Fake Corn Gluten Reaches Europe

Fake Chinese animal feed has been found in the US, Canada, South Africa and now it has reached Switzerland. Swiss officials inspected 63 samples of “corn gluten” and found that 11 of them weren’t corn gluten at all. They also found cyanuric acid and melamine (the same toxic ingredients found in US cat and dog food) in four of the 11 supplies. The same pattern of greed emerged as the illegal substances were used to boost the perceived protein content.

The samples came from 2,500 metric tonnes of products imported for use in animal feed over the last six months. It is not known if any of these made it to cat and dog food.

Just as in the US, the European officials did not see sufficient risk in corn gluten that was already fed to livestock.

Ironically, the article says Swiss used to import corn gluten from the US, but problems with genetically modified US products caused them to look elsewhere. Did price have anything to do with it?

From AllAboutFeed.net:

Certain Chinese exporters had qualified cereal by-products mixed with urea as being corn gluten. Although urea is allowed in ruminant feeds, its derivates melamine and cyanuric acid, which were also found, are prohibited. ALP has blocked the questionable loads.

ALP officers took 63 corn gluten samples of which 11 samples did not contain corn gluten. These falsified products contained a mixture of grain by-products, mainly wheat, in which large amounts of urea were found.

Analysis of the samples revealed that up to 15% of urea was added to finally reach a raw protein content of 60% like it would be expected in a corn gluten sample.

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21 thoughts on “Fake Corn Gluten Reaches Europe

  1. So 17% of the corn gluten was not corn gluten. 6% was contaminated with melamine and CA. This is never going to end. And no one wants our GM products.

  2. Just when it sounded like the fake , adulterated Chinese products couldn’t get any worse. An article in yesterdays NY Times “As China’s Economy Roars, Consumers Lack Defenders” They Quote Wang Hi “Chinas food and drug situation has worsened over the last ten years.before it was only small and informal workshops that would churn out fake food and drugs, but nowadays many big companies have joined in. ”

    I have got to wonder if any of the American businesses that have factorys in China could be the large companies that have joined in.

    Perhaps we the consumer ,should start testing human food and drugs as well as pet foods for containiments.

    Switzerland is smart not using our GMO’s , we should not use them either. I do not agree that animals fed the bad products should be allowed into the human food supply . Maybe they learned the dilution theory from our experts in decit and dishonesty(USDA & FDA).

    Does any one know how corn syrup became so beneficial to the food supply that it is in everything in place of sugar? whose pockets were lined with this decision?

  3. This is just the beginning – it will get worse. One can’t trust any of it. Vitamins additives – most are from China.

  4. Have Steve and Sally Qing Miller been inspecting and testing their latest shipments of cheap-fake stuff before shipping it off to Menu and the 17 other “loyal clients”?

  5. And Menu Foods management will of course continue to
    keep their positions and six figure salaries regardless of any (right
    or wrong) course of actions they are going to undertake.

  6. Here We go again. I’m so angry with all of this. will it never end?
    Please tell Me what anyone has heard of Purina Dog Chow Healthy Morsels? thanks.

  7. i think you can pretty much bet that european consumers will not sit still for poisoned food. in many countries, the population seems to have enough energy to become truly radical in its reactions to things like this. unlike the flock of sheep that american consumers have become, europeans have been known to gather in mobs and make things very uncomfortable for governments and corporations. look for some real consumer backlash there.

  8. China wants us to trust their products. The politicians there want us to believe that by and large their products are safe. Then some suppliers go on to poison the people in Europe.

    Maybe if China’s pet and human foods poisons enough people and pets worldwide, some strong action will be taken, maybe not. Profit first, people second, and pets last, I guess.

  9. Her’s a good one….a sample of the magnesium oxide I use for my horses was tested recently.
    Certified EPA lab.
    Results say the heavy metals are below aceptable levels.
    But,are you ready?The level of magnesium is 0.11% .
    Bag said 58% magnesium.
    Product is from China,but my information is that the comapny is North American.
    Independant testing is being done now.
    Can’t give more details at this time for obvious reasons.


  10. Mittens:”blue seal loaf wet is manufactured by Menu foods.”

    Nuff said.
    I was asking for a friend,so I’ll tell her.
    I feed raw and so am less up on commercial brands than I should be.



  11. About Orijen…now I’m answering my own questions!
    My friend gave some to her GSD last night.Foxie wolfed down the whole sample bag.
    This morning she went to her breakfast dish with her usual kibble in it,looked at it,and walked away.

    One rat study,but must be worth something.


  12. The news on the corn gluten is pertinent to the post below which I placed recently on Pet Connection and here.


    The pet food murders have created some awareness of not only the companies that manufacture or contract pet food but also a growing awareness of the “out of control” nature of our food distribution and trade policies.

    With this in mind, it was enlightening to find the UK beginning to question these problems as well.

    Here is a link regarding local vs. food of unknown origin.



    It is time we faced up to the fact that developing our super-efficient food distribution system has resulted in the complete destruction of our local food infrastructure. Worse than that, the supertanker of centralised commodity distributed food supply is still going in the wrong direction, using the language – category management, food chains and supply chain rationalisation – of an industry which treats food no differently than paint, cars or computers.

    Next time you eat some food ask yourself whether you have any chance of finding out from the label who grew it, where they lived, what their farm looked like or how much they got paid: the answer will probably be no. Make no mistake, this is the time for sober reflection on the true cost of that loss. I have reflected, and I’ve reached the conclusion that something must be done.

    And here are three books mentioned that are pertinent to our concerns as well (may be published or available in the US):

    NOT ON THE LABEL by Felicity Lawrence

    COLLAPSE by Jared Diamond

    BAD FOOD BRITAIN by Joanna Blythman

  13. I wonder where the american manufacturers are getting their ingredients?? Since we seem to be in short supply here for everything. I know they were getting some things from Switzerland and that bothers me. I know there is wheat gluten in a lot of our foods and a lot of our frozen foods like Stouffers products come from there and quite a few have wheat gluten in them.
    China products are going to kill us yet. Why won’t they realize that all they are doing is stopping companies from buying from them! This will be world wide!
    I can’t give up eating but I wish I had the land to grow my own things. It is getting pretty bad to trust any product any more.

  14. Pat, I totally agree with you; I don’t see the European’s taking this lightly. Considering they don’t want GMO and are starting to take a harder line on environmenal contamination.

    Guess, China will just ship it all here.


  15. On TV sometimes late tonight, they are going to talk about the nasty food from China. It’s about time. One thing I did see was Activia. That’s new so i was surprised.

  16. Lorna,

    I hope you tell us what happens with the testing. We all think there is a possibility that our pet food problems maybe linked to vitamin/mineral mixes.


  17. This sucks because I am intolerant to wheat and gluten, and I get really bad stomach pains from it. Well corn starch lately has been bugging me and I think to myself, am I getting an intolerence to corn too?
    Well maybe not. That is really scary to me.

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