Woman Finds Pet Zebra Roaming Outside Of House


An Oklahoma woman was completely surprised to find a zebra walking on her driveway last week.

Sharon McConough heard her dog Bizzy barking outside, but she didn’t think much of it until she looked out the window. She saw a zebra in her yard. She automatically went to get her camera because she thought no one would believe her if she just told them that she saw a zebra in her driveway.

McConough said: “It was about midnight, and I’d just shut off my computer and I got up and went to look outside. It’s so weird, you can’t imagine what it’s like to look out a glass door and see a zebra trotting down the driveway.”

She thinks that the zebra has visited before because she has seen her dog’s food scattered everywhere and in the water bowl. She said Bizzy doesn’t do that with his food. She also noticed the cat food bowls had a big tongue lick imprint on them, and she said her cats definitely don’t do that either.

A plant that the dog can’t reach was also knocked down.

McConough has stayed up every night since the spotting, but she hasn’t seen the zebra since. She still is on the lookout for a loose zebra in the neighborhood.

She thinks the zebra is someone’s pet because it is wearing a halter.

And yes, in fact, the zebra is someone’s pet. His name is Norman and he is now back at home. Norman belongs to Amy Saxon, who raises Arabian horses for show.

Norman is her baby, and she said that he doesn’t know he’s a zebra. Saxon takes Norman with her wherever she goes, except Arabian shows, where he gets all of the attention.

Source: Muskogee Phoenix

3 Responses to “Woman Finds Pet Zebra Roaming Outside Of House”

  1. MaryP says:

    Please Amy, keep a closer watch on Norman. It would be terrible for you and NORMAN if something were to happen to him while he is out wandering. He should NEVER become someone’s trophy!

  2. Furbabies says:

    I would love to have a zebra visit me! With the owner, of course, along for protection.

  3. Jessica Nyquist says:

    I would love for a zebra to stop by my house. You don’t see that every day.

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