World’s Biggest Collective Dog Walk

Great North Dog Walk

All across the UK, thousands of dogs and their owners participated in the Great North Dog Walk this past weekend. This year, 10,272 dogs completed the 3.5 mile course which means that they broke the Guinness World Record of the world’s biggest collective dog walk.

The previous record was 7,766 dogs which was set at the same event last year. Congrats on your world record!

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Mr. Carlisle, a local comprehensive schoolteacher, first organized the event in 1990, and has to date raised nearly £2.5m for charitable causes.

Speaking from the finishing line, he said: “It’s been my ambition for years to break the 10,000 mark.

“I’d like to thank everyone who turned up from across the UK. It’s been absolutely fantastic and I can’t believe so many people took part.”

The Great North Dog Walk now has taken this world record of the world’s biggest collective dog walk 12 times. The walk first took the world record in 1995 with 327 dogs.

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