Your Dog’s Friend Could Be Your Best Friend

Your Dog's FriendAccording to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, the top five reasons people give up their dogs to shelters are: moving, landlord issues, the cost of pet maintenance, no time for a pet, and inadequate facilities.

A non-profit organization located in Maryland, Your Dog’s Friend, is trying to change that by taking a proactive approach. Their mission is to keep dogs out of shelter by educating owners about dog behavior. Your Dog’s Friend offers free advice and workshops on helping choose a dog, common behavior issues, dog health and life with a dog.

The founder of Your Dog’s Friend, Debra Ekman, cares for 10 rescued dogs and says that:

I hope that people will learn what they need to know to make their dog their lifetime companion. I want them to know that it’s important to choose the right dog, that there are better ways to relate to and train their dog and that most behavior problems can be prevented or resolved.

2 Responses to “Your Dog’s Friend Could Be Your Best Friend”

  1. Pappy's Fella says:

    Helpful info. We’re in the Montgomery County area, and we have some friends puzzling over ownership after a failed effort a couple of years ago with a big, active dog. We’re giving them the best advice we can, but an unbiased opinion would be helpful.

  2. Katie says:

    People need to realize that puppies grow up into dogs. Puppies can be a handful! Dogs are social animals. They need to be socialized. Puppies benefit from obedience. Puppies and dogs need exercise. They need structure in their lives. When will people realize that cute little fluffy puppy on the TV requires commitment of time and responsibility. And, people need to do their homework about breed differences and determine what breed is compatible with their lifestyle!

    Pappy, my suggestion for your friends: 1. hopefully they purchased their dog from a reputable breeder; they should contact the breeder for help and suggestions 2. they should find a dog obedience class with an instructor who is certified as a dog trainer 3. if it is a big and active dog, I hope they are providing it with the needed exercise


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