Wal-Mart Removes Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips After Dog Death

Bestro Chicken JerkyA Philadelphia woman says her dog died after eating tainted dog food treats (Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips) bought from Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart has quietly pulled the made in China dog treat from its stores named Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips. There has been no announcement to the public as of yet. It is also uncertain of how many tainted bags of treats there may still be out among consumers.

A recall has not been issued. There has not been any information on FDA’s website. Wal-Mart has told consumers if they have purchased Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips, they can return them for a full refund.

Kate Collins said it is hard to talk about what happened. Bella, her two-year-old Chihuahua, died suddenly on July 31 after eating Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips. Collins said that Bella died within a week after eating the treats. Her other dogs did not receive the same treats and were unaffected.

Bella’s owner had the animal hospital do an autopsy and they found that Bella died of a massive bacterial infection. The veterinarians suspected it was caused by E. coli or Salmonella.

“The vet said that, going by her autopsy, it could have been the treats,” Collins said.

“The dog was presented to our hospital on July 27 for vomiting. She deteriorated rapidly over three days even with aggressive treatment. We suspected an intestinal virus at first, but when she continued to do poorly, we thought she had an obstruction due to a foreign body,” Jody Hoffman [Bella’s veterinarian] said.

Before the veterinarians were able to perform surgery, Bella died.

Hoffman said Bella developed hypothermia and sepsis. After the autopsy was performed, she realized that her first guess was incorrect.

She found an enlarged liver with round margins and no foreign body. Bella’s colon was a purple-back color. She said the symptoms and lesions were supportive of enteritis caused by a toxic bacteria.

Collins bought the treats at a Wal-Mart store in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. It took her several days until a manager finally spoke to her about the situation.

She said the jerky strips were the only thing that was different in Bella’s diet. The chihuahua ate one jerky strip a day over a three-day period from July 20-22. After that, Bella began to stop eating. She had diarrhea, was vomiting, and her health began to deteriorate.

The company has not disclosed how many consumer complaints that they have received. A news station is reporting that there are similar stories from consumers across the nation.

Wal-Mart has issued a statement saying it cares about their customers and their pets, and has ordered the dog food treats removed from store shelves.

In a statement to a local newspaper, Wal-Mart said it directed all its locations to remove “all recalled Chicken Jerky Strips from Import-Pingyang Pet Product Co. and Chicken Jerky from Shanghai Bestro Trading from shelves on July 26.” The company also put a computerized block on the products, so customers could not be purchase the products.

The company also added that it would work with the supplier to “assure that the highest safety standards are met.”

Wal-Mart has also offered to reimburse Collins for up to $2,000. She said it is not about the money and that amount doesn’t even come close to covering the emotional loss. Collins does not understand why Wal-Mart is not making a public announcement. She wants other pet owners to know about the tainted dog food treats.

When we looked at online boards and forums, we found various customer complaints as early as 2006 about dogs becoming ill or dying from eating Bestro’s Chicken Jerky Strips.

Source: 6ABCLocal.com, DelcoTimes

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148 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Removes Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips After Dog Death

  1. To the Owner of Bella (meaning Beautiful in Italian!)

    I am so sorry for your tragic loss! Do your other pups miss Bella, too?

    Thank you so much for informing the public-at-large about the product sold at Walmart. Another, gentleman I read in a recent newsbrief told his lawyer that his dog ,also, died from tainted food from China that was Still Being Sold at Walmart past a recent recall!

    Most Sadly,
    Jacqueline Marcia Anderson (Go Canada!)

  2. Stay away from Any and All food products for your pets, since, my 11 year old has been eating these above mentioned treats and his blood chemistry is Totally Off! (at this point from China)

    So help me God, If Bailey dies from these tainted products I will make it my life’s journey to get to the Bottom of these Criminal Acts of Murdering our “kids”!!!

  3. i just went over to epinions to see what’s been going on in their forums regarding these “treats”. i stopped going back through the posts after april 07, but what i read makes it obvious to me that this has been going on for quite some time. so when walmart says they care about the quality of their products, don’t believe them. and i can’t even begin to articulate how i feel about fda’s total non-action here. i think a snarky call to them is in order… but then a snarky call to fda, just on general principals, is *always* in order, and should be part of everyone’s daily regimen, like brushing your teeth.

  4. Hi, This is my first time writing a comment on this site. But when I read this I just had to put my two cents in. Back in March when this whole thing started, I had bought some pork twist treats made in China from Wal-Mart, Mid-March when FDA was still fumbling around with all the stupid comments and I was taking their word for it, I went ahead and fed these treats to all my dogs. After all it was still on the shelves so it must be ok.(stupid me) In April my 13 yr old died from Kidney failure. She had been to the vet for a teeth cleaning in Dec and had the blood test done at that time and it showed everything was good. The vet said that it went so fast that he said it was like she was anti-freeze poisioned. For weeks after her death I watched for the recall, on these treats and never saw one. Wal-mart STILL has this treat on their shelves. I still have the bag that the treats came in and maybe NOW this recall will open up a whole new can of worms. I no longer buy any treats that come from China. These treats are called “meat blast brand porkhide twist” made by Wiggin Train.

  5. as long as we shop at places like SprawlMart, we will continue to pay for our desire for cheap goods. and China has us by the nuts because our gov’t allowed us to become insanely dependent on China’s production for just about everything. Only now that it affects the chyulldrun (lead paint in toys) is anyone paying attention. You get what you pay for. We want cheap mass produced food loaded with HFCS then wonder why we’re a nation of fatties. We want cheap mass produced pet foods because we can’t be arsed to make extra food for our pets. (umm… I don’t think animals have a perfectly balanced diet in the wild…) And we can’t be arsed to read the labels before we just blindly eat whatever we cram into our faces or shove at our pets to eat.

    I feel sad yet another person had to lose a pet in this horrible way because they believe the FDA is worth a damn and can do anything -they cannot. they can only advise which is why people need to learn to depend on themselves instead of everyone else around them to take care of things.

  6. The Bush administration has completely corrupted the FDA and every other government agency. None of us are safe. All of our food, pet food, and toys come from China and virtually none of them are tested by either the companies that sell them or the government. One of these days something like the Minneapolis bridge collapse and the pet food disaster will happen again on such a large scale that it can’t be ignored. Heaven help us all.

  7. I don’t think blaming the store is the right way to get anything done.
    You need to go straight to the maker of these products, boycott them or any pet food maker that you know imports byproducts from China or anywhere else over seas. Most important go to your congress, men and woman with a big election year coming up they are the ones that could make a difference, hound them repeatedly to do something. IF every pet owner in this country stood up and started yelling somebody is going to have to listen to us. This is all so disturbing to me being the mommy of 5 Boston Terriers.
    I am so sick of commercialism destroying this country…sigh.
    I want to see a pet food label that reads all products grown in America and actually mean that!
    Speak out and make your voices heard!!!

  8. I am truly sorry for all of youre losses, I can’t believe this shit has been on the shelves forever! I have seen people buying tons of these same chicken strips[ I think they are called chicken jerky treats, different name same poisen ], at Costco! I know they are the same because they are also made in China. How the government can let a third world country sabatoge our country with Bush’s wide-eyed acceptance, is totally beyond me. I am beyond sorry, please check the packaging before buying treats, I have learned, but not the hard way.

  9. I am truly sorry for all of youre losses, I can’t believe this shit has been on shelves forever! I have seen people buying tons of these same chicken strips[ I think they are called chicken jerky treats.different name same poisen ], at Costco, I know they are the same because they are also made in China. How the government can let a third world country sabatage our country with Bush’s wide-eyed acceptance, is totally beyond me! I am beyond sorry, Please, Please check the packaging of everything you buy, whether it be human or pet babies. l

  10. I am so sorry for everyone who has had a pet death or a sick pet from the tainted pet foods and treats. I cannot stress enough that you MUST NOT BUY CHINA MADE PRODUCTS!!! We must be more informed and we must do our own research. If I am not sure where a product is made I do not buy it. We all must realize that if it is on the market, it still may not be safe. PetSmart swears everything they have is safe.. but they are still stocking China made items! CHINA MADE ITEMS ARE NOT SAFE FOR PETS OR HUMANS, HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED???? Are you willing to stake you precious pets life that they are safe? I hope not! My Vet said give apple, carrot or rice cakes for treats. We must rethink everything we’ve ever know about pet products. Beware of chinese made toys, beds, leashes, etc. etc. etc. They do not have the same standards we do and the toy recall currently going on is proof of this. Please America wake up Collectively and do not buy these imports! If the FDA won’t stop it, we can buy not buying, let these items rot on store shelves. Stop putting your family at risk! I am shopping more wisely these days, it’s up to ME to protect my family, and each and every one of us must be more responsible and protectful. Well, that’s my 2 cents worth. I am furious over all of this but if consumers continue putting faith in these products they are going to pay the price in the end and that price is just too dear!

  11. Please stop giving our pets store bought treats. There is no way to know if it is safe or what kind of garbage the treats have been manufactured from. After losing a cat to kidney failure, and having all remaining family pets suffer from urinary tract problems totaling almost $3,000.00, we have sworn off commercially prepared treats and store bought food. The dog eats the same food and veggies as us humans. No more milk bones, liver treats, or jerky, unless it is human jerky. I give our dog a tiny piece of cheese or low salt cracker, with a dot of Adams peanut butter. At least I know it is safe, and my dog still gets his treats without the toxins, bacteria and who knows what else. The cats get tiny pieces of cheese or roasted chicken. I make a huge pot of food for them every Sunday, bag it and freeze it for the week. I warm it in the microwave, and I do not get ANY complaints. They also love scrambled eggs. The dog gets yogurt too. You can find healthy pet food recipes on the internet or in books. I spend a little more time and money for their food but at least I know what is in it and where it came from. I love them too much to take chances that the poisons are still around. I still think China has been trying to kill us off for years by tainting their products they send to the USA. From now on, if it is MADE IN CHINA, it is NOT going home with me. I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago because of their shoddy business practices. There are other stores like Target, with similar prices, that treat their employees a tad better.

  12. If the Chinese don’t give a ratsass about children’s health and safety (eg. lead in bibs and toys), why on earth would anyone think that any pet stuff from China is safe. You are playing Russian Roulette with your pet’s health and safety if you are still feeding them pet products from China (which is probably 90% of all pet products)…

  13. I am so sorry for the losses of your beloved pets. I have been feeding my little guy Plato ( Says Organic /American?) chicken strips for awhile now. I have not been able to state without a doubt they are indeed a US product but hope so.

    Again sympathy for the needless loss

  14. As long as we are talking Chinese products, better keep a leary eye on TraderJoes stuff too. Made exclusively for T.J.’s and something to do with Montrvia[sp?], doesn’t cut it for me either, where does all there stuff come from, try to ask them and its a no win situtation, there will be no answers, so we don’t buy any of those mystery foods for us or for our dogs. Legally, the only thing that has to be marked “made in China”, is the seafood.

  15. takami826, i am heartily sick of people who blithely blame the victims of mass poisoning rather than the corporations who perpetrate this crime and the agencies that facilitate it. i am heartily sick of being chastised with the smug admonition that people are demanding cheap goods. i have not seen anyone marching in the streets for cheap goods. i haven’t seen any petitions demanding cheap goods. people buy what they can afford. the insinuation that it’s ok to poison people, or their animals, simply because they’re trying to stretch a dollar (and it doesn’t stretch very far, believe me) is absurd. it’s not ok for mega-corporations to push poisonous foodstuffs on us, and it’s not ok for fda to turn a blind eye to it. i don’t care how uninformed, or lazy, or stupid we are; we don’t deserve this. to imply that we do simply gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

  16. I am just a little person in this great world of ours, but I think it time that we all unite and become one. This is the only way that we are going to get anything done to change all of this. Talking on Itchmo is great and helpful and I thank them for this sight but it is not going to change things. Not till we all unite and go against the FDA and the government for their tainted products and get some changes done for us and our furry friends. Our pets need help now! They are going to continue dieing if we do not stop this madness. We need a leader to help us unite and do something!

  17. Nancy,

    My dogs get all homemade human food as well. They eat what I eat or rather, I now eat what they eat and my diet has greatly improved as a result of working hard to feed them a healthy, safe, and balanced diet.

    Here’s what I make:

    Organic grass-fed beef, organic chicken, red or yellow organic peppers (which they love!), organic cheese, eggs, yogurt, organic yams or carrots, organic broccoli, meaty bones from Americangrassfedbeef, artesian water, etc., etc… I think everyone gets the picture. No more crap from corporate farming methods – I try to buy local as much as possible and contact as many sources as I can. There are no guarantees, but I am doing my best. I figure that the extra cost in higher quality foods will hopefully be offset by the savings in vet and doctor bills.

    I cook and we eat together – they get what I get. If it’s not healthy or safe enough for me, it won’t be for them.

    Results so far? We are absolutely fine at this time – great energy, great small stools, no chronic conditions.

    Vets and the PFI have been feeding us a pack of lies and we’ve been like stupid, blind sheep – believing the bullsh**. We have not used our god-given brains to deduce that healthy, whole, real foods in general (barring the few well-known things off limits for our pets), which are good enough for our kids – are probably just fine for our pets.

    Why we would continue to feed 4 D animal product with fillers and added nutrients ( because the so called “food” is dead with vitually no nutrition)?

    What these people are marketing for our pets (as pet food) has no nutritional value on it’s own – it’s just pure, completely adulterated waste – and these industries (the ones that are supposed to care about our pets) have exploited our pets and have used them as their waste receptacle as a source of pure profit. I’m not even addressing the rampant and continuing epidemic of intentional contamination – which is a different and sick story altogether…

    Completely check OUT of this industry, save your pets, and never go back.

  18. Highnote,

    The single best thing you can do right now to improve things globally is to change your own behavior (in this case, shopping behavior). If each of us individually just changed our own behavior, the market would force changes. If we don’t buy the crap, they don’t sell the crap, they lose money and either need to make changes or go belly up.

    Choice! One person, one decision at a time.

  19. Kiki, Sometimes its not always not wanting to do what you guys are doing, But some pet parents have a lot of pets, and the price of feeding your’e way is probably cost prohibitive. So, all we can do is the best we can afford, and I know it will be better than the store crap that the big co.’s are trying to sell us. Even a really good dry dog food or cat food with some home-cooking is better than the mainstream crap, and in the long run will definitely benefit our furry friends.

  20. Debi – agreed. We all do what we can. One other viable and economic option is to purchase your own cow (I’m serious). Investigate that option.

  21. Been reading through these notes and comments and feel really bad for those of you who’ve lost pets. I’ve been a dog “owner” since I was a toddler and these critters mean as much to me as my human kids. the thought of losing one of them due to corporate greed sends me off the chart with anger. Blaming Bush is not placing the blame where it belongs. The chineese imports started coming in LONG before that. The seemingly lack of control or caring by the FDA has not helped the situation either. The FDA works for “us” but seemingly has little power to stop this…which is a serious crock. It all boils down to corporate GREED. The almightly $$. All this JUNK made in china is exactly that——JUNK. All OF IT. Whether it’s clothes, cerial or pet food. Wally world, Mattel et all can get this stuff made for pennies on the dollar in china compared to what it would cost to make it here in the states. Is there a noticeable difference in the cost to consumers? Yeah, right……dream on. The difference is in corporate profit. Our pets die off from poison, we end up buying 3 shirts (or whatever) instead of one cause they do not hold up nearly as well as good ol US made product does, we have poison in our (human) food and the list goes on.
    The government does little or nothing to stop it and THIS DOES NOT MATTER ON THE POLITICAL PARTY. Stop and think about it. Whether Replublican or Dem. it’s all the same crap. the pressure is on from the big corps like wally world and mattel. I stopped buying from wally world long ago———-when was the last time you saw their sign saying “We buy American, so you can too.” I refuse to knowlingly buy anything made in china.
    Is there an answer. YES! Refuse to knowling buy anything made in china. Deluge wally world and mattel, home depot, et all with emails, letters and LOSS OF BUSINESS until they stop getting JUNK from china. Will it cost more initially…yes. Will it be worth it in the end run. You better believe it–cause you will not need to buy 3 inferior quality instead of one of good quality. Nuff on that.
    As soon as I heard about the initial recalls months ago and discovered I’d been feeding my dogs poison, I started making my own dog food. Like a couple of the other posters here my freinds now pretty much get what I eat….steamed veggies mixed with partially cooked meat, potatoes etc. They love it and both are looking better than ever. Nice shiny coats, energy enough to drive ya nuts and my lab/shorthair mix has bulked up like crazy without getting fat. He weighs in about 123 lbs now. HUGE. The other (a true heinz 57 at 114 lbs) has always been a picky eater and he still is, but he loves some of the mixtures I come up with. I do give them a vitamin suppliment just in case.
    I truly sympathize with those of you who’ve lost a friend. I would be devistated if one of my cirtters died cause of the food poisoning and all.
    I really feel the only way to get all this resolved is to hit these $%^&*( where it hurts the most. Their money holding, grubby wallets.
    I hope ALL of you will boycott chinese junk and the companies that sell the stuff.

  22. Wal-Mart claims they care! Bull Hockey! If they cared…why were they buying crap from China! If they cared…why is this such a secret…how many more innocent owners and their pets will die because the owner wanted to treat the dog?

    If they cared….why did they not meet with the dog’s owner right away??

    Wal-mart care alright…about $$$$.

  23. Is China trying to kill us off? Fake pharmaceuticals, fake toothpaste, fake pet food, toys that our kids can die from playing with. What the h***?! Why are we still import this tripe!?

  24. I lost both of my furbabies within a week of each other at the height of the recall fiasco. Although I am of the understanding that neither was food related (one had a hemangiosarcoma mass removed in January and the other was old and very arthritic) I cannot help but think that it was just too much of a coincidence. Maybe their immune system was too compromised already.

    They had been fed all their lives with what I beleived to be a premium dry (Nutros lamb and rice) supplemented with a little bit of canned (also Nutros lamb and rice and sometimes I would cook for them. The day before the recall, I bought my first can of Nutros cuts and gravy only because I hadn’t seen it before and I thought they would enjoy something different. Imagine my horror when the very next day that product turned up on the massive recall list (although the lot numbers were said to be OK) I have felt guilty every day since as I think somehow that the food I trusted may somehow have contributed to their death.

    I feel for all of you who have lost your beloved furbabies like I have. It is too soon for me to think about getting another pup, when the time comes, I will for sure be homecooking only.

    It is despicable that there are still problems and still pets are dying. Everytime, I hear about another recall it brings up all those feelings again.

  25. HighNote: I agree that we need to be organized. Many people have joined with consumer action groups, community supported agriculture sites, country of origin labeling sites, etc. We are making changes, one household at a time, but can we move any faster?

    With the Mattel recalls, the U.S. mothers must be furious at the harm their children are exposed to, buying lead self-test kits to rub over their children’s toys. Almost all U.S. households have children and/or pets. With our combined voices, maybe we can accomplish something. I think we need good old-fashioned marches on gov’t. buildings.

    There was a gentleman on CNN (?) talking about the Mattel recall and that 80% of the toys are imported from China. He was saying that the only way to achieve change is with a VISIBLE form of protest and outcry. We can write on itchmo or any other site, but do words on a page mean as much as people standing in front of buildings holding signs and chanting?

    Senator Dodd was on a few days ago calling for an immediate ban on all food and products from China. How many candidates are even mentioning this issue? Are not our children in harm’s way (mouthwash, toothpaste, jewelry, bibs, toys) enough for the gov’t to wake up?

    Walmart and other stores should experience a huge slump in sales over the fourth quarter. But I’ll bet with the lead paint scares that there will be even more hype over the holidays and better “early bird specials” to lure people in. Hopefully parents will not buy the Chinese toys.

    Profits are what count to companies. They will produce things as cheaply as possible. And those profits go to those high in the company and the shareholders, not the lowly worker. If it weren’t so cheap to produce items in China, we wouldn’t ship our food products to China, have the products made there, packaged there, and then shipped back here? The cost must be miniscule to do this. Now what is wrong with that picture? If the individual products are here, keep the manufacturing here. Look at our tuna industry.

    We need to stop buying outright and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and reevaluate our lifestyles. We are a country of consumers, needing bigger, better, and the latest. As someone said, the imported products we buy don’t even last long, and we end up buying 3 more of the same item. We have to stop our need to consume so we lessen the demand on production.

    RE: Chicken Jerky: Wasn’t there a post several weeks ago about a Chinese company on a trade board saying they got chicken from vet offices, restaurants, etc. but that it was cooked so there was no fear of Avian Flu because Avian Flue virus is destroyed at such and such degrees? Does anyone remember?

    Also recall that China’s number one agriculture goal, stated earlier this summer, was to break into the cooked chicken market. Starting with chicken products for pets was a logical way to get the foot in the door.

    It’s time we visit our downtown mom and pop stores and support them, instead of going to the big box stores. How many of your downtown stores or small strip malls have been devastated when a Walmart moved in? How many of you avoid downtown small local stores because “nothing is there”? There are just empty shop windows lining both sides of the street? We also need to support our local farmers and ranchers.

    I’m sick of the garbage we import, and I’m spending very little on new products.

    I’m sorry for the people who have lost pets. I realize that people have budgetary and time constraints, but instead of packaged treats, try switching to giving them something from your own dinner plate. I do not trust treats as well. Anything you give them, they will consider an act of love. The treats cost a few dollars for a 12 oz. bag anyway. Just buy a pound of raw chicken breasts ($2.00 – $4.00/lb. a lot of places), cut them into treat-size chunks, and use them. You can eat the same thing for dinner yourself.

  26. That’s the big question. Why are we still importing this crap? I agree with Bob about corporate profit. Our companies don’t go to China for products, then drop the prices here. Of course, if they can’t blame us the customers for having cheap goods riots, the blame us the workers for having living wage riots so we can afford to pay the price for their goods. I have never seen a product advertised as “New, Incredibly Cheap Dog Food.” We want the best product we can get for the amount of money we have. The corporations won’t give us that (for long, anyway) because it interferes in the HUGE quarterly stock dividend. Many companies used to be satisfied with conservative growth. That used to be the standard that a company would be a lasting one. Now it seems that most act like a bunch of spoiled babies screaming, “I want it NOW!” Perhaps we have to be the parent here and take the profit away until they can grow up and show a little restraint and maturity.

  27. Heather, that is the great unanswered question that all of us have been asking ourselves since the recall tragedy began. Over the years, how many of our pet’s illnesses have been caused by inferior ingredients in their supposedly good pet food? I don’t think we will ever know the answer.

  28. Jeannie says:

    August 17th, 2007 at 9:25 am
    I don’t think blaming the store is the right way to get anything done.

    You’re right, Jeannie, but Sharon’s comment about blaming our President is pure stupidity. Next, people will blame him for the common cold, which is equally dumb. Leave your politics out of this, Sharon.
    For years now, I’ve been raising, showing, (and health testing before selling) AKC puppies, and one of my standard contract stipulations is that you feed neither rawhide, Greenies, or any product made in Taiwan, China, or anything similar, and always recommend homemade with fresh ingredients. Nothing is more important to us than the health of our pets, but IMO, anyone who’d buy dog or cat food from places like Wal-Mart, just to save $$$, is asking for trouble. It takes a lot of time and a few bucks to buy ingredients to cook and grind for them, but they’re worth it. As someone said, they are our kids, and I pay just as much attention to their diets as I did my children’s. Anything less…..you just shouldn’t have pets.

  29. My cat Jake dies last year and was a big pounce eater. We couldn’t figure out why he was loosing weight and the Vet was no help. He was skin and bones before he just disappeared to die. This is really making me mad and I just went to http://www.delmonte.com and their pounce site and not one mention of any recalls. China has been one of the biggest attackers of our goverment computer systems and now this. Wake up America!!!

  30. Ann, that’s rather elitist! Do you mean poor people shouldn’t have pets? Pet food should be safe as advertised. And calling people stupid is not what Itchmo’s is about.

  31. Ann,

    Please don’t call Jeannie’s take on this as “stupidity” or “politics”. It is absolutely true that this administration has created an environment of Laissez faire that has been to the complete benefit of corporate greed (in all sectors) and to the complete detriment of the health and safety of the environment and those sentient beings that live in it. Nothing is in a vacuum here. There are many contributing factors, but greasing the greedy corporate wheel through government actions/inactions is usually the antecedent catalyst for shit that eventually hits the fan on some level at some point in time.

    Read “The Jungle” to gain some historical perspective. What the USA is experiencing right now is the contemporary version.

  32. Well, people just think because it is on the shelves – it is safe – and it should be – nothing less is acceptable – it’s not a game of R. Roulette when we buy treats for our pets – but I just stay away from “Made in China” because it’s too risky – but many people believe that now things are safe – and obviously they are sadly mistaken.

    I do blame our government for allowing toxic imports – if we can’t blame them, then who can we blame? It’s the governments responsiblity to protect the citizens and it is obvious that big corporations are failing us and now sadly so is our government – and sorry to offend – but we do look to the top guy – and that is our president – to stop this tainted and poisoned products from entering the U.S. and if it means halting all imports from questionable countries then let’s do it! Bush could put a stop to it by declaring a state of emergency – but he isn’t and hasn’t been and I’m saddened and disheartened over this entire fiasco.

  33. Moonbeam, I was just going to say the same thing. It is the Gov, all of it , starting with Bush. It’s We The People, does He remember that? The Greatest Country in the world shouldn’t have to worry about it’s pets, it’s children, our food, etc. We should demand no less of our Gov.than to keep us safe. We do pay taxes for all that.
    I wish I had someones email address- I have been reading a lot about the Olimpics and what it’s doing to the people over there. I have the URL but it’s long. They are doing terrible things, as usual.
    And yes, I do think they are trying to kill us off. One way or the other.
    We need to stick together on this. And it just has to stop.

  34. I know name-brand pet food was tainted, but please, people, don’t buy store-brand pet food, especially Ol Roy from Walmart. I don’t care how poor you are, don’t buy cheap crap for your pets. I was a chihuahua breeder and I was so careful to write down what to feed the puppies. But then I would get phone calls saying the puppies were sick. The first thing I asked was what were you feeding them. And Ol Roy came up a lot. So I had to diagnose each problem. Some I told to go to the vet. Others could be treated at home. All survived, but the people listened to me then and started feeding name-brand food.

    I even bought a puppy from a breeder and she fed all her dogs Ol Roy. I couldn’t believe a breeder could be so cheap. Most breeders I have known buy Iams and Eukanuba or, at least, Purina.

    When my husband and I were first married and he was in the Air Force, now retired, and we had no food for us because we had no money, our dog and cat ate Purina. It might not even be the greatest but my point is that you don’t go cheap on your pets no matter what. Stores should be ashamed for even selling store-brand pet food. But if people wouldn’t buy it they wouldn’t sell it. I hope these horrible pet deaths will bring attention to how to feed your pets. I will be reading the labels now on where my food is made because I had no idea any of our food was made outside of the US. Toys and clothes and things, yes, but food?

    So sorry for all of you who suffered the loss of your pet and for those whose babies have gotten so sick.

  35. Roberto –

    I have no problem with being called an “elitist”. And yes, I don’t feel people who can’t adequately take optimum care of their pets (and most poor people can’t afford the vet bills) shouldn’t have them. Being an “elitist” as you so succinctly put it, is fine with me. That’s why I don’t ever sell many puppies, and insist on a veterinarian’s recommendation as to past performance with pets. If they’re first-timers, they MUST establish a working relationship with a vet before they get one of mine. I’ve written a book on puppy care, and recommend that people talk to a vet before purchasing one, to get a good idea of just how much regular annual care costs, not to mention emergencies like the lady with the little Chihuahua. Yep…..elitist suits me just fine.

  36. Why shouldn’t Bush be blamed as well as his administraition? What has he done to insure the safety of the American people and their pets? He has done nothing . In fact he is headed for Canada on Mon. for a meeting to push for the North American Union . Guess what the Canadians do not want to lower their standards on food safety to our level or the level of Mexicos.

    The blame belongs also on American companies that closed American factories and moved to China to increase profits and to avoid anything close to product safety. The price did not go down on any products manufactured in China with cheap labor . The quality went down.

    Some people can not afford to make their own pet people . Should they be penalized and blamed for feeding their pets what they thought was safe, thanks to false advertising and no truth in labeling on pet foods?

    The blame should be placed on current and pasted politicians , large corporations, agri businesses and some of the farm bureau groups.

    I refuse to buy anything that is labeled made in China , and anything containing high frutcose corn syrup. I am cooking for my pets also.

  37. So very sorry to hear of yet another pet loss due to the tainted junk coming from a place we shouldn’t even be trading with…it’s all about money and we are paying a high price for our kids and pets. Everything from toothpaste and kids toys to pet food is coming from this place and I wish Teddy Roosevelt were in office!! I can imagine what he’d say about all this.Next year I’m voting for him and John Wayne as they’ll secure our borders, start taking out that silly “For English, Press 1” crap that you see on ATM’s and start giving jobs to Americans to make our own things here once again. We are all to blame for this since we want cheap goods and not willing to spend more for quality. We are now paying a heavy toll.

  38. Ann – I must strongly disagree with your statement. The Bush administration has been cutting funding for the FDA for years – who do you think is SUPPOSED to protect the consumer against imports that are tainted? They subscribe to a self regulated corporate world – how is this self regulation working for the pet owners who pets are dead or ill? I don’t care whether this administration is Democrat or Republican, but they are incompetent and care very little for the average American except at voting time.

    I do hold Wal Mart and other companies like them responsible. Wal Mart is the poster child for Chinese imports. They set up their purchasing office in China years ago. They are also instrumental in lobbying against more corporate regulation for imports. I rarely go to one of their stores. Their hype about savings is just that – hype. You can save a few pennies here and there, but why they are so popular is beyond my comprehension.

  39. Do you want to know what is killing the pets? Do you want the government , the one YOU pay for already and that has rules that YOU certainly must live by to go and do the job?

    Well, it CAN be done, now, no matter who is in power if everyone gets behind the Don Earl action and tells every single pet affiliated organization about this extremely important action.

    If enough people support Don Earl maybe we can get that court order for the FDA but all the experts and all the pet parents are gonna have to band together to do it.


    Heck, if everyone who lost a pet, or had a pet fall ill wrote a letter in support that might help.
    It would take all of us.
    And we would have to go online AND off to round up all the people we can get to do the same.

  40. Bob says:

    August 17th, 2007 at 11:08 am Bob, I am in absolute agreement with your analysis of the problem.

    Blame is often placed on the current administration for the problem, but this outsourcing has gone on for many years, and the only thing I can be pretty positive of is that the China outsourcing started AFTER Richard Nixon opened up diplomatic relations with China. Please don’t think this is a defense of the current administration, as it is business as usual, pandering to the big money global business interests.

    Check out this website for info on where to buy products from U.S. companies, however, be forewarned that some of these companies may also have factories elsewhere, but I think some of them indicate that all their products are made in the U.S. with U.S. materials.


  41. Another thought that just came to me this morning is: Can there possibly be a connection to the lead in toys from China and autism? When I was a kid, which was quite awhile ago when our country didn’t import anything unless it wasn’t produced here, we didn’t HAVE autistic kids! The only mental problems were retardation and very few with mental illness.

    In my children’s generation there began to be hyperactive kids, and much later the autism diagnosis. I know there was some talk of a possible connection between mercury used as a preservative in MMR vaccines, and that maybe is when autism seemed to be rising dramatically. But now they don’t use mercury in vaccines, and I think I heard that 1 in every 180 kids is autistic!

    It certainly is possible that the lead contaminated imports began at the same time mercury in MMR vaccines began.

    I will agree that ANY administration could put a halt to this, and they are supposed to be using our tax dollars for our benefit and protection. But I guess we all know the protection of our families is up to us, and it gets more difficult by the day.

  42. uh it’s the CONGRESS that funds the FDA-not the executive branch ie Bush. it is your elected congress-now with a slight democratic majority( previously it had a slight republican majority) that funds the FDA. if bush wants a certain budget for whomever it’s only the congress that can ok it.

    blaming people who have nothing really to do with what youre RANTING about is unhelpful. unless you come to the realization that it is your hand picked congressmen who fund and ok the regulations regarding the FDA you are just wallowing in a pig trough of misguided political nonsensical ramblings.this makes sure the problem is never addressed.

    it’s actually the beloved president bubba clinton who really kicked open the doors wider to us trade( if you could call it trade- it’s all one sided) with china and places like mexico that also produce tainted substandard crap( candy with lead in it never mind toys) and also sold them sensitive military and nuclear information putting us in even more jeopardy. his re-election campaign also took money from representatives of the chinese government- something that is completely illegal(( outside /other country governments are prohibited rightly from funding american political campaigns). there’s plenty of blame here all around but identifying who controls the fda’s purse strings is crucial-it’s your democratically led congress. they are also not listening to you but get off scott free because you focus your rage at the most obvious target. dont think for a second they don’t know it works that way and sheilds them from blame and from acting-youve made bush their fall guy.

    walmart definitely needs to be blamed-why shouldnt we blame the store that imports these products knowing full well there are deep and lasting issues with the quality of food products from china? they insist on bellow market pricing and because they are the largest retailer in the entire world they can do it.manufacturers cut corners, compelled just to survive the razor sharp profit margins and thus we have 1000s of dead pets. certainly the manufacturers are to blame but so is the large american ccompany squeezing them until their eyes pop. walmart is setting the pace here-they deserve some blame in this. theyre the ones afterall deigning to place this poison on shelves- the cans and bags didnt walk in there themselves.

    their stock is falling, by the way. and profits are off…

    even when in my most dire straits i found a way to get my cats at least purina or 9 lives. i may buy myself the store brand mayonaise but my cats were never gonna get ‘ joe schmose’s store brand tuna”. i think it’s fair to say that we should all strive to the best of our abilities not to buy any food item for our animals that is entirely manufactured in china. it really is arrogant ,class war hatred of poor people to snipe at those who cannot afford better quality food-its really uncalled for and downright mean. the issue really remains that unsafe food of any brand name does not belong on our shelves and we have to apply pressure to our local stores and chains informing them we hold them accountable if theyre caught selling poison. it’s the only way to compel effective change-we aint buying your china crap and if we did and it sickened our pet were gonna sue your store’s ass and raise hell about it. congress is going to sit on its ass and do nothing. stores wont take the crap off the shelves until you threaten them by walking away with your dollars and publically calling them out.

  43. Mittens: Case in point—-Yesterday I shopped at Bi-Mart. It took me much longer reading labels, but I managed to find a toothbrush made in the U.S., a thermal mug, some plastic storage baskets and a few food items. None of these made in the U.S. items cost ANY more that the made in China ones on the shelf next to them.

    I found dried fruit from China, dehydrated noodle dishes, and, worst of all: I checked a babies teething ring and found it was made in China!

    As I left the store I asked the clerk if they had checked the baby teething ring for lead content? And suggested they do so, if they hadn’t. I also told him that I will not knowingly buy anything from China, and I think it is very dangerous to have food from China on their shelves.

  44. ann, i don’t think there’s any provable relationship between a person’s economic status and their ability to nurture a pet. i’ve known a lot of people who would take on extra jobs to have enough money to pay vet bills for a beloved furry family member, and witnessed the filthy rich abandoning their pet at a rented vacation home because it was just too much trouble to get them in the car. it’s what you have in your heart, not in your wallet, that makes a good pet owner.

    there is, howver a provable relationship between corporate greed and dead pets. there is also a provable relationship between government apathy and dead pets.

  45. Actually the federal budget is funded by Congress based on the recommendations of the President. The Office of Management and Budget is part of the Executive Branch. I have read that the Bush administration will be recommending cutting the food safety budget even further despite all the recall problems we are having and that is of great concern. NAFTA was certainly a Clinton responsibility and a big mistake. Since food safety IS a federal (and state) issue directing complaints and concerns about and to our government is certainly valid. It seems that there are at least a few members of Congress who take this issue seriously. Trade with China has been gearing up for years but why this series of problems has recently escalated is somewhat mysterious.

    I’ve also read that there are laws stating that companies are responsbile for the safety of the items they import and would love to know what and where they are. Hopefully we’ll leave the Chinese junk on the shelves from now on. I know I won’t buy any more of their garbage.

  46. This is so simple – Korea would not accept our beef because of the Mad Cow situation. We can not accept these products into our country and I don’t care who you want to blame – it is our government that is failing its citizens – and Bush is taking the fall because he is the commander and Chief and he is the one that can change things, Clinton is no longer president, and you can’t tell me Bush is absolved from all guilt in this mess. Give me a break!

  47. I think China is testing us. Just how far will we allow this to go on because of political correctness and free trade? I am sure they are gloating over our inability to respond in a sane manner to this threat to our food supply.

    It is up to us to take the time to read labels and refuse to buy products from China, and tell the stores we shop at that we aren’t buying it!

    There are some in congress with the courage to do what is right for the country, no matter the political cost. Ron Paul has a bill to repeal NAFTA, and he also has one about our freedom to use food supplements. He and a few of the other presidential candidates have commented on the food safety issue. Ron Paul checks every bill against the Constitution. If it is unconstitutional, he will not vote for it Period–End Of Story!

  48. Hello,

    Since were on the subject of China made so called 100% chicken jerky—My co-worker brought in a 1 lb package of chicken jerky from Cosco. She wanted me to read the ingredients because her furry friend had been ill….well to much of OUR suprise..It was MADE IN CHINA! Well..she will not be giving any more of the jerky to her dog. Anyone else have any problem with the Cosco brand?

  49. I think all pet owners should not buy treats, except from a good pet food company that they have researched. It’s just too risky. I give my dogs cheese or crackers with peanut butter smeared on them.

  50. Pat – I strongly disagree with you. After serving nearly 50 years in community education and animal welfare, I feel qualified to ask all of you to look at all the dogs picked up for the shelters (to be eventually euthanized). Our animal control knows exactly what neighborhoods are most heavily trafficked, and they’re usually the seedier ones. Of course, some poor people try to do the right thing, but we’re talking about the “norm” here – not the isolated individuals. They’re the ones who also refuse to spay/neuter their pets too, trying to make a little money off breeding and selling the puppies. Knowing the great love we all have for our pets, this kind of story makes me sick at my stomach, because I’ve shed the tears over the loss of ours (mostly due to old age). For all that, I’ll continue to cook and grind fresh fruits and veggies for my dogs.

    The pet food recalls have everyone on alert, so maybe if people quit subsidizing these stores, and buying into all the garbage the FDA feeds us, things will improve. We can only hope so.

    Have you all raised this much objection to Michael Vick’s horrid treatment of his fighting dogs? I certainly hope so.

  51. Instead of everyone blaming the President for killing puppies now, get off your butts and do something you can do. Call every person you know who has a pet and tell them not to buy store-brand food, and not to buy any pet products from China. And also tell those people to complain to every store manager that they will not purchase cheap pet food. It has to start at the bottom. Call your vets and tell them to warn their customers. My girlfriend emailed this topic to me and I’m so greatful that I’ve sent it to everyone I know who has pets. Although I don’t know anyone in my family or circle who buys store-brand food, thank God. They will start checking the name-brand stuff now for where its made. The stores won’t go broke because the people will just have to switch pet food. Ol Roy has always been crap food, as I stated in a previous post. It made puppies I sold sick to the dumb people who bought it against my advice. So it was a problem up to 12 years ago. I have always wanted to scream when I see people buying that junk. I’ve always wanted to say what bad food it is but you can’t fix stupid and I know people would just argue with me. So, pet lovers, unite and start spreading the word.

  52. An open letter to WalMart:

    Failing to declare this recall appears to place you in violation of the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act:


    SEC. 402. [21 U.S.C. 342] A food shall be deemed to be adulterated—(3) if it consists in whole or in part of any filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance, or if it is otherwise unfit for food; or (4) if it has been prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions whereby it may have become contaminated with filth, or whereby it may have been rendered injurious to health;(6) if its container is composed, in whole or in part, of any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render the contents injurious to health;….


    SEC. 201. [21 U.S.C. 321] For the purposes of this Act—(f) 1 The term “food” means (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals,…..


    FDA believes the cooperation of manufacturers and distributors in expediting recall activities is vital because of the determination that a distributed product is potentially hazardous to the public or animals and/or is in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act). Recalling firms are urged to notify the local FDA District Recall Coordinator as soon as a decision is made that a recall is appropriate and prior to the issuance of press or written notification to customers.


    KEYWORDS: Pig ears, Dog, Treats, Chews
    Firms recommended for Detention Without Physical Examination 7/20/07

    The producer of Bestro brand, Pingyang Pet Products, is on that list–PPP has had salmonella violations for some time–the last recorded one was on FDA OASIS in September 2006; it doesn’t take a lot of work to connect Bestro with PPP—PPP’s website displays the Bestro brand.


    According to posts made at the link above, you must have been aware of the problem for a while, since various posters relate that on July 27, 28, 29, 2007, in various WalMart locations, the Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips were still on product shelves, but were prevented from being rung up and sold by the WalMart register system, which is programmed to display a recall message for any products under recall. Today is August 17, 2007. You have seen to it that no more of the product leaves your stores, but you have failed to attempt to protect those who have already purchased this product. Those customers who do not know that the product they purchased may be contaminated–it is sitting in their homes, possibly able to harm or kill their pets, their children, or those who purchased the item.


    Pennsylvania Department of Health Warns Consumers About Salmonella Linked to Pet Food

    According to a Pennsylvania Department of Health press release, the Department has been investigating human cases of infection from a rare type of Salmonella. Department officials believe that it possibly connected to dry dog food. Due to this, Health Secretary Dr. Calvin B. Johnson is reminding all consumers all over the country to be careful when handling pet food and pet treats.

    Bella died in Pennsylvania–your registers don’t ring up the Bestro Chicken Jerky Treats nationwide, but this doesn’t stop people who have already purchased them from using them.

    Now that WalMart has instituted “secret” recalls which are illegal and not even decent, why would anyone want to shop at any of your stores ever again? Whatever they purchase may be defective, through no fault of WalMart itself, but if we are not to be given that information, we have no confidence and trust in your stores or anything that you sell.

    Since customers pay hard-earned money for the products you sell, they have the legal right to be informed that the product you sold them may be defective in some way. All the Price Rollbacks in the world are not going to help–honesty in declaring this recall so it can be posted at FDA would have been.

  53. “Have you all raised this much objection to Michael Vick’s horrid treatment of his fighting dogs? I certainly hope so.”

    of course most, if not all, here have! what a question!

    “Instead of everyone blaming the President for killing puppies now, get off your butts and do something you can do. Call every person you know who has a pet and tell them not to buy store-brand food, and not to buy any pet products from China. And also tell those people to complain to every store manager that they will not purchase cheap pet food. It has to start at the bottom. Call your vets and tell them to warn their customers.”

    again, many, if not all here, have been doing this since March 16th. many of us go beyond pet products. don’t know where you’ve been, but we’re not sitting idly by . . .

  54. What I just heard on cnn, China and Russia are engaged in war games, yeah thats cool, when asked what the united states take on this is, our government said it really doesn’t worry them. Hello people in government land, are youre heads filled with little plum fairies???? wake up, we are flirting and doing a brisk business with the enemy!! fair trade agreement be damned, we are royally being sabataged and the the enemy is laughing all the way to the bank.

  55. Animal suffering and dying will continue to happen as long as the general public goes uniformed and the hush hush treatment of these issues go on. Everytime you buy any commercial pet food you are running the chance of a painful and God awful death to your fur babies . Of course anything from China now is suspect and the cover up of these pet poisonings by the big corporations must be stopped.

  56. Ann,
    We’re so proud of your fifty-plus years of service that you so proudly brag about. That doesn’t change the fact that you’re a troll.

    Fact is, I have five cats and one dog – and EVERY one of them would have been dropped at the shelter by their previous owners and likely euthanized with the high number of homeless pets in my area. We became the foster home. We’ve had to feed them cheap food in the past, but that’s just part of life. My wife and I have had to live on Ramen noodles in the past also. My pets may not have received 100% perfect care, but I guarantee they’ve lived a better existence than if they’d been cremated at the local shelter. Premium food does NOT equal love and caring. Besides that, many of the recalled foods WERE “premium”.

    Fact is, every puppy you so proudly breed for (likely) huge and greedy profits means one more pet that could have possibly found a home getting executed at the shelter. I don’t give a damn how much combing through someone’s background you do before they write you a mind-numbingly large check, you’re still contributing to the homeless pet population because those owners could have, might have, just possibly would have given some other poor cat or dog a home.

    This is a betrayal of public trust that just keeps repeating again and again. This has nothing to do with your arrogant, egotistical views on pet parenting.

    This forum is for ordinary people who do the best they can with what they can. That’s what makes a good parent. They may not be perfect, but they TRY.

    You are not God and you have no business telling us who can or can’t have pets. Stop putting the rest of us down and please leave.

    -A, H, and
    Mitsy, Wiggles, Fester, Ryo-Oki, Snowball, and Doxey

  57. Yes, Yes, Yes, We did raise objection about the Vick case.

    And get off our butts and do something?????? All of us have been doing everything in our power, writing, calling, sending postcards, spending our last dimes on all this. Where have you been?
    Most of us have lost beloved pets and We will never forget it. so, I don’t ever want to hear anyone say We are sitting on our butts doing nothing.
    We have been on here for months.And We have all been very good friends and doing many many things together.

  58. This all boils down to a betrayal of trust. Not even human food can really be trusted these days, unless you went directly to the farm and watched the grain get harvested, the cow slaughtered, the chicken butchered, etc. etc.

    Seems like everything is made overseas, and it’s roulette trying to find anything that isn’t. And again, just because it doesn’t SAY it was made in china doesn’t mean it WASN’T, or doesn’t mean it was really made in the U.S. with ingredients that CAME from China. And just because you call the company and ask, that doesn’t mean diddly because in any company of moderate size, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, or the rep is flat-out lying to you on purpose or out of sheer ignorance. And just because it came from some fancy store doesn’t change any of that.

    Problem is, I have no idea what to do. I’m at a loss. I am flabbergasted that this is still happening in mid-August. It’s so frustrating it makes me ill. Thank god for Itchmo, yet again.

  59. Annie we have been trying to buy American for a long time, The trouble is just because it says American doesn’t mean they are telling the truth. You woun’t be trying to get us to buy Natural Balance or another PFI food that is supposed to be American would you? I believe anything you can afford to cook at home as long as it is human grade is a lot better than most of the so called top brands. Yes I do blame myself for trusting the PFI but I also blame the gov. for not doing there job & protecting the American people. We honestly pay them (maybe not as much as big business) to do their jobs.

  60. Yes, thank God for Itchmo. I don’t know what We’d do without them.
    I don’t dare to eat much anymore. and everyone wants to know why i keep loosing weight? Well, I don’t trust the food I am eating, so i’m sure not going to overdo it. I think half the trouble with the kids, autisum, ADHD, etc, could be because of the food we’ve been eating.

  61. fivecatsandadog, I love what you said about every puppy that the breeder, Ann sells, takes away one more home for an unwanted pet. We have two rescues and a pb, and I agree just because someone doesn’t have the money to spend on expensive dog or cat food, the big pig pet food companies shouldn’t put poisen in the cheaper brands. ASSHOLES, if all of us could form two parellel lines and have the buttheads, including the other ASSHOLE, Vick take a stroll through us I bet none of them would be alive or maybe alive but definitely not standing at the end of that loooooooooooooong line!

  62. There are a lot of rich people who vacation here at the beach in Nags Head for the summer. Every year when it’s time for them to go back to the city there are a huge amount of pets left behind.
    Debi, I’m going to go to CNN and check this thing out about Russia and China-Thanks

  63. fivecatsandadog and Trudy – Yes, thank God for Itchmo and Petconnection. And, yes, we have been betrayed by the PFI. And, yes, all food, cheap or high priced, should be safe for us and our animals – but it isn’t. And can/will the FDA or any other government organization fix the system in my lifetime? I doubt it. We can boycot companies and businesses and write/call our representatives. But the bottom line is every man (woman) for themself. If you need for some reason to use commercial food do as much research as you can. If that fails, you’ve done the best you can, and try not to feel guilty. If you have the time, energy and resources to go back 50 -100 years in time and cook for your pets and family you and yours may be long term survivors. Our “canaries” have made many of us aware of the problems since March, but with the greed and politics involved there is no quick fix. We know it didn’t start in March – it’s been going on for years, if not decades. We just became lazy and complacent and let everyone get away with it. From NAFTA to the domestic issues with watering down organic labeling requirements to the unanswered question of what’s happened with over 100 shipments of toxic Nutro food held at the port of LA in July – nothings going to be answered or fixed soon. Bringing these issues out is only the first step in correcting them. Support people like Don Earl, pay more for the same products at your local grocery store than WalMart (if you can afford to) and when you cancel your membership with Sam’s Club tell them why in writing. Hit them on the bottom line where they feel it. Buy US and local as much as you can, and get used to not having out-of-season produce 365. Our ancestors survived that way, so can we!

  64. Ann, you can strongly disagree all you like, but that doesn’t make you correct. A rudimentary knowledge of statistics might be helpful if you plan to make generalizations about a particular segment of the population. For every incidence of neglect you can cite, there are probably hundreds of people in the lower economic brackets that go about their daily lives, struggling quietly and sometimes desperately to provide a good home for their families and their pets.
    I lived in a very poor neighborhood for a considerable period of time, and it’s true that I felt compelled to take in several animals during my stay there. This is how it usually went: the child of very poor people brings home a stray, usually an animal dumped at the riverfront by one of your wonderful affluent people… I actually saw people in late model cars drive by deserted sections of road down there and toss animals out of open windows without even slowing down… but I digress. Anyway, parent looks at poor abandoned animal and pleading face of child and thinks, “oh hell, what’s one more mouth to feed? We’ll make due.”
    Sometimes the animals are already spayed or neutered, sometimes not. I’ve seen more than a few de-clawed cats that met this fate, because as we all know, furniture is more important than animal welfare to a certain type of person. Maybe the poor parent can scrape up the money for neutering, or maybe they get lucky and there’s a clinic for a reduced cost procedure. Or maybe they’re more worried about paying the heating bill that got away from them over the winter.
    Things go along ok for while, and then something happens. The pet gets sick, or gets loose and has an accident. This is the point at which the parent would turn up at my door, worried and yes, humiliated, because they didn’t have the money to take their pet to the vet. I’d grab my wallet and off we would go. The vet knew me well from a string of incidents like this; I actually had my own parking space for a while. He was a kind man so I always got the volume discount.
    Sometimes it was a simple emergency and the pet would go home with its family, but just as often hospitalization was involved, and long-term convalescence. The parent would ask me please to adopt their pet, so that they and their children could at least visit their animal from time to time. I never said no to that.
    The grateful parents always tried to repay me. I never had to shovel my stairs and walk when it snowed, or mow the lawn, or change the oil in my car, or paint a fence. If they planned a special meal, I always got an invitation. The people in that neighborhood were decent, hardworking, loving people. Were they perfect? Hell, no. But they were kind, and that kindness extended to their pets.
    Regardless of what you think, the poor haven’t cornered the market in cruelty and neglect… far from it. Ask any vet in private practice. I say again, it isn’t the amount of money you have that makes a good pet owner; it’s kindness and compassion. Without that, all the money in the world is USELESS.
    I suggest strongly that you read the story at this link:
    Then come back and tell me again how the poor are responsible for the number of pets in shelters.

  65. Pat lots of hugs sent your way and tons of love & respect. Have a wonderful day you deserve it.

  66. This is why I buy US made.

    I’ve always bought Purina for my dogs, and they’ve all lived past the age of 12. I just lost my 100lb lab mix at the age of 14 years. The vet was absolutely shocked that my dog was still alive at such an advanced age, and he said, quite frankly, it was because my dog was fed Purina from the time he was 8 weeks old until the day he died.

  67. Who wrote “The Jungle” that everyones talking about? Please let Me know. Thanks,

  68. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jungle
    Upton Sinclair wrote a book about labor in the the Chicago stock yards.
    “Sinclair’s account of workers falling into meat processing tanks and being ground, along with animal parts, into “Durham’s Pure Leaf Lard”, gripped public attention. The morbidity of the working conditions as well as the exploitation of children and women alike that Sinclair exposed, showed the corruption taking place inside the meat packing factories. Foreign sales of American meat fell by one-half. In order to calm public outrage and demonstrate the cleanliness of their meat, the major meat packers lobbied the Federal government to pass legislation paying for additional inspection and certification of meat packaged in the United States. [3] Their efforts, coupled with the public outcry, led to the passage of the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, which established the Food and Drug Administration.”

    Well worth reading. We need this book redone!

  69. Sorry–don’t mean to sound like an arrogant pig. I learned about this book in 9th grade in 1962. Hooray for my American History teacher, Mr. Bodner. Great guy!

  70. Pat, very well said. Kudo’s to you for your care to not only all those animals, but to the children that loved those beloved pets….There needs to be more people that will reach out and help others.

  71. Are we still missing the point here? You can complain about the stores until the cows come home, it won’t help. The are money making machines with little concern about us. WE HAVE TO STOP BUYING THIS CHINESE MADE CRAP. Stop complaining and take action. I am more furious at the consumer for buying into this crap, be more responsible with your purchases. Stop whinning and stop buying! Look at every purchase you make, it is your civic duty anyway! Protect your family, it is as simple as not buying this crap. If we all do it, it’ll hit them where it hurts! It is the only way to bring home the message that we are not going to take it anymore. I believe it is the only way to hold them accountable. Every time I go into a store, I point out to the consumers around me that they are potentially hurting there family by buying the crap I see in their basket. It does not make me very popular at the check out counter, but I do not care. You do not have to worry about your pets and kids IF YOU SIMPLY STOP BUYING THESE PRODUCTS, HELLO??????????? Get a grip on this America, STOP BUYING! STOP BUYING! STOP BUYING! IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT’S MADE THROW IT BACK!! Make your point known, make others know, educate yourself and others. Chinese products (all of them) are not safe for pets or humans. This is not over by a long shot, so if you care at all, just stop buying it now. Simple fix, isn’t it? I am stepping down from my soapbox now, I hope this message gets through. Let’s help each other make a better, safer life for our families, one by one until the message hits home.

  72. I Personally have been first hand involved with this Bestro’s- Ping Pang, Chicken Jerky Strips.

    I too was one who lost a beloved family member of SEVEN years. July 27th she was put to sleep, due to Toxic Renal FAILURE.

    On the 24th of July, I contacted Walmart Corp. Office- On the 25th,
    Wal Mart, contacted me and took a formal complaint from me. Then forwarded the complaint to the Manufacture. On the 26th, I spoke with Wal Mart claims department, and the case worker, advised me that she was gonna request a ‘pull of product’.

    On the 27th, of July, while in the vets office, I received a call from Shanghia China- Man stating he was one of the partners with Bestro’s.
    We discussed Sheba’s condition, he then assured me that his insurance co., would be contacting me.

    Meanwhile, I pushed forward with the FDA, and the ISDC, offices.

    Numerous phone conversations and personal interviews .
    Both investigators, personally interviewed my vet and took copies of the documented reports. Also, samples of product that remained from my purchased product were submitted for testing.

    Results to be released this week.

    Now, my two year old dog, is experiencing blood level irregularities.

    I too, like Kate Collins, have been offered a sum of $$ for medical bills, and a pro-rated amount for my dead dog.

    OH yeah..
    Check out the newpaper article posted on August 18, 2007.
    Headline: More Pet Food Problems.

    Anyone needing more info, please contact me @ sheltonsl@yahoo.com

  73. Menusux.

    OH you are so, so good, and right on.

    I worked as a RETAIL Food Inspector for a County Health Department for five years.

    Unfortunatly….Recalls take a long time to become reality, as does the closure of establishments for intimate public health issues.

    It took seven months for them to finally complete the recall for the peanut butter. INTENSE investigations.
    Along with lots of red tape, comes with investigations.

    Not to mention, the lack of staff that the State and FDA have.

    Several years ago, I inspected numerous grocery stores, and restaurants that needed to hault and assist operations. While I was on the spot. BUT, because of the ‘red tape’ and goverment policies, it took days, and sometimes weeks to for a closure of a retail establishment.


    I no longer work in that field, the frustration, and stress, of having to turn a blind eye to numerous health hazards made me sick.
    And I mean SICK- so stressed out, that I just could not do it.

    I personally know, that FDA, is working hard to put closure to the BESTRO’s investigation and hopefully will end with a recall- sometime this week..

  74. Wal Mart.

    I am and have been angry all week- they should have posted something regarding the product.

    Shame on them..

    They know how many complaints they have- I was told several others ‘ same and simular to mine’

    Shame.. Shame.

  75. Sheba I feel so sorry for you & I will be praying for your other dog. All of us hate what is going on. I agree with everything you say except I have no faith in the FDA. Please let us know how your other dog does, again I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby.

  76. Interesting site:


    China is now almost as well known for toxic food ingredients as they are for cheap electronics. Especially in the light of the last few months’ string of disasters, such as:

    Pet food ingredients laced with toxic melamine
    Imported livestock quarantined for disease and banned chemical contaminants
    Catfish fillets from Chinese aquatic farms tainted with bacteria and heavy metals
    Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical
    Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides
    Wal-Mart is the nation’s largest food retailer. They are also China’s eighth-largest trading partner. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart does not appear to have your best interest at heart, as they spearhead the campaign against stricter food regulations, port inspections and country-of-origin labeling.

    Don’t fall for Wal-Mart’s cheap promises of healthy fresh foods, available regardless of the season. Instead, support your local farmers — and protect your own health — by buying fresh, organic produce that hasn’t seen more of the world than you have. Also, stick with fruits and vegetables that are in season, according to your nutritional type.


  77. CNBC’s Erin Burnett: We Need China’s Toxic Food And Lead Coated Toys To Keep Economy Strong


    “A lot of people like to say, uh, scaremonger about China, right? A lot of politicians, and I know you talk about that issue all the time. I think people should be careful what they wish for on China. Ya know, if China were to revalue it’s currency or China is to start making say, toys that don’t have lead in them or food that isn’t poisonous, their costs of production are going to go up and that means prices at Wal-Mart here in the United States are going to go up too. So, I would say China is our greatest friend right now, they’re keeping prices low and they’re keeping the prices for mortgages low, too.”

  78. Chris,

    Thanks for that web page—what a sickening attitude! No doubt she doesn’t shop at WalMart and doesn’t care about those on a tight budget.

    I shopped at a Bi-Mart the other day, and funny thing—–I read labels, didn’t buy ANYTHING made in China, and in comparing prices I found that the USA made products were in some cases LESS expensive than the China products!

    As I left the store I told the clerk I was Not buying anything from China anymore, and I also asked him if they had checked the lead content in a baby’s teething ring made in China?

    I think if we all commit to taking the time to read labels, refuse to buy anything from China, and tell the store each time, we can turn this around and have SAFE toys and food.

  79. chris, thanks for the link. i find it hard to fathom that anyone is really this stupid. ms. burnett must be chewing on her kids’ lead-infused toys to be so totally brain dead. let your pets die and your children become retarded so that the mega-rich can get mega-richer. seems to me that the wealthy are a lot more worried about retail prices going up than the poor are… they’re always bringing it up as though we should be happy to eat poison, since it’s so cheap! go ahead china, revalue your currency and start making products that won’t kill us. god forbid that well-made, safe american goods should become competitive in the marketplace again.

    i’m sick of hearing the pundits say we can’t survive without chinese goods. we got along very nicely without them for a long, long time. it’s these huge corporations that can’t get along without china, not the everyday working-class person. they act as though it would be just awful for small manufacturing concerns in the u.s. to go back into business, and for mom and pop retailers to have a chance to make a living again. what a farce!

    you know what really frosts me? this burnett genius is undoubtedly making at least a 6-figure salary to give us the benefit of these well-reasoned arguments. she should be flipping burgers somewhere.

  80. Pat,

    I agree totally with what you said!

    the pundits say we can’t survive without chinese goods. we got along very nicely without them for a long, long time. it’s these huge corporations that can’t get along without china, not the everyday working-class person.

    Wouldnt it be nice to see the hundreds of mom & pop retailers & smaller companies go back in business only to put the mega stores OUT!!!!

  81. Just sharing a website I found while looking for dog toys made in the USA.
    This website has echo friendly dog toys made in the USA… even some nice looking stuffed toys.

    Sorry for re posting this in all three threads… i just wanted to make sure everyone saw it becasue I thought it might be helpful. I threw out all my dogs toys i’ve been buying at petsmart.

  82. Thank you, Thankyou , thank you. I had my first experience w/ tainted treats as the ones above. Within 6 hrs my 12yr schnauzer started having stomach cramps , etc. Needless to say we have vet appointment today to aire on the side of caution.

  83. Thanks to all of you for the good information re: chicken jerky dog treats. I recently purchased a bag of “Chicken Jerky Tenders” at Wally World – “Waggin’ Train” Brand by ADI Pet, Inc. – Rancho, CA but in tiny letters at bottom of bag “made in china”. We have 2 golden retrievers that we consider part- people and members of our family. Even though these particular treats aren’t on recall, the treats are going back to WalMart today! Our dogs are worth much more than the $12.00 I paid for the bag. I have become a much better label reader.

  84. WalMart isn’t the only one selling all this made in China stuff. My dogs have been eating a chicken jerky sold at Walmart and I believe Costco called Waggin Train Brand. I looked on the package and it said Adi Pet, Inc. Rancho, Ca.92590 so I thought “okay”, then I looked closer and in another area on the bag in very, very fine print”Made in China”. Now the toy recall!! They make practically everything we own now. We don’t need a war with them, they’re killing us slowly!!!!! Check all the treat labels at your major groceries, they’re probably made in China, too!! What are we accepting, people. These things are not cheap, so why can’t we go back to made in the USA. I’m from Atlanta and I’ll tell you, Mike Vick needs to be treated like he treated those animals!!!

  85. MY chihuahua was sick last week I took her to the vet and we got a perscription for upset stomache & diarreah , we give her Wagon Train Chicken Jerky Tenders purchased from Walmart/Costco ,,,,,,,,,,,I just read the label they are made in China.

  86. We gave our dog Chicken Buddies which made our dog sick. I just checked the package and sure enough they are made in China but distributed by a company in San Diego CA. I can’t remember where we bought them (it was in San Diego) but it was not Walmart. It is probably the same folks in China making all the chicken strips and they are just packaged under different names. No more “made in China” for us or our dog.


  88. I have 2 Dobermans 1 male 1 female who both ate those Bestro chicken strips the female has bladder problems. How can I find out if it was cause by eating those chicken strips?

  89. Iasked the University of Florida about her Bladder problem and they offered me bladder control drugs not knowing about bad food she may have eatin

  90. My dog Annie loved the stupid strips. She ate 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening most times. We skipped them sometimes and I guess that was waht kept her alive longer. She had kidney failure. Panted heavy and got weak. I thought it was her age. She was 9 1/2. She vomited sometimes but she would go out and eat grass. Then she started going in the house. Her poop was runny and almost green. All this in about 2 weeks. She weighed 115 lbs so was hard to get her to a vet. They came to the house and all they could do was put her to sleep. My sisters dog ate them when I would take them over and also vomited but didn’t realize what it was. Thank goodness he is ok now. I hope no one gets these and gives to any dog! I will not buy anything from CHINA ever again!

  91. On Auguest 14th, My dog Sugar was only a 5yrs old Yorkie and she eat the chichen strips to and died of kidney failure also plus am infection not know to the vet. It was so hard to see her vomiting and her poop was also green and yellow and then to blood. She lived only a week after I took her to the vet, They try everything to help her but we ended up putting her to sleep. I did call Wal Mart and I was told they will put me on a list and that was it. But I am not going to let it sit. I have the receipt that show I purchased the deadly chicken stripes. Sugar is a part of family. She didn’t ask for this!!!! Can any one HELP. Wal Mart needs to step up and take the plame.

  92. Being a very proud walmart worker….. Let me ask everyone a question. When the peanut butter recall came out didn’t they give certain dates when the batch was made. What about the other dog food. Wasn’t there dates and batch numbers with the recall information….. I sat at our store phone for weeks giving out these numbers to concern customers. Maybe they dont’ have all the information they need to do the recall. It might of only been stores down south or on the east coast or on the west coast that received the bad batch. It takes time to get all the correct information inorder and wouldn’t the consumers want the correct information instead of assuming the worst on things. Walmart as a company that cares about todays society. They only thing that the society cares about is slamming walmart. I know alot of stores that sell stuff made in china. I mean come on who don’t sell the popular brand fisher price. Like i said walmart cares about todays society. Look how much they give back to the community. I know our local walmart just raised $ 14,000 dollars for relay for life plus we made a wish come true through rainbow connection for a little girl to go to walt disney world with her family. Plus we raised enough money to make another wish come true. Most of the money has come from grants that the COMPANY pays out for workers volunteering their time. Now for a rural up north community in northern michigan i would say thats pretty darn good. Now tell me ….. does walmart have concerns for the society hmmmm i would say so.

  93. My husband and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with our 8 month old lab mix around the end of July. She was eating grass too, and vomiting, but would eat her “treats” (chicken jerky treats from Walmart) and a little hand fed dog food, so we didn’t take her to the vet. It was only after the treats were gone and there were no more at Walmart that she started to get better. She seems fine now, but Walmart has replaced the treats with another chicken jerky, and I see some comments that this brand, Waggin Train Brand may also be contaminated. The “made in China” is in very small print, and the distributor, Adi Pet Inc from California in larger print. Thanks to everyone for their comments, I will not feed them to our dog. Walmart should have let people know why the treats were removed from the shelves right away. Many pets might have been spared pain and even death.

  94. The death of a pet is devastating! My heart goes out to all pet owners for the loss of their family members.

    Yes, Walmart’s prices are right and items are desirable. What ever happened to “Look for the union label?” Where are the American products? There are few. The resulting domino effect is that we are a desperate people who budget by using foreign-made products to survive this BIG BROTHER economy.

    Yes, Walmart”s practice of still offering eatable Chinese items on their shelves is irresponsible. BUT, the media exposed contamination in many products from China. In response to the first deaths months ago, I eliminated any store bought treats for my pets. Stick to the basic food you know is safe and make your own treats.
    Pruducts from China… PUBLIC BEWARE. DON’T BUY THEM.

  95. Does anyone have a photo of the actual product (Bestro roasted chicken jerky) and not just the bag? There is a walker in my neighborhood who is always offering treats to those walking dogs. He is elderly and had treats that looked like grilled skinless chicken breasts, but could not remember the brand and no longer had the bag.
    Thank you for your help on this one if you can give it.

  96. Hi K. Kilmer,

    It is such a shame that someone, trying to do a nice, neighborly thing could be putting pets at risk without a clue. He probably just likes dogs and chatting for a few moments with the owners while out walking. I am sure you will keep him updated on the situation when you see him. I have a suggestion that you may want to bring your own treats with you while out walking your pet and offer one of them to him to give to your pet. That way, you know what your pet is getting, but your neighbor still can some interaction with you and your pet. Perhaps he can’t have a pet of his own due to living situation. It would be nice if you could keep the interaction going and get the other dog owners around in on “BYOT”– bring your own treats. : )

  97. My dog was sick for days, would not eat which was very unusual for her. We took her to the vet for tests that ran up to $500 only to find out from CNN 3 weeks later that the treats were recalled. I don’t blame Walmart for this, but Bestro. If anyone has any information on how to take action against them, recovering money spent on treatment at the least, I would appreciate knowing. Also, what should be done now? She is doing well, I think, but is there any recommendation on what should be done to be sure there is still not some infection going on? They should know a prescribed treatment for the ailment I would think….

  98. proud walmart assoc. says…wonderful things about this store on the 21st. Do a reality check, not just this individual but many of you on this site. I would refer you to http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0825-22.htm
    for starters…Go to Commondreams and put in good ol Wal-mart and educate yourself!
    I live in northern california and can PROUDLY say I have never shopped at Wal-mart. And please understand that it is within 20 min. of my home and EVERYTHING else is over an hour away. I live in the middle of the Mendocino National Forest, but I know what this store represents. It literally represents the killing of others in third world nations for our greedy consumer pleasures!
    I buy my dog food and chicken strips (100% natural Chicken Breast Tenders) 2 lbs for $25.99 at the feed store! My toy poodle and Chesapeake Bay Retriever mean to much to me to buy cheap food and treats!
    Now join in on a class-action lawsuit and hold these people accountable! And stop shopping there!! And if you’ve got the time and energy picket the place!!

  99. I have been feeding my eight year old chihuahua, Gabby these chicken treats, also available at PetsMart. I recently began giving them to my border collie too so she wouldn’t feel left out. I purchased the first bag at PetsMart and the last two bags at Wal-Mart (the big bags). She seemed fine, but in the last week she has become very irritable, stays in her bed lying on her side and whining. I should have known when I saw the radiation sign on the back and “Irradiated for your pets health” on the back of the bag. Radiation? Is that good to eat? I have been buying the Glad Wags brand but I really don’t think it matters since they both come from China. I stopped feeding them to her two days ago and she seems a bit better today. The border collie does not seem to be affected but she has only been getting them for a few weeks. I’m going to make my own.

  100. Now it makes since. July 18, 2007, I had taken my dog Harley to the Vet, because bloody diarrhea, and he wasn’t feeling well. After doing blood work on Harley, it showed a bacteria infection. The vet prescribed Zeniquin. And now seeing the Chicken Treat recall it all makes sense now. I had bought that treat for him. How I know it was the exact time was I had changed his diet, and I was giving him something that he could chew, I bought the chicken treats from Walmart. I was thinking then maybe it was the chicken treats were the cause that maybe they were making him bleed from not chewing them all up and that maybe it was tearing when he was having bowel movement. Harley got better, Thank god.

  101. Now I am worried, everyday my bichon gets chicken jerky treats that are 100% chicken from the brand Waggin Train. That is just about the only treats he will eat. I purchased them from Sam’s club and they are a part of WalMart, and the treats do come from China. I definitely will toss the rest of the bag. I do know he is exceptionally thirsty after eating them and all of a sudden has started going out several times in the middle of the nite to potty and he has never done that before. My dog is my child and I will do what it takes to keep him healthy.

  102. FINALLY! I know what happened to my 1 year old Chihuahua baby girl named Cookie. She had the exact same symptoms. Around July 18th she stopped eating, began vomiting a green bile-like vomit, and was chronically ill. She had to go to the vet every day for 10 days and take IV fluids. She got worse and worse. She began weighing 3.2 lbs and after 10 days she was down to 2 lbs, looked emaciated, and I was afraid she was going to die. My vet tested her for all related congenital Chi problems such as liver shunt, diabetes, and pancreatitis, and all came back negative. She finally began to eat again – I guess she decided to live! I remember the day at the Vet’s office when I tearfully asked him if she was going to die and he said he hoped not. She had been eating one jerky treat per day both Bestro and Waggin Train. I threw the jerky out and kept the wrapper. PLEASE BELIEVE ALL OF US WHEN WE SAY, “SAVE YOUR DOGS AND THROW THESE THINGS AWAY!!!”

  103. I had a bag of Bestroe Chicken Jerky in the cupboard but it wasn’t opened yet. Thank God I didn’t give it to her. I’m sorry for those of you that have lost a pet from this. My heart goes out to you. I have been giving my dog another brand, but sometimes she gets sick and vomitts too. I did find a turkey jerky at Petsmart that is make in the US. But, everything else is made in China.

    To Lenny, I admire you for buying your chicken jerky at the feed store, but don’t be fooled. You have to find out where it is made. The Bestrow brand and all the others say “100% Natural”. It doesn’t mean a thing. I’m not buying any products made in China again. I’ll make my own from now on.

  104. I have six dogs who get these treats on a regular basis. They are big dogs. I always buy them from Sam’s Club in the 2lb. bags. Does anyone know if Sam’s Club is taking the returns? I have over two bags of these and would like to get my money back. There is no way my dogs will ever taste another one!!

  105. Our pet Rosie, a 3 year old Chihuahua was poisoned from Chinese made Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips #77849 00006 1 We have this contaminated bag. We have three Chihuahuas and one of them died one month ago. She
    started with vomiting and dehydration and then we were told she may either have an obstruction or have been poisioned. Since our dogs are inside dogs and we are with them at all times outside we thought it was an obstruction. Finally the doctor
    said he was almost positive it was some kind of poisoning at Elwood Animal
    Clinic in Glendora, California. They were going to scope her but before that
    could happen she died July 21, at VCA in Fountain Valley, California.
    We gave our dogs Waggin train and Bestro’s Jerky Chicken Strips. Our Sweet Rosie (our chihuahua that passed) loved them and and she would eat all the treats we put down for the other dogs too. Up until today we never had any idea what happened but now with Wal Mart pulling this quietly from their selves. (I brought my treats at Wal Mart, Glendora, California) I truly believe that is why she died. We called Wal Mart and are getting a run around. We need help. We are totally heartbroken and will never forget Our Sweet Gypsy Rose!
    Since Wal Mart had this problem before, why didn’t they pull all that Chinese junk off the first time? Our Rosie will still be alive! Is Wal Mart concerned about people and their Pets or Money? You figured it out.
    Boycott China and Wal Mart
    Gene and Gerri Richards San Dimas, California

  106. http://walmartwatch.com/

    Thanks Patty..That’s the first thing I did was google my Chicken Strips for research. They too are made in China. Different company. Unfortunately today almost ALL products enjoyed by citizens in the US are made in other countries, most without our strict standards in place for inspection and quality control. Monetarily cheep, overworked, many times child labor forces, produce our goods. The bottom feeders of exploitation for profit is Walmart.

  107. I am posting again. since I posted on the 24th, I took Winston off of the treats immediately. Of course he goes to the pantry and continues to beg. I have to say for the last two nights he has not came to me for water after bedtime, and has not gotten up in the middle of the nite for potty time. He was always so thirsty after eating them at nite, that is when he got his largest piece. Everyone is talking about obstructions in their pets. I think that is very possible, and I think the treats are hard to digest. I know several times Winston would get up and throw up after eating them, and they would be in the same size piece that I fed them to him in.
    Have any others noticed this?

  108. TRACY A. The exact same thing happened to my chihuahua Pepper. We almost lost him. He ate those jerky strips everyday. Same symptoms and after $600.00 later I ran out of money at the vet. They did x rays for an obstruction two times and nothing was there. They had to give him iv’s with water ect. They could give me no diagnosis as there was no blockage and the blood work came back negative on everything!!!. He is getting better but he has trouble digesting food and going poop. When he does go it’s all dried up at one end almost like a raison then the rest kind of looks normal. He only goes once a week and is still skinny. His internal organs are damaged. I’m so glad I found out what was wrong with him. “Poisoned”.

  109. How many more puppies most die, before Wal Mart has a total recall? It’s all about the money. Squeeze the consumer out of their last penny Well the FDA drags it’s feet on this.
    If I don’t here soon.
    I will have a independent test on my bag.
    I will not buy at Wal Mart…a new Costco is opening close by. There I will take my business. as I know a lot of people are going to. Wal Mart pulled that junk off in March. Why didn’t they post signs by the dog pet food and treats? People were not aware. I trusted Wal Mart and bought that chinese Bestro’s jerky strips junk. I blame Wal Mart, China and myself. I will check everything I buy and make sure it’s not from China. But it seems everything is from that corrupt country. What a joke!

  110. Our precious 2 year old yorkie Boomer started getting sick and throwing up and very runny stools the throw up was bile like. We took him to the vet and thought that it was pancreatitis. he still did not continue to improve so the vet did additional tests the lab work and ultrasound came back kidney failure. He ate bestro chicken strips all the time and ate our other dogs also. when they dissapperared of the shelves at wal-mart we did’nt think anything about it only they were out until he got sick and the vet said it looked like antifreeze poisoning only the dog never goes outside and when he goes to the bathroom we are with him in a small fenced in area. This is so sad watching him suffer i have to give fluids under his skin twice a day and medicine. Why did WALMART not post something to advise consumers. SAD in TN

  111. I am the pet food manager at the Boise Co-op, Boise Idaho and I have a few comments to make about these issues. First off…why would you ever be feeding your pets these products in the first place? Read the ingredients people. They are filled with bad stuff! Next, what kind of food do you feed? Again, read the information on the bag. Lastly, spend more money on a quality treat and food and there won’t be any problems. The real shame is the fact that people won’t spend the money on good quality pet products that are organic and/or natural, free of hormones, free of pesticides, free of preservatives, free of by-products, free of corn, etc. These products exist.

  112. I have been unable to sleep all night after finding this website and reading the posts. As I am writing this now, tears are streaming down my face.

    We had to put our 3 year old dog named Willy to sleep on September 12th. He died of kidney failure. The vet could not figure out what caused his kidney failure, but thanks to you guys, I now know why he died. He started throwing up one morning, and three weeks later he was dying.

    We gave him chicken jerky treats that I purchased from HEB. In very small print I discovered they were made in China. The brand was Smokehouse, so please beware of this brand as well. By the way, these treats were NOT cheap….we thought they were very expensive, and I guess that gave us a false sense of security. And of course, our dog loved them.

    Now on top of my grief, there is guilt. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what Willy ate that could have caused him such irrepairable harm. It really hurts to know that I inadvertently caused his death. We spent thousands of dollars in hosptial bills trying to save his life. We are by no means wealthy. He was a twelve pound dog before he got sick, and I don’t think he weighed more than five pounds when we decided he had suffered enough, and made the decision to have him put to sleep.

    My husband and I have never cried so much about anything. We loved him so much. He was a perfect dog. He wanted only to please us. Even when he was dying, he would pretend to drink water for us, because he understood the word and knew that we wanted him to drink. He would lap at the water, but the water level never went down, so we knew he wasn’t really drinking. When he was in the hospital they had him on IV’s giving him fluids, but in order to flush his kidneys, it needed to be a lot of fluids, and when they tried to increase the amount of fluids they were giving him, his lungs started filling up with fluids and he started having difficulty breathing. He suffered so much. Now on top of my grief and guilt is red hot anger.

    Also, something else that is interesting to note here is that two years ago I was diagnosed with a disease called FSGS (for short). It is a disease that is untreatable and incurable and ALWAYS results in kidney failure. I probably only have a few years at most, before I will have to be on dialysis and put on the list for a kidney transplant. I read on the internet that 60% of people die waiting for a donor. You can’t live on dialysis for very long, especially if you are older. I am 57 years old. And dialysis is not a pleasant way to live. They know very little about this disease, and to date, do not know what causes it. Now, I’m wondering what I ate that might have come from China. I thought I would die before my dog, because he he was so young.

    I looked at the FDA’s list of recalled foods when Willy first got sick, because of course, we had heard about it on the news, but this brand is not listed.

    My heart goes out to others who have lost their beloved pets because of these products, and I thank you for your posts. I only wish I had found this website sooner.

  113. I have two loving pugs. A 12 year old fawn female and and a 1 1/2 year old black male. I have been giving them these chicken strip treats for months now and there were times when my female would vomit or go very soft. My male had gone soft a few times also but now the both or them are going regular. They seem ok but Im a nervous wreck wondering if they are going to get sick after eating these treats in the past. I have stopped giving the treats to them now. They are not showing any signs of sickness now but Im wondering if I should have them taken for bloodwork to make sure that they are ok.

  114. I have two loving pugs. A 12 year old fawn female and and a 1 1/2 year old black male. I have been giving them these chicken strip treats for months now and there were times when my female would vomit or go very soft. My male had gone soft a few times also but now the both or them are going regular. They seem ok but Im a nervous wreck wondering if they are going to get sick after eating these treats in the past. I have stopped giving the treats to them now. They are not showing any signs of sickness now but Im wondering if I should have them taken for bloodwork to make sure that they are ok. My wife heard something about this about a month or two ago and I asked one of the managers in Walmart if they had any recalls on the chicken strips, but she told me that if there are any recalls, it would be rejected at the register when you try to check them out. The register did not reject them, so I figured that they were ok.

  115. It is so sad! We take care of our little love ones. and try to only give them what is good for them. But we trusted the wrong people and companies to have only good products on their shelf’s. BOY WE WERE WRONG! All the pain and suffering that they have gone thru. Don’t blame yourself, blame the company that you got them from. Feel free to e-mail me @ deejcole@aol.com their are so many of us out their with the same sad story. As far as FDA saying that they didn’t fine anything. Thats bull! What batch did they get them from and from who?

  116. My 10 year old miniature poodle – Last year came down with bloody diarrea, not eating, vomiting, not drinking, lethargic, dehydrating quickly – verrrry ill. After 24 hours, we went to the vet who at first suspected Parvo, but ALL test came back negative for ANYthing except a high white blood count. He spent 3 days in the hospital on IV water and antibiotics. Expensive but he’s our baby and worth it, of course. A couple of months later, there was the big dog food recalls, so we checked our supply of food, and it was on the list. We were giving chicken jerky strips (Chicken Jerky from Shanghai Bestro Trading) We now have a second larger dog. I don’t give treats often, but they do get them occassionally. Four days ago, I gave them each a chicken jerky (Poodle only got 1/2 of one). The next morning, he was not wanting to move, had diarrea (no blood), wouldn’t eat or drink. By night fall, he was drinking water, so I figured he was recovering. Next morning, he was acting pretty much normal again, but still had some less severe diarrea.
    My husband and I and the “boys” went on an over night trip day before yesterday, and the boys had to stay in the vehicle alone for an hour or so (we’re in the mountains and the temperature was very cool), but I gave them each a chicken treat (again, the poodle only got 1/2). Within an hour, he was getting sick again with almost uncontrollable diarrea. This told me the chicken strips might just be the problem. I did not put these chicken strips into my google search, only the words “bloody diarrea dogs” and got hundreds of results about the poison in these treats. My search brought me to this website and many many others with the same horrible stories. I am going to WALMART today (In central Colorado where we bought this poison) to file a formal complaint.
    I am so sorry to hear about everyone’s losses.

  117. Correction to my posting….Our dog food last year was NOT on the list of recalled food (as we only were feeding dry food). And then a couple of months later, there was a recall of dry food.

  118. My dog and best friend Twobit died on sunday Oct. the 9th at 3:30 am after having been poisoned by the tainted food, I had to watch him suffer hoping he would make it till morning to get him to a vet I guess this is my punishment for believing that health and well being of our pets would supersede Wal-Marts Greed. And to you proud walmart assoc the only thing that Wal-Mart has concerns for is it’s bottom line did you read the story ” Wal-Mart has quietly pulled the made in China dog treat from its stores” “there has been no announcement to the public as of yet” “It is also uncertain of how many tainted bags of treats there may still be out among consumers.”. This is outrageous at this point in time that pets are still dying from poison tainted pet food & pet treats when the FDA learned
    On March 15, that certain pet foods were sickening and killing cats and dogs and found contaminants in vegetable proteins imported into the United States from China and used as ingredients in pet food & treats. The FDA should have pulled all pet food with ingredients from china at the onset. And to you Twobit i’m sorry I let you down you deserved better

  119. The folks above, arrogantly claiming that they are taking their business to the new Costco up the road and leaving Wallmart in the dust, well triple DUH. Costco sells the same crap cheap chicken strips to this day. Costco salmon is toxic farmed AND they spray paint it to look salmon color. Most of their inventory is from China. Look at the real cost principle of saving a buck, cheap morons. Educate yourselves beyond your knee-jerk programming because life on our planet is at serious risk.

  120. I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry to everyone who lost pets or had pets who became ill from these treats. We too had a yellow lab who was not even 6 years old die from the tainted jerky strips. It has taken quite some time for me to read about this again…Since we have a new puppy I wanted to be informed and not make the same mistake again. I will never buy treats from china again and am going to research each and every thing that goes in his mouth. I hope that time has healed each of you and good luck with your next pet if you feel you can get another one.

  121. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that these dogs are getting ill and even dying from this tainted chicken from China. I’ve also been trying to get the word out on blogs that there is an alternative: it’s called Kona’s Chips and they are all USDA chicken made in America. Our vet recommended them since our dog too got sick and almost died… but loved the chicken strips! Check it out and let me know what you think!


  122. Hi, PLEASE HELP ME.

    My bull terrier passed from kidney disease Aug. 1 2008

    I read the sad, heartbreaking stories here on this page.

    I need help re:
    Gravy Train ‘barbeque Sticks real beefhide

    Made in China

    FD&C Red#40
    FD&C Yellow#6
    FD&C Blue#1

  123. Chicken Breast Tenders made by Pet Center Inc. have poisoned my maltipoo. My beloved Pucci is now in renal failure. I carefully chose these treats because the label reads “100% chicken breast fillets” and the company is LA based. The label is sealed by the American Canine Association Inc. I trusted that our most upscale pet store would only sell product of the highest quality. Tragically, I was wrong.

  124. My dog became sick after eating Chicken Tops (Beefeaters Brand) Natural rawhide dog treats with real chicken breast. I got them at BJ’s and am taking them back with a complaint and hope I can get them removed from the shelf. ALSO MADE IN CHINA. I USUALLY LOOK AT WHERE THINGS ARE MADE AND SLIPPED UP ON THIS ONE. NEVER AGAIN!

    Symptoms: Swollen and painfull tummy, lost of appetite, malaise, very sick dog.

  125. I am sick to my stomach right now!!!!!! My precious 7 month old morkie has been acting strangely. She has been very lethargic lately. She has been drinking a lot of water and we are having trouble getting her to eat. Around Christmas I heard about this jerkey treat. The package says”97% fat free, chicken breast fillet, salt and sugar.” Waggin Train claims to be “American owned and operates US managed facilities”, then right next to that statement on the package it says “made in China”. I am outraged! If my daughters puppy is sick and has a life threatening illness from this product, I don’t know how I will handle it. I can not wait until my vet opens tomorrow!!!!!! I will be showing anyone who will look these comments!!!!!! I live in Jacksonville Florida, is there anyone here who has had any of these problems????

  126. Even after multiple warnings from the FDA, the most recent in December of 2008, about imported chicken jerky from China, dogs are still dying! American companies are importing the cheap product from China and selling them to our dogs via “big box stores”. Be sure to check the label for tiny tiny words “Made in China” on the back or underneath. The irradiation symbol is usually a giveaway too. Warning signs/symptoms are:

    * decreased appetite, although some may continue to eat the treats but not other food
    * decreased activity, or lethargy
    * vomiting and diarrhea, sometimes with blood
    * increased water drinking and urination
    * An individual dog may show some or all of these signs.

    The only made in America chicken jerky that we are aware of is Kona’s Chips. You should check them out at:


  127. My Great Dane had been getting various types of chicken strips for the past several months. Over time it has become nearly the only thing he will eat. I have to watch him eat his dog food. He is always very thirsty and has had a few bouts of vomiting that seem to clear on their own. Last night he began vomiting again and is now having problems over the past few days with urinary incontinence. I have thrown out the treats. My vet said his bloodwork is fine, but I am starting him on some antibiotics and some probiotics to build his immune system back up. He is also only getting people version, fresh cooked boiled chicken and rice for now.

    We used Waggin Train and another called Happy Hips I think

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