World’s Smallest Living Dog


Ducky has done it. His owner has said that he has taken the Guinness World Record of being the smallest living dog in the world. Ducky is a 1.4 pound 4.9 inch short-haired Chihuahua.

This world record holder loves to wear his tiny suede jacket with crystals. When asked why Ducky is so small, his owner says: “Because that’s how God made him. His brothers and sisters were much bigger.”

Congratulations Ducky!

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Here is part of a letter that Ducky’s owner wrote about her little dog:

“Ducky” is such a funny little guy. When he is content he sticks the little point of his tongue out so it always makes me happy to see that. He loves to cuddle and even cuddles up in my jammies at night too. Luckily I don’t move when I sleep. I actually have 2 toddler safety railings on my bed so the babies can’t fall off and the other side of the bed is against the wall so everyone is always safe. “Ducky” is a nosy little fella too. Even if he is sound asleep with me and he hears something; he is the first to stick his little head out and quack and quack and quack… He gets the rest of them going and then he just tucks his little head back in and goes to sleep but the rest of them are now still barking!!

One Response to “World’s Smallest Living Dog”

  1. Captn' Carl says:

    Best of wishes and luck to this little pup. I see that he was not erroneously referred to as a “teacup”. What a little bundle of joy. Gotta love him!

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