Waggin’ Train/ADI Assures Customers Chicken Jerky Treats For Dogs Are Safe

Waggin TreatsADI, the manufacturer of Waggin’ Train brand of treats, sent Itchmo this statement this morning in regards to their pet treats:

Is chicken jerky the issue or feeding too much the problem?

ADI Pet Anderson, SC – September 26, 2007 –

In response to a statement issued by the FDA regarding the potential association between over feeding chicken jerky in general and the reported 70 complaints of dogs having illnesses like diarrhea and vomiting, Jerry Peters, President of ADI Pet, Inc. issued the following statement:

“As Dog lovers ourselves, ADI Pet understands how this summer’s pet food recalls have created a greater sense of concern about pet foods in general. This concern for safety, in some cases, may be a contributing factor to overfeeding treats and more specifically healthy treats like chicken jerky that is high in protein and low in fat rather than maintaining a balanced diet with a dog food that would provide a dog the total daily nutritional needs.

“Most of the complaints that have been reported to ADI are from dog owners who have far exceeded the acceptable norm of treat feeding, generally considered only 5% of the dogs’ daily intake. If Dog owners have reviewed chicken jerky ingredients they may feel that a diet of predominately of chicken jerky is a suitable substitute for Dog Food and of course that is not appropriate.

“ADI Pet manufactures the Waggin’ Train Brand of treats using facilities and safety protocols for human food preparation so that the highest quality can be maintained for our pets. In addition, our treats have been tested extensively by FDA as well as third party laboratories and Waggin’ Train has not had a single incident of any contamination including; E coli, salmonella, heavy metals, melamine, and numerous other chemical contaminants. Waggin’ Train Brand was founded on delivering natural, meat-based treats that dogs love and has a history of providing safe treats without EVER having a single recall or contamination over its five year history of selling millions of pounds of Waggin’ Train Brand Chicken Jerky Treats providing healthy snacks to over 7 million dogs daily.

“Here are the facts about Waggin’ Train Brand Treats:

• Waggin’ Train brand is manufactured using human-grade food standards.
• Waggin Train Chicken Jerky is continuously tested by independent laboratories that are highly reputable and conducting the food safety testing for KFC, McDonalds, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and P&G, to name a few.
• In the five year history of the company, Waggin’ Train has never experienced a single incident of chemical or bacterial contamination.
• The FDA has informed ADI/Waggin Train that it conducted stringent tests (heavy metals, antibiotics, Aflotoxin, melamine, e.coli, etc) on Waggin’ Train chicken jerky and found zero contaminants.
• An all natural, high protein, low fat treat like Waggin’ Train Brand chicken jerky is a healthy way to add treats to a dog’s daily diet, but should not be substituted as a meal and especially should not be given as a primary food to sick dogs because it is simply more palatable.

“The concern caused by premature reporting has alarmed the many dog owners who have come to trust our product safety and who feed their dogs appropriately. We are the market leader for this type of product, so of course we are pained by the fact that many pet owners are concerned about their dogs’ favorite treats. Since we are also the company who has, we believe, been the market leader in pet treat safety particularly in China, this is painfully ironic.

“We stand by the fact that Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Treats are completely safe for the millions of dogs in the United States that eat them daily.”

The company has a news and information blog at www.waggintrainblog.com at which it will continue to inform the public.

ADI Pet, Inc.

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  1. Jillian says:

    I have been feeding these treats to my dogs for about a year. I use them for training while on walks, therefore my 92 lb. standard poodle gets one a day and my smaller dogs get half of a treat per day. I’ve never had any problems and they love them. Yesterday, however, they got into the bag and ate almost the whole 1 lb. 8 oz. bag! They spent the entire night and today vomiting with bloody diarrhea. I called my vet and was advised to give them Immodium and Pepcid with a chicken/rice diet. I feed my dogs only grain free, high quality dog food. I thought I was taking good care of them by feeding them these treats that are supposed to be human grade 100% chicken. I feel terrible that only tonight did I think to do some research and stumbled across this site. I will be taking my dogs to the vet first thing in the morning and throwing out the other bags of these treats. I will also be contacting the FDA. I’m sure that everyone here loves their dogs as much as I love mine and I’m so sorry to read these horrible stories…all for a dog treat. I thank you, however, for saving mine because I now know not to feed them anything from China.

  2. Barbara says:

    I have been feeding my dogs these also for a few years but my dogs are both sick from these treats… I have thrown the treats out because there is definitely something wrong with them. my dogs only get a 1 or 2 treats at a time, well that is when the vomiting and diarrhea started. both are still sick as of yesterday….

  3. Daniel says:

    For me, these dog treats are highly suspect. We own a relatively calm dog when it comes to food, even with steak fresh of the grill, but when it comes to these treats he goes into a frenzy in an unhealthy way. He is a greyhound over 12 years old and he will not stop barking at the cabinet door where we store these treats. Let me say, he doesn’t even like chicken that much. The fact that this ingredient profile is basically just “chicken,” I believe these treats are HIGHLY suspect. There MUST be some kind of chemical additive causing my dog to go insane over these things. This is NOT a shill for the product. I will be throwing it out after reading about the cases of bleeding diarrhea and vomiting. On top of the fact that these things are made in China, coupled with the extremely short ingredient list, I am near to the point of complaining to the FDA. I can, to a certainty, tell there is something affecting my dog in an abnormal way.

  4. Steph says:

    A friend of mine introduced me to these treats for my dogs (4 of them-Cairn Terrier, Miniature Poodle, Shiba Inu/Shepard, and Pomchi). The Poodle was the first to display bloody stools and vomiting. Started to have arthritic symptons, lethargy and vomiting. Flag was raised, because nothing changed from their diet except Waggin Train. They all eat the same food, and the only treats they got were Milk Bones before the Chichen Tenders. All dogs when crazy whenever I approached the the Waggin Train bag. The Poodle was not much interested in Milk Bones, but loved these tenders. Noticing these bloody stools, I stopped giving them tenders daily. Gave it to them once a week and every time bloody stool! My Cairn didn’t care much for them, but she’s 15 yrs. My Pomchi had her first taste when she was nine weeks (long term effect, not known yet). Loves them, but will never have another one. We all have to get on the wagon and shut this company down. Start right now. “Do not buy anything for your pets that is “MADE IN CHINA”!

  5. Austin says:

    these chicken treats almost killed my Maltese. She is about 9lbs and after about 500.00 she lived, but with damaged kidneys and a bad stomach. She will never be the same. I cannot believe these are back on the market. This happened around spring 2007. I did report this to the FDA. These treats splinter and pearce their intestines and get hung in the digestive tract. My dog too became so addicted to them she would go days with eating anykind of regular premium dog food (about 15 kinds tried). Stop using them!!!

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