anything for her..
    I feel sorry for her but i am frustrated what she like the food it hard.
    i have to use my hand cook instead of any dog food problem..
    cat no problem with cat chow good one.

  25. Eileen says:


    I have a 7 year old lab. I just started feeding him (about two/three weeks ago) Iams Healthy Naturals with Wholesome Chicken. This is after I heard about Candidae’s change in their food product during 2007. He does not eat. He snifs the food and walks away. However, he will eat his dog biscuits (Milkbones - I just switched those also from the Candidae snap biscuits). He’ll eat almost anything but this food. AT first he did eat it for about a week or so, but now he won’t touch it. Has anyone heard anything about this dog food causing health problems. My dog has also just started within the past weeks drinking a ton of water and urinating an awful lot. If you have any information, please post the inforamtion so I can follow up. I am in contact with his vet and we’re trying to figure out what is going on. Thanks for your help.

  26. Marty says:

    I fed my dog golden retriever for the first with some dry Kibbles & Bits Homestyle Beef and Vegetable, it had massive reaction few hours later and died. I have since found 2 others on the net whose dogs have also died after feeding this.

  27. Wes says:

    Marty, I had the same thing exactly happen to my dog. Please contact me at aquahive@gmail.com

  28. Stephanie says:

    I bought a big bag of Kibbles & Bits and my dogs both could not stop drinking water and were having to go to the bathroom so often. As soon as I switched their food they were back to normal. After reading this I’m so glad I stopped feeding them this food.

  29. Max's Mom says:

    In mid-2004 we gave our 10 year old labrador kibble n’ bits for the first time, as a change of pace from purina. Within two weeks he was loosing control of his bag legs. THinking it was a allergy we stopped the food and took him to the vet who agreed. He gradually improved but soon developed degenerative myopathy so nerves in back legs are dying and he’s lost more and more strength. Now he can’t stand up by himself and can’t walk for long - much as he still loves his walks - so we’ll be euthanizing him soon. Only in last few weeks did we put two and two together about contaminated Kibbles n’ Bits and are very disgusted because his last few years would have been much happier and he probably would have lived another year anyway if it wasn’t for that damned food.

  30. Joanne says:

    ATTN: Eileen

    I have an approximately three-year-old female Border Collie mix. I adopted her 10 months ago and have fed her Iams Healthy Naturals the entire time. For many months she loved it and thrived on it. Most everyone who met her commented on her beautiful, soft coat and healthy she looked.

    About November, when I got a new bag of Iams Healthy Naturals, she started acting funny about her food, not finishing it, sometimes not eating at all. Several times she vomited her entire meal within a half hour of eating. She is also drinking a lot.

    These symptoms seemed to get even worse when I bought the next bag of food (again Iams Healthy Naturals) about three weeks ago. She seldom finishes her food. She will not be getting anymore of it!

    I stumbled onto this site while researching something else and am so grateful I did.

  31. Erika says:

    This what I have to share with everyone. My Cat which I fed Science Diet food ,because vets recommended, most of his life got kodney problem -Reanal Failure. After doing some research many cats in US and not in Europe have this condition. I found out that it is the food we feed them and the water.

    I also find out the crystal are formed by bad magnisium used in cat food that does not digest and stores in ther body. My other has that condition. Most vets will not admit this.

    Conclusion please feed you animals a good and researched Organic food and that
    will solve many problem and save you mone in the old age on vet bills.

    For you PETA what is the best food you recommend Thank you

  32. Madonna says:

    I have been feeding my dachshunds kibbles n bits and they have just recently started having seizures and throwing up every where and I never thought it was the food but now I am getting them off of this horrible stuff, thanks for the warning!

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