Wag It to the Left, Wag It to the Right

Tail WaggingThe next time your dog wags his tail, take a close look at it. A study done by two Italian veterinarians and a neuroscientist is stating that when a dog wags his tail more to the right, he is more happy and positive. When he wags it more to the left, he is not so happy and is experiencing negative feelings.

The study uncovered the phenomenon of “asymmetric tail-wagging responses by dogs to different emotive stimuli”. They studied 30 dogs of various mixed breeds that were enrolled in an agility training program. A camera tracked the precise angle of their tails for the study. Four different stimuli were shown through the cage: their owner, an unfamiliar cat, an unfamiliar human, and an unfamiliar, dominant dog. When the dogs were drawn to something positive or familiar or felt safe, their tails wagged more to the right. But when the dogs were approached with something unfamiliar or negative, their tails wagged more to the left. Shake it good, Fido.

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