Will Anderson Cooper Look Into the Menu Foods Tragedy?

Howl911 is campaigning to ask Anderson Cooper of CNN to dig deeper for the truth. This is something totally up Cooper’s alley:

Keeping them honest

It’s what we’re about at “360°.” It includes challenging authority…whistleblowers…corruption…wasteful spending by government officials (Remember Senator William Proxmire and his Golden Fleece Award?).

And we want your help. Please send us your tips with enough detail so we can investigate them. You can send your tips anonymously or — in the event we need to call you for more information — please provide us a way to contact you. We assure you that we will keep your name confidential. No one will know you tipped us — unless you give us permission to make your name public.

We promise to read every e-mail you send.

Emphasis ours. We’ll see if they follow through. If you would like to lend a hand, please write a nice, but firm message to CNN here.

3 Responses to “Will Anderson Cooper Look Into the Menu Foods Tragedy?”

  1. karen says:

    I write a nice, but firm message to Anderson Cooper/CNN yesterday and included links to this blog, along with petconnection.com, and cited the veterinarian reports available at VIN.

    I’m really hoping they pick up on and continue to pursue this story — if the media doesn’t keep the pressure on Menu Foods and the FDA, I’m concerned we’ll never really find out what series of events led to the bad food. And if we don’t find out what happened, we can’t be sure it won’t happen again.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Also please try to get NPR to cover the story. I sent my request, it would help for others to do the same.


  3. E wem says:

    I could only think of two reasons why the name of the toxic gluten distributor was not released right away:

    1. Pressure from the Chinese government. i.e. we will dump our millions in T notes and convert our 1 trillion dollar surplus into euros if you hurt our economy

    2. If the American politicos knew the posion had been put into human food, for instance, bread. Gluten is a basic ingredient in commercial bread baking

    The Chinese connection has been in the news long enough it would probably help Chinese businesses to take out the supplier so they can go forward.

    However, had the FDA named the supplier, a worker in a bread factory, or frozen food factory, or gravy mix factory, or fast food chain factory might make a connection and alert the public that they have been eating the poison pet food ingredient

    We should want that worker to make the connection. Obviously the people in power did not want, and do not want the connections to be made.

    They are still stalling.

    To me there is only one reason to stall now: it must be in the human food chain at such a level it can rock the stocks.

    itchmo thanks a million for providing this coverage. The university stands by the rat poison analysis.

    That rat poison, which the FDA insists they cannot find causes absolutely horrific birth defects because it interferes with DNA, RNA and protein replication.

    That rat poison was banned in the US precisely because when the drug had been tried as an abortificant, babies who survived the dose were born grossly damaged - spina bifida, no fingers or toes, protruding eyes, sunken eye sockets, unclosed skulls etc.

    Imagine if pregnant women all over America were eating bread or other staples laced with a horrendous mutagenic.

    This story must be kept alive at all costs

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