What Not To Wear

PETA Fashion PoliceThe Fashion Police have arrived in Seattle, but they’re not stopping people that have mullets, wear acid-washed jeans, Uggs with mini-skirts, or those free t-shirts that you get when you sign up for a credit card (c’mon, we all have one of those in our drawers). No, PETA’s Fashion Police are out to get the people who wear fur, leather or wool. The Fashion Police will be handing out “violation notices” to the culprits for “violating common decency” and will be holding signs that say “Animal Skins are a Fashion Felony”. PETA states that animals are mutilated and treated unfairly in the animal factories just to produce these three materials. The sexy Fashion Police (they will be wearing pleather cop costumes, high heels, and fishnet stockings — just add in some drunk guys and you have a bachelor party) will be downtown at Westlake Center today at 12pm if you would like to join or just gawk. If you want to join in, dust off that pleather cop costume! We all know that you have one. It’s next to your free credit card shirt.

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