Woman Rescues Abandoned Dog In Plastic Bag

LockyLocky, a five-year-old white poodle, is recovering from her horrible incident.

She was found in a white plastic garbage bag tossed in the Pennsylvania woods. Tatum Porter, a teacher, found the bag when she was walking her dog.

There was another dog in the bag that was already dead.

Porter said that Locky’s fur was matted and smelled of urine. She rushed the thin dog to the animal hospital. Locky was cleaned up and her fur was shaved. The veterinarian said she was only suffering from malnutrition and is on her way to recovery. She is looking much better and her condition has drastically improved.

The Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition is offering a $500 reward for anyone with information about the case.

The director said, “To put live animals in a plastic bag and and throw them out like trash is unbelievable. It’s a red flag to the community that there’s a deranged person running around.”

Porter said that she will adopt Locky when she is released from the animal hospital. She said she wants Locky to be in a home where she will be happy and cared for.

Source: The Morning Call

Photo: WFMZ

6 Responses to “Woman Rescues Abandoned Dog In Plastic Bag”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Contrast this story with the “pigeon man” ~ just makes me sick to my stomach. I’m glad that at least one dogger survived and will have a good, loving home now. I cringe thinking of what those two dogs must have gone through.

  2. NH says:

    What a sick person! Who would do that to an animal. I’m so glad that woman was walking by and saved the pup. That poor thing. I hope the person who did this has a rotten Christmas and a rotten 2008.

  3. Nancy VB says:

    Years ago we had a neighbor that found a garbage bag with five new born puppies frozen to death. If some one can do this I’m afraid of what else they could do.

  4. Lynn says:

    Truly disgusting. I can’t imagine how callous - oh, there aren’t enough words to describe what I feel.

    I’m so glad Ms. Porter is Locky’s guardian angel.

  5. hazel says:

    I will not call the person who did this human …they are a moral monster.

  6. Denise says:

    Hi everyone it really amazes me that people could be so hurtful and hurt a helpless dog or any animal or person like that. just to know that there are sick deranged people out there like this. that poor dog sufffered and suffered and I can only imagine what the other one went through before it died. this stuff is really scary and you know they deserve exactly what they give and then some. If the laws were stricter they might think twice and i would have taken that litle dog to the vet and kept it. take care everone and merry christmas. PS keep your pets and kids safe.

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