What’s Your Pet’s Personality?


As pet owners, we all know that each and every one of our pets has a distinct and special personality (whether they’re feisty, happy-go-lucky, or grumpy, we love them all). In the past few years, the personalities of animals have been a hot topic for scientists. At least 60 different species have been found to have distinctive personalities and:

What’s particularly puzzling to biologists is similar traits, like aggression or shyness, are found in very dissimilar species, like fish and birds, but not in every member of the species, and those traits persist over a wide range of circumstances and over a long period of time. That is the very definition of personality— consistent behavior over time and in different situations.

Biologists are also trying to figure out why animals would have a personality because a strong personality can be a liability when flexibility especially in the wild would be more useful. Research in Santa Fe has shown that animals that reproduce as soon as possible are more aggressive and reckless. Animals that take more time and survey their environment first are more cautious, but they are more successful at breeding and raising their young.

Other studies are showing that personality traits are being handed down from one generation to another. Don’t be surprised if your pet starts picking up your personality traits.

2 Responses to “What’s Your Pet’s Personality?”

  1. Steve says:

    You mean to tell me scientists-experts still haven’t figured out the obvious?

    I’ll challenge any Scientist on the face of Earth in this realm-domain of pets as intelligent creatures with unique and distinctive personalities.

    Bring it on. Come on I dare you.

  2. Elaine Vigneault says:

    The other day my husband commented that he was glad we had four cats (as opposed to one or two) because it made him realize how individual they all are and how they each have their own separate personalities. Animals are not ruled by instinct alone, they are far more human-like than most people are led to believe. Anyway, he said this and said it made him more of a vegetarian. He became veggie for health reasons (before we met) and I became veggie for animal reasons. We met because we had that in common. But now I’m becoming more health oriented and he’s becoming more animal oriented. He said he now thinks eating animals is morally equivalent to eating babies! Wow. I never imagined that change would occur in him so quickly and so organically… all because we have four cats!

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