Woman Saves Cat From Abuse

PumpkinA Milwaukee Good Samaritan rescued a kitten from being abused by a group of boys.

Pamela Klak saw the group of boys about to hang the cat on a tree. As she walked by to stop the boys, they ran away. She untied the kitten and then took her to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

The kitten is doing well and has recovered, and she has been named Pumpkin. This precious Pumpkin has been adopted into a new and loving home to call her own.

The boys involved in the incident have not been caught yet.

Source: WNBC, Wisconsin Humane Society

(Thanks Joyce)

15 Responses to “Woman Saves Cat From Abuse”

  1. Amanda says:

    Poor Pumpkin!!!! Thank heavens this woman saw it and stopped the boys. They need to find these boys fast and throw the book at them. If they are doing this NOW I hate to think what they will do in the future!

    How many other cats or animals have they hurt and not been caught??

  2. Cathy says:

    What is wrong with kids these days? You hear about so many of them abusing animals the last few years. I am so glad my 20 and 17 year olds are animal lovers.

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    There is no excuse for that murderous behavior. I hope something horrible happens to those boys. Sweet little Pumpkin. She almost died a horrible death.

  4. KarlaSanDiego says:

    find them and hang them over a tree

  5. Tanya says:

    Ok, people, let’s take a breath here. *if* these are boys, like 12 and under, this is nothing new “today” or “in the last few years”. Young boys are, biologically or because of society, likely to try things that we find stupid and cruel. they burn ants, they take legs off spiders to watch them crawl, and i assure you, having grown up around farms, they do what we would call “torterous” things to animals.

    It’s like they are exploring limits; life and death; pain and suffering. our boys do not hunt anymore, and maybe it’s a biological reaction to that, who knows.

    but without more facts of the age of these “boys”, you need to remember the fact that kids are learning about life, about morality, about pain. *NOTHING* suggests that treating animals poorly when you are very young is a path towards moral degeneration. What is suggested is that if you do not ask “what were you doing” “why did you think that was an ok thing to do”, THEN you begin to have morality/social issues.

    And nora, why do you hope something horrible happens to these boys? Do you really hate human beings this much?

  6. Macushla says:

    Tanya — give us a break. Pschyopaths start out torturing animals. I don’t think “horrible” things should happen to the boys but I do think they need counseling. Most kids stop at the bug stage. When it escalates from there, it becomes a problem. (Remember the “kids” who attacked the animal shelter and killed or injured most of the animals?) Not normal behavior.

  7. shibadiva says:

    Boys will be boys? And, hey, they are just exploring life, morality and pain?

    Regardless of whether this escalates, they need a lesson NOW.

  8. Velvet's Dad says:

    Tanya is right–to a point. Seven is generally considered the “age of reason.” But the crux of the matter is more complex. It has to do with one’s inherent sense of compassion and empathy. We come into the world with a kind of blank slate. But that slate is filled with tiny seeds, one of which is certainly the ability to empathize and feel compassion for others. Either we are nurtured in a way to grow and develop such traits as empathy and compassion, and develop respect for life and all living things, or the opposite occurs.

    As a male, yes, when young I too “experimented” but never with anything more than ants. Seeing a squirrel once shot when I was young sickened me. I grew up intrigued by and loving animals and have enjoyed many years of animal companionship.

    What these boys need is to be located and sat down and taught some lessons and here again, Tanya is right. I would also examine the home life these and like-minded boys have. Something important is missing from their upbringing. That’s the job of parenthood–to be the role-models, to lead, to educate, to nurture, to love. When parents fail, and the children have reached what society defines as “maturity” and “adulthood” it is too late for nurturing. That’s why our prisons overflow.

    Girls when young are given dolls–there’s a serious point behind doing so and the hope is that through play, these girls will develop their innate sense of protection for the young and helpless.

    When we as a society learn that boys–in a civlized society–no longer need to play with guns but could use, if not a doll, then perhaps an animal playmate to draw out their own innate sense of protecting the young and helpless–every bit present in boys as in girls–then we might begin to form a less violent society, a society where the compassionate in the male–and not the macho–is rewarded.

  9. Payle ryder says:

    On the subject of ‘kids will be kids’ from the age of 12 until I was 16 I lived in Mexico City. Any of my peers I found being cruel to animals I beat on until my hands and feet were sore and/or I figured they had paid enough in blood/teeth/broken bones etc. Even more fun if there was a group or they had weapons since it entitled me to use maximum force. Afterwards I found the animal a good home with one of the embassies known to be kind to animals such as the British, Austriailan, or United States and donated any money the abusers had to vet bills or an animal charity in the area
    Result: VERY fast drop off in amimal cruelty in a six block area and kids who not only learned from experience, but worked as a highly effective example of “cruelty to animals can seriously damage your health”

  10. Cathy says:

    I think Tanya is out of touch with reality. There is NO excuse whatever for their behavior.

  11. The Lioness says:

    Cathy, I agree.

    ~The Lioness

  12. kaefamily says:

    If I purely reacted to my anger; not sound logic then I would feel those kids needed to be skinned alive over an over fire. However, after taking a deep breath I have to agree with Velvet’s Dad. Compassion goes a long way. Violence only begets to more violence. And what could be accomplished from that?

  13. mittens says:

    there is in point of fact a direct relationship between the torturing and killing of animals considered pets and some of the most depraved forms of adult violence against humans such as sociopathic sexual sadism , severe spousal and child abuse and serial murder. many studies have been done about it-tons on serial murderers in particular.

    none of the males i know who hunt and own guns are cruel to animals. however there are plenty of boys out there who do own guns and are cruel. there’s no point in that point. hunting is a means to an end- preferable for food often mixed with sport and not of it’s nature cruel. cruelty is an end in itself-. sadism-enjoying the pain of something in your control is a specific paraphilia- not the natural state of males.

    saying boys will be boys gives sanction to rape ,murder, and cruelty against humans and animals because it’s ‘ natural’. another flimsy excuse for reprehensible behavior and lack of parenting that’s populated our society with selfish, thoughtless criminal sociopaths haphazardly leaving trails of destruction in the wake of their pathetic, twisted lives. this sort of thinking posing as anthropological/ sociological scientific ‘ fact’ has caused incalcuable misery and leads any society it crops up in to destruction.

    would the nazis and hitler have been stopped in their genocidal path without violence? would love have cured them? brutes and tyrants only understand brutality and violence. it’s the only thing that can stop them. compassion is for the truly innocent-it’s the only ones it works on. if youre hanging cats from trees youre like a mad dog too far gone- probably best to put you down. if i catch anyone harming my animals i will hurt them not spin useless philosophical jack off about modern society vis a vis the hunter male motif.

    when we no longer value power over others as the ultimate personal attainment for ANY human, male or female, and live in a society that has respect for life instead of an erotically charged, omnipresent worship of brute force as the end all and be all of living a valuable, worthwhile life we won’t be suffused in what is basically socially sanctioned( with a wink) cruelty. men have to stop worshiping themselves as god because they ain’t her. we live in a necrophilic society born of fear of our own helpless mortality. killing things and causing them pain is the way some opt to fight against their own relative impotence in the universe. it’s no wonder the cruelest of them all are more often then not the weakest of them all which shows up in their penchant for going after the helpless( such as relatively defenseless kittens) and preying on society’s weakest, least supported members( such as killers who target children and drug addled prostitutes).

  14. Jenny Bark says:

    Velvet’s Dad, “As a male, yes, when young I too “experimented” but never with anything more than ants. Seeing a squirrel once shot when I was young sickened me. I grew up intrigued by and loving animals and have enjoyed many years of animal companionship. ”
    To me this is a young boy that would grow up to be a decent man & a gift to the world.

    Cathy & lioness, I agree with both of you. I was brought up in a home with guns & hunters. We where all taught way before 12 that you don’t hurt an animal & you do not shoot except to save a life or for food. If you hunted & your shot wasn’t clean you tracked the animal until you found it so it did not suffer. I never hunted because of my love for animals but even at my age i’n still pretty good with a gun but I sure know the rules.

    Imo this was a kitten not ants & these kids should know the difference. That tree in the picture looks pretty big & it’s on a street in frount of houses so in my mind they were not even a little bit afraid of being caught. Imo kids should start being taught at a very early age about pain (when they fall & get hurt), suffering (when they or a friend get sick), Love, & etc. I can’t help wondering about the time, Halloween & a black cat & also since this was in the open if it was there first cat. Imo they are not being taught right at home & think they need to get caught & they & their family needs counseling for them to become decent adults & parents. Right now they got away with it so what is next?

  15. Donna says:

    I accept no excuses for abuse of any type. Age , size. No excuses. Clean up society. Three years or seventy years. No excuses. All offenders should “experiance” what ever behavior they displayed to an innocent animal. This would stop the future of abuser .Put on national t.v. and play the story out. Not a tear drop of symnpathy for an abuser from me.

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