How To Make A Dog Sweater From A Sock

This will work best if you have a small dog. I’m not sure where someone can find really big socks to make a sweater for a larger size dog. Perhaps you can use a holiday stocking, but then your dog may be embarrassed to wear a sweater with a big snowman or Santa Claus on it.

Also, before making a sweater for your dog, you might want to make sure you use a clean sock. Your dog doesn’t want to smell like feet.

1. Cut on all of the dotted lines.

Sweater Sock

2. Put cute sweater on dog. He or she will be the hit of the town.

Sweater Dog

Source: Seth Prandini

22 thoughts on “How To Make A Dog Sweater From A Sock

  1. Also works for kittens or very small cats.

    Another inexpensive way to make a small dog or small cat sweater is to use the cuff and part of the sleeve from a sweatshirt. The cuff becomes the neck opening, and you make two slits for the legs. If you’re a neat sort of person, overstitch the cut areas to prevent unraveling. Voila!

  2. May i suggest using sleeves from old sweaters? There are beautiful moth eaten sweaters out there languishing for a use :) Check out large size mens sweaters for possibilities.

  3. This is adorable, will try it on my shipoo. If it works I will send you a picture.

  4. Hi, this is so cute, but for some reason can’t get it right. I know U cut where the whole line is complety off but on the legs and ears , how do u exactly do this? I have wasted 3 socks already but thats no problem due to the fact my right leg is amputated, can u send me more instructions, please? ty

  5. thank you so much. i almost cried when i went to pet’s mart and the sweater i wanted for my tina was 21 dollars. i came home ready to get instructions on how to sew her a sweater and i found this site here. i made a sweater out of an old white sock and even it looked really cute. thanks so much for the advice and the instructions. you have saved me alot of money and tears. i will be posting any new one i make here soon for others to see.!!!!!

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