Want To Win A Year’s Supply Of Diamond Naturals Pet Food?

DiamondOh good, we got your attention. We all want a year’s supply of Diamond Naturals Pet Food, right? (Note our sarcasm.) Because we all have so quickly forgotten about the dog and cat food recalls and our innocent cats and dogs who were victims.

Well, some pet food manufacturers think that we have forgotten — or want to make us forget. And they have moved on from worrying about if their pet food is safe and instead are focusing on dog essay contests. Diamond Pet Foods is seeking nominations for its second annual “Labor Dog” contest, which will recognize working dogs that make a difference in the everyday lives of Americans.

Your prize for a winning entry? A year’s free supply of dog food.

It seems too quick to get back to business as usual. We’d rather hear that Diamond is helping people with their veterinary bills or starting a program to help people overcome their grief and anger. We’d prefer that the prize isn’t dog food, but some more compassion and understanding.

More on the contest after the jump.

From the press release:

For a chance to win a free bag of Diamond Naturals each month for one year, dog owners are encouraged to submit an essay explaining how their canine companion has made a difference through its work in the home or community. Winners will be announced the week prior to Labor Day.

To enter, dog owners or handlers must submit an essay of 500 words or less that answers the question, “How does your working dog contribute to your home and/or community?” Essays must be e-mailed to labordogs@diamondpet.com as an attached word document or PDF file. Complete contest rules are available at http://www.diamondpet.com/. No purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited.

All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m., Central Daylight Time on Aug. 6, 2007.

Diamond Pet Foods will select five essays and award those contestants a 40-pound bag of Diamond Naturals each month for a year.

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50 Responses to “Want To Win A Year’s Supply Of Diamond Naturals Pet Food?”

  1. menusux says:

    Diamond isn’t the only one riding this wave:


    Celebrity Fitness Trainer Gunnar Peterson and Hill’s Pet Nutrition Offer Weight Loss Program for Cats and Dogs
    June 26, 2007

    “Hill’s Pet Nutrition has teamed up with celebrity fitness trainer and multiple dog owner Gunnar Peterson to kick-off the 2007 Hill’s PetFit(TM) Challenge, a comprehensive weight loss program developed for cats and dogs. To get started, pet owners can visit http://www.petfit.com/ and pledge to work with their veterinarian to develop a tailored weight management program built on a balance of proper nutrition and exercise.

    “This year, owners can share pet success stories for a chance to be featured on http://www.petfit.com/ and receive a coupon for free Hill’s(R) pet food.”

    And also:


    Helping Pittsburgh’s Four-Legged Friends in Need –
    Del Monte Pet Products Becomes the Official Pet Food and Snack Provider for Animal Friends
    June 28, 2007

    “Del Monte Pet Products, a division of Del Monte Foods, announced that the Company is the official pet food and snack provider for Animal Friends, Pittsburgh’s singular pet adoption and companion animal resource center.

    “Del Monte Foods is one of the country’s largest and most well known producers, distributors and marketers of premium quality, branded food and pet products for the U.S. retail market, generating approximately $3 billion in net sales in fiscal 2006. With a powerful portfolio of brands including Del Monte®, StarKist®, S&W®, Contadina®, College Inn®, Meow Mix®, Kibbles ‘n Bits®, 9Lives®, Milk-Bone®, Pup-Peroni®, Meaty Bone®, Snausages® and Pounce®, Del Monte products are found in nine out of ten American households. The Company also produces, distributes and markets private label food and pet products. For more information on Del Monte Foods Company (NYSE:DLM), visit the Company’s website at www.delmonte.com.

    I’d personally prefer to see some explanations/changes made rather than all the hype and hoopla, starting with this:


    “The Company took this voluntary recall action immediately after learning this morning from the FDA that wheat gluten supplied from a specific manufacturing facility in China contained melamine. The adulteration occurred in a limited production quantity on select product codes of the brands below.”


    “The wheat gluten being held in an Allegheny County warehouse was destined for Pittsburgh-based Company, but that company never bought or received any of that shipment, Gardine said.

    “Company previously recalled some dog food and cat and dog treats that had been made with some of the contaminated ingredients.”


    “He rents space in five warehouses around the country and provides a variety of pet food ingredients to manufacturers and pet food ingredient distributors…. MF is the ONLY customer lost, leaving 17 others.”


    “shipped from its Kansas City warehouse to three pet food manufacturers and one distributor who supplies wheat gluten only to the pet food industry….notified its other three wheat gluten customers about the FDA’s investigation. Those customers had all purchased smaller amounts of the Xuzhou Anying wheat gluten commencing in January, 2007.”

    There’s never been an announcement that this company or the other major PF company who dealt directly with the supplier company–BTW–we know who that is also–has severed ties with the supplier of the contaminated wheat flour AKA wheat gluten. Only one came forward to make that announcement–they are suing the supplier.

    Many others have made website announcements that they did not/do not deal with the company who supplied the contaminated wheat flour AKA rice protein concentrate. So why is it apparently business as usual in that regard?

  2. Dennis says:

    I’m sorry to add that Diamond was unresponsive to me when I repeatedly emailed and telephoned concerning pet food safety issues when I had questions about Solid Gold. As a result of them failing to respond, I changed pet food brands. Too bad too, the cat liked their food. Eagle Pack dry has our business now. The cat and I are still negotiating on which canned foods.

  3. Flamin says:

    I see the pet food companies have found a way to get rid of their recalled toxic food!

    Raffle it off to some unlucky winner!


  4. Elaine says:


  5. Elaine says:

    On June 5, an amino acid product imported from China and destined for use in animal feed tested positive for cyanuric acid. The CFIA has detained the product and an investigation is underway. The importer is voluntarily recalling all of the affected product.


    Yes, the CFIA DID find an amino acid contaminated with cyanuric acid, and WHY was this not noted by our FDA and more alerts posted?

  6. HighNote says:

    Yes spend all that money on advertising and funding for this and that but do not pay back the pet owners that had pets die because of your foods. Just send them a coupon. Don’t express any sorrow for killing their pets. Just on with business!
    Do they really think that we will forget! I don’t think so!

  7. Pukanuba says:

    “It seems too quick to get back to business as usual. We’d rather hear that Diamond is helping people with their veterinary bills or starting a program to help people overcome their grief and anger. We’d prefer that the prize isn’t dog food, but some more compassion and understanding.”

    I think this sums it up perfectly……once again, three cheers for Itchmo……

  8. 5CatMom says:

    Diamond had problems in 2005, and again in 2007:

    December 20, 2005 — Diamond Pet Food has discovered aflatoxin in a product manufactured at our facility in Gaston, South Carolina. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring toxic chemical by-product from the growth of the fungus Aspergillus flavus, on corn and other crops.


    Meta, MO — April 26, 2007 — Because of the canned pet food recall initiated today by American Nutrition Inc., Diamond Pet Foods has announced it is withdrawing a limited number of canned products manufactured by American Nutrition. This action is limited to three specific canned products: Diamond Lamb & Rice Formula for Dogs 13 oz. cans, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Kitten Formula 5.5 oz. cans, and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Puppy Formula 13 oz. cans.


    So, no thanks Diamond. Believe I’ll pass on the free food.

  9. Steve says:

    Well they are trying the 30 pieces of silver route what a surprise.

  10. Steve says:

    menusux at 10:40 am

    Hills is an obsolete dinosaur.

  11. Steve says:

    Crooks and Liars. . . . Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

    Your Choice!

  12. Katie says:

    No thanks Diamond, I’ll pass. No thanks to any PFI company for any of their so called food. I’ll say it again, my dog WAS a living,breathing walking landfill due to your foods. Now she is on home cooked food. Healthy and thriving AND on the road to recovery. Your loss and my gain.

    It is pathetic and cold hearted the way these companies are going on with business, sending coupons to people who loss pets, never addressing the issues of cont. food with the American pet owning public, rebaging and changing the names of foods to regain market share = greed. Spending money hand over fist in advertising and hooking up with shelters to make themselves look kind and caring. What a pathetic group they are. I can only hope the individual lawsuits and class action lawsuits put their names where they belong.


  13. Takami826 says:

    I am with Dennis. They never responded to my concerns about solid gold product either. I pitched them, will NEVER buy from them again. Eagle Pack and Natura have my biz for now.

  14. Elaine says:


  15. Ruth says:

    Purina, and Blue Buffalo are also promoting a contest. I was very surprised to see BB jumping into the game of free food.

  16. shibadiva says:

    Nah, I don’t want the Second Prize. I’d rather have the First Prize: a $2.00 coupon.

  17. Elaine says:


  18. Ruth says:

    Shibadiva: yeah, like a coupon was what I needed considering my pet was dead from eating pet food garbage.

  19. menusux says:


    “Mom, do you KNOW what’s really in my food?”

    Are THEY sure enough to ask this question on their website?


    “Wilton, Connecticut, April 26, 2007- We at the Blue Buffalo Company have just learned that American Nutrition Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of all our cans and biscuits, has been adding rice protein concentrate to our can formulas without our knowledge and without our approval. This is product tampering, and it apparently has been going on for some time. The can formulas that we developed, and trusted them to produce, never contained any rice protein concentrate. It appears that only an FDA investigation of ANI’s rice protein concentrate supplies forced them to reveal this product tampering to us.

    “While this activity by ANI is in itself unlawful, the situation is further clouded by the fact that ANI has been receiving rice protein concentrate from Wilber-Ellis, some of which the FDA has determined to be contaminated with melamine.”


    “Wilton, Connecticut, April 19, 2007 — The Blue Buffalo Company today announced a voluntary recall of one production run of its Spa Select Kitten dry food.

    “The Company has taken this action because the rice protein concentrate used for this particular production run was obtained from Wilbur-Ellis, the same company who supplied this ingredient to Natural Balance. Test results received the evening of April 18th indicated that this rice protein concentrate tested positive for melamine. This was the only production run that used rice protein from Wilbur-Ellis.”

  20. thomas says:

    Hey Diamond and all the other companys that had recalls! NO THANKS!!!! Why not try to earn our trust now that you have earned our distrust!!!

  21. pat says:

    Elaine, that bit about the pigs in China was truly revolting. What a world.

  22. furmom says:

    I won’t “forget”, and I won’t be “moving on”. I contacted the maker of “Nutra nuggets” when it became clear some manufacturers were claiming “oops” somebody must have added contaminents without our knowledge because we thought our food didn’t have them in it. I got assurances that the food was being tested, but in fact it wasn’t recalled until some vet blew the whistle on them due to sick dogs. By luck I had been on an old bag, then feeding raw, because I was getting nervous about “mystery contaminants” while these contaminents were slipping by Diamond. So my dog is okay by luck, but I won’t forget how close we came. And I won’t forget the other owners’ heartache. If I ever do forget, I’ll buy pet food again. Around about when hell freezes over or manufacturers fess up and step up, which ever comes first.

  23. cats says:

    I just threw away 5 coupons received in two days from Pet Food Cos, including a $5.and $3.00 coupon. Always try to use coupons when I can,
    but I will turn down this opportunity to win–no trust in some of the ingredients.

  24. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, We see china is lying Again. and the PFI. why not get all the food tested out of their own pockets? Give us the money we deserve and stop making garbadge?
    they probably do that with all the animals, the pig thing, we will just never hear about it. They make Me sick.

  25. Elaine says:


    Forcing that much waste water down the pigs throats is so cruel and inhumane! The pigs stomache would not hold that much, so I imagine it burst their intestines. What agony that must have been for the pigs.

    What is WRONG with this world? How can anyone be so cruel to an animal, and it is all about money, the pigs weighed more, so more money for the freaks that did this!

  26. Elaine says:

    June 28, 2007
    Media Inquiries:
    Michael Herndon, 301-827-6242
    Consumer Inquiries:

    FDA Detains Imports of Farm-Raised Chinese Seafood
    Products Have Repeatedly Contained Potentially Harmful Residues


    “We’re taking this strong step because of current and continuing evidence that certain Chinese aquaculture products imported into the United States contain illegal substances that are not permitted in seafood sold in the United States,” said Dr. David Acheson, FDA’s assistant commissioner for food protection. “We will accept entries of these products from Chinese firms that demonstrate compliance with our requirements and safety standards.”

    During targeted sampling from October 2006 through May 2007, FDA repeatedly found that farm-raised seafood imported from China were contaminated with antimicrobial agents that are not approved for this use in the United States”

  27. Ruth says:

    Since the recalls one can’t open a magazine or newspaper without seeing Ads with coupons off on pet foods. IAM’s and Purina are hitting the Ads big time. It disgusts me everytime I see IAM’s promoting their garbage and topping it off with 5 out of 4 Vets promoting their food Ads.

    They are all spinning their PR ads with coupons wanting pet owners to buy their crappy food.

  28. chris says:

    These companies Contests should read

    “Free Food for Life”

    in fine print “free for the life of your pet”

    They would only be out a bag or two.

    They can take the contests & free food and stick it stright up their *****.


  29. Captn' Carl says:

    If there were EVER any question about the Callousness and Intentional Abrasiveness of the Diamond Pet Food Corporation, this will lay those questions to rest.

  30. thomas says:

    With the latest recalls I’m sure China will again say it is a small company in rural China that slips under the eye of inspectors. Good Morning America stated on the news this a.m. that 1,000,000 tubes of toothpaste had been imported from China and distributed to prisons and mental health facilitys in Geogia, North Carolina, South Carolin and Florida. How can a small bootlegging factory in China make 1,000,000 tubes of bad tooth paste. It sounds to me like this would have to a large facility. Again why doesn’t are government protect our people and halt all imports from China ? They need to stop kissing the butts of the companys that moved the factorys to China and start kicking butts by making arrests and holding people accountable.

  31. Pukanuba says:

    I keep praying that all these coupons & food giveaways is an indication that their sales are down. One can only hope! We will never get their attention any other way. It’s very obvious that thousands of sick & dead dogs & cats certain didn’t seem to capture any attention from any of the big guys.

    If only one CEO of a large PF company had a little bit of heart (which they obviously don’t have) & spoken publicly about this terrible situation, apologized to all the pet parents affected by this & informed everyone what steps they are taking to be sure this never happens again, then & only then would I have ever considered using one of their products in the future. The fact that they remained silent & even ignored the pleas of all the pet parents calling in with info on how their food was making their pets sick…..refused to recall dry food (instead choosing to do “silent recalls” without the public’s knowledge)…..I wouldn’t trust you again ever. You chose to do the wrong thing so I will do the right thing & never give you one red cent of my money.

    If your sales are down, I can only say you got what you deserve. This is one of the few things that will put a happy face on pet parents.

  32. Trudy Jackson says:

    I keep getting all these happy little ads on My email about how good their food is. Gross.I won’t be buying it.

  33. Ann H says:

    Menu Foods could lose Proctor & Gamble, remains takeover target


    However, if P&G decides that its doesnt want Menu Foods to manufacture its Iams loaf product (the cuts and gravy contract has already ended) when decision time comes at the end of the year, as he expects it will, Mr. Israel thinks it will be unwelcome news for Menu Foods. This should come as no surprise given that P&G accounted for an estimated 21% of Menu Foods business in 2006.

  34. Patricia says:

    To those who read these blogs for Diamond, Hills, Menu, ad nauseam:

    Dump your PR budget into developing foods that are “clean” and nutritious for our pets and forget the new packaging and gimmicks. Since 3/16, we, your consumers, have become very adept at reading labels and demanding to know where each ingredient came from and why it was included.

    Many of us no longer have a beloved pet because we trusted you in the past. And we trusted our vets who basically received no real nutrition education.

    In the past three months, I have purchased and read five pet nutrition books (one just published this month) and I am sure many others have also. This is not rocket sience, as many of us were led to believe.

    Of course we like the convenience of prepared foods - we like it and restaurants for ourselves too. But until we have some real proof that what comes out of commercial food preparation facilities - human or pet - is healthy and nutritious, we will be cooking and eating at home.

    So put your money where your mouth is!

  35. Trudy Jackson says:

    I hope We stay strong. that will tell the PFI for sure just how We feel. I’m sure they think We will go right back to the old ways. And some people will forget all about it.
    there doesn’t seem to be as many people here as there was before?
    And where is H.Hamilton, who seemed all steamed up? anyone know?

  36. chris says:

    ASPCA’s toxicologists: Acetaminophen fears ‘unfounded’

    Further, the cat in question had been diagnosed with acute renal failure, but there was no evidence of liver failure, which is what we see with acetaminophen poisoning.”

    Dr. Robert H. Poppenga,

    Maybe you should take a look at this before you make the statement that acetaminophen only causes liver failure.

    Over-the-counter and prescription medications can contribute to CRF. Several drugs cause damage to the kidneys, including ibuprofen(Motrin,, Nuprin, Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), indomethacin (Indocin), and the antibiotics Gentamycin (Ed-Mycin, G-Myticin, Garamycin, Gentamar) and sulpha drugs, which are typically used to treat infections. If taken regularly over long periods, these medications act like poisons to the kidneys.


    I am not aware that UC Davis has found anything wrong with ANY pet food period! I personally would like to see if they could find anything in a spiked sample????

    More BS and cover up as far as I’m concerned!

  37. Patricia says:


    Used to love goose liver pate. Once I read what they did to the birds, I couldn’t eat it. Even the Russian beluga cavier is so poluted, we only buy domestic (we have two CA companies that farm sturgeon) for special occassions like New Years.

    The more we learn, the worse it gets. We have what my parents would have called a Victory garden of vegis, and we live on a very restricted golf course lot. I think my DH loves it when the neighbors ask where he grows the organic crook neck squash! Wish I could figure out how to sneak some chickens in without the coyotes getting them.

  38. HomeGrown says:

    Yeah, I will get right to entering that contest. (snark)

    Trudy, I am betting many are still here and just watching. I know I am trying to get back to some routine and sense of normal life. Although what is normal for me now is different than it was before these recalls started. I still make my own pet food. It now takes me twice as long at the grocery store by the time I inspect everything for Country of Origin along with who makes it. Although I have found that a few of my stores are now making a point to advertise American items. Glad to see that! I am still boycotting a couple of corporations products plus anything imported, especially from China. I still keep up with the ever increasing recalls of imports. I am also watching very closely our elected officials on CSPAN. I think I am paying more attention now than ever before. I am more suspicious of the motives of our government and their ability to look out for our health and safety, and my votes next year (if I find a candidate worthy of my vote) will be of a more informed nature. Talk is cheap, I am going to have to see some action from the candidates before they get my vote. Right now, it’s not looking so good for many of them. :-)

    So my normal has changed, but I am glad to report that even though this normal is more time consuming, as I do it over and over it will become more streamlined and faster. What is strange and awkward today, soon becomes your way of life.

  39. HomeGrown says:

    Just released from Senator Durbin and Congresswoman Delauro:

    “Chinese Fish Ban Spurs Durbin and DeLauro tp Call for Comprehensive Food Safety Agreement Between United States and China”

    “Today’s announcement reaffirms that ‘Made in China’ is rapidly becoming a warning label for American consumers,” said Durbin.


    I just have one question……who is going to enforce this if it is done and considering that the FDA only inspects 1% and will not catch all contaminated products, how many people will have to become sick before it is enforced?

  40. Patricia says:


    For many of us, I’m sure, this is like taking a step back in history. Easier for some of us with access and the means to buy/grow oganic. But no edible substance in the US should be toxic - to us or our pets.

    Human junk food has been around for decades, but none of us knew we were buying high priced junk food for our pets until now.

    Will we really look at candidates differently - you’d better believe it! Would love to hear more about McCain’s many feathered and furred family. May be my deciding vote!

  41. e wem says:

    I was at petsmart today. They had rearranged their foods. Blue Seal, a new brand for Petsmart, was now where Nutro had been displayed. My cats had not liked the organic tukey kibbles from Blue Seal, but I was considering some other offerings, because it is a small east coast company using local products.

    I picked up some pouches of their new wet food, and there on the label: Made in China. The same with another new brand of canned food down the aisle. Can’t remember the exact brand - ’something-derm’.

    Haven’t they figured it out yet? If we are rejecting foods containing Chinese ingredients, why would we turn to products that are completely made in China? Turns my stomach.

  42. SMITH111 says:

    My brother in law was offered “free” Science Diet dry dog food from his vet. What does that tell you? Suspicious at the least. I looked up the ingredients on the dog food and emailed it to him (with a few comments)(mostly corn). I hope he pitched it in the trash. Sounds like his vet is trying to dump this crappy pet food too. You’d think the vet would care enough about his dog to dig a big trench and bury it all!

  43. Melissa says:

    I recieved an e-mail from IAM’S for a free bag of dry dog food, valued at $4.00!!! I e-mailed them back that I would prefer it if they would reimburse me for the vet bill’s I racked up in Jan. and Feb. because of my sick yellow lab who happened to be being fed their chicken and chunks gravy food!!!! She was sick BEFORE the recall’s. She made it thru it though…but she will NEVER be given any food involved with the recall or CHINA again!!!!!!! A free bag of food won’t change my mind! EVER!

  44. elliott says:

    SMITH111 - 20% of some vet’s income comes from the sale of food (prescription). Their “sales” are also down due to pet owners being able to also order heartworm and flea meds from other sources.

  45. elliottsayshillssux says:

    Our kitty formerly known as “Diabetic”, is no longer diabetic. Our kitties formerly known as “Kidney Issues” no longer have issues. Reason- NO longer on HILLS PRESCRIPTION!!

  46. Sandy says:

    These companies have to be run by morons. Who would want their crap? I know I will NEVER buy or allow my pets to eat their crap even if they gave me food for life for ALL of my pets

    Maybe we can give Mitt Romney a crayon and he can enter the contest for any poor animal he may now own

  47. Sandy says:

    On second thought maybe he is dumb enough to eat the crap himself..one can hope

  48. Pukanuba says:

    I have noticed a lot of the regular posters, both here & at PC, haven’t been posting lately. However, because they aren’t posting doesn’t mean they are out there buying the junk commercial pet food. There isn’t a person out there who loves animals, whether they had a cat or dog get sick or die, who would ever go back to those brands that we know never did the right thing. That’s something that will stay with all of us for life.

    There were only a few PF companies that I feel handled things in an honest & ethical way, the rest of them pulled silent recalls & refused to recall anything…..no matter how many animals died from their junk food. Those companies are on my fecal roster for life & I can’t speak for other pet parents but I don’t think they will forget anytime soon.

    I would love to see the figures on sales of the big PF companies but they will never fess up. I really think all the coupons & free food tells us that their food is not moving so they’re thinking up sleazy marketing ploys to move the food. I wouldn’t accept free food for the life of my dog……which, like somebody else said, with the commercial food today, that would only be for a bag or two of their poison. They can keep their poison & I will spend the money & take the time to home cook for my dog. Let’s see, over time, how many dogs & cats drop dead from poor nutrition with mom’s home cooking.

  49. Donna says:

    Long before the pet food industry,pets were feed from the table.If you do this be aware high fat ia not good for you or your dog or cat.No sugar needed. I have cooked for my pets for thirty years.Their health is out standing. I feed human grade foods.

  50. Roger says:

    I know that this is WAY late, but just so anyone who stumbles upon this like I did knows, Diamond Naturals, WAS NOT PART OF THE RECALL. The recall was for dog foods, that contained contaminated corn. Diamond dog food was part of the ordeal, and animals DID die, but NONE from the naturals line, as it contains NO CORN, ONLY NATURAL ingredients.

    To be honest, people should NOT feed thier dog any food that contains corn anyway. Dogs can’t digest corn, and therefore get NO nutrients from it. The food that contains corn will also contain by-products, which is basically rotten meat/organs that are vial and unsanitary for human consumption.

    On top of that they contain fillers. Filler do just what they sound like, they fill your dog. It’s like starch in food, you get full fast, but really don’t get many nutrients from the food, and are hungry soon after. This is why these food require that your dog be fed 3-4 times a day, at 3- cups each time.

    A good food will contain none of these and only require your dog to be fed 2-3 cups day, while getting MUCh more nutrients, and being HEALTHIER, therefore living a LONGER LIFE.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there are alot better foods than Diamond Naturals, but it is still VERY good food, at a VERY good price.

    If you value your pet’s health, and lifespan, then DON’T feed brands like Iams, pedigree, Alpo, ect… Look at the ingredients, and say NO to any by-products, and fillers. You dog will thank you, and you will save Money at the same, by feeding much less.

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