Why The Toilet Paper Roll Is Always Empty


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7 Responses to “Why The Toilet Paper Roll Is Always Empty”

  1. Bridgett says:

    That will teach our humans to clean out the litter box more often!

  2. Ang.’s Chicken Coop » Blog Archive » Pet News says:

    […] times a day so there is always something new to read. Check out this picture of these to Rex cats, Why The Toilet Paper Roll Is Always Empty. I can totally relate! I found a lot of great stuff on this website and have added it to my daily […]

  3. mittens says:

    uh-look at the size of those ears on that cat!

  4. blueyes says:

    This is why you don’t have the TP rolling from underneath lol I learned that one early on.

  5. pat says:

    why is it always so hard to get these rolls started?

  6. Lee says:

    uh oh someones coming. don’t blame me i didn’t do nuthin it’s all buddy’s fault!

  7. baby kitty says:

    geez…don’t “SQUEEZE” the charmin…he never gets it right!

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