What Your Pets Should Be Eating

We are constantly receiving requests about what cats and dogs should be eating. So, we’re reposting these two links that talk about nutrition for cats and dogs:

What to Feed Your Dog

What Should You Feed Your Cat?

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  1. NANCY NEWCOMB says:


  2. 4lgdfriend says:

    THE SCI.AM.COM ARTICLE ALSO REVEALS: “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that the lethal concentration of the chemical is three parts per million (ppm) for rats; the amount found in the contaminated food samples was 40 ppm.”
    product numbers on his packages of Iams wet food fell just outside of the range of recalled products. The date codes on his packages were 6256 and 6293; the recall range extends from 6339 to 7073. Nevertheless, Valentine believes that his cat was a victim of food poisoning, raising the question of whether the recall was wide enough.

  3. 4lgdfriend says:

    Something that I have not seen mentioned is: any cat with residual kidney damage or immune issues resulting from exposure to this toxin(s), whether from wet or dry food, is going to have to watch CRF issues (chronic renal failure) and other immune-related problems/diseases in cats VERY CAREFULLY FROM NOW ON for who knows how long. This is NOT JUST AN ISSUE UNTIL YOU FIND ANOTHER FOOD!! Start getting info now so you are not left without the facts. If your vet wasn’t omniscient enough to warn you about the dangers of the petfood industry, don’t expect him/her/them to google into the future effects on your pet either!! This is up to you if you want to protect your pets health.
    Feline health links: http://www.mindspring.com/~kerspin/

  4. 4lgdfriend says:

    DANGER EXTENDS BEYOND FINDING ANOTHER FOOD: For pets with immune systems compromised by the effects of this toxin(s) (see VIN for info on that) please be aware that vaccinations should NOT be given to pets that are already ill.
    It’s not only the petfood industry that panders to vets for profit - big pharmaceuticals also do this. For a look at what one forward looking DVM with PHD in immunology has to say about this see: http://www.drpitcairn.com/talk.....cines.html

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    […] How to feed your pets better food. […]

  6. andy-a says:

    Isn’t “Itchmo,” etc., merely a ‘[EDITED BY ADMIN]’-controlled advertising forum for so-called “alternative pet food products, and therefore profit-oriented?

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Just to be clear. We receive no money from pet food companies, nor we do have an agenda other than getting accurate news to pet owners. Period. Please refrain from making racist comments, regardless of how you spell it.

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