We Are A Nation Of Pet Lovers

CatsYes, it’s true, we love our pets. I’ll admit it and shout it from the highest mountain. And I won’t be the only one declaring my love for our furry friends.

According to the US Census Bureau, 31% of households have a child under 18. And according to the American Pet Product Manufacturer’s Association, 63% of households have at least one pet.

Bob Vetere, president of the APPMA, said that Americans spend more money on pets than on hardware or jewelry or even toys. He added, “For most Americans, pets have become a part of our lives. And we must enjoy it because the trend is growing.”

For more information, visit Steve Dale’s Pet World.

5 Responses to “We Are A Nation Of Pet Lovers”

  1. Jenny Bark says:

    The stats in Steve Dale’s full article is interesting.

  2. Bob says:

    So why do many apartments, condos, hotels, restaurants, and stores discriminate against pet owners by not allowing pets, but they do allow children?

  3. DW says:

    Bob, there is a federal law forcing landlords to accept children. A lot of them didn’t want to deal with the extra baggage and it got to the point families were finding it hard to locate decent housing. Some rental places are exempt, for example some complexes can be designated adult only (age 55 and over). I’m not sure it it applies to single property landlords or not. Many years ago when my dad was a single dad he found a lot of places did not accept kids …or so he said. (Someday I’ll have to check when the federal law came into being and see if it was before after my dad was complaining.)

    Restraurants are governed by local health laws and most of those laws do not allow pets inside the buildings for sanitary reasons …or so it is often worded in the written restrictions. Stores may or may not have similar legislative obligations …but most stores that have food fall under health regulations.

    Hotels are free to set their own rules. I’ve not had trouble finding a hotel after making a few calls and we have multiple large dogs. Some are more pet friendly than others so it’s just up to the manager to decide how much risk to assume. Pet owners need to do a good job of managing their pets when in pet-friendly hotels.

  4. Bridgett says:

    I love spending money on my animals. Every now and then, Daisy and I have a “Dog Day”. We hit every dog shop in town and buy stuff for her. Of course, she could care less whether she is wearing a pink leather collar or brown. So really all the shopping is for me. For the cats, we have an anniversary every year. I buy them all new scratching posts, litter boxes, toys and food dishes. Again mainly for me.

  5. Nora and Rufus says:

    My dog is my soulmate and I could care less if anyone thinks that is nuts. And Bridgett, Rufus and I have really fun dog days also and hit the Dog Park and some Doggie boutiques and Three Dog Bakery and do lunch together! I swear those are some of the MOST fun times!!! On my vacation to Austin Tx, I rented a car and drove down to Texas. Rufus and I spent two nights at a beautiful La Quinta Inn in Oklahoma City, and they were very accomodating with a King size bed and a Jacuzzi in the room! We lived it up!

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