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You can get paid to write for Itchmo

We’re looking for writers to provide diverse perspectives and creative stories. If you’re a pet parent, you’ve come to the right place. Itchmo is the place for you to share your experiences as a pet parent and earn money for your writing.

Your stories, tips and news will be shared with hundreds of thousands of visitors each month — and you can earn money doing it. Become one of our writers and join the great pet parent community.

Frequently Asked Questions about writing for Itchmo:

Benefits Of Writing For Itchmo

  • Community
    • We believe we are the largest pet news site (as measured by Alexa). That means you get instant access to a huge audience (as well as their feedback). We’ve been recognized for our coverage of the pet food recalls and have been expanding our news to cover all that a pet parent should know. Writing for Itchmo means growing with our dedicated readers as well as benefiting from the community of our writers. We’ve learned that blogging with other writers have made us better and sharper.
  • Traffic
    • In less than 6 months, we have gathered more than 35,000 inbound links to this site (according to Google and Yahoo), which generate a steady stream of traffic.
    • Search engines like Google, Yahoo and others favor sites with lots of content. With more than 2,100 articles and counting, we’re rapidly becoming a huge source of pet-related content. This means more traffic to your stories.
    • Technorati ranks us among the top 10,000 blogs.
      (#7,103 as of 8/6/2007)
      Itchmo profile on Technorati
    • We’re well-versed in how to optimize our content for search engines so that your stories get read long after they’re published.
  • Support
    • We have other writers and editors who can provide great feedback and help with editing. Some sentences take on a totally different meaning when you miss a word. A sounding board is always appreciated.
    • We handle all the technical and advertising headaches. We make sure the site gets the right ad placements, the best paid networks, is indexed by Google, etc. All you have to do is cash the check.
    • Our editors manage the offensive comments or spam to foster a vibrant community.
  • Better Ads
    • Being bigger means more advertisers and higher advertising rates. Many major advertisers refuse to deal with smaller blogs. For example, to sign up for Chitika, you need 10,000 page views or more per month.
    • We are always on the lookout for irritating, annoying or offensive ads so you don’t have to.

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How You Get Paid

  • 100% Of Google Ads
    • Itchmo uses Google Adsense advertising. Google pays a few cents to several dollars every time a reader clicks on an ad on your page. You get 100% of the Google advertising revenue on your posts. This means you keep all the Google ad revenue from your permalink post pages. There is no cap on the amount of money you can earn or the amount of posts you can write.
    • This arrangement works well when social bookmarking sites like Digg or StumbleUpon pick up your post as all of that traffic is directed at the page and not the site’s homepage. You will continue to see income from a popular post you wrote months ago.
  • How We Get Paid
    • We pay for the server, bandwidth, support, editing and other costs from the ads that are posted elsewhere such as the homepage, the category pages. Our goal is creating a sustainable community with a variety of opinions and points of view.
  • Other Ad Networks
    • Itchmo is always looking for other sources of income. For non-Google ad networks, you’ll receive a revenue share of the traffic your posts bring in. For example, if your post pages comprise 20% of the pageviews for our site, we’ll send you 20% of the non-Google revenue.

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What Qualifications Do You Need?

  • Passion For Writing
    • Do you enjoy writing? Do people like your writing? We’re looking for writers who can write on a consistent basis. The more you write, the better you get. We want Internet-savvy people who can write creative content about new and interesting topics and opinions.
  • Love Of Pets
    • Do you love pets? You don’t need to be a veterinarian or an expert, just a smart, savvy and fun pet owner. And we don’t care what pets you have right now. We cover new products, tips for pet parenting, humor, having fun with your pets, do-it-yourself projects, medical issues, reviews, and lots more.

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How Do I Start?

  • To apply, email us at itchmotips@gmail.com with the following:
    • Your phone number and where you live.
    • Include three (3) writing samples. Must be longer than 300 words.
    • Links to your best work online — such as your personal blog, published articles, etc.

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Why We Got Started

Why? Because we wanted a site like Itchmo — a place where pet parents can get all the news they need about their cats or dogs. It was first a hobby, then a passion, then a mission. Our goal is to create a sustainable, growing resource site that’s fed by a community of pet parents.

(Thanks to Wisebread, the personal finance blog, for the inspiration.)

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