Woman Lists Dog Chewed Vick Cards On eBay For Animal Shelter

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Who knew that something that your dog chewed up could be so valuable?

Rochelle Steffen, a dog owner, was completely disgusted by Michael Vick and his involvement in dog fighting. She was so mad that she tossed out all of her Vick trading cards and gave them to her dogs.

Steffen has almost nearly 50,000 trading cards, and she gave 22 Vick cards to her dogs to chew up. She is selling the remains on eBay and will donate 100% of the winning bid money to an animal shelter of the bidder’s choice. If the bidder doesn’t have a specific animal shelter, Steffen will donate the money to her local animal shelter in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Steffen’s dogs, a six-year-old Weimaraner named Monte and a Great Dane puppy named Roxie, mangled the 22 cards that were worth between $1 to $10 each. Steffen said the value of the cards don’t matter and said if she had expensive Vick cards, she would have tossed those to the dogs also.

The cards were crumpled, crimped, chewed, torn and in a horrible state. Some even have corners missing. “The puppy chewed up a couple and lost interest. But my 6-year-old literally chewed up every card I gave him,” Steffen said. She added that she did not allow the dogs to actually eat any portion of the trading cards.

Steffen hopes that this will bring more attention to dog fighting and animal abuse.

As of Friday morning, the highest bid was at $455 with a total of 32 bidders. The eBay auction ends Wednesday.

There is another eBay auction where someone else was selling a dog chewed up Vick card. The Pennsylvania man is selling a Vick card chewed up by his lab mix, Lilli. He said he will donate the proceeds to the Humane Society in Beaver, Pennsylvania. So far, the highest bid is at $51.00 with 20 bids. The auction ends this evening.

Source: AJC.com

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6 Responses to “Woman Lists Dog Chewed Vick Cards On eBay For Animal Shelter”

  1. straybaby says:

    i did a quick search and found another auction by the woman, plus a couple others.


  2. Sue White says:

    Can you find out why Ebay pulled the auction on the Dog Chewed Vick cards? Last night it had over $1500 in bids when I checked. And I read all the poignant comments to the owner on how great it was that she was doing this- and she responded to them all. Today - the auction is gone! No explanation at all. A new one has gone up with the same photo of the dog, no mention at all of giving to shelters- just weird notes “dog lovers let’s try this again” and that ” i will do good things with this…hint, hint”. All the stuff she wrote before ….gone….All comments…gone. I can’t reach Ebay, can you? This got such good publicity and folks were saying in their comments that they were giving to their local shelters. Now…. nothing. Was she a scammer? How did she get caught, if so? Auction was not to end until Sunday…Puzzling and a shame as it would have been at least $1500 to a shelter…

    Look forward to hearing from you or reading about it on Itchmo. Thanks for all that you do - especially on the Pet Recalls.


    Sue, we contacted the seller of the auction. She said that eBay took the auction off because it violated “charity rules.” She didn’t go into detail of what the violation was. She said the new auction is the same as the old one.

  3. straybaby says:

    her auction is back up over $1,000 and it looks like a few others have jumped on the band wagon.

    she may have violated the charity rules by not being an org or some such thing. i know dal rescue has auctioned paintings and other items no prob.

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  5. Cait says:

    I hope the money goes to the Cape Girardeau Animal Shelter- they’re a great group and severely underfunded.

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    […] Steffen had her dogs, Monte and Roxie, chew up 22 Vick cards, she listed the remnants on eBay, and then she sold them for the whopping amount of […]

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