What is Aminopterin? (Found in Menu Foods)

Poop city has a clear, concise summary of this “rat poison” and its very dangerous affects on humans. Calling it “rat poison” doesn’t do justice to the harm it can potentially have on humans and pets.

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  1. Kim says:

    You can see the raw footage of the Menu Foods press conference at

    I’m making notes on the content on my blog as I watch it if you’re unable to watch it, as I’m sure itchmo will do here.

  2. susanUnPC says:

    CNN just interviewed a terrific veterinarian from Atlanta who warned people not to wait for signs of kidney failure — by then it’s too late, he said. He also said that, just in his own practice, he’s had 6-7 cases, and he predicts that thousands of animals will die.

    Sure wish I could capture video! Hope someone else did.

  3. SusanUnPC says:

    Btw, “Itchmo,” I love your blog — and how you mix “light” stories with the serious. We need that balance, especially with all the bad news at the moment.

    P.S. What do any of you think of Costco’s Kirkland brand? I feed a lot of stray and feral cats, and buy the Costco brand because it’s affordable. But I’d be willing to spend more if any of you think the Kirkland brand is questionable. Thanks for any feedback!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is usless

  5. steph raw says:

    this does not help me at all geez lol jk

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