Wayne Pacelle, President Of HSUS, Talks About Puppy Mills

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  1. Joe Overlease, "Advocate for Truth in Reporting" says:

    HSUS Tricks American Animal Lovers… Again

    In recent weeks the HSUS, (Not your local Humane Society) has conducted a campaign of terror on unsuspecting dog breeders and pet stores across the United States.

    The misconception by the average American is the HSUS is a legal entity having some form of federal authority. They in actuality do not, although they carry official looking badges.. the badges carry no authority in any jurisdiction.

    The HSUS have arrived on private property with hidden cameras and have intimated owners to surrender their dogs in fear. They represent themselves as inspectors, but they have no authority to inspect anything. To the unsuspecting and un informed breeder this can be a tragedy beyond belief.

    These people (HSUS Inspectors) conduct themselves like the Gestapo, they bully and intimidate, and they use any means of false reporting to discredit their target. By using selective photographs and often make comments about conditions and or events that are not even or have never occurred at the property they are targeting.

    Recently the HSUS targeted a Pet Store in Southern California and made the public think they had been conducting business illegally. There report said the Pet Store was buying its inventory form “Puppy Mills”. a puppy mill is a
    unlicensed breeding facility. Pet stores are required to buy only from licensed and inspected USDA facilities. So they have not lied and they have not misrepresented themselves or their puppies

    They the HSUS reported the store only bought puppies from individual breeders. In the business of raising dogs, the entire industry in made up of individual breeders, this is a cottage industry, where the majority of all breeders are small family operations. But to hear the HSUS report you would think Standard Oil is involved in some sinister plot. Again the Pet Store has done nothing wrong, They are buying animals from American breeders who are licensed and inspected and are legal in everyway..

    This heavy handed smear tactic has caused a great deal of damage to this local business and the media, happily went along with the scam..

    The HSUS report showed examples of kennels and called them “Puppy Mills”, to the unsuspecting public they have no reason to challenge the report. But… The truth is some of the kennels shown are state of the art USDA design approved facilities and exceed all federal standards.

    The HSUS is a organization that raises millions of dollars each year through a large secret layered organization of so called charities, they spend pennies
    for the actual benefit of any animal any where in America. However, most people think when they give to the HSUS they are helping their local Humane Society…Sadly Not one dime goes to your local facilities as they are not even related to each other in anyway.

    The next time you get asked to donate for the benefit of animals, you should make sure the money is in fact going to a shelter that really needs the support… Don’t be tricked again by the HSUS .

  2. Chris says:

    Amen Joe! I noticed the setup shown and my first thought was that looks like it would be USDAA compliant.

    Those dogs end up in the shelters for a reason! a) People either don’t want to or are too ignorant to put in the work to raise a dog. - People remark that they wished their dogs behaved well like mine, but, usually, when I start talking about training and putting in the effort, they can’t be bothered. b) The dog has terrible behavior/temperament problems, either due to the way it was raised or genetic problems.

    People have difficulty finding quality dogs because HSUS and other so-called animal rights groups are doing whatever they can to put reputable breeders out of existence and shut down breed rescues, and basically cause the extinction of the domestic dog. If you are a purebred breeder, you don’t dare put out the word you have puppies or you might have one of these people show up at your door. The only way you can usually find these pups is to know someone. And these are the breeders who are paying big bucks for genetic testing and taking time to socialize.


  3. Rescuer says:

    boo hoo… poor breeders. You’ve had umbrella organisations representing you for YEARS and haven’t been able to clean up your industry. Now rescue is coming after you - promoting themselves better and revealing your dirty secrets and now all you can to is whine about how you’re being misrepresented.

    Meanwhile rescue has been cleaning up YOUR messes for years - the greed meaning you would happily sell undesexed pets to stores and any lame owner with enough money to pay.

    Maybe if you hadn’t allowed your industry to become perverted by the wealth available in the bulk breeding market, had demanded along side rescue that these places got cleaned up and regulated YOURSELVES, we wouldn’t now be able to come in and so easily portray you as the greedy self-serving bunch you are.

    I hope we do start to run low of pets as you so loudly claim would be a disaster - because once pets again become valuable, instead of bulk produced consumer items - maybe then the killing will stop.

  4. Another Rescuer says:

    I disagree with Joe and Chris. I have a puppy mill girl and I know what kind of conditions she came from. You two are so blind that maybe you should visit a puppy mill and see for yourself what it is like. I belong to two rescue groups and I am very proud of what these groups and other rescue groups do. Unfortunately a lot of the dogs that are bought at the auctions have to be put down because of the diseases they have. My little girl wasn’t even two yet when rescue bought her at an auction, she had two types of worms and had been breed everytime she came into heat. Well thank goodness she won’t be doing that any more. A lot of them aren’t even socialized and are afraid everything. I could go on and on but I won’t. I wish we could put each and every one of the millers out of business.

  5. Joe Overlease, "Advocate for Truth in Reporting" says:

    In reply to the Rescue Comments.

    Most rescues operate as a business and have been exempt from any state or local or even federal regulations. We see the same abuse in many of the rescue facilities be of low quality and poor living conditions, But before you get your panties in wad.. Just as there are good breeders there are good rescue operations as well. But at the end of the day it is still a business and the rescues do make money on the back of these hapless animals.

    Most rescues get their inventory from shelter pulls or they go to auctions where they can buy dogs cheaply for inventory. And lets not forget the countless dogs that are gifted to the rescues from breeders. And while we are at it don’t forget to mention the millions of dollars that are gifted to the rescues and shelters each year by individual breeders and breeder associations.

    One fact does remain high on the list.. Dogs that are abandoned are done so by individual owners. So get off your high horse and come down to reality here.

    There are bad operators in Evey venue of the industry, not so different than any other industry. And we must agree on one thing collectively, the bad guys must go. But trashing each other is the wrong way to do it, collective thinking and working together is the best way to improve the industry, all for the benefit of the animals in the end , and that is what we all are concerned about at the end of the day. correct?

  6. HSUS and Puppy Mills says:

    Hey Wayne Pacelle, what is the definition of a puppy mill? You throw the term around all the time but offer no definition. Could it be, once again, you are attempting to steal donations from unsuspecting Americans? Are all breeders part of puppy mills? What if my dog has a litter of puppies, am I now a puppy mill? Wayne, you have been quoted saying you have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. So what is the Humane Society of the United States true agenda here? It appears your vegan America and domestic animal extinction agenda has defined the puppy mill term for us: Anyone owning a dog is indeed a puppy mill.

  7. The HSUS Scam says:

    Please research the FACTS concerning HSUS contributions in aiding animal shelters, rescues, and cat adoption. Reviewing the HSUS tax returns alone shows less than 4% of donations go to shelters, rescues, and hands-on animal welfare organizations. HSUS actually spends MORE donation money on staff travel expenses then the animal welfare organizations you mentioned they are “about”. Additionally, over 25% of donations go to staff salaries and pension plans. Again, please research facts and become aware of the true HSUS agenda. I deeply care about the animals too, Ron. I want HSUS donations to find the animals that truly need it, not to vegan ideology and goals. Unfortunately, the animals will never see the hundreds of millions of donated dollars HSUS refuses to allocate to them. I hope this helps. Thank you.

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