Weekend Poll: Do Animals Have Souls?

17 Responses to “Weekend Poll: Do Animals Have Souls?”

  1. rjc says:

    The writer below assumed animals have souls:

    Ecclesiastes 3:21
    Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?”

  2. rose says:

    Sometimes people seem to not have them though.

  3. Lin Goodman says:

    some animals seem to be more soulful than some humans do, tho

  4. 3FURS says:

    All living beings have a soul. An animal will only kill for it’s survival. A human should only kill for his/her survival. Otherwise it’s murder, be it an animal or another human. Outside of survival, an animal is an innocent, harmless creation of GOD. They should be treated kindly by humans who are given more abilities. To make an animal vicious, takes a human, with their superior abilities, to abuse and torture it, until it has to fight, AGAIN for it’s survival. In many cases, the animal is the superior species.

  5. Terri Silverman says:

    If we (humans) have souls, so do animals. If we do not, neither do they.

    Ultimately, we all come from the same source.

  6. nora says:

    Well said Silverman. God created them as he created us. I even feel that some animals I have known in my life were already Angels, such great souls they posessed.

  7. Linda says:

    See: The Souls of Animals - http://www.coldnosesbook.com/a.....nimals.htm

  8. Traci says:

    I agree Terri. I am going agnostic “I don’t know” on the issue of “souls” but, otherwise, they have them (if we have them).

  9. 3FURS says:

    Linda, Thank you for that site. I am going to get that book “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates”. Although, I always believed that our pet’s go to heaven, I want that book. And I want to share it with some people.

  10. Geff says:

    My kitty does. Not sure about the US or Chinese Governments & their respective corporations, though.

    Earlier today, while trying to shop for food that wouldn’t be likely to kill me, the following thought went through my mind,

    “Those Chinese Corporate bastards”. Is there anyone else here old enough to realize just how ironic that is?

  11. Auntbarbiedoll says:

    Being 63 and had surgeries and died but brought back, here is what I saw.
    Meeting me was my deceased father and his beloved dog Shep, as I gazed
    about I saw cats, dogs, birds, wild life, and other animals. I often asked my minister father if animals don’t get to go then why were they made as he made us,,,,and to a man who was mean to his dog I said, you should treat animals better because they may be guards at the gate,,,,and not let your
    sorry butt in. I have a black cat who dances to soul music and hey she has soul. hehe. She also gets on her back and moves to music. I have a poodle,cat, birds, fish, and hope they are all there when I go.

  12. Auntbarbiedoll says:

    To the lady who has tombstone of her pet by hers,,,,,GOOD FOR YOU.
    If they give ya a lot of ssxx, tell them thats your ex husband buried there.
    hahaha. My first husband golden retriever was named dumbass,,,,I asked
    why he named him after himself,,,,

  13. Mary says:

    Last time I was in a biology class, there was no debate: humans (aka Homo sapiens) are animals.

    So the question really is, do *we* have souls?

  14. theAsocialApe says:

    no. they don’t.
    souls are as real as santa claus, or the great pumpkin.
    animals including humans, plants, rocks and everything else have no soul.

  15. Anon says:

    Where’s the proof that people or anything else has a soul?

  16. cats says:

    I can see my Rockie (Cat) is waiting to greet me from his house with a white picket fence.

    I dreamt about it after he left this earth and the screen saver I have with cats in it has a picture similar to what I dreamt about.

    If I have a soul, Rockie and all my other pets do. I believe we are souls that enter bodies.

  17. MaineMom says:

    Definitely, if the dictiionary definition of soul, “thought, action and emotion,” are applied to animals also. Many religions believe the essence of life to be in all living things, even wood. How else can I explain how I, or my cats and dogs, pick up positive or negative vibes in houses decades after the manditory real estate disclosures have expired?

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