Woman Faces Problem Of Luring Out Cat Hidden Inside Wall


Freddy is one stubborn but scared cat. And Tonya Payne has no idea how to help him.

Payne is a Colorado landlord that has been trying to clean up after her renter left the house when he moved out. Payne is not only dealing with stained carpets that are now ruined and large holes in the walls, but she is also trying to get Freddy the cat out from the wall.

The previous tenant, Freddy’s owner, told a neighbor that he couldn’t keep the cat anymore and said that he wasn’t taking the cat with him. The neighbor went inside of the vacant house and saw Freddy standing in the living room, and then he took off.

The neighbor said that Freddy went into a hole that leads into the inner workings of an old tub. The four-year-old cat has not been seen since. The neighbor said that the cat is frightened and doesn’t want to come out. She said that Freddy has always been a little jumpy.

Freddy has been hiding inside the wall for more than a week, and Payne has run out of ideas of how to get him out.

She put a piece of dried cod on an end of a stick to lure him out. That failed. She tried catnip, noise and anything else that she could think of. That also failed.

She placed a piece of clear plexiglass over the hole that Freddy went through to get inside of the wall. At night, this cat leaves his hole at when no one else is around to eat, drink and take care of business in the litter box. Payne placed the plexiglass in such a way with hinges that the makeshift door would allow Freddy to walk out of the hole, but not back in. But that failed and Freddy was still able to get back into his hole.

Payne has even contacted an animal communicator.

Since Freddy is in the guts of an old tub, a bigger hole cannot be simply cut to retrieve the cat.

This landlord is at a loss of what to do with Freddy. She even put an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone has any suggestions. She even is willing to give the person that helps Freddy come out from the wall and adopts him free cat food for a year. Her phone has been ringing off the hook, but Freddy is still hiding. There is someone that does want to adopt Freddy when he comes out from the wall.

As of Friday evening, Payne had received more than 200 suggestions from people around the area. Someone suggested classical music. One person said that vinegar would lure Freddy out. Someone even said to put a leash around a mouse’s neck.

Food and water is being left for Freddy every night. He seems to be doing well. This cat is just scared and doesn’t want to come out.

Do you know how to lure a cat out that’s hiding inside a wall?

Source: 9News.com

8 Responses to “Woman Faces Problem Of Luring Out Cat Hidden Inside Wall”

  1. pat says:

    poor Freddy! i once had the problem of luring a cat out of a drainpipe. it took about 3 weeks of patient wheedling, and I got scratched up pretty badly when I finally got close enough to grab him, but it was certainly satisfying when the poor little thing was finally out of there. i adopted him out and hope that he’s still going strong; he was such a nice cat… just shy. at least i could see him in there though. i’m guessing that the woman mentioned here has tried the feral cat trap method to no avail. there must be something Freddy likes enough to be lured into a trap though… it’s probably just a matter of finding the right “bait”

  2. Lisa says:

    Having lived trapped MANY MANY unwilling and scared/wild cats, I would say setting up a live trap with some strong smelling can food would do the trick. Just don’t OPEN the trap with Freddie in it, until you have him in a secure spot and he can’t escape outside, or back into a hole.

    Set up the trap at night, bait it and leave until morning.

    Should work. But you only get one shot at trapping him. If you trap him, and let him out, you won’t get him to go back in more then likely.


  3. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    We’re with Lisa. If Freddy is sneaking out at night, a live trap of some sort should be able to capture him.

    A ‘critter remover’ expert likely would have some other hints.

  4. MaineMom says:

    Call local rescues to find a large double ended trap (sometimes referred to as a racoon trap). After setting it, cover the bottom with newspaper and place really “evil” smelling cat food at the back. Cover all but the opening with a cloth or towel and, the hard part, check every hour to see if the cat has been trapped. If you can’t be close to the location, use cell phones or walkie/talkie devices to monitor the sound when the trap releases. Once trapped, get him to a vet ASAP, where he can be lightly sedated by injection in the cage if necessary, for a vet check. I’ve TNR’d many cats this way. The double ended trap makes it much easier for the vet to remove the cat. And Lisa is right -you’ll only get one chance. They are instant learners!

  5. Rachel Moreno says:

    I am very good at making kitten noises. It makes a lot of cats in my neighborhood curious. I am sorry about the cat. Hope this helps!

  6. KuriousK says:

    I am dealing with stray kittens right now and We have caught 2 and they are given loving homes. They were both very friendly but the other 2 are very stubborn. Milk. Warm Milk will do the trick. IF not, then maybe some tuna will do it
    .I also lured a cat out with kitten noises if that helps at all.

  7. Fred says:

    Starve him…he will come out eventually. If that doesn’t work than a leaf blower

  8. Dark Wolf says:

    Try using canned food or a can of tuna, while doing this try sitting away from the bowl in a corner or against a wall. Try not to appear threatening or the cat may not even want to even look at you, never mind excepting anything from you. Every time you go to feed him try placing the bowl a little closer to you each night. *WARNING* This process could take a while… Meaning a month or two… Try talking to him as well in a “small” friendly voice while he eats… Don’t make any sudden movements and try to leave anything that makes noises someplace safe, Cell Phones, pagers, ect… The less there is to scare him the easier it will be to win him over. Possibly he’ll jump into your arms and beg for love. I had to go through the same situation and process with one of my cats because of a neighbors over hyper rotty that scared my cat into a cinder-block wall. It only took me a week to regain the trust of my cat, but I’ve heard of a month to two months before. As long as the cat doesn’t have anything that could threaten his life he should be fine till he warms up to you. And good luck. Give kitty lots of love for me…

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