Why Menu Foods May Not Be Going Away

Paul HendersonAsk yourself this question: How can you replace millions and millions of wet pet food overnight? Many analysts and Menu Foods stock buyers are banking on this fact to keep the company alive.

Fact is, removing Menu Foods doesn’t remove the demand for wet pet foods. This demand, combined with the fact that no other company has capacity to fill the void, means Menu Foods’ services are still required by some companies. The recall will hurt Menu Foods, but at this point, it looks as if they will weather the storm.

If you think that lawsuits could put away a corporation, just look at the cigarette industry. In our opinion, lawsuits will take several years to hit Menu Food’s bottom line, when the recall is just a faded memory in the minds of most consumers. Coupled with the fact that many deaths will go unreported and unverifiable, and “replacement value” laws restricting awards in most states, it’s unlikely to be a death-knell. Even the FDA chimed in on Menu Food’s financial liability:

“…litigation will likely be limited given word from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that “risk is limited to reimbursing the impacted pet owners for the cost of replacement” and Menu Food’s offer to cover related veterinary costs.”

What does it take to bring down a “market leader” like Menu Foods?

(Menu Foods CEO, Paul Henderson pictured)

P.S.: This is beginning to look like the the pet world equivalent of the Union Carbide Bhopal Disaster.

3 Responses to “Why Menu Foods May Not Be Going Away”

  1. itchmo! » Blog Archive » Lawsuits Won’t Compensate Fully for Damages says:

    […] Why Menu Foods may not go away […]

  2. Admin says:

    Hold them accountable. If we don’t buy their products, nor 3rd parties that use them, the WILL go down.


  3. Peteysmom says:

    WHY should Menu go down at all? They acted in good faith, and are in company of hundreds if not thousands of importers of raw food materials - for people as well as animals- from China. Rather boycot Chinese goods and materials, and perhaps you will really make a difference. Good luck finding substitutes for Chinese products, especially electrical ones, despite the fact that those are the subject of consumer recalls for safety almost daily. Between their exports and our dollar debt to them, they practically ‘own’ the United States.

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