Woman Saves Cat From Coyote

CosmoHer children may have thought that she was a bit crazy, but Jennifer Foster saved a life of a cat.

When Foster was driving home with her four children, she saw a coyote running across the street. She then suddenly noticed a cat in the coyote’s mouth.

Foster jumped out of the car and started yelling, clapping and chasing the coyote. She shouted “Drop it! Drop it!” at the coyote that was trying to climb a hill with the 17-pound cat in its mouth.

She was so focused on trying to save the cat that Foster didn’t even realize that there was another coyote right behind her. A lover of animals, Foster could not bear to see the cat die.

Foster was also so focused and emotional about the cat because her husband had just passed away a few days before.

The coyote finally dropped the cat, and Foster said she thinks the coyote let the cat go because he was so big, and the coyote couldn’t run away from Foster chasing him with the cat in his mouth.

Foster took the cat to the vet to be examined. The cat had a punctured lung and was having trouble breathing. She was afraid the cat would have to be euthanized.

When Foster was driving home, she saw neighbors searching for their cat. Bob Gerace and Jackie York had been looking for Cosmo, their ten-year-old missing indoor cat.

Foster told the couple that Cosmo was at the vet’s office.

Cosmo had surgery and is doing well and is expected to recover.

York said, “Cosmo is our baby. Our cats are our children. They are warm, affectionate and need us. I would’ve been devastated if [Foster] hadn’t saved Cosmo. There are no words to describe how much you love your cats.”

Source: Thousand Oaks Acorn

12 Responses to “Woman Saves Cat From Coyote”

  1. Lynne says:

    “Foster was also so focused and emotional about the cat because her husband had just passed away a few days before.”

    I understand. It does make you a little crazy. Bless her heart. I know that family is eternally grateful to her.

  2. Vivian says:

    I love that woman! I wish the world was full of people like her.

  3. Nancy G. says:

    Please, from now on, keep your “indoor cat” indoors! He just used up about 6 of his 9 lives.

  4. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Wow, that was awfully brave of that lady!

  5. KarlaSanDiego says:

    I love her too!! We need more Fosters. Bravo

  6. Amanda says:

    Nancy G, sometimes even my cats escape on me. If they want out they will get out even if they have to rush the door and get hit by it closing as they do so!

    It happens, obviously they didn’t want the cat out on purpose.

  7. kaefamily says:

    A good friend of ours recently lost her 11 year old adventurous indoor cat to coyotes :-(

  8. Chaoslillith says:

    I feel sorry for the coyotes, it’s hard enough for them to get a meal thanks to humans spreading like the plague that we are. I think the lady should have just let them go. She loves animals yet she just took a meal from the coyote. I have indoor cats now, growing up I had outdoor cats because their job was to keep the rodent, snake and other creature population down at my house. We expected there to be a certain amount of loss because they were part of the food chain. It’s tragic to lose your cat, but imagine how the coyote feels. They just lost a meal.

    Just pointing out the other side to this story.

  9. Donna says:

    Chaoslillith: You can feed all creatures.But, a domestic pet as a meal for a wild animal is kind of sickening. I understand nature, but will all ways admire the women that saved the cat.We feed all creatures on our rural land. Meat is put out for the fox and coyote , bread and corn for the birds and turkeys and deer.Feral cats are fed every day.We believe less violence happens in nature, with full tummies. Also is true of humans. Bravo to the lady that saved the cat. Feed wildlife,………..but stay safe. All creatures have a need to survive. We must learn to co-exist in peace.

  10. johnypaycut says:

    Coyote’s are a huge problem, i had feral cats plus 1 that lives with me.
    the buggers used to come in my yard to hunt the cats? i chose a course
    of action that ended that! i went on the attack, chased ‘em off every time
    the howled or came near.. it took almost a year? (firecrackers work to)
    if you take action they’l leave your pets alone. (however you must be
    persistant, and contine to be aggressive) each time they showed up i chased ‘em off (howling pack hunters always anounce they’r intent?)
    1 howl ,an i was outside yelling my warning , if it was close the firecrackers come out, after ’bout a year i won.. no lost cats,after 3years.
    we have a truce.. as long as you leave my cats alone i won’t shoot ?

  11. purringfur says:

    Coyotes are a big problem here, and I live where there is open land and forest. I can’t stand to hear the eerie yowling and yipping of the packs at night. We try to never walk the dogs after dark because my neighbor walked his dog on the road at night once, and he could hear the pack of coyotes “pacing” them the entire way just beyond the flat pasture… Another neighbor used to shoot coyotes regularly because they picked off his chickens one by one and came around his cows & horses.

    I know escapes can happen because my cat has escaped twice in his life, but I try to make triple sure I know that my kitty is not near the door when it gets opened.

    Thank you to the brave woman who rescued the kitty!

  12. Jill,foothills rambler says:

    your responses to the coyote/cat/human encounter were sobering. So little interest in such a beautiful, adaptible, yes wiley and actually legendary citizen of the west. As always, humans seemed to be long on stereotypes and short on science.Let’s all use our big brains here. 1 coyotes evolved with prarie dogs, mice, rabbits, foxes, badgers, weasels,mule deer, cougsrs, bear,elk…the list is very long. Draw a huge sort of web and fill in their names all over the place. They all depend upon each other. The connections will amaze you. All naturalists siply stand in awe. Run to the library and grab a book by Edward O Wilson, David Attenborough, Rachel Carson.Farley Mowat(Never Cry Wolf- this film will knock your socks off if they are still on.)
    2 as predators coyotes keep rhodent populations under control- in equilibrium if you will.They cull out the weak and sick,hard on individuals but so good for the herd(see esp. Mowat.)
    3Show your beloved pet how much you love them..keep them in!! Outdoors they face disease, cars and yes predators. Outdoors in the natual world, your cats kill so many of our beautiful native song birds that their numbers are crashing.
    Let the wild ones kive free(and don’t feed ‘em and keep yourpets idoors, please(and your dogs under your careful and loving control
    Love your Mother! Nature,that is. jill, foothills rambler

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