Woman Trains Her Seven Cats To Use Toilet


I am always simply amazed when I see a cat use the toilet. Even though I have seen it numerous times, I always wonder how do they do that. Well, here is one woman that not only toilet-trained one cat but she trained seven cats.

Wisconsin cat owner Suzanne Gmirek shares her bathroom with seven cats. (I’m sure there is quite a line to the bathroom in the morning.) Each cat (sometimes two at a time) jump on the toilet seat and take care of their business. After they are done, they wait for the treat that Gmirek has for them.

No, Gmirek is not the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. In fact, not too long ago, she really didn’t even like cats.

Her husband began feeding a feral cat outside their home. The cat then brought her five kittens to the Gmireks.

Gmirek brought the kittens into her home to “socialize” them. But she then became attached to three of them and decided to keep them. Except she had one condition.

“There was no way I could ever have had three cats and four litter boxes in the house,” said Gmirek.

She got some advice from her sister who had potty trained her cats and decided to transition the cats to the toilet.

The process took six months and it was filled with lots of trials and errors, and many accidents in almost every room in the house except for the bathroom.

Gmirek started with a special potty seat designed specifically for cats. It can be described as a litter box in the shape of a toilet seat.

After a month, she moved the special potty seat to the bathroom and gradually decreased the amount of cat litter in the box.

She then moved the cat seat on top of the toilet and purchased a second cat seat for the bathroom floor.

“The kittens were very inquisitive about that new Catseat with water underneath it,” Gmirek wrote in her online journal.

But the transition to the seat above water was too much for the cats. She needed to include a tray device that holds the litter before any of the cats would use it. She also gave lots of praise and food rewards.

The training then turned into a routine that started extremely early in the morning.

“I started the habit of taking all the kittens in the bathroom with me when I got up around 4 a.m.,” Gmirek wrote. “I cleaned my teeth and washed up etc., and the kittens knew it was time for them to go potty and they’d get a treat.”

If the cat didn’t go to the bathroom, he or she didn’t get to leave. Gmirek also stayed in the bathroom with them. She sometimes took her laptop in with her as she waited for the cats.

Finally, all three kittens had become toilet-trained, and Gmirerk was litter box free.

Now, her routine is the same. She still gets up at 4 am to have the cats go to the bathroom. The only thing that is different is that there are four more cats in the household.

The feral cat that they were feeding brought back another litter of kittens. Gmirek took the four kittens and trained them also to use the toilet.

She also took the mother cat, had her spayed, and released her back to the outside world. Gmirek said there will be no more kittens in her house.

“The rewards of toilet training the kittens are many so much more than just being litter free,” she wrote. “We learned so much about the kittens and the power of positive reinforcement.”

Source: GM Today

5 Responses to “Woman Trains Her Seven Cats To Use Toilet”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Toilet training is convenient for the owner but not for the cat’s health.

    I tried to toilet train my cats and started having problems with them. Badness started to aggressively attack Scrappy. Not playing…attacking. I posted the issue on the old iVillage Think Like a Cat board. Pam Johnson-Bennet herself, author of Think Like a Cat and Cat Vs. Cat, answered my post and let me have it, big time.

    Cats natural behavior is to dig in the dirt and bury their mess. They can’t do that with a toilet. Plus, how can the owner know if there are any health problems like blood in the stool, if the poo is being flushed down the toilet. One of the best ways to see health problems in cats is to examine their poo and piddle when cleaning out the box.

  2. MaineMom says:

    Have to agree with Bridgett. Many years ago I did have the pleasure of “meeting” a Manx that had observed the kids in a doctor’s home and decided to also use the toilet when the lid was left up. Starteled more than one guest at their parties!

  3. SMITH111 says:

    Would love no more cat litter to clean , but not the misses. :-)

  4. rescuemom says:

    Not only are toilet trained cats risking psychological problems, they are also risking back, nerve and joint issues. The stance necessary to lean over the toilet without falling in causes the lower body to tense up… which doesn’t exactly make going to bathroom very easy.

    Anyone interested in cats, but not litterboxes should check out the smartscoop litter box (a scoop-free box using replaceable bottoms and litter crystals) or a built in box such as Litter Free, which connects to your plumbing and automatically scoops and washes the litter each time.

    If a $200-$400 litter box isn’t for you, try our solution. Instead of six cats and seven litter boxes, we opted for six cats and TWO litter boxes. In the form of two 5′ wide plastic kiddie pools in the basement. Even with six cats, we only need to scoop every few days (it would take well over a week for the boxes to qualify as “dirty”) and the high sides and sheer quantity of litter substrate has made my previously litter-particular cats extremely happy. It’s clean, comfortable, and CHEAP. We paid $6 per pool at the local megastore during an end-of-season sale.

    The moral of this story? You get cats, you get litter. It’s like wanting a dog you don’t have to walk. Sure, you can get around it, but not without negatively impacting the dog.

    Happy scooping!

  5. Thel Josenhans says:

    That’s grate you trained the kittens , but releasing the mother cat , was , unthinkable , no cat should be throwed back , in to the wild , you couldn’t find it in , your heart , to give her a home , but , took , her babies………… I think ……… shame on you. The mother cat , needed help , I took in a . feral cat , she was so grateful , the dearest cat , in this world.
    Baby cats , are so cute , but , grown cats , are pretty wonderful , you need to think again. T.K.J.

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