Wal-Mart: Refund Only, No Dog Vet Expenses For Bestros


The list of pet owners who claim that their dogs have died after eating Chicken Jerky Strips bought from Wal-Mart continues to grow. Dolores Cole is another pet owner that is distraught over her dog’s death.

Cole blames her five-year-old Yorkie’s death on Bestros Chicken Jerky Strips from Wal-Mart. She said Wal-Mart should have pulled the treats sooner than July 26th.

Her local animal hospital could not confirm that the treats caused her dog’s sudden kidney failure. Cole is extremely saddened over her death because her dog helped her with the pain of her recent daughter’s death.

She does not want extra compensation for her pain and suffering. She simply wants Wal-Mart to pay her for the $1,200 in vet bills that she has.

Cole said the Wal-Mart manager offered her a refund of $6.97 instead.

“After all she went through. She went through surgery. They cut her open. They had to put a scope down her. It’s like someone taking you and ripping your heart out and saying it is only worth $6.97,” Cole said.

There has still been no official recall of the Chicken Jerky Strips. After initial testing, Wal-Mart said that 17 of their tests done on the dog treats showed there were small amounts of melamine found. Since the amounts were small, they are doing further testing.

The FDA and the Indiana State Chemist’s Office both tested the Chicken Jerky Strips separately and said they found no traces of melamine in the products.

Source: WKYC.com

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28 thoughts on “Wal-Mart: Refund Only, No Dog Vet Expenses For Bestros

  1. The richest corporation in probably the world & just like the pf companies, won’t own up to their responsibility…..won’t even RECALL the chicken jerky strips……how many of their customers are still feeding those things to their dogs? Not everyone is on the internet checking to see what today’s contaminated product is……I heard it on my local news once & that was it.

    All these companies are showing us their true colors……they don’t care about their customers one bit but they sure care about your money to keep their suits in million dollar bonuses. When did people stop caring about other people & start worshiping the almighty dollar? Pretty sad state of affairs.

    I never really gave much thought to these megacorporations but now all I can do is hate them with a vengeance & vow to do all I can to take my business elsewhere. My fecal roster grows daily.

  2. I have not shopped at Walmart in years and never will again. I hope more and more people come out with their experiences with this mega corporate whore. Americans have the power to put them out of business. Just say no to shopping at Walmart.

  3. Is Wal-Mart just begging for a lawsuit?! Whether or not they reimburse the victims of their negligence will not ultimately be up to them…hopefully the courts will step in and make them own up to their incompetence and diabolical greed.

  4. letters to your local newspaper editors, folks, telling this story to the public and saying walmart should be boycotted until they take responsibility. if they won’t recall the products and make good on the damage they’ve done, our only recourse is to make a big, very public stink about it.

    i am proud to say that i’ can count on one hand the number of times i’ve set foot in a walmart, and certainly never will again now.

  5. I also have not set foot in a WalMart in about 5 years now. There is only one way to get their attention. STOP SHOPPING AT WALMART.

  6. This is predictable and so sickening it is beyond words. Many more deaths will continue to happen, we know that. These poor animals are being outright poisoned, while WalMart rakes in the cash. Makes me want to go to WalMart and throw a raging fit!

  7. The best way to deal with WalMart is to keep the contents of your purse or wallet–cash or plastic–away from them.

    Those of you who have W-M credit cards might want to cut them up and send them back to W-M with a written explanation of why you won’t be needing their card–you will no longer be shopping there.

  8. I avoid Walmart like the plague.

    They are un-american and I wish they would quit selling they’er crap in my country.

  9. Sadly, there’s a Wal-Mart in Winnipeg, Manitoba that will be open 24 hours. It’s a test site for Canada. They did it at Christmas last year. Sounds more like a back to school grab to me and will definitely kill other stores too.
    Anyways, Wal-Mart’s been off my list for some time now and I’ll continue to spread the word every chance I get.

  10. Everyone needs to stop shopping at Walmart.If all they care about is money,lets not give them ours !

  11. This ladies local animal hospital should have found something out for her since they charged her over a thousand dollars. Without their proof there is not much she can do to get her money back. I would think Wal Mart would have to pay her if she had the proof. This is just too sad. The loss of a child is unbareable and then to have a loss of your loving pet too. Just too much!
    Wal Mart you are responsible for this. If you are going to sell a product then you have to take the responsibility for it when there is something wrong with it and when it causes deaths then you have to take responsiblity for more then just a refund!!
    I am sure Wal Mart does not feel responsible since they did not make the product but since they already new that things from China could be contaminated they should have taken steps to test this product before putting it on their shelf.
    If a business is making a profit off an item then they have to be held responsible for it!

  12. What can you can expect from a company that runs what are effectively slave labor camps in collusion with a corrupt political disctatorship?

  13. Why should a person have to PROVE a thing?
    Has Walmart PROVED they care?

    I am getting pretty tired of citizens being held to a standard of PROOF that “somehow” does not apply to those that sell killing products, fraudulently labeled and spend the money WE give them on advertising instead of paying the vet bills.

  14. Additionally, keep in mind that Walmart sets the rules for most suppliers. Suppliers have to tailor their products and processes to meet Walmart’s needs or they don’t to sell at Walmart.

    I have a feeling that the race to the bottom quality/cheapest price in pet food as well as so many other products was highly influenced by Walmart demanding a lower price/better profit margin for themselves. That does not excuse the suppliers, but you can see where a company that would like to stay in business would be tempted by too good to be true offers from Chinese suppliers (wheat glutin 110% protein). How a product can have 110% of anything is beyond me, but not apparently beyond a lot of businesses.

  15. “Additionally, keep in mind that Walmart sets the rules for most suppliers. Suppliers have to tailor their products and processes to meet Walmart’s needs or they don’t to sell at Walmart.”

    this is very true and people really need to understand this. especially if WalMart tries to pass the buck, no pun intended. they hold meetings in China (and prob elsewhere, i’m just aware of the China ones) with the suppliers. i know one of my clients is there every Jan for them. Suppliers tow the WM line, not their own.

  16. Ya Know? Instead of worrying all the time about the food or treats your dogs and cats are eating, why don’t you just make your own food and treats. It isn’t that hard. When I was young, we fed our animals what we were having. They were healthy, lived beyond the years that animals seem to live now, and never had to go to the vet for being sick, allergies, cancer, etc. Let’s face it. You are what you eat. Same goes for your pets.


  18. I avoid Wal-Mart totally. A super store is coming to our town and people here are really unhappy. They had a front come in and tell us all how a special shopping experience was coming to town! Special all right… Wherever they go, they close down the Mom and Pop shops and bring in cheap stuff from overseas.
    Falls apart in one wearing or use. Than there is the “atlantic salmon” farmed in filthy conditions off the coast of Chile. They brought the “buy it cheap and be happy” philosophy to Americans. We can only blame ourselves. So it doesn’t surprise me that they would not care to pay a vets bill. This woman is lucky that they want to reimburse her for the jerky sticks. I heard of someone who during the pet food recall had a Wal Mart refuse reimbursement of product brought back!


  19. like i said before –
    at the people’s republic of woldemorte
    you can kill your pet for less

    not to mention your country.

  20. my sympathies to the petowners and the pets

    and my promise to stay on the killers ass.

  21. I think that it’s great that we are staying out of Walmart, but I think it would be great if we all let Walmart know WHY we’re staying away from there. Probably wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference but at least they’d be hearing the truth about some of the customers they’ve lost.

  22. I sent them an email that wasn’t very nice. I wasn’t rude or anything but I told them that when Wallys first started to expand, I can still remember the signs all over the store that everything was made in the USA & how proud they were of that fact. So I mentioned that poor old Sam is probably rolling over in his grave seeing what they’ve done to the corporation that he was so proud of……not to mention how good he was to all his employees. I don’t think he’d be very happy with China Mart of today.

    I keep hoping that if everyone refuses to buy anything made in China, they will have to do something……& I hope that something isn’t hiding the fact that the item is made in China. If they stop putting that on labels, we are literally screwed……..but we already know about pet food & treats……we can pretty much assume what’s in China Mart & where it’s from so we can just go from there.

    I think now that the flood gates are opened, it’s going to be very difficult to slam them shut.

  23. great that we are staying out of Walmart, but I think it would be great if we all let Walmart know WHY we’re staying away from there. Probably wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference but at least they’d be hearing the truth about some of the customers they’ve lost:

    keep your dollars and save your breath. they don’t understand english –
    they speak only Chinese.

  24. No surprise. Wal-Mart is evil. I’ve boycotted them for 10 years. I’d rather eat rocks than shop there…

  25. Thank you all for your support and comments. Still crying over Sugar. I hope and pray that no other loved ones get sick .

  26. Dolores I am so sorry for your baby.

    I too have lost my little Taco( I was on the previous story about a chi from Pgh that was poisened) A friend told me, pets have to be held close but with open arms. They are meant to be briefly loved on earth but then they will go, continue to watch and be waiting on the other side.

    Have you decided what your going to do? Has a class action been started?

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