Washington Horse Rescue Needs A New Home

Equine Rescue Association

Equine Rescue Association, located in Tulalip, Washington, has until June 29th to find a new home and move dozens of their horses. Their land owner is selling the property and they have to move their 24 horses off of the property and tear down barns and other building structures by the 29th.

The non-profit organization is still looking for a new home to be a sanctuary for these horses that were once neglected, abused or unwanted. They are looking for 5+ acres with an out building for storage, water, electric, and the ability to put horse shelters and a mobile home on the land.

Source: komotv.com

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9 Responses to “Washington Horse Rescue Needs A New Home”

  1. Trudy Jackson says:

    I sent this to My vet and a friend. they both rescue horses, and know other people who do. good luck.

  2. Linda Taylor says:

    Vel Moore is a fraud! These poor horses need new homes & Moore needs to be shut down. She has had several “rescues” under different names–I volunteered with one of these (NW Horse Rescue) & learned the truth about Vel Moore. She should not have any animals. She uses horses to get sympathy & “pats on the back”, to have a group of “slaves” who do her barn work & listen to her ranting, & especially give her $$$$$!

  3. Debby Brinkerhoff says:

    Hi my sister has a 10 yr. old thoroughbred she can no longer take care of. She has breast cancer and can barely take care of herself. The horse is 18 hands high and has had some training. He is rideable. She is currently in Bainbridge, WA. Can you help?

  4. horses lover says:

    i hear val moore has the same horses and dose not take in horses that really need help she just rent horses to the people clean for here and care for the horses she has the volantersee pay to ride 15.00 a hour is non- profit really

  5. Starla says:

    I worked for her, she doesn’t pay but all pay does go to the horses. She is looking for a new place that has an indoor arena and a good place for everyone. Her ranting is information about the horses which are very helpful. Val is easy to work with I find. She’s not that bad of a person. Yes she is up in her years and soon someone will take over with the information she leaves. I know who will take over and things will hopefully get better in her memory. She is in her 70’s to 80’s so she needs help with the horses. But she does all medications to make sure the horses are getting what they need.

    They take in new horses that cant find a home or dont have one anymore. I dont see why people are harping on her when she is at least giving the horses a good place to stay instead of being sent to glue or dog food factories. As for riding lessons we only have to pay 10.00 for that, its fifteen if your not working there. But all money she gets goes to food, and medications of the horses. Donations are even used to get shavings for stalls and hay and pellets.

    She does take really good care of the horses, and will not tolerate any abuse towards them from her helpers. They arent slaves, WE choose to be there not for her put for the love and care of horses.

    This is all towards Horse lover and Linda Taylor. You know nothing about her.. She now has a new place for the horses and is doing really well. My brother Michael Guyot still works there and is doing a senior project on the area as did I. Its hard work and hard labor but well worth it knowing we are saving and helping these horses through whatever difficult time they may have had in the past. I enjoyed it and so does he.

  6. tonja says:

    well vel moore is my aunt actullay my dads aunt but she is still mine!!!! and wow linda how could you say hurtful things about someone you dont even kno??????? my aunt dedicatied her life TO THOSE HORSES!!!!! AND EVERYONE KNOS IT!!!! AS OF MY 19TH B*DAY MAY 28, 2009 @ 11:22PM ME MY DAD HIS EX WIFE AND SARA A BIGGGGG TIME VOLENTEER!!! SAT WITH MY AUNT VEL AS SHE TOOK HER LAST BREATH!!!! SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN SO PLEASED TO KNO HOW MANY PPL REALLY CARED!!!!!! SOOOO MANY PPL WERE THERE FOR HER THA LAST FEW MONTHS OF HER LIFE ITS AMAZIN HOW ONE PERSON GROWS ON MANY LIVES!!!!! THA ERA IS STILL GOIN!!! AND WILL BE!!! THATS WHAT SHE WANTED!!!!!


  7. jackie gilbert says:

    Can someone provide me with the mailing address for ERA? I’d like to make a donation.

  8. Katherine boersma says:

    I knew Vel Moore for over 4 years. She was a wonderful women,a nd it kills me to see people say bad things about her. She kept the horses there until they passed on because they had to many medical issues and should not go to homes were they are going to be over worked or not given the proper medication. If we did not have the lesson program at era we would not have enough money to feed and care for all the horses. as of 9-11-09 we currently have 36 head of horses and yes some of them are up for adoption. we are not taking in anymore horses for about the next year due to over population at our barn. we are located at 2415 116th st ne Marysville Wa 98271m our number is 360 658 5494 all donations are tax deducable and are very much apperciated. we also have large amounts of western tack for sale if you would like to stop by and purchuse some of it. October 17,2009 11-5pm we are having a fundrasier. Haunted house costume contest bouncie house pony rides and much more please stop in for some family fun.

  9. kamerae dishman says:

    dr. vel moore was an amazing women and anyone how could say hurt full things about her doesnt know her at all she gave all she had for those horse

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