Where to Send In Your Menu Foods Complaint

If suspect that your cat or dog has been sickened by one of the Menu Foods’ recalled products, please contact the FDA through the local state office found on this page.

One Response to “Where to Send In Your Menu Foods Complaint”

  1. Heather Noller says:

    I have been feeding my rottweiler Old Roy dog food for awhile now and recently I had to take my pet to the vet and found out that he had a severe Kidney infection. I had to have him checked out due to the fact that he had blood in his urine, not eating, and was not himself at all. He is still currently on antibiotics and will continue for another 3 weeks. I have since changed his dog food and thanks goodness he is doing better. I want to know what if anything can be done in regards to my situation? I can be contacted by e-mail h_noller@yahoo.com. I would really like to know what exactly is going on….. This is not a new pet to my family and I have many years experience with my pets and I know when something is wrong and find a way to fix it. If the company who makes Old Roy or Menu foods is responsible for my dogs illness I want them to face up to it.

    Thank you,
    Heather Noller

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