Wal-Mart Says Special Kitty Cat Food Not Recalled


Last week, we posted about Special Kitty cat food pouches found in Wal-Mart stores. The pouches had a new UPC sticker glued over an old UPC code that was on the recalled pet food list. One Alabama cat owner claimed that her four cats got sick from eating these pouches of Special Kitty food.

When Pat McClain, a cat owner, was shopping at a Wal-Mart in Charlotte, Michigan, she found packages of the Special Kitty food with the new UPC stickers glued over the recalled UPC codes.

McClain took off the new sticker of one of the packages, so the original UPC code would scan. When the cashier scanned that product, a “do not sell” notice came up. But when the package with the new UPC code was scanned, it went through fine.

She became suspicious of the packages and said the cashier and even the store supervisor could not explain the situation to her. She said the supervisor kept on saying that she was sorry that McClain was unhappy.

Without any answers from the store, McClain contacted a newspaper to get an explanation from Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Here is the full written statement from Wal-Mart spokeswoman, Jami Arms:

“Wal-Mart understands the important role that pets play in our customers’ lives. We do not take pet food safety lightly. We recently worked with Menu Foods, the manufacturer of Special Kitty, to investigate concerns raised by a customer around the product’s labeling and reconfirmed that the products currently available in Wal-Mart stores are, indeed, safe. We would like to reassure our customers that:

• “All the Special Kitty cat food on sale at Wal-Mart is unrelated to the original cat food recall.

• “Our supplier didn’t want to destroy the brand-new and unused packaging in its warehouse. So, when it came time to restart production, it placed stickers with new UPCs … on the packaging to show that the product inside was from new, safe batches.

“It’s clear that the glue on the new stickers wasn’t good enough, so to make sure our customers aren’t confused, Menu Foods will only ship merchandise that has the new UPC printed on the packaging effective Aug. 28.” (emphasis ours)

Source: Lansing State Journal

19 Responses to “Wal-Mart Says Special Kitty Cat Food Not Recalled”

  1. Carol says:

    Maybe this would not have been such a huge story if the WalMart supervisor had a clue what was going on with the label.. and if the supplier had posted this info months ago… And I’m not surprised the supplier did not want to “destry” all those lovely packages—-it is about the bottom line after all isn’t it??? (IMHO)
    Need I say any more??????????????????

  2. Barb says:

    Has anyone heard anything negative or otherwise about a wet dog food named CESAR, canine cuisine? My neighbor just started feeding this to her dog and I wanted to be sure it was safe. Comes in a small plastic tray with a foil pull back cover. Distributed by Masterfoods USA, a division of MARS Inc.

    Her dogs fine, no problems…I’m just curious.

  3. pat says:

    so the person who claims that her 4 cats got sick on the food… that was just a coincidence, eh? i stopped believing in coincidences months ago.

    i wouldn’t believe anything MF and WM said if they swore on a stack of Bibles.

    just say no to walmart

    just say no to any menu foods product

  4. Lesliek says:

    Barb- I wouldn’t use any Mars pet foods right now. They only recalled 2 types & most of the 66 human cases of salmonella did not buy that brand. Because they are of course not telling which brands are suspect,you are rolling the dice with any of their products.Just MHO of course.

  5. nora says:

    What the HELL! So the pets getting sick don’t MEAN ANYTHING and anyone would listen to these huge corporate lying bastards? IT IS ALL PURE SHT! DO NOT FEED THE CRAP and stop buying it!!!!! And of course the Employees did not have a clue. And they never will.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, someone thought the stick-on’s were a good idea. So much for those PR big bucks, huh?

    Unrelated but I would like to know if this is on the list of things manuf’s test for. (btw, do any of them list the list they test for?)


    I’ve come across more than one green potato in the grocery store. Mind you, that’s in the store where produce clerks should know better. Nightshade veggies are often used in food as well as treats.

  7. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Why was this lady suspicious enough to peel off the UPC label and complain to the store manager but not suspicious enough to NOT give her cats the food?!

    The minute I saw MY cats’ food was on the recall list, I returned it all to the store and switched brands immediately to one that was not recalled. After all the Menu Foods lying and finger-pointing and buck-passing there is NO WAY I will ever buy any of their products again, period. I don’t give a flying fart if they put the stuff in pretty new packages, or put bright orange stickers on them that say “QA - OK” or put “Peace of mind in every bowl” on the package. IT IS STILL MENU AND I WON’T TRUST THEM.

    What’s so frigging hard about that? If you don’t buy their products, Menu Foods won’t be poisoning your pets!

  8. highnote says:

    Lesliek is right Barb since some of the Mars products are on recall because of salmonella then it is pretty scary to feed this product to pets at this time. But the FDA was asking everyone to wash their hands after handling any pet food because of the risk of salmonella,
    I do not quite understand how salmonella can be in dry food but they said it can. The extreme temperatures I would have thought would kill it but what do I know. Sure makes a person wonder how it is getting into the pet products to begin with and after high temperatures how it could still be in the product.
    Any more a person is scared no matter what they feed their pet. I now I am.

  9. Sindy says:

    I thought that dry pet food was sprayed with a fat (read: rancid) to make it attractive to pets. That’s why it’s not recommended to moisten dry pet food because it will activate all that bacteria.
    I don’t feed any dry pet food since learning all I could from the pet food recall.

  10. louisa says:

    Learn and have fun while “shopping” I have not given WM a dime in years! They pay below minimum wage and instruct their workers how to get state medical funding from your pocket,hey lock “their people” in overnight and sometimes the workers get injured.Poor people and animals are replaceable! Also,across the country,thy have FOX News on during Election Day. Had enough?


  11. louisa says:

    Learn and have fun while “shopping” (Video games… I have not given WM a dime in year. They pay below minimum wage and instruct their workers how to get state medical funding from your pocket; they lock “their people” in overnight and sometimes the workers get injured with no way to get medical attention. Poor people and animals are replaceable! Also,across the country,thy have FOX News on during Election Day. Had enough? Go to:


  12. louisa says:

    Sorry, Itchmo Site said that my comment was not saved…

  13. Sharon says:

    If you feed pet food bought at Walmart you apparently do not care about your pet. People get what they deserve.

  14. Dolores Cole says:

    Boy oh boy Wal-Mart still up to their tricks. I feel your pain. My dog Sugar just died from chicken treats from wal - Mart. How long will it take before Wal-Mart wakes up? They are brutaling killing our pets and don’t care. They must take responsablity for all the lost OUR FRIENDS.

  15. pat says:


    just because people are poor or ill-informed does not mean that it’s ok to poison their pets.

    maybe people get what they deserve, but what about the animals? i guess it’s their fault for being owned by the poor and ill-informed, and they got what they deserved.

    i’m tempted to call you an insulting name.

  16. Big t says:

    This lady that is complaining about the labels is always complaining about something. She really has nothing else to do with her life accept give people a hard time. The labels were pealed off by her to start a problem and get in the news paper. I am sure she has the paper on her fridge. By the way walmart does not manufacture the food in the first place. All the bad stuff wrote about Wal-mart is union try to get in there pocket books and steal employees money

  17. walmart special kitty cat food | PleasePet.com says:

    […] bags of its SPECIAL KITTY Gourmet Blend dry cat food sold at Wal-Mart stores in 15 states … Wal-Mart Says Special Kitty Cat Food Not Recalled | Itchmo: News … Sep 1, 2007 … Last week, we posted about Special Kitty cat food pouches found in Wal-Mart […]

  18. vanessa says:

    i hate wal-mart

  19. Tina E says:

    I have had pebbles the cat for almost 4 years now…………when she was a kitten ….she ate iams kitten food ….the packets! she REFUSED!!!! to eat any other kind of wet food HA;F of the time… she ate it the other n half not!!!………….it really upset me……I would open 4 or 5 packs at a time …. and she would cover it up! I was a bartender and came home from work one night with a turkey bacon club……….pebbles liked the turkey…………so i went shopping and for a treat she would eat sunrise processed turkey!????

    Now I have another cat raisins……….he eats fancy feast………but one day i messed up and bought him special kitty!!!he would not eat it!!! so i unpacked the rest of my grpceries and when i looked pebbles was eating it ……….i was shocked…………..because i tried EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

    Now right now!!! I bought 12 cans of food today………….my cat is treating it like the iams ………it is DIRT DIRT DIRT DIRT DIRT!!!!

    I don’t need coupons I need food!!!

    sick of this bull shit!!!!

    Tina Eastman

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