We’re Still Collecting Reports of Dry Food Related Illnesses

We will continue to gather reports of dry food related illnesses until Tuesday at 5pm Pacific time (8pm Eastern). If your loved one has fallen ill or passed away and you suspect dry food to be the cause, please send information about the brand and your pet to tips@itchmo.com. A result will be posted by Wednesday morning.

6 Responses to “We’re Still Collecting Reports of Dry Food Related Illnesses”

  1. Tammy says:

    My cat, Bailey has eaten purina cat chow (DRY) for 4 years, over the past month he has been increasingly lethargic, vomiting randomly (undigested food) and have noticed blod clots, semi-occasionally. I took him to the vet and they first thought he had a urinary tract infection. However the urine test showed that was not the case, he only had a small amount of bacteria in his urine. So at this point we do not know whats wrong with Bailey. I dont know if its the food or not, but after these finding lately I will no longer buy any brand name foods, i will be switching to organic foods for my cat. If these big companies want to put our family members at risk i say we should boycott them all. We dont need them!

  2. Jackie says:

    My cat who was only 3 1/2 died on 2/28/07. I had just opened a new bag
    of Science Diet Light Adult (dry food), days before he began getting ill (the same food he had always eaten). The vet was completely puzzled as to what
    the cause of death was. After an autopsy the conclusion was toxic poisioning. I was told by the vet to call Hill’s the day he died to let them know incase there was an issue with the food. Within days I had to send the food in to them (per their request) so they could test it. I had also just had “Puff” at the vet a month prior for his yearly check up and all was ok.

  3. Concerned says:

    I would consider heading over to Craigslist and annoucing what you are doing here. If you announce who you are and what you are working to accomplish you will probably be well received.

    There are multiple people over there who have expressed these problems. Their regular pet forum comes up =26. Also try =2699 and =9889.

    Just today there was a post about this.

  4. Very Concerned Also says:

    Please consider extending your deadline of Tuesday (many couldn’t get to your site and other’s haven’t heard yet about this article yet, we just stumbled onto it ourselves). We lost our Lab January 07, after changing her diet to Nutro Natural Choice, she didn’t die from kidney disease, she died from acute renal failure, and it was so quick and deadly that we thought then that ’something’ killed her and we question the emergency vet on it, and of course the possible antifreeze question was mentioned. No our dog had no access to antifreeze and she’s wasn’t an outside dog to be poisoned by others. Since January I refused to believe she wasn’t taken by something, I just would have never suspected her food. And my concern regarding her ’sudden death’ was ‘well before’ (early January 07) any reports or knowledge of food poisoning/recalls.

  5. Very Concerned Adds / says:

    Here’s only a few of posts I’ve found at the msn ‘comments section’,,, there are many more I suspect all over the internet, plus those without internet access or knowledge that their dry food may be culprit also, it is made in the same mfgring plant after all and many contain the ’suspect’ ingredient wheat gluten as well. The Menu company & FDA should err on the side of caution ‘especially’ until more is known, and I haven’t heard them mention testing the dry dog food for toxins (not on animals, please). They instead keep pushing the dry dog food as safe; and many posted that they won’t even speak with them as soon as dry food is mentioned, it’s not an issue they say. How do they know at this point in time, for sure, why so many animals are also made ill / or dying from acute renal failure on the dry food ? No one other than your blog / story here (that I have found) is trying to collect more information from the public on dry food problems / or casualties.

    Warren Meny
    Message #56
    03/19/07 02:42 PM
    Things are just too coincidental. Have fed my six year old Brittany dry Iams for his whole life. Last week the dog started vomiting, wouldn’t eat (not even treats) or drink for two days. Went to vet and he just guessed after $600. that he may have a virus. Put him on straight chicken mixed with some water 1/2 cup at a time with a whole bunch of pills. Finally after a week he is back eating his dry food. This is some scare, trashed the Iams dry food, think I’ll go back to Purina that I used years ago for my bird dogs. Of course there is no way getting through to anyone at Iams.

    grand rapids
    Message #104
    03/19/07 04:06 PM
    So far they are saying it is only the moist food. My 2 year old cat eats Iams dry food, and she has just been diagnosed with kidney problems. I think this may go farther than just the moist food.

    Message #148
    03/19/07 05:59 PM
    I almost never feed our dog wet dog food since it’s bad for her teeth. But I am still worried that her dry dog food (Nutro Natural brand) will be added, or is also impacted. Ever since this new bag of dogfood she’s been really picky, which sometimes she does, but usually it’s before a road trip when she sees us packing, or something else. So she’s been refusing to eat until she throws up stomach acid. It’s hard for me to know whether this is just her being picky again (She’s done this periodically since she was not even a year old) or whether it is something with the food. I am taking her off of it right away and switching her to something else to see if that makes a difference. If it does, I am not ever switching back. I know she’s had 7 years of Iams and had no problems with the dry food but I always thought that it was the cheapy brands that would have this type of problem. It worries me that paying more doesn’t necessarily mean a safer product. It is very disappointing to me as a consumer.

    Message #161
    03/19/07 07:00 PM
    My dog died of renal failure in January and she was a healthy dog. She ate Iams dry food from WalMart. She started sick and getting very picky, I cooked her chicken, turkey, beef and she still would not eat. The vet tests came back with advanced kidney failure. I asked her….was it her food?? I can’t get thru on 866 number. I feel like I am mourning her loss all over again. She died for nothing.

    Message #196
    03/19/07 07:48 PM
    We lost our sweet 9 year-old cat last week of acute kidney failure. She ate dry food only ( science diet, indoor cat…not a bargain brand.) Although this is not on the list, I strongly suspect it was the cause. She had never been sick before. Our nightmare included hospitalization, iv antibiotics and a week of home-administered ringer’s lactate infusions, before she succumbed. How can we find out if the dry foods contained whatever it is that is harming our pets?

    Message #221
    03/19/07 08:11 PM

    I have 2 friends in NE Ohio who have dogs that died of kidney failure in the last month. Both ate IAMS dry dog food and both were otherwise healthy 4 year old Labs. Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but certainly raises an eyebrow when they admit that other products have been tainted.

    I fed my dog Nutro up until this came up.

    Message #276
    03/19/07 09:58 PM
    Today is one of the worst day in our family had to put are japanese chin bruce to sleep he was in full renal failure was fine on friday saturday was just a little wobbly sunday got sick a few times monday morning took him to doctors and had to have him put to sleep doctor said can not save him when he was wobbling on sat it was already to late/ feed him iams mini chunk dry food does not get any wet vet said either food or antifreeze he is an inside dog only goes out to go to the bathroom in a fenced yard he is not replicable it was a great loss we bottle fed him from 2 hours old his mom attached the litter and he was the only one we saved had one eye removed was a great and loyal companion please warn anyone who feeds there dog iams he was only a year old in december should not have been gone yet was robbed of many years we should have had.

  6. Paul says:

    I had a customer with a sick dog last week.

    I used to work for Nutro.

    Now I own a Health food store.

    No one seems to have heard about the border stop or whats happening at the plant.

    Search youtube for nutro protest..

    I started a site with another person who has a sick dog/

    a long time friend inside Nutro just confirmed yesterday..it is a cover up..
    she said they did the same thing last year.


    just spend some time looking at www.consumeraffairs.com are they lying too?

    The lies are coming from Nutro

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