Why Cats Are Better Than A Live-In Adult Child


Have an adult child living at home with you? Deepest apologies.

Well, we can’t get him/her to move out, but at least this may give you some laughs to take the pain and frustration away of not having the house to yourself anymore. (Just kidding. I’m sure both you and your adult child love living together.)

If you are that live-in adult child, um… this isn’t about you at all. I’m sure you’re perfect in every way. Mom loves doing your laundry still after all these years.

Why cats are better than a live in-adult child:

  • If a Cat comes home at 4am, it slinks in, quietly, and lies down. When your Child comes home, there is a loud crash in the hallway followed by laughing, singing and belching. Afterwards, when it finally gets quiet, the home becomes awash with loud snoring accompanied by awful and horrible so-called music.
  • If the Cat has long hair, you can just shave it. If your Child’s hair is too long, you have to live with it until it either becomes: a health hazard, it gets too long to drive without blowing in their face all the time and causing an accident, or it starts clogging the vacuum.
  • Cats normally mate with their own kind. Your Child on the other hand brings home all manner of life forms, some of which may or may not be extra-terrestrial or one of the undead.
  • Cats don’t usually plop on the couch and change the channel or hog the remote.
  • Cats don’t normally watch adult movies on your cable, and then deny ever ordering it when the bill arrives. Of course, the Cat will have a blank stare when asked as well.
  • If you leave your Cat alone at home, when you return, the car will still have a full tank of gas, the refrigerator will still have food and the house won’t be littered with trash.
  • The Cat really has only one attitude. They don’t love you; however, you will love them. They expect it, and there won’t be any discussion. Your Child needs reassurance from time to time even though you’ve paid the emergency room bill, had the car towed and made sure all of the friends got a ride home.
  • Cats will not ask you for money no matter how “cute”, “wicked” or “on sale” any item is.
  • Source: digjokehere

    2 Responses to “Why Cats Are Better Than A Live-In Adult Child”

    1. 2CatMom says:

      Here are a few more:

      You can prevent your cat from making babies, but you can’t do the same with your child.

      Your cats favorite toys, boxes, yarn, paper, are free. Your child’s I-pod, cell phone, and designer gym shoes are not

    2. KAE family says:

      “Cats don’t usually plop on the couch and change the channel or hog the remote.” Yeah, right!

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