Woman Ticketed After Dog Kills Her Cat

A Georgia woman says that she will go to court to fight a citation she received after a dog attacked and killed her cat.

The woman came home and discovered that her cat, Bailey, was killed by a neighbor’s dog that had broken off his leash. The dog’s owner was cited by animal control officers. The woman was also cited by animal control because her cat was not on a leash.

She says that her cat was in the yard when he was attacked.

Source: WSBTV.com

2 Responses to “Woman Ticketed After Dog Kills Her Cat”

  1. wescott20 says:

    I’m really sorry about the cat. Unfortunately, the world has changed for the worse…people who want to keep their cats safe really need to keep them indoors at all times. There are just too many dangers out there nowadays. We have to look out for our loved ones ourselves…the various local authorities couldn’t care less about the safety of pets and will continue with their knee jerk brainless red tape.

  2. heather says:

    I think that the dog should be put down..

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