Woman Offers Florida Vacation In Return For Missing Dog

MikeySusan Roberti is willing to do almost anything to find her missing Yorkie.

Mikey went missing more than a week ago from her fenced-in yard in Bronx, New York. Roberti, a nurse, is desperate to find her “baby”. She posted up 3,000 flyers in her neighborhood.

And she is even offering her annual vacation to Orlando to the person who can bring her back Mikey. She said she would rather stay home with her dog than go on vacation.

“It is not the same magnitude as the loss of a child, but it’s right up there,” she said. “It’s an emptiness; it’s like you lost a part of me.”

Five-pound Mikey is microchipped and is mostly black, with a tan face and legs and gray hair on top of his head.

After reading about Roberti’s situation, a fellow Yorkie owner has offered to put in an additional $1,000 to the reward. Susan Behlmar, a retired special education teacher, said she will also help by going to shelters to see if Mikey is there.

Roberti is offering the reward with no questions asked.

Source: New York Daily News

5 Responses to “Woman Offers Florida Vacation In Return For Missing Dog”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    We can only pray that little Mikey is still alive and unharmed. So many heartless devils out there. It is so scary. I know this lady misses her furbaby. That picture is just precious. PLEASE FIND MIKEY.

  2. DOG LOVER says:

    how can people be so cruel. pets are like kids to alot of people anymore, and people still have the heart to do something like this. i hope who ever took the lil dog brings it back and i hope he is ok. you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Tanya says:

    I hope he just got lost, wandering around. i doubt that’s teh case, though.

    I hope she finds her baby!

  4. mittens says:

    well, now we’re all doomed- we have to offer mint classic cars, rewards in the 6 digits and vacations to get our’ lost’ pets back…

  5. Carol Johnson says:

    If it were my beloved animal….and I had something valuable to offer (not many people want a severn year old Subaru with 170,000 animal rescue miles)….I would do the same…but it is not really a good thing….it encourages the low lifes and bottom feeders.

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