8-Year-Old Girl Raises Money For Dog’s Operation

TannerIt was love at first sight. When Katherine Hawkins, an eight-year-old girl from Atlanta, first saw Rocky’s picture on the Internet, she just fell in love with this golden retriever who was looking for a new home.

But Rocky needed surgery because he had been hit by a car and his previous owners had never treated his broken leg.

Without ever meeting Rocky, Katherine started to raise money to pay for Rocky’s surgery. She first gave up her allowance and then started selling cookies.

Katherine’s mother said, “You cannot resist a little 8-year-old girl holding this envelope saying would you please give money to help this dog that’s been run over.”

This motivated young girl raised over $1,000 dollars which was about half of what Rocky’s surgery would cost.

Adopt-A-Golden, where Rocky was staying, was so impressed with Katherine’s efforts that they knew that she would make a loving and caring owner for Rocky.

Kate Jackson of Adopt-A-Golden said, “She had done so much research into the golden retriever breed. It was her idea to start raising money to take care of his operation, so when it came time for Adopt A Golden to look for someone to help with the recovery, we couldn’t think of a better person.”

After Rocky’s surgery, he was able to go to his new home and he even got a new name, Tanner. Katherine said he wasn’t a Rocky because he was so sweet.

Katherine’s mother added, “I kept reminding her, you’re 8-years-old, and look what you’re doing, you’re changing the world for a dog.”

Source: KSDK

Photo: Adopt-A-Golden

24 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Girl Raises Money For Dog’s Operation

  1. Way to go Katherine!!! A true hero at only 8 years old!
    Might I add…kudo’s to the parents too…
    they must be doing something right! ;)

  2. Katherine, you are exactly the kind of human being the world needs more of! Thank you for everything you are doing and for setting an excellent example of kindness, a CAN-DO attitude, and love for animals! You are already a highly successful human being and someone that everyone should be honored to know!


  3. Children like this girl are the future of our world. Good work, Katherine. You are a credit to children everywhere. Your parents should be so proud.

  4. Katherine you are a shining star you give us hope. Congratulations to Mom and Dad for raising such a sweet caring little girl.

  5. What a precious story and what a terrific little girl. Obviously, her parents are raising a responsible child and I wouldn’t be surprised to read later in life that she is doing something wonderful. Tanner has a good home now and I can’t believe his previous owners were so criminally negligent. Yes, I know it costs money but I feel when I adopt a pet, I adopt for life. It is an awesome responsibility but so worth it!

  6. Childern that display compassion . A most beautiful sight. This little girl………….will grow into a spectacular women. She will make an positive impact into many lives. Bless the child in all her good works.

  7. Katherine, you might only be 8 years old, but you’re my new hero!

    I wish there were more people out there like you. Maybe others will read how determined you were to help Tanner, and be inspired; I know you’ve inspired me!!

    p.s. I, too, have GOT to add my appreciation for your parents bringing you up so well; you’ve got keepers!! ;)

  8. What a universe of difference between what Katherine did versus the criminal actions of certain “Marines.” It is a joy to read stories like THIS!

  9. Dear Katherine:

    As someone whose mission in life is fund raising for animal shelters,humane societies and rescue groups, I want to thank you for being an inspiration to me. I can use all the help I can get. You will be blessed several times over. Here’s to a job well done!


    Kenny Grueschow
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  10. This is a world in which children often feel powerless-there are very few decisions they can make on their own, things they can do on their own. Katherine can show children that there are important things they can accomplish, and make a difference in the world, whether for one dog or another cause (although I can’t imagine a better cause!)

  11. I absolutely believe in Angels, Katherine, and YOU are proof Angels exist because you most definately ARE one! I love shedding tears of joy reading articles like this! Huge HUGS to you Katherine and your awsome Parents and of course very precious special Tanner!
    Lots of Love and Blessings!

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  13. Hey this might sound crazy but I might know that dog! I was wondering if Rocky was a boy? I had a golden retriever when I was seven. we resold him because he was to wild for our house and we were going thru alot. The owners promised we could see Rocky when ever but they didn’t keep there word. I felt like they were hidding something. My mom later asked her were Rocky was and she said it was at a farm. And ever since I was wondering where he was. So there could be a possibility he was once my pup. I have pictures to.

  14. Katherin,

    I cried when I read your heartfelt story because it made me realize that there is still hope children out there. I’m a dog lover- especially golden retreavers- and I want to thank you for what you did. I may only be 18, but I’ve learned that no one these days can keep up with a comitment. What you did, not many adults could do! I don’t know you but I’m so proud! You’ve inspired so many people! Thank you so much!

    I wish the world could read your story and learn from it.

    Best of wishes!!!!!!!!

    Erica Eggenberger
    Plymouth, Michigan

  15. These type of children are the feture of tomorrow.Kep it on Kathrine,one day you are going to be the fiture of the world.The one you the world loves you and the Lord lovews you the MOST.

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