Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled Due to Rice Protein

Another pet food maker — Drs. Fosters & Smith — is issuing a recall due to the use of Wilbur-Ellis rice protein (scroll down their page to view the notice).

The recalled products are:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog Food
  • Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Cat Food

Oddly, the manufacturer says they received the recall advice today from Wilbur-Ellis, not last week as we have heard.

Rice protein concentrate has been indicated as a possible source of melamine recently found in pet food products. As a precautionary measure Wilbur-Ellis company, the supplier of rice protein concentrate, is voluntarily recalling all lots of rice protein concentrate. We received notification from the manufacturer today, April 25, 2007, suggesting we issue a precautionary recall.

Full recall notice after the jump.

(Thanks Patti)

Precautionary Rice Protein Recall: Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog and Adult Dry Lite Cat Food

Rice protein concentrate has been indicated as a possible source of melamine recently found in pet food products. As a precautionary measure Wilbur-Ellis company, the supplier of rice protein concentrate, is voluntarily recalling all lots of rice protein concentrate. We received notification from the manufacturer today, April 25, 2007, suggesting we issue a precautionary recall.

Two of our products: Adult Lite Dry Dog (Item #’s 14178, 14179, 14180, 14262, 14263) and Adult Lite Dry Cat foods (Item #’s 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865) contain rice protein concentrate. Only the Adult Lite Dry Dog and Adult Lite Dry Cat foods contain rice protein concentrate.

Preliminary test results for melamine contamination have been negative. Final test results from the FDA are expected within two weeks. Please check the Adult Lite Dry Dog food or the Adult Lite Dry Cat food product pages on the DrsFosterSmith.com website for any updates.

If your pet has consumed either the Adult Lite Dry Dog food or the Adult Lite Dry Cat food and shows signs of illness (such as loss of appetite, lethargy and vomiting), you should consult with your veterinarian immediately.

As part of this precautionary recall Drs. Foster & Smith requests that customers discontinue feeding the following products purchased during the periods listed, until all FDA testing is complete:

  • Adult Lite Dry Dog food item numbers 14180, 14262, 14263, or Adult Lite Dry Cat food item numbers 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865 purchased between January 22, 2007 and April 19th
  • Adult Lite Dry Dog food item numbers 14178 and 14179 purchased between February 2, 2007 and April 19, 2007
  • Only Adult Lite Dry Dog (Item #’s 14178, 14179, 14180, 14262, 14263) and Adult Dry Lite Cat foods (Item #’s 12855, 12856, 13864, 13865) are included in this precautionary recall.

The health and well being of your pet is always important to us, so as part of this precautionary recall:

  • Drs. Foster & Smith is contacting all customers who have purchased these items during this period.
  • These products are being reformulated to eliminate rice protein concentrate. The new formulation should be available by mid-May.
  • Please call Customer Service at 1-800-239-7121 between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm CST or email CustomerService@DrsFosterSmith.com if you have questions.
  • None of our other Drs. Foster & Smith foods contain the ingredients in question.

255 thoughts on “Drs. Fosters & Smith Products Recalled Due to Rice Protein

  1. Well, they’ve just lost a customer. What deceit! I just emailed them to let the know. How despicable to keep quiet for a week then pretend they just found out. I love how they start the recall notice out with how they’re not involved in the wheat gluten recall. Who the heck cares? This is equally horrific (if not worse, considering how long they kept quiet). What is wrong with these people?

  2. Oops, should have added — When I referred to how they start the recall notice with how they’re not involved in the wheat gluten recall, I was referring to the web page (linked in Itchmo’s post), where they put the rice recall *below* their assurance about not being involved with the wheat recall. Wonder who reads the beginning and doesn’t even scroll down to the rice part.

  3. “What is wrong with these people?”

    they must think we only have 1 brain cell and no internet.

  4. They going to get that out on the wires or wait till Friday Night?

    Google News Search
    “Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Food Products – did not match any documents.”

  5. Don’t they know what is in their own damn product? Why wait to get a phone call from their manufacturer? They should have been on the phone with those people the minute other grain proteins were implicated. If they don’t know where their ingredients come from, then God help us…these people deserve to rot in hell.

  6. cya all the way to the bank just like the others. same game same players.
    and same losers. pets.

  7. Just one more piece of evidence to prove that these pet food companies DO NOT give a @#$% about pets. They ONLY care about their bottom line.

  8. I wish we could send a message and all buy from just a few companies that we think deserve our money.

    -Natura (Innova)
    -who else?

    We could start a campaign and let our dollars do the talking. Money is the only way to get anything across to these people.

  9. Uhmm Laurie,

    Merrick and NaturaPet use 4D & rendered animal parts. They are off my short list after speaking with them. Merrick has a rendering plant in the pet food manufacturing plant and the motto is “we use everything but the moo”…

    My short list is Honest Kitchen and Fromm’s dry (not wet).

  10. an Francisco –

    SAN FRANCISCO — Contact section of release (dated April 18, 2007 at 9:33 PM PDT/ April 19, 2007 at 12:33 AM EDT) should read: For Wilbur-Ellis, Ann Barlow, 415-438-9826 (Media), abarlow@peppercom.com or Wilbur-Ellis Company, For Consumers: 877-217-6993 (sted Ann Barlow for Wilbur-Ellis 415-438-9826 or 925-200-6539, abarlow@peppercom.com or Deborah Brown for Wilbur-Ellis, 212-931-6113, dbrown@peppercom.com).

    The corrected release reads:


    Wilbur-Ellis Company is voluntarily recalling all lots of the rice protein concentrate the San Francisco company’s Feed Division has shipped to pet-food manufacturers because of a risk that rice protein concentrate may have been contaminated by melamine, an industrial chemical used to make plastics and fertilizers that can lead to illness or fatalities in animals if consumed.

    Wilbur-Ellis noted that it obtained rice protein from a single source in China and shipped to a total of five U.S. pet-food manufacturers located in Utah, N.Y., Kansas and two in Missouri.

    Last Sunday, April 15, Wilbur-Ellis notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that a single bag in a recent shipment of rice protein concentrate from its Chinese supplier, Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co. Ltd., had tested positive for melamine. Unlike the other white-colored bags in that shipment, the bag in question was pink and had the word “melamine” stenciled upon it. Wilbur-Ellis separated that bag and quarantined the entire shipment for further testing and since that time, no further deliveries of rice protein concentrate have been made. Samples from the white bags tested negative for melamine. However, subsequent and potentially more sensitive tests by the FDA came back positive for melamine, leading Wilbur-Ellis to voluntarily issue the recall.

    Wilbur-Ellis began importing rice protein concentrate from Binzhou Futian Biology Technology in July 2006. A total of 14 containers holding 336 metric tons of rice protein concentrate were sent from Futian to Wilbur-Ellis. Wilbur-Ellis has distributed 155 metric tons to date.

    On Monday (April 16), a pet food distributor issued a voluntary recall of its pet food, believing the source of contamination to be rice protein concentrate supplied by Wilbur-Ellis. As an additional precaution, Wilbur-Ellis is urging all pet food manufacturers using rice protein concentrate supplied through Wilbur-Ellis to recall any pet food that may be on supermarket shelves.

    Consumers with questions about the pet food they use should visit the FDA Web site at http://www.fda.gov.

  11. Re: Dr. Fosters & Smith Lifestage Select® Senior Dog Formula Multivitamins

    For anyone interested, I just spoke to a Dr. Foster’s & Smith representative (“Jenny”) to ask about these vitamins. I recalled seeing someone post about these elsewhere as the ingredients list contains:

    rice and other protein chelates (mineral chelates)

    They also have soybean oils. Per their representative, their current “cautionary recall” does not include any of their other products. I specifically asked about these vitamins because I ‘ve been giving them to my 13 1/2 yr. old lab. I was told I could return them for reimbursement at any time, for any reason.

    I also suggested they get their recall notice on their website on their front page or at least more visible. As it is, you have to search half way down the left menu to get to the link. I have been a customer of this company for over 13 years. I have always been happy with their products and return policies. Never once have I had a problem so this came as a complete surprise.

  12. Oh, how absurd. On the day we all found out about the location of the mystery undisclosed companies that got the rice protein, several people identified Dr Foster and Smith as the most likely company in NY. (just look in prior story comments and in the forum threads). If we, the readers could figure it out, certainly THEY could. They may not have received an official letter until today, but it is DOUBTLESS that they had the required information a week ago to figure this out.

  13. I’ll never recommend their food OR ANY PRODUCTS IN THEIR PET ACCESSORIES CATALOG! I bought a dog bed from them once. I’ll never patronize Drs. Foster & Smith again. Really. They just knew today?

    Wilbur-Ellis (not that I hold any warm fuzzy feeling toward them by any means) was quoted as asking the 5 companies who bought their rice protein concentrate to reveal themselves and to do a recall DAYS AGO. I’m sure someone can find the post.

    They knew what ingredients were in the food, and they knew who their supplier was. Or were they trying to squeak out every last cent before moving on their own time frame to do the recall since the FDA allows companies to do so?

  14. Incorporated in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis Company has grown to become a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural and industrial products, with sales exceeding $1.710 billion in 2006. The Company remains privately held, with ownership concentrated primarily within the founding family.

    To support our diverse customer base, we maintain a multinational marketing/distribution network of offices, formulation facilities, retail centers, and warehouses strategically located throughout North America and the Pacific Rim. Whether transporting fertilizers from warehouses to fields, supplying chemicals to paint factories in Asia, or exporting compressed hay bales from the Western United States and Canada to Japan, we have the technology, experience, integrity, and relationships to deliver what we promise.


  15. Did any of you notice that just LAST NIGHT Fosters & Smith had flagged their dry foods as backordered?!!!!! What a crock of sh**!

    I just wrote them and told them they’d lost a customer. I should point out that I have FOURTEEN PETS under my direct care and I buy and send food to a relative FIVE BIG DOGS.

    Please remind them of how much you’ve purchased from them over the years.

    $$$$ seems to be the only way to get through to these companies.

  16. There are many commercial pet foods that need to be ashamed for
    their actions. Today, Americans are constantly being mislead by clever
    marketing tactics regarding which food is best for their pet. It’s time to
    stop trusting the well being of your pet to just anyone who makes a pet
    food. I am so glad I don’t have to worry about what I am feeding my 3 dogs.

  17. It’s human grade, USDA approved, from smaller regional and local suppliers. Within each Natura formula, at least 80% of the protein comes from high quality animal sources.

    4D animal can come from a human grade facility. here is what you ask them.

    Ask about 4D animal, rendered animal, and do they use muscle/flesh protein.

    80% of protein comes from high quality animal sources does not mean fit for human consumption muscle/flesh protein. Fromm’s is specific about using muscle protein that is fit for human consumption (not just saying from a human grade facility). There is a slight wording difference that makes ALL the difference in the world.

  18. Laurie, Natures Variety, they offer RAW and grain free kibble as well as really good canned stuff. I picked up a bag of the RAW medalions to try on my crew, if they end up liking it, I would maybe venture into all RAW and learning to make it myself. I never want to have to totally rely on a Pet food manufacturer again!

  19. Fromms dry only

    Honest kitchen

    These are the only 2 so far that have passed my wording test. This simply means as Alice astutely put it – they are cleverly trying to get you to buy their inferior disgusting pet food. Food you would never feed your pets if you knew what was in it. If it’s not good enough for me to eat it, then it’s not good enough for my dogs. period.

  20. Seems once a recall is issued, everyone that does not come forth by a certain time, say within 3 days, is fined per day.

    Of course they all knew the first day where all their import grain was. But they probably knew how useless the FDA is and took the chance they wouldn’t be found out.

    It’s unbelievable how lax and stupid the laws are in this country, what a comedy of errors.

    Yep, we will get hit again by the terrorists, I’m sure of it. And it will be found out, Homeland Stupidity was a total waste of money and joke.

  21. Are we forgetting about human food not being safe either? By the way, since when did “tuna in water” become tuna in vegetable broth made of SOY? Go look!

  22. Kiki-
    Thank you for your patience in helping me understand all this.

    I was just happy the food I bought didnt say “by-product”, but now you’re saying even if it says chicken, turkey, etc. it could be an unhealthy part of the animal?

  23. tuna in water now too?!

    lol!~ didn’t read those labels when I cleared out my pantry. geeze . . .

  24. Laurie,

    Just ask if they use muscle/flesh protein exclusively. If they don’t, then they use everything else (which is a much lower quality protein, by the way), then they probably also render the animal parts, which effectively destroys nutrients. That’s why they often have to add back in B vitamins and amino acids. If the protein comes from muscle meat, there would be no reason to add in B vitamins and amini acids.

  25. “By the way, since when did “tuna in water” become tuna in vegetable broth made of SOY? Go look!”

    OH MY GOD…I better go look. That is very scary….

  26. Kiki Says: 4D animal can come from a human grade facility. here is what you ask them.

    Ask about 4D animal, rendered animal, and do they use muscle/flesh protein.

    Thanks Kiki, I have sent a message to them asking about this information.
    I really thought that I was feeding a great product.

  27. So, with Foster and Smith, does that make up the final and fifth one for Wilbur-Ellis? Now all we have to do is wait for the FDA to release the name of the second company that imported contaminated rice protein concentrate and start ticking off THOSE companies. Glad to see we’re making “so much” headway– and SPEEDY, too!

  28. No Problem: Here’s a true story. Senator Durbin spoke about his work in a human grade slaughterhouse when he was a teen and right on TV, he said he could not even tell people what he saw go into the pet food pile (it was so disgusting). That’s because in the human grade facilities, anything is not fit for human consumption, goes into the pet food pile. That includes dead, dying, disables, and diseased cows, chickens, pigs, etc… Anything that IS fit for human consumption (eg. muscle meat) would be used for human consumption – they would never waste good meat on pet food. That’s why it is close to impossible to find a pet food company that actually uses fit for human consumption muscle protein for pet food. It IS superior though and your animals will be happier – real beef, chicken, pork (but not from the tainted batch)…

  29. aw $hit. My son and I eat tuna fish in water every single day. I am so fed up. I just checked, both Bumble Bee and Starkist….vegetable broth and soy. Son of a Bee.

  30. Does anybody know which company in Utah recieved the tainted protein. There have been 5 recalls so far…
    Blue Buffalo – Kansas
    Royal Canin – Missouri – Is that right?
    Diamond (Natural Balance) – Missouri?
    Smartpack – NY (Chenango Valley)
    Drs. Foster & Smith – NY (Chenango Valley)

    Was the Diamond plant in Utah? I am only counting 4 companies if Smartpack and Drs. Foster and Smith are made by Chenango.

  31. Joan Steik:
    Please let us know when you receive an answer. Alot of people have switched to Natura recently.

  32. Kiki:

    Yes, normal human canned tuna…all the brands, including reduced sodium. The super low sodium ones contain only tuna and water, but all the regular ones marked “Tuna in Water” have soy based broth instead of water now. Don’t know when this happened, but I am livid. And why is no one talking about soy? I am 100% positive that all the “soy protein concentrate” is as poisonous as the rest of the gluten family.

  33. “They would never waste good meat on pet food”.

    CRAP. It makes sense though (from their point of view).

  34. Also, Smartpack which is manufactured by Chenango Valley knew and recalled supposedly on Friday April 20, but Foster and Smith just found out. There food is also manufactured by Chenango Valley.

  35. Something just hit me, there are still 2 manufacturers for Missouri that have not been indentified yet. I bet this recall is from the second shipment of RPC that was recalled…..

  36. Helen, They should have the can say tuna in vegetable broth and soy right on the front – not tuna and water (unless it IS tuna and water) – I’m livid and nervous…

  37. Kiki are you serious about Merrick telling on the ohone they use 4d and rendered animals. I do not use the beef ones because of those rumors, but how do you render a fish??????????????Not trying to be smart a** need to be educated. For 2 days I had switched to Solid Gold Mixed Tuna and found out it cmae from Thailand now I am back to Merrick New England Boil. Running out of option here, I will not use Nutra, INNOVA, Calf Natural wet because the stuff on the shelves is still coming form Menu and was warned by my vet to avaoid all Menu products. So now what?

    I posted earlier I finally got thru to the FDA today to report my tainted food and they asked me if it was wheat, rice or soy based………found that interesting. Just my luck it had Wheat gluten and SPC in it.

  38. I’m all for giving my pets high-quality food, but why, exactly, is it necessary to give them human-grade food? cats eat bugs, rodents, and birds pretty much whole, it’s not like they carve them up and eat the breasts and drumsticks. also, I dunno about your cats, but mine regularly lick their own butts, and sometimes each other’s.

    switching to a holistic brand with more real meat and less filler is one thing, but I don’t think it’s necessary that they dine on poached chicken and beef tenderloin every night.

    just my opinion.

  39. Lorie, I can’t comment on the fish protein, but if you know anything about farm raised fish – they eat all the grain that is currently being recalled – and they are incredibly sick and disgusting. Manufacturers use coloring to make them look healthy. Farm raised fish IS beyond disgusting.

    In a nutshell, our food supply is disgusting.

  40. I have heard the stories of the bad meat going into the pet food pile, but I thought they had to call that “by-product”?

  41. Allie, I would rather my pets ate live whole animals than what is left for them in the slaughterhouses. I get your point and it is well taken. I’m not convinced that our pets are getting optimal muscle protein from healthy livestock. Even a live mouse has plenty of flesh protein for your cats to rip into while they are not licking their butts…:)

  42. I see the Pet Food Industry as a Cartel at this point.

    Rather then the independent producers in competition with each other they led us to believe.

    In fact Pet Food Cabal might even be a better choice of words at this point.

  43. Laurie, there are all sorts of loop holes on how they can get away with stating the truth. Just ask about muscle/flesh protein from fit for human consumption slaughtered animals. It’s a very specific way of asking and most pet food companies could not respond in the affirmative.

  44. Lorie –

    read up on Fromms Dry or Honest Kitchen. Those are 2 companies that were specific – muscle protein, no rendered animal parts, no 4 d meat, humans can eat it.

  45. The only things I have heard about Merrick is speculation only. They do own a rendering plant for other reasons. But I have never heard anyone say for sure they use that rendering in their pet food.

  46. yeah, I’m sure that if I saw what goes on in a human grade slaughterhouse, I wouldn’t want to eat it either. heck, I still eat hot dogs, and those probably contain the stuff that’s leftover after they make the pet food :)

    well, I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed that chicken soup is safe, because they seem to be doing really well on it.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: What, you couldn’t squeeze in a reference to butt licking this time? :P LOL Thanks for the laugh.

  47. Stephanie,

    Diamond wet was in UTAH canned by ANI

    Does any Back to Basic food contian RPC it has a plant at Chenago Valley also.

  48. I agree – I don’t think they need to be human grade either. But better than some of the stuff that is used with identified meat source. In the wild they would eat stuff we wouldn’t.

  49. Thank you Lorie. I missed that one.

    I seen that Back to Basic is also made at Chenango Valley. I think the pet food list states that there is no glutens. You may want to check it yourself.

  50. allie – from one Ally to another ;-)……

    Thanks huge for the butt licking comment! :D I haven’t laughed out loud since I saw the dog sex toy posted over at the Pet Connection’s blog. During such an anxiety ridden, head banging, stressful time as this recall, I really needed that laugh. At least your cats *can* lick their butts.

    Oh wait – that didn’t come out right. =:-O

  51. Kiki,

    I do have some Fromms Dry Salmon fed my cat a handful and she loved it. It is made in WI only the wet is in China. I am just gun shy of too many foods at one time. This way if I my cats have a reaction I now which one it is because there is only one.

  52. Can’t these Manufatureres be held accountable for touting that all the food on the shelves is safe, only to find out later they were in fact contaminated?

  53. Jennie: Yes Fromm’s dry ONLY – not canned. The dry is done nicely. I would never buy their canned.

    Merrick: “everything but the moo”

  54. Sorry Jenny, spelled your name wrong. The Fromm’s dry food is great (I drilled them on it)- I wouldn’t buy their canned. I hope they reconsider their canned production.

    Honest Kitchen got grilled by me too. Even though it is raw, you can still cook it if you want.

    I’m looking for more on my short list. If anyone knows of any more companies, please share…

  55. Garyn,

    Thank you so much will add it to my spread sheet. : ) Finally got thru to FDA today to report FF.

  56. I haven’t heared anything bad about Canidae, and I’m *really* hoping that I don’t. I’ve been using Felidae wet and dry.

  57. I am not trying to convince anyone to feed raw but I have to report that after a week and a half, the change is just amazing. My dog wags his tail furiously before every meal, he has so much natural energy (not carb energy), his coat is as soft as a bunny, his teeth are already pearly white and he does one very small absolutely beautiful poop a day (this tells me his body is using everything). I also feel so relieved. Well i did until the possible tainted chicken information but still so much more relieved than I have been in over a month. I am just throwing this out there in case anyone is thinking about it and needs some encouragement.

  58. Donna,

    We also use Felidae. It is pretty much the only food that I find acceptable right now. Hopefully, I am not wrong.

  59. Garyn, I really want to feed raw because I have heard such great stories about it, but I’ve been so nervous (about bacteria or something). I just wish I had more confidence in raw, then I would do it and buy my meat from Americangrassfedbeef. Any thoughts or comments?

  60. Garyn,

    I called FDA number for Virginia 410-779-5713. I spoke to a lady last name Machon first name is written down at work anyway only know this because vet had to fax my cats labs to here attention at the FDA.

    The lot number 1160 is popping up with a lot of us with dead or sick cats it means it was all made at the same plant.

    Try calling that number tomorrow and see if Ms. Machon is available she will remember me from today she was very nice asked me where i purchased the food their address my vet their address my cat age wt and breed etc…………….

  61. Steve — great observation that you see the pet food industry as a cartel. Can we say R.I.C.O.? Gee, I would so love to see them all prosecuted under R.I.C.O. statues, ’cause this sure has more than a whiff of organized crime to it. Anyone know any ambitious U.S. Attorneys looking to pad their resumes?

  62. I’ll be calling Merrick….. again….about the 4D beef. Today their website said they do not get any raw materials from China and all ingredients are grown in the U.S. I don’t feed my cat beef as he’s not a fan.. I feed him the turkey and “Grammys Pot Pie” whick uses organic chicken. I also heard today that some of this crap went to a chicken farm in MO. So they feed pet food to chickens and hogs???? I don’t know if it was a chicken farm for human consumption of pets.

  63. okay… I said that wrong.. I mean’t.. I don’t know if the chickens at this farm are bred for humans or for the pet food industry. GRRRRRRRR

  64. Have any of you tried By Nature’s wet food? Its Organic line lists the following (two examples) + vitamins/minerals:

    + Organic Turkey, Natural Well Water, Organic Turkey Liver, etc.
    + Organic Chicken, Natural Well Water, Whole Mackerel, Chicken Liver, .etc.


    I bought a couple cans for my cats, and they love it. By Nature’s home page says: “By Nature Pet Foods would like to assure its customers that NONE of our products have been affected by the recent pet food recall. For more information please read this statement from the president of Blue Seal Feeds. Please call customer service at 1-800-367-2730 if you have further questions or concerns regarding the safety or quality of our products.

    By Nature Pet Foods
    No Corn • No Wheat • No Soy

    Help keep your pet feeling young with a powerful mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote a strong immune system. Formulated to help support your pet’s natural defenses against the effects of aging, illness, physical and environmental stress.”

    Here’s the statement by the president:

  65. Garyn,

    Thank you so much for your fantastic post!! That’s a ray of encouragement for me and what I’ve been doing since the initial MenuFoods recall back in the middle of March!!!!!

    I decided then (March 16th), that I would never feed my pets a commercial pet food again. My Bichon dog died on March 15th due to poisoning. Immediately, I switched my other dog and kitten’s diet to a raw diet with vitamin supplements. My 10 year old Rottie mix looks like a 5 year old now (according to my Vet) and her fur looks amazing . . . shiny and beautiful beyond words. Her eyes sparkle and she plays and runs like she’s a puppy!! My husband and I are stunned just looking at her! We will NEVER go back to commercial food again. My kitten is thriving as well.

    Ok, we buy organic meat . . . but it’s SO worth it. Especially when I read how many people have spent thousands of dollars to save their pets at pet emergency clinics, only to lose them. I AM SOOO SORRY!!

    Well, folks, I’m paying up front … the best food possible, and I hope to keep my pets well into their 20’s.

    I hope I have encouraged others to follow as well.

  66. Cathy,

    Good Luck with the Merrick conversation. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of them. Ask them why they have a rendering plant at the same location as the pet food plant. Ask them too what animal protein parts are used (muscle vs. other). I was frustrated by their responses and many, many people who live in Texas have confirmed much about the company.

  67. Kiki, I was nervous too..believe me. But now, i am just loving it. It has been pricey for me because I have been buying from the supermarket but I just found a grass fed farm about 40 minutes away so I have to buy a freezer!!

    I am no expert believe me but I have really researched this. A great resource is http://tinyurl.com/2nosgf
    It is a raw feeding group and they really know what they are doing. They will answer any questions that you have. I would be happy to give you moral support!! Once you figure out what to feed, how much to feed and get over the initial nervousness, it is great. I never thought I would love the crunch, crunch, crunch sound of my dog chewing on a half a chicken.

    Lorie I will call tomorrow. I have my post cards too!!

  68. Jules,

    I too have been buying organic meat for about 8-12 months (before the recall). It’s expensive, but gives me more peace of mind. I really want to feed my dogs raw, but have been cooking the meat and chicken. I’d like to take the plunge, but I’m nervous.

  69. Howl911 says there is STILL ONE MORE COMPANY since SmartPak and Drs. Foster and Smith both used the same one. :-(

  70. Lorie

    I just fed my cat a can of ff with the lot numbers you described. She hadn’t been able to keep anything down or eat for days so I went back to her old food in an attempt to get her to eat something. She has been pacing in circles for over an hour. What do I do? I can’t afford to take her to the vet.

  71. Doctors tell humans not to eat animal organ meat, especially livers due to all the contaminants the animal was exposed to being concentrated in the liver. Does this not also apply to pets? Lots of people have gone raw and are feeding organ meat to their cats for taurine, but if it is not organic meat, this could be very dangerous…pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

  72. Helen,

    I totally agree with you … organic is a MUST! I feed raw organic chicken livers to my dog and cat for the past month and a half . . . and no problems yet!

  73. Rendering plants are needed to dispose of animal material that would otherwise sit around rotting and causing a HUGE source of disease. The question is not whether the rendering plant exists, the question should be do they use the rendered remains in the food?

  74. I have been feeding my pack Timberwolf Organics for the last few years and I am delighted with the way they love it. It was suggested to me by several people who are very knowledgeable about animal nutrition. I have never been happier about feeding this food, than since this recall mess. I feel very fortunate and I have faith that this is a very good, safe food. I do keep checking the lists though, just in case….

  75. Kiki, I postd a response to you but I don’t know where it went. I posted a link that I think will be helpful to you so maybe the post is being reviewed due to the link.

    I also only feed organic livers.

  76. Well, I just put in my two cents to Drs. Foster & Smith and told them they needed to put the pet food recall info “front & center” on their home page, instead of burying it in the left-hand column. And, I also told them I find their delay in recalling the products with rice protein to be reprehensible. I have bought several items from them in the past and I will NEVER do business with them again.

  77. Lorie,

    Double check the recall notice. (Description and lot numbers) Call the vet anyway tell him you just fed a can of food with the recalled lot numbers. Print the part above with the recall information on it and bring that and the can to the vet. Don’t let that empty can out of your sight, bring it back home with you and keep it. Call a friend for the money or put it on a credit card.

  78. KiKi,

    You wrote: “I too have been buying organic meat for about 8-12 months (before the recall). It’s expensive, but gives me more peace of mind. I really want to feed my dogs raw, but have been cooking the meat and chicken. I’d like to take the plunge, but I’m nervous.”

    I agree with you, I was nervous too. But I took the plunge … watching my pets very closely . . . and finally decided that it was perfect for them. Yes, it takes a lot of close observation to see if they are doing well. Any sign of sickness, I would have rushed them to the Vet. But they did fine.

    I was very cautious about handling raw meat . . . you have to read up on it and follow the instructions exactly. I’m glad I did.

  79. I haven’t heard any negative comments about Timberwolf Organics.
    I am pretty much convinced that no matter what I feed my cat I am going to kill her and meanwhile she is bewildered by all the food changes. She hates every wet food I think won’t kill her, but she is eating chicken, tuna, and Sheba cat food very happily. She is SOOOO soft after switching to Innova for dry food. The Sheba is made in Thailand. AUGH! But it has nothing at all except meat, water, tapioca starch and guar gum. The Innova I hope makes up for the lack of nutrition, and the protein is good quality. I can recognize what is in the can as food, cat loves it, and I have personally tasted it. It doesn’t taste bad. Have I lost it? I have NOT been trying to lick my butt, but I have at least gotten to laugh a few times reading here today.

  80. Lorie, OH MY LORD!! I have been going out of my way to give my cats only Fancy Feast that is made in processing plant 1160 because that is in Wisconsin and NOT in Thailand. I am panicking now!!!

    Could you please tell me if it is flavors that have wheat gluten in them??? I am only buying flavors with NO wheat gluten.

    Please, someone answer, I am afraid now to feed them their dinner, well, no come to think of it, they just gobbled down their dinner of FF 1160!!!

  81. This is why I’m basing all my pet food buys by ingredients and not by what the companies say. Too bad they don’t just admit they were scared to admit it right away. But maybe the head of Drs. Fosters & Smith was on a meditation retreat with a vow of silence until today-That would explain everything!

  82. Garyn,
    Could you PLEASE give me more info on the 1160 Fancy Feast!!! I have 20 cats I just fed this 1160 FF to and I am beside myself. I thought nothing bad had been reported about this food, and have been depending on it.

    Which flavors have been reported, do you know?? It is too late to call that lady Lorie mentioned, Ms. Machon.
    My only hope is that it was Fancy Feast WITH wheat gluten and I have been feeding them flavors WITHOUT wheat gluten.
    If someone knows tonight, could you please reply. I am really panicking now.

  83. Thanks Jules: What is the difference between feeding the dogs raw organic meat versus cooked organic meat? In other words, why raw versus cooked? Also, how long is the food allowed to sit out. My dogs have a tendency to eat portions of food over a longer period of time – running back and nibbling on a piece of meat here and there.

  84. bw

    I’m sure Lorie will be back soon to confirm this. I think she said the one she had a problem with had both wheat gluten and soy.

  85. BW, I haven’t heard anything about FF that didn’t contain wheat g, soy protein conc. or both. Check the cans?

  86. Not on the recall list but they have both wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate. OMG, what have I done!

  87. The complaints I have read have involved flavors with wheat and soy. One person posted mixed flavors, some of which contained wheat gluten and soy. Some did not. Could have been the gluten ones that made his cats sick.

  88. BW, I am sorry I don’t know. All I know is that my cat died on March 4 eating Fancy feast (started eating this in December) and Innova wet. I don’t have proof of what caused her death because she died on a Sunday before the recall and we buried her. Lorie’s cat ate the 1160 plant FF and is now sick. She spoke to the FDA woman. So hopefully she will also respond. I don’t know how many people reported illness or death with FF. The food my cat ate was with both wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate. Honestly all this time I thought it was the Innova (cross contamination from menu) because she stopped eating that and I continued to feed it but in fact it may have been the FF. or she could have just had a heart attack at age five while being vet checked every year and reported to be completely healthy before her death.

  89. KiKi,

    You must do your own research and you must decide for youself and for your furry family if “raw” feeding is right for you. It was for me, but maybe not for you if you can’t follow all the safety protocols.

    Check out this website (for an example, however there are many others): http://www.rawfed.com I wish you luck! Ask any questions, anytime.

  90. If anyone hears any complaints about the Fancy Feast flavors that do not contain either wheat or soy (there aren’t many), please say so, because most people are thinking those few flavors are safe.

  91. KimS. . . sometimes all the ingredients are NOT on the label. They can change ingredients and have six months to change the label. That is what makes things so scary for me and why I called the company.

  92. Kiki, with the raw, they get the calcium from the bone. With the cooked, the cooking kills nutrients and micro-nutrients and you have to add calcium and supplements which is a bit of a guess to get it right. You can’t just feed cooked (or raw) muscle meat without adding calcium or the dog will start withdrawing calcium from his own bones. With raw the meat and bone has the optimum calcium/phosphorous balance and chewing, mashing, tearing on meat and bones stimulates the digestive tract and cleans the teeth.

  93. Eagle pack holistic select is excellent, ask them and they will tell you where all the grains and all the meats are coming from. They make their own dry and canned does come from Menu but considering everything we still trust it. Contains no wheat, corn or soy. Highly recommend this, great for all our dogs even our allergy boy!

  94. Thank you Garyn,

    You succinctly said what I wanted to say, but thought I might post a long and complicated explanation.

    If anyone is interested, for my dog I’m using http://www.knowbonespetsupply.com for the vitamin supplement to the raw meat I supply, no bones needed. For my kitten, I’m using http://www.felinefuture.com

    Research other companies too . . . and hopefully you’ll find a “fit” for your family.

  95. All my dogs have eaten foods by Natura/Innova./Ca Natural even to date..none have been sick. All have healthy coats and my 2 goldens lived to be almost 14 that is old for a golden.

    I personally feel we will hear the organic chickens are crap too….fed crap..Its like free range chickens…many people do not know that as long as they are allowed out of their cage etc for 15 minutes in a 24 hr period …they are allowed to be called FREE range. Most people think these chicks live happy healthy lives till they are slaughtered…ANOTHER Lie

    F&S isn’t fooling anyone..I have never dealt with them and never will

    I bet all the petfoods somehow have crap in them but chemicals seem far worse than the shit part of animals

    Fancy Feast is suspect with me too

  96. Adding to my post …feeding raw doesnt seem safe either in that I bet all the meat is contaminated

  97. What about the people who would like to feed raw but can’t afford organic? Again, I worry about the organ meat, especially livers. If the meat is not organic, the liver contains the highest concentration of all the poisons and industrial chemicals an animal was ever exposed to. This is true of cooked or canned liver also.

  98. Why does it take the FDA 2 weeks to complete the tests? It should take no more than 8 to 12 hours to run testing utilizing the correct equipment. Is it that the products are in line to be tested? How many more are in line prior to getting to DFS?

    This is just more FDA BS.

  99. I’ve seen some FANCY FEAST questions. I know one kitty who won’t make it after eating one of the flavors with wheat gluten. Check the cans. There’s a long string of posts on petconnection about FANCY FEAST from 2 or 3 days ago. Use the search on their forums and you’ll find it. Please, please go read it!

    I have 8 cats, 2 dogs and 4 stray kitties. We’ve just switched to Wellness cans for the cats (flavors without the wheat gluten) and California Naturals dry food for cats. We’ve also been rotating with food from Healthy Pet Net. And I just ordered some Kumpikats food.

    I’ve spent hours researching and I’m now a total believer in cats not needing dry food – so we’re weaning them off of it.

    We’re broke from all of this but we’re safe.

    I hope all of your furry babies stay safe too! And my heart goes out to those of you who’ve already lost a furbaby. It never, never gets any easier letting one go.

  100. Helen,

    All I can respond to your post is, buy ORGANIC or don’t buy it if you can’t afford it. I bought organic chicken livers today at Whole Foods for $2.49 a pound, and I think it’s worth it for my fur babies. I’ve given up cable TV, buying clothes and shoes, going out for dinner (no take outs!), etc. in favor of buying my precious pets a more healthier diet. I find that I can now afford buying them what they deserve for their unconditional love in return.

  101. Jules, You are sooo right! There is no way to put a price on their lives and there are so many things we can give up to help them during this crisis…. and beyond.

    I’ll eat beans and rice every day to make sure my gang is safe!


  102. As the time flies – Natura has not responded to my email.

    I have a question – Who would I send a sample my dog and cat food for a review ( test ) of what nutrients are present?

  103. Has anyone ever heard of Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for cats? I’m at a loss as to what I should feed my cat. They say this is one of the best. Thanks.

  104. Pancreas, spleen, brains and kidney also are organ meat so you don’t have to feed liver if you don’t want to.

  105. Helen,

    I certainly understand that many cats will absolutely not touch raw meat for now . . . but you are their Mother (or caretaker) now, and you must show them that this is what they must eat. In time, they will get it.

    Please read this story (see link below) and hopefully you will understand. The owner of this website gave me quite the lecture that our cats DO NOT make their food choices … WE as their caretakers DO!!! They will eat when they get hungry enough, and then when they do, they will eat to save their lives.


  106. Cathi, We’ve been using Life’s Abundance (and will be rotating it with California Naturals) for our many cats and dogs. During all this I learned about ingredients, etc. and knew that I’d see a difference in my furbabies.

    What I didn’t realize was that I’d see a difference in just ONE WEEK! My huge, special needs kitty is already more mobile, his eyes cleared up and his fur is improving. We’re seeing similar things in others who have problems like messy eyes (allergies).

    And I had zero problems getting them to switch – all 8 cats, 4 stray cats and 2 dogs jumped right in with these products. Before (I a bit ashamed here) they were all eating Purina products. In other words, they were eating the equivalent of us eating Froot Loops for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch and Burger King for dinner every day of our lives.

    Good luck! I’m sure it will be worth it!

  107. N.C. hog farm quarantined after shipment of deadly pet food
    Submitted by WWAY on 25 April 2007 – 7:59pm.

    RALEIGH (AP) — State officials say that a chemical blamed for more than a dozen pet deaths across the nation has been found in all the hogs tested at a farm in western North Carolina.

    The farm received a shipment of contaminated feed last week. It has been quarantined as a precaution and none of the hogs have entered the food supply. That’s according to Mary Ann McBride, assistant state veterinarian for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

    McBride says there is no reason to believe that there is any risk associated with the North Carolina pork supply.

    State officials took urine samples from 13 hogs and all tested positive for melamine, a chemical used to manufacture plastics and foam. The farm has about 14-hundred hogs.

  108. Natura probably has 1000 times their usual volume of email right now. I am betting they will get back to you, and all other posts I have read regarding phone and email contact with Natura have been very positive. I hope they have a good answer for you. I am waiting with baited breath to see if they are also guilty of some horror. I am feeding Innova to my cat, and her health has improved quickly after introducing it.

  109. Thank you Hellen!! Actually most people do think that heart is organ but in fact it is muscle. You can feed this as your muscle meat in place of chicken beef etc. It is incredibly rich in nutrients!!

  110. I have 5 cats. My oldest cat Lillie started getting sick. She drank water constantly. She was a 12lbs and lost down to 4 lbs. I carried her to the vet for a month. They said it was kidney failure. The only food they ate was fancy feast. I contacted Purina twice and was told that their food had not been recalled and it was safe. I kept feeding them fancy feast. They never ate the same kind. The other cats now will not touch fancy feast. We had to put Lillie to sleep two weeks ago. She had gotten so weak and nothing the vet was doing was helping. It broke my heart. She had always been healthy. The vet had given her science diet, but I really think that the fancy feast was what made her sick . I tried to contact the fda but could never get in touch with them I saved all of the food with wheat gluten in it. I wanted to get it tested because I really think that purina lied.

  111. When I adopted my cat from the shelter she had been given 3 different antibiotics for infection she contracted AT the shelter. She had horrible smell uncomfortable GI problems from this, and the vet had no solution for it. I decided to feed her powdered spirulina (high chlorophyl algae), which immediately cleared up the problems. I still give it to her years later, as it seems to agree with her. You might try this if you cat has digestive upset from all the food changes. It might be why my cat hasn’t had any.

  112. I have a question for those of you who’ve already switched diets for your cats. Have you noticed less activity in the litter box? As someone said earlier this must mean that their bodies are using what they put in their mouths. Pardon my blunt speech but my big, big kitty used to leave literally a pint of urine once a day. I was worried that he hadn’t been in 36 hours but I’m just realizing that he probably did go… just much less… so I don’t recognize it. Has anyone else noticed this? Do you think that his body is absorbing the water in the wet food instead of drinking water and it just passing through him?

  113. Sorry I was off watching tv my cats ate FF elegant Medley chicken FLorentine which contains wheat gluten and soy protien. Lot number 1160 please stay away from ff with either of these ingredient the woman at the FDA today told me her job would be a lot less hetic if these people started telling the truth. She asked about Rice wheat and soy ingredient think they are checking soy complaint now also.

  114. Grace….thank you so much. Do you know if this cat food is safe? Where do you get it? I had to order my online and with the shipping it came to 25.00 for a 6.6 LB bag. I really need to know if it’s safe.


  115. Less litter box activity and less food consumed seems to be normal for a critter being fed high quality meat protein food. I keep reading cats are not concerned with volume, and they will keep eating until their needs are met. If they are eating food that does not contain what they need they will eat themselves obese and diabetic, and still not feel sated. My sister’s cat was eating Hill’s prescription for obesity, and I talked her into feeding him Innova instead. He is eating much less already.

  116. Thanks Helen. And Cathi, We bought the Life’s Abundance through their website – healthypetnet.com

    We ordered the Wellness cans and California Naturals dry through petfooddirect – takes a long time – 8-10 business days. I can’t find any internet companies that will ship food to arrive in just a couple of days (even if I’m willing to pay for the high shipping costs)!

    Seems like someone could be making mega bucks right now getting food to those of us who are urgently in need.

    Wellness and Cal. Naturals are sold in some stores (not the big chains of course). You’ll need to go to their websites and check for retailers near you.

    One other thing. Everyone seems to have about the same price on these foods so the shipping time is the real issue. Good luck!

  117. I have not read one sick pet story blamed on Innova, though I have read a few where the pet was eating Innova and other brands and the parent wasn’t sure which one was guilty.

  118. Grace, where is the forum search link on b pet connection to search fancy feast, when I type FF in nothing is found. Please advise or could you go there open the link and post the url thanks.

    What were you using before the FF that she stopped eating? Discontinue all them. Geisha the one who was the most ill was never treated for toxic food, because it was March 23rd and Ff was not on the list. She was given pepcid for upset stomach and some subq fluids and sent home for me to watch and pray. Stupid me actually feed her more of the darn stuff believing the vet that it wasn’t on the list like many tried everything I had to get her to eat. Not till after she had the biopsy procedure on Mar 26th did I start to know in my heart it was the food even though they had to rule out other things. I quit the food on my gut. 5 days later the vet called said their was nothing wrong with result, I said I know she ate poison food and he said at this point all indication of her symptoms point to exactly that. So here I am a little over a month later playing the waiting game have one more set of BCB and urine to do to get final word on damages, thts not till May 17th I have her dying everyday in btwn. she definitely is not the same cat she use to always be on my lap now she prefers not to be touched.

  119. The sinister part of the dog food recall is that the industry has so few regulations that almost any garbage, toxic or worse, can be willingly added to your dog food. This has been true for decades. Hopefully, a change will happen, but only if substantive pressure is brought to bear without abatement, long after the dog food recall has faded from the daily news.

    See what’s in your dog food at:

  120. “The farm received a shipment of contaminated feed last week”…..LAST WEEK!!!!!!

    I am sorry, this horror has truly moved into the realm of full criminal negligence on the part of pet food manufacturers who we now find were, as recently as last week, dumping the recalled poison to hog farms rather than properly disposing of it as a hazardous waste. Of course, if the media and government agencies had been asking the right questions and doing their investigative jobs (tracking shipments out of Menu Foods and other plants and warehouses) they might have caught the contaminated stuff on its way to the hog farms. Of course, if the media and government had adequately publicized this recall from the get-go perhaps the hog farmers would have been suspicious of all the “great surplus petfood” being offered them at fire sale prices” and refused it.

    Now, we have yet another, even bigger, toxic waste disposal problem. All the hogs that are showing melamine in their urine. What a waste. They can’t be sold for human consumption and certainly cannot end up in rendering plants for pet foods……..Can they!!!!? The Pet Food lobby is going to have their hands full explaining this. Jail is too good for these bloodsuckers.

  121. Grace…you can get Life’s Abundance right from their web site. trilogyonline.com They will send it in 3 days for you. I just want to know if it’s safe. Thanks ever so much!!!


  122. Grace —

    Waggintails.com ships quickly. I’m in NC and standard shipping takes 3 days to get to me. Regular shipping was ~$20 for the food that I bought. I’ve been pleased with their service so far.

  123. anyone remember the comedian Gallagher – his skit about cats licking their butts? He said “if it tastes so good why don’t they make butt flavored cat food?”. Let’s all remember to send in our postcards. We can and will make a difference.

  124. My Bichon died on March 15th of this year after eating Innova for Seniors, wet & dry. She starting having strange symptoms like severe coughing (like asthma) a few weeks prior to her dying. I took her to the Vet and had her checked. Her blood work, lungs, heart were perfect. But within weeks her kidney values went off the chart. The Vet was shocked. We had to put her to sleep ultimately.

    I was shocked at her rapid pace of deterioration. So was the Vet. I put her to sleep on the 15th of March, and heard of the recalls the very next day. I was devastated. I’m never trusting any commercial pet food company again!

  125. Since we are talking about amil order pet food has anyone tried or heard anything about Tiki cat catfood? It look really good But they all did at one point.


    that link youpost witht he good the bad and ugly, was very interesting I knew beet pulp was considered bad that is in that Kumpi kat stuff, but at least one ingredient in the bad and ugly are in all of them Geez

  126. Jules, I am so very sorry for your loss. :-( My cat had coughing attacks too in the weeks before her death. I remember one in particular where she just hacked. But me.. stupid, stupid me .. thought it was a hairball. She was my first cat and I just blew it.

  127. Grace that link worked does anyone belong to that forum and answer those people with yes there are issues with certain FF meals read the labels avoid wheat gluten and SPC. Darn that Purina tha ought to be ashamed do they not realize the longer they hold out the worse the damage to pets and to there rep I have more respect for those who have come forward then those who are hiding hoping it blows over.

  128. I have fed “FancyFeast” to my 15 yr. old Emily and “”Purina Sr. for years she will NOT touch any other foods– with the exception of the new “FancyFeast” dry — she will goes days and days without a bite if she can not have her “favorite” blends –she will not eat the fish products or the chopped type— yes-she is a diva!! What is the information some of you have heard in regards to these ?? I have called both companies and my vet. (who is a very caring and careful doctor )I have trusted with all my fur kids for years and have not gotten any negative information —not that I trust the food producers any longer- My dogs eat different “Purina” dry blends and “Pedigree” wet along with lots of raw carrots-apples-cottage cheese-green beans and bananas every day- so far Zeus who is four is healthy as is my nine month old Zada their coats are beautiful ! teeth in perfect condition and have NEVER been sick- I am a careful mom and would rush mine to their DR. ASAP if they showed any symptoms- to hell with cost -my babies health and happiness comes before mine!! they also get vitamins & 10 essential oils (cod-soy -flax etc.)daily if I should be aware of negative facts concerning these foods PLEASE leave me a message–THANKS

  129. I feed my hound Flint River Ranch Dry….Lamb, Rice-Millet-
    care must be taken not to overfeed as it is rich and highly digestable-concentrated, a standard 8 ounce cup holds 4.2 ounces of food. This compares to an average of 3.3 ounces in most extruded foods. This food isn’t extruded- it is baked. I don’t SELL it, just order off their website.
    I am going to order the cat food tonite.
    I used to use Iams exclusively.. however,2 years ago my 4 year old Basset died of kidney failure. I am just now starting to put the puzzle pieces together. I am stunned.
    Hugs to all of you and you 4-legged kids!

  130. Julie – Ive been using Felidae 50 % for just a couple of weeks now. My cats are doing really well on it. Seem really healthy – better than when they were just on their old food.

    Susan – I wondered about the byNature too. Looks pretty good. Glad to know your cats like it.

    Marylynn – thanks for the info on Eagle Pack – also another one I have been eyeing.

  131. Whoops! Didn’t mean to post anonymous :) And meant to apologize if this is duplicate information.

  132. Jules. . . your pet died from Innova? It does not list any of the ingredients and Natura claims all their products don’t contain any rice protein. Could it have been some treats? just curious. I don’t feed that food but a friend uses it on her cats.

  133. Yes, Bonni, I believe my pet died from Innova! As Garyn mentioned, our pets had this strange cough, hacking, whatever you want to call it, just before their death.

    When I first mentioned it to my friends, then to Innova, they all said, “Don’t worry, it’s not on the recall list!!!! It couldn’t have killed your dog.” Since then, a month and a half later . . . what has happened??? So many more ingredients and poisons have been identified. Some are still to be identified in my opinion! I never believed it would leak into our human food supply either, but I did believe that something was not right with the pet food I was feeding my dog.

  134. Oh, Bonnie, NO, I did not feed her any treats at all. Only Innova Senior, wet & dry.

    Let’s not only believe that it is wheat, rice, or soy gluten (or protein concentrate) or whatever you want to call it. There’s something else that will surface . . . soon.

  135. I’ve had good luck with the Merrick Dog Food. One of our dogs, a 12 year old Australian Shepherd used to eat that, we moved in August and I couldn’t find it here right away, so we switched him to Alpo Cuts N Gravy. In October he seemed to not be doing well, vet ran tests, said his liver enzymes were high. We gave him some natural medications and supplements, but I continued to feed Alpo. He got worse, dropping weight, vomiting, losing energy and appetite. When Alpo was recalled I switched back to Merrick immediately. He has had a total turn around. Gaining weight, more energy, big difference. Something in the Alpo had to be affecting him even before the recall. I sent a note to Purina, someone actually called me back to follow up, but I bet it goes nowhere.
    We’re stuck on our cats…lots of problems with urinary stones and infections, they have been on Royal Canin Urinary SO and have had no more urinary problems…but I’m terrified about the food. Afraid to switch though. Any suggestions?

  136. Jules, I am so sorry! Nine years ago the same thing happened to my 17 year old cat. The vet could not find a single thing wrong, and her labs were completely normal, but she got sicker and sicker, then died. I was never able to find out why, but she ate Iams Senior.

    Garyn, My cat was hacking too and I thought it was a hairball that wouldn’t come up. Then she would vomit a little puddle of clear liquid. When I replaced the Nutro dry food with Innova, all her sypmtoms cleared up. I really thought hairball, not bad food! She was eating wet food and human meat too, which may be the only thing that saved her. She had been throwing Nutro out of the bowl and eating very little of it, like she tasted the problem. I will always trust her when she doesn’t want to eat something now.

  137. Garyn, we had no reason to suspect food for what we thought was normal cat hacking. I am so sorry you lost her. This is not your fault!

  138. Hi everyone i just have a quick question i was feeding my 5 dogs nutro max puppy and it has corn gluten in it so i switched to wellness for puppies is this a good food and also i have 3 new pups that will begin eating food next week what soft food should i feed them? thanks so much!

  139. Somebody said they are feeding Sheba. It is not good. Nitrites are in it as well as gluten.

    The thing is, nobody should be feeding gluten or soy or concentrated grain protein even if it isn’t poisoned.
    It is not meat protein. Cats and Dogs are carnivores! And this protein is not fit for a carnivore. They don’t care about the health of our pets.
    It’s all about money.

    The reason the poisoned food got into the Hog feed, is because part of the first run of every batch of food, is set aside, as they make adjustments to the die, and make sure everything is perfect. That is the normal procedure.
    This set aside, test run stuff is sold to farmers for hogs or chickens to eat.

  140. Life’s Abundance (dry) seems to have pretty decent ingredients. I’ve got a bag of it but haven’t opened it as I’m really trying to get my cat off of the dry food entirely. Note that the same company’s wet cat food – Instinctive Choice – is made by Menu.

    I’ve been feeding Felidae canned for a little bit now, and I have to give the company credit for being about as on top of this whole recall thing as anyone. Their website seems to get updated everytime there’s a new ingredient recalled, they were very responsive on the phone, and the food itself seems to be very high quality. Their website specifically states all ingredients are US raised and grown, and the meat itself is specified as “human quality meat, flesh tissue and skin only.” I am probably going to try and move to some raw food as well, but so far I’m extremely pleased with the Felidae.

  141. I’m not certain but I seem to recall reading somewhere that Wellness was made at a Menu Foods plant. I’ll check and see what I can find.

  142. Lorie, my daughter and I both got Tiki for our cats, and they loved it. But it is made in Thailand, and that gives me great pause. So I’m not going to buy any more.

    I LOVE the stories of financial sacrifice I’m reading here so we can buy better food for our pets. It’s been hard to budget for the cat food, but I changed my channel line-up on my satellite, unplugging appliances to save electricity, budgeting my own food costs (eating less), not making unnecessary car trips — whatever I can think of — and it’s all working out.

    HUGS TO ALL. Your stories are truly inspiring.

  143. Wellness (Old Mother Hubbard) info from Howl911.com:

    Old Mother Hubbard (verified by company 3/26/07, updated 4/24/07)

    * Menu does make some of our canned cat and canned dog foods. They make OUR recipes according to OUR quality standards.
    * We have procedures in place to clean between each run of food that is produced. We also inspect the plant regularly to audit their procedures. We require our facilities to pass an audit by Cook & Thurber, a HUMAN FOOD auditing firm.”
    * Other manufacturers are used besides Menu Foods.
    * Products do not contain wheat gluten, corn or soy, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.
    * We do not source rice protein concentrate from Binzhou Futian Biological Technology, the manufacturer of the contaminated rice protein concentrate. (from website 4/24/07)
    * We do not purchase rice protein concentrate from Wilbur-Ellis. (from website 4/24/07)
    * We have visited the plants where we source our rice protein concentrate, and they have consistently met our stringent standards. (from website 4/24/07)

  144. I’ve just ordered for my 6 cats from Holistic Blend. I have checked every single ingredient, down to the K1 and it looks to be clean. Anybody know anything about it? Let me know! thanks

  145. I am so confused!!!! Ok so what foods wet and dry are safe to feed my dogs? I have 3 pekingese 1 shih tzu and 1 shih tzu/pekingese mix and one of my peks is nursing 3 pups! I dont want to feed my babys anything that will hurt/kill them thay are my life and we really had to cut back to feed them the wellness food but i will do anything to keep them safe so i guess im asking what foods are safe wet and dry?

  146. Thank you Endaar…..I’ve been reading up on the Felidae and I think it’s the way to go. I hope and pray I’m making the right choice. If anything happened to my daughters cat on my watch, well…..it would be bad! (She’s at college) He was a barn cat and lost his mother at 1 week old. My daughter raised him and he then broke his pelvis twice. He’s now our littte precious house cat. He’s actually a hero in our little town. Everyone is always asking how he’s doing and stopping over to see him. Thanks again.

  147. fyi: Take Purina’s Pet Promise off your list guys. They claim a “promise of purity” and a long list of things they don’t put in their cat cans & dry. Thought it was ok. I found an ingredient “menadione sodium bisulfite complex “(source of vitamink K activity) listed. This is ugly stuff. It is not a naturally derived source of Vitamin K and can’t be assimilated properly. All kinds of nasty long term damang.

  148. my fur kids are of paramount importance So far my kids appear healthy I will never buy from the producers who buy their ingredients from China –I only feed mine USA or Canada made foods if I find a food or treat made in any foreign country or use ingredients from these countries (other than Canada) I will discontinue using that brand!I have always used only USA -Canada products and this disgusting -blatant misuse of pet food ingredients has only made me even more convinced 3rd world countries do NOT value pets as we do—- of course any country that serves dog meat and clubs dogs to death as a means of controlling rabies makes it plain this country should not be selling ingrediants for pet foods!!!! Why are these barbarians allowed to sell their poison?? GREED GREED GREED I wish we could find one or two realy safe brands and all pet parents would start buying only these I would like to put these GREEDY #%&$#@*out of business after they were sued to the max!!

  149. Caught a bit of the Oprah show today when they were talking about the “Raw Food Diet” for pets.

    Oprah has switched her dogs … apparently it is best to do it slowly, i.e. substituting 10% of their meals to begin with. But I would say it might have to be speeded-up with not much choice left in commercial-overprocessed-poisoned pet foods!

    I liked it when Oprah looked directly into the camera & said “They are CARNIVORES … they only require about 3% carbs in their diet, if that.”

    Vet then said “Commercial petfoods have 50 – 60% carbs in them!”

    Hhmmmm … mayb that’s cuz they can make more profit with ALL THAT FILLER!

  150. Jules Says:
    April 25th, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    Yes, Bonni, I believe my pet died from Innova! As Garyn mentioned, our pets had this strange cough, hacking, whatever you want to call it, just before their death.

    Jules..I am very sorry to hear about you’re pet….after reading you’re post now I am getting paranoid….I have been feeding Innova to my dogs for over 3 years and mine are all very healthy…soft coats.. nice small poops…could it have been something else that you fed..like treats

  151. my cats used to eat Felidae and the past month or so aren’t too happy about it, so I tried the KumpiKat and now they are gobbling like turkeys – I too am pretty upset about the corporate greed and am wondering if anyone can direct me to a list of proctor and gamble product and mars and purina – is there anyone place that has them all listed so we can BOYCOTT all of them? if there is something like that, I’ll be checking back, cause I’m just about steamed enough now, I don’t care about what they may sell I like, I’m not wanting to buy any of their crap any more!

  152. CARRIE, have you checked out this article on cats? It explains what cats need to avoid kidney problems as well as diabetes and obesity. Even though the subject is feline diabetes, it all applies:

    It’s written by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, our hero for her testimony before the Senate a couple weeks ago. She also hosts a helpful forum:

    PETRA, I agree with you about Pet Promise. That’s what I was feeding my cats when the recall began. It’s loaded with grains. And it’s owned by Purina, which Pet Promise tries to keep secret. Purina, imho, mass-produces the cheapest possible junk food with pretty packaging, and millions spent on marketing and advertising, not on nutritional ingredients.

  153. Does anybody use Artemis food?

    Just bought a bag today, let my dog smell it, h ewanted to gobble it all. I gave him a very small bit mixed in with his food. Highly recommended by our natural pet food store, and website says not involved…but all websites say whatever makes people buy the product.

    Any comments on this brand? Thanks!

  154. I am so sad for everyone who has had a problem. Before the recalls I had been feeding one poodle, who lost a kidney last year,Hills k/d can and dry. Another poodle, who had stones in his bladder last year and had surgery, Royal Canin SO can and dry. The other three were on pedigree wet and science diet adult dry. Before we had the trouble with the two who had surgries, all of them were on the Alpo meat with gravy and the science adult dry.. Since the first recall, I started buying chicken, carrots, peas and white rice. I boil and debone the chicken and mix 1/3 chicken, 1/3 veggies and 1/3 white rice. I scramble each of them an egg every morning. They get no dry food or anything else. They seem to be in good shape. I just worry about the poodle with one kidney and am I making her worse without the k/d food. I just made my mind up that I would go this way and if something happens to her because of this that it was because I was trying to protect her from companies that might really mean to hurt her. The same for the poodle who was on the SO. I also have a good many cats who always got different dry foods…alternating between meow mix and Purina indoor and other good named foods. They always seemed ok. I did have one cat to be found dead one morning about two months ago. He had not been showing any signs of being sick. He was dead on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. He was about four years old with a really nice coat and good weight. Another cat, same age, died about four months ago same way. I now have them on Purina indoor. I am keeping my fingers crossed. You just have to have faith that whatever course you take…it’s what you have to do at the time…but you still stay so scared every day. I enjoy this site so much. Good luck and good health to all of your fury family members. Claudette

  155. Claudette…Here is a dog recipe that might help you out….I think you need to supplement…that info is right at the bottom of the page..I have used this recipe my dogs love it…


  156. Dumb question- is everyone on this board avoiding everything from Menu Foods?
    I have Wellness and AvoDerm, both grain free.

    Also- I am concerned by the comments about Innova, I use EVO dry.

  157. Sam,

    I have been giving my cats some Artemis and all five like it and it seems to *suit* them. If they are only putting in what is on the label it should be safe, lol!~

    I’m taking them back to 100% home prepared though, just for the control factor. KNOWING what they are eating and that *I* have checked out the food sources. I had started giving them kibble again because of emergency situations like blackouts/etc, but we’ll just have to deal when the time comes . . .

  158. Jules,
    I’m a bit confused and concerned because I just switched my dog and cat to the Innova adult dry cat food and innova senior dry dog food. The lady I talked to thought it might be best to stay away from the wet foods until the recalls clear up, but I’m now worried due to your circumstances with your pet. Do you think the cause might have been the wet food?
    I just switched recently and am still in the food transition process into the innova dry foods for both my pets. If anyone could please give me advice regarding this situation. Is innova dry foods ok to feed my pets or do I need to switch again. And if so to what? When I talked to the lady at the store, she claimed that these foods were safer then what I was feeding them which was kirkland dry food for my cat and senior science diet dry food for my dog. Please help!!!

  159. Concerned
    I have been feeding Innova adult for 3 years..and all of my dogs are healthy both dry and wet….

  160. What could be in Innova dry that is killing pets that wouldnt be in every single pet food out there?

    Innova EVO doesnt use grains. So if its in the meat, potatoes, or supplements, we’re all screwed.

  161. I haven’t heard anything about Fancy Feast being dangerous or recalled or anything about soy possibly being contaminated until I read through all your posts. Have I missed something about a Fancy Feast recall and what’s going on with they soy? Is it a problem now?!

  162. Carol, Thank you for the url for the dog recipe this is where I found the information below. It’s a must read article! Kiki, thank you for the information on 4D animals, rendered animals, and do they use muscle/flesh protein. Still no word from Natura.


    I am going to learn how to cook for my animals!

  163. I meant to mention in my last post that hogs on a farm in Californina also tested positive for melamine. The very same wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate that are killing our pets are widely used in human bakery-type products (bread, etc). How many of us humans are going to have to get sick and/or die before our government gets to the bottom of this horrendous coverup?! I’ve written my senators and representatives, even though they aren’t involved in senate hearings, urging them to do whatever they can to force the FDA and all the other agencies and companies to reveal what they’re hiding. I urge all of you to write your congressmen/women as well. Maybe if we flood Washington with our outrage, we’ll get some answers – and more importantly, some changes. I’m not holding my breath but we should all still voice our opinions and anger. We owe it to our pets…and to those who have died because of government irresponsibility. We can’t bring them back but maybe we can do something so they didn’t die in vain.

  164. Well, I’m virtually speechless.. this recall situation has become surreal. Though we don’t use F&S (never heard of them, actually..) I feel so disgusted with them I’d like to write them an email and express how ashamed they should be for waiting so long and for hiding the damned recall information halfway down the page! On the site’s homepage I can’t even see a link regarding it. But at least we know their site is HACKER SAFE. I’ll bet they’re going to need to be.

    Regarding giving up and sacrificing to give our pets raw food, I’m afraid some of us can’t afford to do so. We’ve got six animals, all rescue from about-to-move-and-can’t-have-animals-in-our-new-place situations or strays. I believe we’ve been responsible in how we’ve cared for them, because they’ve faired better than at the pound; but we’re not wealthy.

    We got some samples the other day from Honest Kitchen, and were very excited about it. I’ve put in hours and hours trying to find a safe avenue for them, and this seemed to be it. But I was terribly disappointed when I realized the cost we’d be looking at to put them on this diet. Unless I’m mistaken, we’d be looking at over $200 a month to feed Honest Kitchen. Maybe some of you have lots of extra cash, but we’re barely scraping by. (For the record, we haven’t had cable for about 18 months now. It’s been like coming out from under water, I highly recommend it.)

    Anyway, enough of my defensive rant. We’re looking into a local franchisee or whatever of Pet Food Express. The local guy says they only use U.S. ingredients, but I’m to the point where I don’t trust ANYONE these days. Has anyone dealt with/heard about them? I hope they’re trustworthy, because I’m strongly pondering going with them.

  165. Forgot to add, we’ve thought about raw food, but at $2-$3 a pound that doesn’t seem to practical for six animals either, probably as much or more than Honest Kitchen though I totally admit I’m no expert on the cost of raw pet food diet.

    With HK, I believe we were looking at about 20 dry lbs of their food to make the recommended feeding guidelines for our 55lb dog. That’s $100+ a month. For the five cats (four, actually, one is on Royal Canin venison & green pea and good lord, I hope their ingredient list is accurate.) it would be about the same, so over $200. We’re maxed out on our budget with the Science Diet dry we’ve been giving them, so HK is waaay over the top.

  166. Sharon .. plz cook your cat chicken breasts … and buy sardines and plain yougart .. baby food chicken and beef are great too … try and get something else for her food for now ..

  167. Lee- I am worried that what you say is true!
    I switched all my critters, 9 dogs and 2 kittens from Pro Plan and the difference is amazing now! Before they hardly ate, listless and some bile, none since switching. I noticed they were not eating well and switched, sure am glad I did. Wheat gluten and Corn gluten meal in all of their foods. btw I switched to Eagle Pack Holistic Select and Felidae dry and Tiki Cat canned, plus lots of extra home cooking. I’m very happy with the results and the doggies are happier now. The kittens were eating 9-Lives wet and started to barf bile before too.
    I feel so bad for folks that have sick pets or lost them :-(
    “but I really think that the fancy feast was what made her sick . I tried to contact the fda but could never get in touch with them I saved all of the food with wheat gluten in it. I wanted to get it tested because I really think that purina lied.”

  168. Elizabeth, I am completely with you. I feel the entire crisis has been mis-handled – from the pet manufacturers and FDA all the way to the media and those on the hill who are charged with investigating. It is as bad as Katrina. Just goes to show that if this country ever faced a catastrophic event such as mass human poisoning or bioterrorism, a nuclear attack, or any such thing, it would truly be a nightmare of all nightmares…Many of us have come to the realization that our country is simply not capable of protecting us from harm (we can’t even successfully prosecute offensive wars against 3rd world countries (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq). God Help Us…

  169. when are the people going to take responsibitiy for their action on bad petfood?
    god forbid a little kid accidental eat bad petfood that been recall will they then take responsibitiy for their action?
    what these people don’t know or don’t care that pet are part of family that own them.

    to people who lose their sweet little furbabies and the one that are sick bad petfood that been recall
    I am so so sorry for your lose of your cats and dog.
    is my catfood safe? they eat specialkitty dry catfood and purina cat chow are they for my cats?

  170. Getting ready to go to work, I think I have been late everyday since this whole thing started……………..*sigh*

    Not to mention sleeping on the living room floor almost eveynight with 2 still not quite right cat after FF disaster.


    Can you give me play by play about Honest Kitchen which flavor if more that one, are you cooking it etc….

    This Merrick stuff is started to gross me out now tha I read alot of these comments.LOL

    Anymore I cannot tell if my cats are being effect by poisons ore by indigestion from all the food swapping geez…..Geisha ended up with meesy BM’s by scarfing down almost 2 handfuls of Felidae my fault gave to much for first exposure.

  171. Are any pet foods safe? i am tired of changing brands after feeding for a few days to find out its another recall..i recently called Lassie Natural Way brand dog foods and they took time to talk to me and assure me the rice they use is from within the US and no glutens or concentrates are used in their foods…relief i sure hope so…i am now cooking wet foods for dogs which i must say they love…check out this site….http://www.lassie.com/naturalway/natural-way-flash.htm

  172. I’ve been raw feeding for a number of years. I don’t use grain fed or organic because I can’t afford it. I sent my elderly cat over the bridge at 20.5 yrs and she’d been in moderate renal failure the last 2 yrs. For those of you thinking about raw and are nervous about it, you can cook the food and add a calcium supplement. The important thing is to not forget the calcium. There are a number of ways to feed your animals. There is NO one right way. A good page for dogs with lots of references is http://www.dogaware.com I’ve been a member of K9Nutrition at Yahoo for years. All types of feeding are addressed here. If your dog has kidney problems I’d recommend K9Kidney, also a Yahoo group. For cats with kidney problems, there’s a Feline CRF group, can’t remember the url, maybe someone can post it. I used to belong to Holisticat. They were more focused on raw, don’t know about now. You can read their archives.

    My main point is that if you’re nervous about raw on top of all this other stuff going on, it might not be worth it to add to your stress. Start somewhere. Feeding your pet is not a religion. Nor is it rocket science. But you do have to pay attention to what you’re doing and spend a little time reading. Do what you’re comfortable with.

    The main benefit, for me, is knowing exactly what goes into that bowl of food. Someone made a comment about using organs instead of liver. You can add organ meat, but liver should comprise about 10% of the meat. They need the iron and B vitamins from the liver.

  173. I highly recommend feeding products manufactured by Champion Pet foods-www.championpetfoods.com These include Orijen, Grain-Free for dogs and cats, as well as their Acana line of foods. Made in Canada, using human-grade Canadian products, independently manufactured by the company itself, not outsourced.
    As many of you are aware, the majority of pet food recalls over the past 10 years have been due to contaminated grains/grain glutens. Educating our clients about the benefits of feeding grain-free has been my passion all along, but even more so now with all that is currently going on in the industry. Human-grade quality ingredients with No corn, no wheat, no rice, no glutens=no worries.
    Just thought I’d share this as I see Orijen hasn’t been mentioned in previous posts so perhaps readers aren’t aware of this product option.
    Creature Comfort Pet Emporium

  174. Cathy very nice post. I agree with what you said except about the liver. Liver is organ just like kidney is organ. They all have their benefits. As long as “offal” (any internal organ) makes up the 10% (I do 5%) it doesn’t matter which organ. But as with everything, variey of organs is the best over time. I know there are many different schools of thought. But I don’t agree that liver every day is needed. In fact any one thing every single day isn’t optimal. You could use kidney instead.. and liver the next day and spleen etc. Just like beef every day is not good. Variety over time is my mantra. :-)

  175. I too am appalled by this – I learened about the Merrick issue too, them owning a rendering plant plus a pet food plant – how conveniant!

    What does everyone think of the Wellness brands, it is what I switched my dogs to because a month or so ago when I was reading the lables my Nutro puppy food did not have Wheat Gluten but it had Rice Gluten and I thought – that is a little too similar so I switched them.

    Any thoughts on Wellness??

  176. Lorie,

    I’ll do you one better. Here is a PDF I found which is a qualitative study of ALL pet food companies in the USA. The topic is cranberries as an ingredient, but the paper has a WEALTH of very interesting information on the pet food industry. It also includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, philosophies/background and website of each pet food company in the USA and which brands they produce. I’ve been reading it all morning – very interesting and I will be making a few phone calls myself to a number of the companies.


  177. thanks Chris for the heads up about Orijen checked out and a local store carries it..will be changing brands again

  178. I have been feeding Innova for 5 years to 5 dogs with absolutely no issues whatsoever. I also mix with canned foods by Merrick, Evangers, Innova, Eagle Pack, and Wellness…no issues. My dogs are all extremely healthy and active. On nights I’m tired…a little too much so but I’m thrilled their happy. I have a golden that barely sheds, and 3 out of the other 4 I would say don’t shed but we know all dogs shed. Good nutrition is the key. The foods available today have come a long way. Remember when Alpo had horsemeat in cans for dogs. I do!!

    I think that every dog or cat that vomits now or dies during the next few months will all be blamed on this food scare. We need to realize that even without this recall dogs and cats get sick and die. It’s a fact of life. Our babies are not going to be with us forever. How I wish they would be but it’s not going to happen.

    I know everyone is in a panic and this recall is sickening. We have to realize that we would not eat if we knew what went on in a USDA plant for humans. I’m sure there are rendered meats in our foods we just don’t know about it.

    My suggestion is be vigilante in what you feed your pets, read labels. Remember that not everything with wheat, corn or soy is going to kill your pet or you.

    Remember that people got sick on vegetables due to the fact that farm workers were defecating in the fields, vegetables were picked and shipped to our tables to eat. If you think things are better for pet foods your wrong. But I do think the foods out there today are far superior than 10 years ago.

    So foods I still trust:
    Innova (Natura)
    Eagle Pack
    Nature’s Variety
    Natural Balance – yes, they had recently changed their venison formula if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have any problems.
    Newman’s Own

    So be alert but don’t get caught up in the hysteria. Be vigilant not a vigilante.

    I pray that all are pets are safe and that this comes to an end soon!

  179. Also remember that the constant changing of foods can cause runs and vomiting if done too quickly or the food just doesn’t sit well with your pet. It does not mean the food is not good and is killing your pet. It could be that your pet just can’t tolerate it.

    Good luck everyone!

  180. Chris,

    I am the perfect example of changing to quickly twice now I have tried to feed y olesl Topaz Felidae and 2 or 3 pieces into she gags and stops I think it is the Kelp, the little one Geisha gobbled up 2 huge handfuls right off the bat and had the runs all day yesterday. Her might be from the kelp also god knows they have never been xposed to kelp before all this started.

    I think I am going to pick up some Honest Kitchen prowl on the way home (No Kelp) and some Aunt Jeni’s raw which is locally made in MD, the cat Turkey flavor does not contain kelp the other 4 flavors do. Had to call to find that out lady was very nice. trying these 2 since merrick stories are rampant and becoming more and more parinoid every can of the same flavor i open looks different one is runny one is thick one is oily etc……………..plus the sardine chucks are disgusting. New England Boil is the flavor

  181. the fact that ALL of the pet food companies have had a field day lying or waiting 3 months putting out the recall. well imagine if all the petowners donated $1.00 per pet to take all involved to court for damages and reassurance that this will never happen again, hitting the almighty profit margin is the only thing that they would understand.

  182. Garyn said: But I don’t agree that liver every day is needed.

    Didn’t say that. You made it sound as if liver = kidney, which it doesn’t. Having fed frozen chicks to my cats at one time, I’ve noticed that the size of the liver in young birds is huge compared to the size of the liver in a whole chicken. A natural food for cats wouldn’t be a grown up chicken, but a smaller bird. My cats have left various parts of animals on the floor when they eat a mouse, a lizard, etc., but they’ve never left the liver. Mouse kidneys – oh yes, tiny as they are, they spit them out. Adding to food once a week at 10% isn’t enough. B vitamins are crucial for just about every metabolic process in the body. I’d really like to add a B50 cap to the cats food, but they hate the smell, so liver it is. That’s my philosophy anyway for cats as I feed them a complete meal in each bowl. They just aren’t interested in balance over time with raw meat parts. I gave up on that a long time ago with 6 cats, each with their own idea about what was acceptable. Balance over time is how my dogs eat, but not the cats. So we’re talking about 2 different ways of feeding. Kidneys in the cat food? Not according to them! Ptui!

  183. All: looking for a great quality non-recalled brand? Try PHD. (I have No financial interest) They do mail order. Just call them and set up auto-ship and it will be mailed to your doorstep as often as you ask. Never had a problem. They’r’e awesome and my dogs are THRIVING. I’ve had lots of friends and family ask me (They know I’m a hardcore allthings dog person and certified canine and equine massage therapist) and they’ve started switching. Undisputable results, too. Their site even has a statement about the food recall. Never have used wheat gluten. Never used Rice protein. YOU supply the protein. It’s amazing.

  184. Cathy you know I didn’t realize you were talking cats!! I would have shut up if I did. I do not know how to feed a cat raw. I was talking dogs!! Sorry. Disregard my post and now I will shut up.

  185. Garyn,

    “She was my first cat and I just blew it.”

    I’m sorry; please don’t blame yourself. As my vet explained to me, in the wild cats are in the middle of the food chain (both predator and prey). Which means to survive they will very often hide pain or sickness, or just plain hide. Also, barfing up hairballs is normal, and there are any number of other aliments that cats could get (just like us). It is not easy to diagnose a problem just by observing some cats.

    My vet (the coolest of cat people) says to bring a cat in if a) it has a sudden change in food, poop, moving, coat condition, etc.; b) It suddenly starts hiding all of the time; or c) it has That-Cat-Ain’t-Right syndrome (that is, trust your gut about your particular cat).

    I hope your experience doesn’t put you off adopting other cats.

  186. CathyA: Don’t feel bad about not feeding grain-fed meat. This is another lie from the food industry. Grain fed is easier to accomplish on a factory farm, and the grain is all GM anyway. Grass-fed animals are probably safer, just as good, and the animals are a little more likely not to have been abused or exposed to dangerous chemicals. Pasture cows are more often on family farms where the farmer can’t afford to buy cheap poisonous grain to feed the livestock. Just because giant agri-business corporations tell us grain fed is better so they can charge more for it doesn’t mean it is better or tastier.

  187. Another great food is FirstMate (www.firstmate.com). With the recall I switched my 5 yr old dog over to their grain-free Potato and Fish. She is very happy with it, and so am I. I really like the fish oils and glucosamine without all the filler. They seem like a really good, west coast company.

  188. I can tell you it is just a matter o our food as well. As long as we make other countries rich and let ours die off this is what we can expect.
    I personally do not support of feel safe with any dog food manufacturer now after this.
    I will cook for mine. I have been blessed that none of the foods I used have been recalled yet, so no more for me and mine, I don’t like playing with odds stacked against my babies.

  189. I can tell you it is just a matter of time before our food is affected as well. As long as we make other countries rich and let ours die off this is what we can expect.
    I personally do not support of feel safe with any dog food manufacturer now after this.
    I will cook for mine. I have been blessed that none of the foods I used have been recalled yet, so no more for me and mine, I don’t like playing with odds stacked against my babies.

    Sorry for the earlier typo’s.

  190. From the Pet Foot Tracker:

    Just as an FYI, all their customers were contacted personally by email or by phone. .

    They went above and beyond as it turns out.

    April 26, 2007 10:51 AM

  191. Kiki:
    Just to let you know Natura does NOT use the 4 D’s. Their foods are all human grade. Grocery store quality. I sell Innova, Canidae/Felidae, By Nature, By Nature Organic and Nutri Source. Before I take on a food line, I meet with the reps and talk extensively with the companies. Fromm does not meet the quality I expect.

  192. Hi Cheri:

    I bought Karma from Naturapet and when I opened the bag, it was the most horrendous smell and disgusting look I have ever seen in any pet food. I contacted the company and they did not respond appropriately. I contacted the FDA and they took down the information. There were dead fleas in this bag and strange hair. It was gross and not what you would expect from and “organic” product. Anyway, I just found out today that pet foods can use the term “organic” without even being certfied, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected a higher quality product from Karma than anything else that is out there. It was really, really, gross and they wouldn’t even refund my money at the store or speaking on the phone with a rep.

    Fromm’s canned food is made in China – I would never buy it. Fromm’s dry food is made with made for human consumption muscle meat, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables – small batches, bought daily, made daily.

    It’s important that you tease out the difference between human grade and fit for human consumption muscle meat. The other pet products you mentioned do not use muscle protein. Their products are all rendered, according to them and none use muscle protein.

  193. I just spoke with my vet who has 7 cats. She has begun feeding her cats a USDA Organic pet food called PetGuard. She buys it in a health food store.
    She claimes it is free of all the glutens etc, with excellent ingredients and is not terribly expensive. I visited the site and it looks very good. Her cats have been eating that for 2 weeks, and they are all still healthy. She gives them some Friskies without glutens to keep them from getting bored, just for variety.
    She says she tasted the Petguard herself and it tastes good. I don’t think I will do that.
    She claims her cats like the Petguard. She gives them the turkey and rice and the premium feast flavors. She is using Innova EVO for dry too.

    My concern is that on the Petfoodlist, it seems they were unable to get any info at all from the company. All they say is that they aren’t affected by the recall, which is not the same as saying they don’t use Menu.

    Does anyone know anything about this food? It certainly looks good from their FAQ. No gmo’s, no ingredients we wouldn’t approve of. I emailed them but haven’t had time for a reply. I am hoping there will be a telephone number on the can. I will try it. I am desperate since the fancy feast with wheat gluten from 1160, has been causing illness and deaths. There is a healthfood store in my town that sells it, so I am hoping it is ok.

    I find Friskies questionable because of the by-products, OF COURSE, but had already bought some in desperation this a.m. simply because I haven’t heard of any pets dying after eating it.

  194. Sam:
    At least some Artemis dry food is made by Diamond. I can’t recall where I read it, but I think they use two different manufacturers. I was looking at this food because I didn’t think my dogs were liking Canidae after switching from Wellness, until I heard about the Diamond connection and didn’t want to take the risk of cross-contamination. Then the Natural Balance-Diamond rice protein story broke, so I’m glad I didn’t switch. I am feeding Canidae dry and just picked up 2 cases of special ordered Evangers canned (so my dogs better like the damn stuff!).

  195. petfood companies are allowed to use the term “organic” without actually being certified.

  196. Cheri / Pawsitively Pets Says:

    Just to let you know Natura does NOT use the 4 D’s. Their foods are all human grade. Grocery store quality. I sell Innova, Canidae/Felidae, By Nature, By Nature Organic and Nutri Source. Before I take on a food line, I meet with the reps and talk extensively with the companies. Fromm does not meet the quality I expect.

    I bought Karma from Naturapet and it was rancid and smelly, with dead fleas and hair. Also, there is a difference between human grade and fit for human consumption muscle protein. None of the pet food companies you mentioned could deny (to me) that they used only rendered animal parts.

  197. So far I have checked out the ingredients on most of the dog food mentioned. NOT! Is all I can say. I don’t like “whole corn” or “tomatoe pomace” in the ingredients. I will stick to canidae lamb & rice until I can find a better food. I have been adding chicken breasts, potatoes & vegi’s to their food as well. I did buy Evangers wet for the picky doggies. They seem to like the buffalo the best. It’s 100% meat, so you need to add other foods. Just a thought~

  198. Kiki,
    Look on the bag or can of By Nature Organic. It is certified by Oregon Tilth.

  199. I found out my answer….this is the first ingredient in Petsguard adult dog food.

    Pronounced “keen-wa”. Quinoa is a complete protein grain (50% more than wheat), high in lysine, more iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, E and B, and more calcium and fat than other grains.

  200. We have feed all four of our dogs california natural dry chicken and rice,we make our own wet food to add to that.All our dogs are as heathy as can be.

  201. Hi All

    For those who need to know for selves as well as pets — Soy interferes with the action of the Thyroid, so please do not use soy products if you have a family history of Hypothryroidism.

    This comes from Dr. Andrew Weil’s book on nutrition — The Diet for Optimum Health (or something like that). I was glad to get this information because I had a goiter the size of a rubber ball. I got off the soy, and it helped, but if I used some it would swell up again. My oncologist did not even know this!!

  202. Sandy — Have your cats ever looked at their canned food and then tried to cover it up by scraping the floor BEFROE they eat it? Mine have. Next time that happens, it goes back.

  203. If you want to read more about Fromm’s Family Foods and the idiocy of feeding your pet with a food which not only uses ingredients, including meat, presumably GROWN in China but MANUFACTURED there as well.

    Go to the Itchmo forums at

    You will have to login or register. Go down to PET HEALTH QUESTIONS and then PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PET FOOD.

  204. I called DFS yesterday to ask if the RPC is the same as the brown rice in their dry & wet foods. After 15 minutes on the phone, and being told many times the wet cat food was not included in the recall, she finally said these are 2 different products. I’m not convinced. My cats loved the first 12 cans of their regular wet food I got. However, they mostly will not eat any of the 24 cans I got earlier this month. I’m not using it for now. Just sticking with 6 flavors of FF. Does anyone know if the brown rice could be the same as RPC?

  205. Don’t believe any pet food company who tells you all ingredients are from the US. I’ve yet to find one US manufacturer of taurine, vitamin c, inositol, or quite a few other common ingredients. It’s hard to know if the companies don’t know, or are flat out lying.

  206. I don’ t think that “human grade” meat can include 4D animals… Kiki where did you get that information?

    From the Natura/Innova website:

    “Our dog food and cat food ingredients are all human grade, and fit for human consumption. In fact, our pet foods go above and beyond human grade. Many things qualify as human grade but wouldn’t be considered as an ingredient in our foods because of their poor nutritional value.”

    I am wondering… do the folks who do raw, organic diets for their pets also personally only eat organic, unprocessed whole foods as well?

  207. I saw Kiki’s recent posting on April 25, 2007 about Natura Pet Products (Innova and California Natural). I am the President of Natura and can assure you, as would anyone here you spoke to, that we do not use 4D or rendered animal parts (by-products) in any of our products. Our meats are from muscle/flesh protein exclusively.

    A list of ingredients in our products can be found at http://www.naturapet.com.

    In the future, we trust that you will take more care to ensure your facts are accurate since false information you provide online could create unwarranted fear in our customers and harm our reputation. We at Natura believe that our products are the healthiest pet foods available anywhere.

    If you would like me to send you some free samples please let me know.

    Best regards,
    Peter Atkins

  208. Well the President of Natura just confirmed what I thought. So my follow up post is unnecesary, but when I called Natura to ask about the 4d issue they said that they do not use 4d protein sources.

  209. people, dog lovers…

    how can’t you all understand, that ANY dog food which is not ORGANIC or at least part of it, is GARBAGE ???
    If you buy any non-organic dog food, it means it has BY-PRODUCTS or Chicken with HORMONES, STEROIDS…and other poisons.
    If you eat non-organic chicken, you put in your body STEROIDS, HORMONES.

    The food industry is based on GREED, nothing else. 95% of it.
    We ALL MUST STOP consuming traditional food manufacturers’ products, because they contribute 90% of all deseases, especially CANCER.
    BUY ORGANIC, or free grown and raised food.

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