Woman Claims Cat Sick From Eating Wal-Mart Special Kitty Cat Food

Special Kitty

Two weeks ago, Sherri McComber, an Alabama woman, claimed her four cats got sick from eating Special Kitty Cat Food bought from Wal-Mart.

The Special Kitty pouches that she bought had a new UPC sticker over the old UPC code that was on the original pet food recall list.

Wal-Mart stated that the food in the pouches was safe and unrelated to the original recalled food. They said Menu Foods did not want to destroy the brand new and unused packaging, so they used the pouches and put new UPC stickers over the old UPC codes to show that they were safe.

Now, Melissa Martin, a Kentucky woman, said her cat is also sick from eating these Special Kitty cat food pouches that have the new UPC sticker over the old recalled UPC code.

Martin’s youngest cat is Peety. His favorite food is Special Kitty’s Duck and Wild Rice. But Peety suddenly became sick and Martin became worried over her kitten’s health.

“He started drinking a lot of water and he quit eating his favorite food: the [Special Kitty] duck,” Martin said.

She wanted to find out what was going on and found the empty pouch of Special Kitty food from the garbage. She saw a new UPC code sticker glued over the old recalled UPC code.

Martin was furious and contacted her local news station. Wal-Mart issued this statement to the news team:

“All the Special Kitty cat food on sale at Wal-Mart is unrelated to the original cat food recall. Our supplier didn’t want to destroy the brand new and unused packaging in its warehouse. So when it came time to restart production, it placed stickers with new UPC’s and QU OK on the packaging to show that the product inside was from new, safe batches.”

But Martin doesn’t believe their statement.

“Before they put it back on the shelf, [they should] check their stuff and watch more carefully before they do it again. Quit being greedy. They just want the money. They don’t care about the animals,” she stated.

Wal-Mart also said that effective August 28, Menu Foods will only ship merchandise that has the new UPC code printed on the package to avoid confusion.

The news team also tried contacting Menu Foods, but a spokesperson said they were prohibited from speaking to the media due to a gag order.

Source: WTVQ

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27 Responses to “Woman Claims Cat Sick From Eating Wal-Mart Special Kitty Cat Food”

  1. Rocky says:

    “Now, Melissa Martin, a Kentucky woman, said her cat is also sick from eating these Special Kitty cat food pouches that have the new UPC sticker over the old recalled UPC code.”

    Don’t use ANYTHING made by MENU FOODS, and don’t buy pet food from WAL-MART.

  2. 5CatMom says:

    Take a look at MENU FOODS’ stock price.

    The 52 week high is $7.47 Can. The stock closed yesterday at $2.22 Can.

    When their stock price was HIGH, MENU FOODS bought cheap wheat flour from China, didn’t test it, killed thousands of pets, and was “shocked” by this development.

    Now that MENU’s stock price is LOW, do you really think they are making BETTER FOOD?

    MENU FOODS is an INCOME FUND. Menu is in business to make money, NOT healthful pet food.



  3. Don Earl says:


    Why is the assumption that because this food was not part of the recall, that it should be presumed to be safe?

    As even the least enlightened should be aware by now, new batches of pet food containing deadly toxins are being turned out by the boxcar load every day.

  4. Lynne says:

    People, people, stop buying from WalMart!

  5. Carol says:

    I wonder how many other cats are being sickened by this food. In February I thought I was “alone” having a cat with acute renal failure and then 3 weeks later a second cat with it.. It was too unreal to be a coincidence my vet said—then the news broke….Is this just another February happening all over again? I hope the news stations (network) pick this up as I wonder how many me’s are out there not knowing the food may be the culprit. Although it is hard to believe that pet parents don’t know about all this—-but we have the luxury of Itchmo and devoted searchers here to learn from. We are the minority however. I wish we had some feedback on the original cat parent with the four sick cats……….

  6. Carol says:

    I also wonder about this so called gag order—-I thought it was to pet parents in the US not to the press or attorneys—and isn’t MF a Canadian company and why would a US court order be valid for them???

  7. Carol says:

    Didn’t the original recal start with ” a few isolated cases of ARF in the US”?

    That comment on the news is what made me try for 23 hours to call MF on March 17 to let them know it was not so isolated!!! And was the reason I called the emergency FDA phone line that weekend—(that was a waste of time)

    I for one will be watching this very closely.

  8. Carol says:

    I just watched the video from the news station that covered this new complaint and Itchmo is mentioned and actually shown on the news story—-hats off to Itchmo—you are making a difference.

  9. nora says:

    So many poor suffering kitties will die and NEVER be acknowleged because their owners are TOTALLY uninformed and won’t bother to speak to anyone informed about this horror. I KNOW THIS. So many dogs will and have suffered the same fate with NO COMPREHENSION from their owners because so many pet owners have been sucessfully brainwashed by the big Pet Food Corps. When I am OUT THERE trying so hard to inform people whose young or old dogs have Tumors or skin growths or other ongoing conditions NOT RESPONDING to the drugs the vets keep selling them (being fed Science Diet, Iams and Purina and Eukauba, ect…) to start cooking for their animals, Their eyes glaze over and they act like I am a fanatic and then chant what their vets have told them over and over. These are the people who keep the Big Pet Food corps in business. SICKENING! I love you Itchmo. Please know that.

  10. Claudia says:

    Hopefully someone will have the resources to send that food off to Expertox for testing. It would be very interesting to see what turns up. Melamine? Cyanuric acid? Acetaminophen? Something else? Here we go again. I’m pretty sure that if this new batch turns up poisoned, Menu either A. took the food that was returned and repackaged it or B. never really did any testing of their raw product like they said they would or C. are using tainted vitamins in their food.

    It would be in their best interest to not p-off WalMart, seeing how they’re just about their last customer. Are these people stupid or what?

  11. Sharon says:

    They aren’t worried about Walmart. Walmart has not changed anything and will continue to use them as a manufacturer. Walmart is evil. If you buy pet food there then you are responsible for the death of your pet.

  12. Elaine says:


    My experience trying to warn friends, exactly! I call it the EGO thing. (Eyes Glaze Over)
    What can we do, except keep telling them each time we find out new info?
    One friend was feeding dog treats purchased from Walmart, I informed her about the chicken strips killing pets, and her reply “I feed them BEEF strips.” Completely missed the point that Made In China was the problem, not chicken or beef! Aaagh!

  13. highnote says:

    I do not think that it was old food that Menu was trying to sale. I think it is new and there is something wrong with it. I do not think Wal Mart would continue buying from them if they know that what they are saling would be killing pets. Their sales would go down too and they care too much about that.
    If Menu wanted to stay in business at all they should have tested all of their pet ingredients. Many companies have stopped doing business with them and that would have been the only way to rebuild confidence in their products. If they are still putting out poison food then they may as well shut down. I do not understand why Menu would be so stupid to sale more tainted food. Is this their way of trying to make a last ditch for money before they have to close down?
    What is scary is if Menu is still buying foreign vitamins, etc. and other companies are doing the same without any testing of the ingredients. All of these companies are going to go out of business if they don’t realize they have to start testing their ingredients.

  14. Not a again says:

    Menu foods does not buy vitamins from cheap companies. Every single ingredients that come through the doors is being tested! I think they get it now :) You are right they are straight in it to make $$ and they are in a bind and know they can not have anymore mistakes if they are to continue making investors money.

  15. E. Hamilton says:

    The DELAY of the recall was CRUEL and totally beyond forgiving.

    Menu HARASSED grieving victims and they did it deliberately so they can go right down the drain that the company is circling TODAY as far as I am concerned.

    Poisoning the pets was NOT good enough for a lot of pet food companies, they had to twist the knife , daily, for all these months!

    And then put out , they SAY, a new product with cheapy stickers hiding the UPC of the POISON ( nice reminder you a$$holes), make it a bit HARDER for people to find safe food, not even acknowledge that Menu OUGHT to be down on their knees thanking a consumer for being brave enough to buy their crap after what they have done. No, Menu is toast and that is the nicest thing I can say without mentioning screen doors.

    Menu COULD have stopped the damned 16 “official” deaths lie, with ONE news release, did they?

    If the entire executive staff of Menu Foods crawled across Canada, weeping and wailing and begged for my forgiveness, I MIGHT consider it. And I might not.

  16. Claudia says:

    Seems strange how there’s no “snitch” coming out from any of these companies. You’d think that there might be one person in all of this that would have some sort of conscience. It’s probably like trying to get out of the Hell’s Angels. One word and you’re as good as dead.

  17. mittens says:

    you simply can never buy from menu foods again .

    in an honest world where there are repercusions for actions, menu foods would have been severely punished and shut completely down until exactly what went wrong was discovered and broadcast . they would not be allowed to reopen until every claim against them was paid and every speck of dust was tested before it went out on a can, let alone the thorough testing of the contents.

    but we do not live in that world. itr’s never going to happen- the right thing. you can never buy from them again.

  18. Jay says:

    Is anyone else getting tired of these PFI or other paid informants showing up with their apologias, excuses and insinuations? We must be on to something new. These creeps ar starting to proliferate here and on Pet Connection. We know you. Shame on you. The responsible companies will not get away with this, now or ever. This investigation is going on until Menu is kaput, finished, destroyed and, hopefully, some of the executives are doing some time for the killings.

  19. 5CatMom says:

    “Every single ingredients that come through the doors is being tested!”

    Here’s a company that didn’t know the difference between wheat flour with brown crystaline specks and WHEAT GLUTEN.

    They’re probably still trying to find the ON/OFF switch on the analyzer.

  20. Roberto P. says:

    And then over on the forums, Menusux copied the FDA’s August refusal report. Wheat Gluten being imported from China. Refused at the border, reasons - poisonous, unsafe additives, contaminated, etc. (And don’t forget the less than 1% inspection rate.) The sh*t-for-brains we call pf companies are still ordering that crap and we seem to be seeing another increase in pet deaths again. And, of course, pet treats being refused due to contamination, Salmonella, etc. I wonder how much of the gluten was for Menu and how many treats for WalMart. My remaining pets are now on homecooked. My wife and I have rules now: No commercial petfood, no MF, no P&G, no C-P, no WalMart.

  21. Katie says:

    I don’t support Wal Mart. I try to believe that Menu Foods would not chance making poison food again. But, I wonder if they are truly testing every ingredient? makes me wonder if any of the pet food companies (PFI or not) are testing every ingredient. My dog is a survivor and has been on home cooked since the end of March. I can’t help but wonder with all the contamination across so many brands and different types of food if the contamination is in some ingredient (like the vitamins that so often get mentioned here) that is common to all the food.

    Roberto: we have the same rules in our house.


  22. Jenny Bark says:

    MF, I will never forgot about the beautiful dogs & cats YOU keep caged with no one to love them & no decent live to live. How long did it take you to kill them? How many have you killed over the years? What was it like to watch them suffer in a cage they couldn’t get out of every day while you keep making money? When you people come on here you want us to feel for you & tell us you have pets too, how evil.

    I don’t know how you people sleep at night or look at any human in the eyes & that goes for the people who worked for you too. All pets are good & depend on us. You don’t ever have to ask me to forgive you & I’m glad you never will BUT you will beg for someone bigger & greater than any of us to forgive you & he knows everything & hates evil. Have a good nights sleep for tomorrow is a new day for you to worship your $.

  23. Anonymous says:

    My dog has cancer. He loves “Peanut Butter” Biscuits from Wal-MArt. He ate them. But what is hard to understand is that he ate from a bag with a new upc label on it. Under the new label is the recalled upc number. I phoned my local Wal-mart and told them about it. The managers acted like they did not know a thing about it. So, I decided to buy more bags off the shelf and held them up in the air yelling, “I hope your cameras are watching me buy this tainted dog food” as I went through the cash register. The cashier freaked and looked at the recalled number being hid. She closed her register down and said”oh my god, my dog eats these too”. Thank God I have family in the medical business. We are sending these peanut butter biscuits to 3 different company’s to test for the chemical melamine. These are very expensive machines. In addition, my brother in- law works for David Letterman. As we speak, he is contacting David. I am watching my dog die. I hope he goes on the show with me. Can you believe Walmart is asking me to file claims. And calling me every day. Before my father died he told me to stay calm. Sorry dad, not this time!!! Something stinks here. I lost 3 babies and was not able to have children so I got a dog instead. This is my child.

  24. Best Buy Consumer Reports says:

    Best Buy Consumer Reports

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

  25. Cathy says:

    Stop buying from Walmart. They are only interested in profit, not people or this country. They are helping to ruin our economy so they can stuff their pockets. Don’t go to Walmart!!!!!!!!

  26. cat suddenly sick says:

    […] and Wild Rice. But Peety suddenly became sick and Martin became worried over her kitten??s health.http://www.itchmo.com/woman-claims-cat-sick-from-eating-wal-mart-special-kitty-cat-food-2669Top Five Current Garth Ennis Comics Top Five Month continues with a look at the top five current […]

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don’t buy cheap food for my kitties or pups. Only good stuff. It costs more ,but they’re healthy and happy.

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