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Menu Foods Reaches Settlement Agreement

Menu Foods

Here is a press release dated April 1 on Menu Foods website:

Menu Foods Income Fund (TSX: MEW.UN) announced that the parties to the Pet Food Multi-District Litigation (including Menu Foods) today advised the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey that their mediation has produced a comprehensive, cross-border agreement in principle between the parties, addressing all major terms of settlement.

The settlement in principle is subject to several conditions, including the approval of certain other parties, the execution of a definitive settlement agreement and review and approval of the U.S. District Court and the Canadian courts. The parties advised the court that they are confident that a definitive settlement agreement can be reached.

The definitive terms of settlement, together with a motion for preliminary approval thereof, are scheduled to be filed with the U.S. District Court on May 1, 2008, with the hearing scheduled to occur at 11:00 a.m. on May 14, 2008. The scheduling for Canadian court approval has not yet been determined, but is expected to occur in a similar time frame.

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Help for Low-Income Pets


Last week I was half-watching TV while surfing the net, and saw a commercial promoting a charitable venture in Rhode Island that helps lower-income people pay vet’s bills. I was a little surprised because let’s face it, that’s not the sort of thing you see on TV very often. I jotted down the name of the organization and looked them up on the net. Sure enough, there it was: The RIVMA Companion Animal Foundation. Launched in 2004, the Foundation’s mission is to provide funds to the state’s participating veterinary practitioners for compassionate care of pets whose owners are unable to pay. I looked around the web site for awhile, thinking about what a great idea this is, and wondering what other resources are available to folks who love their pets but can’t afford to care for them when they are injured or sick.

Now, I’ve heard all the arguments about why the poor should not own pets, but whether you think this is so or not, the reality is that poor people do own pets. Saying that they shouldn’t doesn’t help those pets one little bit. This article is about finding the means to service animals in crisis, and not about whether their owners deserve to be helped. For me, it isn’t even a debatable question. I decided to do some research to find out just how extensive a safety net is available to low-income pets.

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An Interview With Nermal

nermal.jpgThe following is an interview with Nermal, Rochester’s housemate. Shortly before his death, Rochester wrote his final piece for Itchmo. In it, he told his faithful readers that Nermal would attempt to fill the void left by his passing. Nermal has been practicing his cat-to-human communication skills and should be ready to write his own articles soon.

Reporter: Hello, Nermal. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to talk to us today.

Nermal: Did you bring any cat candy? I was told there would be cat candy.

Reporter: Can we do the interview first?

Nermal: Ok, but don’t forget.

Reporter: Nermal is an unusual name. How did you get that name?

Nermal: Auntie named me after a kitten in the Garfield cartoons. Nermal is the cutest kitten in the world.

Reporter: So you’re the cutest kitten in the world?

Nermal: I guess so. Except I’m not a kitten. Auntie never saw me when I was a kitten. Is it time for cat candy yet?

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8-Year-Old Girl Raises Money For Dog’s Operation

TannerIt was love at first sight. When Katherine Hawkins, an eight-year-old girl from Atlanta, first saw Rocky’s picture on the Internet, she just fell in love with this golden retriever who was looking for a new home.

But Rocky needed surgery because he had been hit by a car and his previous owners had never treated his broken leg.

Without ever meeting Rocky, Katherine started to raise money to pay for Rocky’s surgery. She first gave up her allowance and then started selling cookies.

Katherine’s mother said, “You cannot resist a little 8-year-old girl holding this envelope saying would you please give money to help this dog that’s been run over.”

This motivated young girl raised over $1,000 dollars which was about half of what Rocky’s surgery would cost.

Adopt-A-Golden, where Rocky was staying, was so impressed with Katherine’s efforts that they knew that she would make a loving and caring owner for Rocky.

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In Memory Of…

As today marks the one year anniversary of the pet food recalls, this is an open thread for anyone to speak their mind, share their thoughts, express their loss or simply encourage and support each other.

From the Itchmo Forums, JustMe made a memorial for the victims of the pet food recalls:

Member: 3Catkidneyfailure

Doozie: A 10-year-old Cat.
Suffered kidney failure from poisoned cat food.
Euthanized: February 10, 2007.

IQ: A 16-year-old Cat.
Suffered kidney failure from poisoned pet food,
January, 2007.
A survivor, under treatment.

SMORGI: A 15-year-old Cat.
Suffered kidney failure from poisoned pet food.
A survivor, under treatment.


Member: Arlo


BART: A 5-year-old Spaniel Dog.
Poisoned by pet food. Renal Failure.
Euthanized May, 2007.

ELLIE MAY: A black and white, Domestic Short Hair cat.
Poisoned by pet food. Acute Renal Failure.
A survivor who sustained chronic renal failure.

JETHRO BODINE: A black and white tuxedo, Domestic Short Hair Cat.
Poisoned by pet food. Acute Renal Failure.
Euthanized April, 2007.


Member: Carol

JESSICA: A 16-year-old Cat.
Diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure due to poisoned cat food,
February 17, 2007.
Euthanized December 26, 2007.

SMUDGE: A 14-year-old Cat.
Diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure due to poisoned cat food,
March 12, 2007.
A survivor, currently under treatment for Chronic Renal Failure.


Member: Catbird

PHANTOM: A 12-year-old Domestic Short Hair Cat.
Sickened by poisoned cat food.
A survivor.

ISIS: A 10-year-old, Burmese mix Cat.
Ate poisoned cat food, sustained heart disease.
A survior.


Member: SusanP/MrsP

LADYCAT: An approximately 13-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by pet food.
Euthanized July 10, 2007.

MUNCHKIN: An approximately 7-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by pet food.
A survivor.

TEENYCAT: A 4-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by pet food.
A survivor.


Member: Catmom5

CJ: A 12-year-old, Catgirl.
Suffered acute renal failure in November, 2006,
from posioned cat food.
A survivor with multiple serious health issues.


Member: Dyginge

DYLAN: An approximately 11-year-old Cat.
Acute renal failure from poisoned cat food.
Euthanized February 23, 2007.


Member: Kittylyda

PEANUT: Between 17-20 years old Cat.
Poisoned by cat food, diagnosed with renal insuffiency.
A Survivor, under treatment.

TIG: A 12-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by cat food.
A survivor, under treatment.


Member: Trudy

NUTMEG: Cinnamon Bengal Girl Cat.
Kidney Failure, 2006

BECAUSE: Tortoiseshell Manx Cat.
Oral cancer, 2007

SUNSHINE: Yellow Rescue Girl Cat
Cat food, 2007

BOB: Big Boy Rescue, Part Maine Coon Cat
Cancer, 2007

GREY THING: Little Grey Manx Rescue Cat
Cat food, 2007.

INKY: Black and White Manx Rescue Cat.
Pancreas, 2008

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Ohio Vet Board Has No Authority To Suspend Vets Suspected Of Mistreating Animals In Care

The Ohio Veterinary Board may not have as much power as it seems to have to discipline veterinarians that have mistreated animals while in their care.

Colleen Keszer brought in Duke, her chocolate Labrador, to veterinarian Lisa Hart. Keszer said that Hart “came outside and she grabbed him by his collar and he looked so scared.”

Keszer complained to the Ohio Veterinary Board last October, when she first brought her dog in. She said that Hart didn’t find anything wrong with Duke and released him to go home.

But Keszer said that four days later, Duke had to go back to the vet because he was extremely sick. He died within a week and Keszer blamed Hart for her dog’s death and filed a complaint.

Last November, when a news team was investigating Hart, they found out the Ohio vet was already on probation when another dog was burned by a heating pad.

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Remembering The Recall: A Reading List


The pet food recall in March 2007 did more than change everything I believed about the “right” way to feed pets. We lost our cat, Kisses. Sometimes grief competes with happy memories when I think about her, a sad trend which seems to slowly improve over time.

As this unpleasant anniversary approaches, a friend suggested I focus on the season as a new beginning –- appropriate advice for spring. Kisses will always have a special place in our hearts, and the two cats who joined our family after her death are unique, irreplaceable gifts. Her legacy includes the information I gathered while working with our wonderful vet to prolong her life.

After Kisses was gone, I sent friends the titles of all the books I discovered during her illness, and I share my bookshelf inventory with Itchmo readers now to honor her memory. I also dedicate this entry to thousands of other grieving pet parents.

Note: Books containing recipes for cats have one asterisk* and those with recipes for dogs and cats have two asterisks.** If you’d like to pick up a few toys along with your books, consider pet supply shops like Only Natural Pet Store (see the Hard Goods category) or Robbins Pet Care. Used booksellers such as are a great way to locate out-of-print books. Older titles may recommend certain commercial foods that have changed ingredients and/or ownership over the years. Use caution.

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Man Clinging To Boat Asks To Have Dog Saved First

Randy Earl just wanted to make sure his dog, Lacy, would be safe.

When Earl and his black spaniel mix were fishing, the small boat capsized. When the boat flipped over, Earl put Lacy on top of the boat to make sure she stayed safe. He stayed in the water wearing his life jacket.

Earl continued to hold on the boat’s hull while waiting for rescuers. The water temperature was about 50 degrees.

Another fisherman, who watched as a state trooper paddled out to Earl and Lacy, said that Earl asked the state trooper to take the dog first.

Earl said that Lacy is like a child to him and his wife and has meant a lot to him especially since they lost both of their children in a car accident 15 years ago.

Source: Yahoo News

(Thanks Nancy)

Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Salmonella Warning On Rollover Pork Tenders Dog Treat

Here is a release by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in regards to Rollover Pork Tenders Premium Dog Treats:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd. are warning consumers not to purchase or use the Rollover Pork Tenders Premium Dog Treat described below. This product may be contaminated with the bacteria responsible for salmonellosis in humans.

The affected Rollover Pork Tenders Premium Dog Treat was sold in 50 g packages bearing

UPC 0 60766 88138 1. All lots up to and including 07 MAR 10 are affected by this alert.

Rollover Pork Tenders Premium Dog Treat was distributed nationally.

There has been one illness reported associated with this product.

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Iowa Mayor Puts $5 Bounty On Stray Cats

CatsThe mayor of Randolph, Iowa is taking drastic measures to curb the feral cats in the area.

Since March 1, Mayor Vance Trively’s plan of putting a bounty on all stray cats has been in effect. If a resident can lure a cat and catch it, the person will get five dollars.

If a cat or dog does not have a tag or collar on, the animal will kept “for a time for people to claim them”. If they are not claimed, they will be euthanized.

Randolph City Councliman Allen Wendland said, “Either people keep their cats in or like dogs, if they keep ’em under control we shouldn’t have a problem, it’s just the stray ones and cats propagate quite frequently.”

Several residents, including Chasidy Wederquist, said the bounty plan is ridiculous and that killing the animals is not the right way to deal with the stray cats.

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Feral Cats To Be Trapped And Most Likely Euthanized In Chantilly, Virginia

catAn estimated 200 feral cats at a trailer park in Chantilly, VA will be trapped and most likely euthanized starting next week, according to a local animal control officer.

Trailer park residents have been working since 2002 with Alley Cat Allies to control the stray cat population in humane ways. Volunteers have set out food and have been trapping animals to vaccinate and spray or neuter them.

But other residents have been frustrated with the cats and have complained about the damage they have done to their gardens and the mess that they have left.

The Meadows of Chantilly hired a company that will begin trapping the feral cats and taking them to a local animal shelter, where they will probably be put down.

Sgt. Andrew Sanderson of the county police department’s animal services division said that the plan is “definitely moving forward. There is nothing legally holding them back. They have every legal right to trap on their property.”

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Itchmo Reader Dog Pictures



Pictures sent in by Donnita.

This is her baby Tink. The top picture is Tink at 8-weeks-old and the bottom picture is Tink at one-year-old. This is what Donnita had to say about Tink:

I met her at 6 weeks and have had her since she was 8-weeks-old. She was born blind due to too much white on white breeding. She is blind and deaf although she sees “movement” and light . She has a veil over her eyes. I would love to find research to see if it’s correctable. She is a very rewarding part of my life, and no matter how badly things may get, she is always number one to me and will receive the best I can give her. I feel I was meant to be hers, and she mine.

Tink is inside with me, however she has many furry family members, including dogs: Sierra, Sage, Karma, and Drew, and cats including Rowan, Kali, Skye, Hurley, Willow, TC, Fern, and Autumn, plus a couple of wild strays.

Pathologists Determine Contaminated Pet Food Outbreak In Asia In 2004 Similar To 2007 Recalls

In 2004, an outbreak of contaminated pet foods made more than 6,000 dogs and a number of cats ill across Asia.

Kidney failure in the animals was connected to Pedigree dog food and Whiskas cat food that had been manufactured in Thailand by Mars Inc. Asian newspapers reported that thousands of pets died from the contaminated pet food.

The problems with the pet food were blamed on fungal toxins, which was also one of the first suspicions when the pet food recalls in the US broke out last year.

During the 2007 pet food recalls, a Korean graduate student told Cathy Brown, a specialist in renal pathology at Georgia’s Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, that massive pet food recalls had happened before. Brown was able to track down tissue samples from pets that died in 2004.

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