Woman Rescues Pet Dog From Python

PoppyA British woman fought with a 14 feet Burmese python to save her pet dog, Poppy.

Catherine Leonard was walking with four-year-old Poppy and two other dogs on a Hong Kong trail when a python jumped on Poppy and began to bite her and coil its body around the helpless dog.

Leonard heard her dog screaming and ran to free her 45-pound dog and began to kick and punch the snake.

“I’m not sure exactly what I did but I kicked it and I tried to pull Poppy free. The snake was twisted around her, that was the problem,” she said.

Poppy somehow got away and the python escaped the scene.

Leonard said she was very shaken and scared after the incident. She added if she had the chance to think about what she did, she probably wouldn’t have started kicking and punching the snake. But she heard her dog screaming, and instinctively she knew she had to do whatever it took to save her dog because of a previous incident.

Last July, a 48-pound husky was crushed to death by a python on the same trail.

“I knew that if I didn’t do anything the snake would get her, because I knew what had happened to the husky last year,” stated Leonard.

She said that the python should be captured and relocated for the safety of people and their pets. She said “that snake means business.”

A policeman and a local snake catcher searched for the python but unfortunately didn’t find the snake. He said that Leonard was extremely brave and saved her dog’s life. He added that Poppy would have been dead within five minutes if she had not stepped in to save him.

He advised anyone trying to rescue a dog being crushed by a python to “start at the tail and get the coils off the dog and leave the head until last.”

Source: Telegraph

5 Responses to “Woman Rescues Pet Dog From Python”

  1. KimS says:

    Wow, maybe, possibly it’s time to not go on that trail anymore. I’d think people would keep away from it now.

  2. catmom5 says:

    That is one brave lady! I agree that the trail should be closed until that snake is caught.

  3. Lynn says:

    Absolutely - trial should be closed. Goes to show what we’ll do for our pets.

  4. nora says:

    This gal had the same reaction I would have had. Kicking and punching was a pure gut reaction to save her beloved pooch and Poppy is a lucky dog. I just want to hug both her and Poppy! That poor Husky!!!! It would be an awful and terrifying way to go.

  5. Jenny Bark says:

    Love is greatest thing you can have. She just reacted without any thought of what the out come would be. I think all of us would do the same thing without thinking. Faith, Hope, Love and the greatest is Love. I am just so happy it turned out good for both of them.

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