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As today marks the one year anniversary of the pet food recalls, this is an open thread for anyone to speak their mind, share their thoughts, express their loss or simply encourage and support each other.

From the Itchmo Forums, JustMe made a memorial for the victims of the pet food recalls:

Member: 3Catkidneyfailure

Doozie: A 10-year-old Cat.
Suffered kidney failure from poisoned cat food.
Euthanized: February 10, 2007.

IQ: A 16-year-old Cat.
Suffered kidney failure from poisoned pet food,
January, 2007.
A survivor, under treatment.

SMORGI: A 15-year-old Cat.
Suffered kidney failure from poisoned pet food.
A survivor, under treatment.


Member: Arlo


BART: A 5-year-old Spaniel Dog.
Poisoned by pet food. Renal Failure.
Euthanized May, 2007.

ELLIE MAY: A black and white, Domestic Short Hair cat.
Poisoned by pet food. Acute Renal Failure.
A survivor who sustained chronic renal failure.

JETHRO BODINE: A black and white tuxedo, Domestic Short Hair Cat.
Poisoned by pet food. Acute Renal Failure.
Euthanized April, 2007.


Member: Carol

JESSICA: A 16-year-old Cat.
Diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure due to poisoned cat food,
February 17, 2007.
Euthanized December 26, 2007.

SMUDGE: A 14-year-old Cat.
Diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure due to poisoned cat food,
March 12, 2007.
A survivor, currently under treatment for Chronic Renal Failure.


Member: Catbird

PHANTOM: A 12-year-old Domestic Short Hair Cat.
Sickened by poisoned cat food.
A survivor.

ISIS: A 10-year-old, Burmese mix Cat.
Ate poisoned cat food, sustained heart disease.
A survior.


Member: SusanP/MrsP

LADYCAT: An approximately 13-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by pet food.
Euthanized July 10, 2007.

MUNCHKIN: An approximately 7-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by pet food.
A survivor.

TEENYCAT: A 4-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by pet food.
A survivor.


Member: Catmom5

CJ: A 12-year-old, Catgirl.
Suffered acute renal failure in November, 2006,
from posioned cat food.
A survivor with multiple serious health issues.


Member: Dyginge

DYLAN: An approximately 11-year-old Cat.
Acute renal failure from poisoned cat food.
Euthanized February 23, 2007.


Member: Kittylyda

PEANUT: Between 17-20 years old Cat.
Poisoned by cat food, diagnosed with renal insuffiency.
A Survivor, under treatment.

TIG: A 12-year-old Cat.
Poisoned by cat food.
A survivor, under treatment.


Member: Trudy

NUTMEG: Cinnamon Bengal Girl Cat.
Kidney Failure, 2006

BECAUSE: Tortoiseshell Manx Cat.
Oral cancer, 2007

SUNSHINE: Yellow Rescue Girl Cat
Cat food, 2007

BOB: Big Boy Rescue, Part Maine Coon Cat
Cancer, 2007

GREY THING: Little Grey Manx Rescue Cat
Cat food, 2007.

INKY: Black and White Manx Rescue Cat.
Pancreas, 2008


Princess Spumoni – Died on March 26.


Abby Gayle- Died on March 19.


Doolie O’Shay – victim of the pet food recall.

Huey and Emma

Huey and Emma- victims of the pet food recall.

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  1. As I read the list of the fallen, and look at the photos of the lives cut short, and think about all that has happened in the past year, one emotion overrides all others… anger.

    I remember when the news of the Menu Foods recall broke… the first of those infamous Friday afternoon recalls. A few months prior, our beloved Nermal had been diagnosed with chronic renal failure, cause unknown. I scoured the internet looking for any reference to his brand of food, made phone calls seeking more information. There was nothing about his brand. Along the way, I read dozens, and ultimately hundreds of horrific stories about poisoned pets, written by their heartbroken owners. While overwhelming evidence of a mass poisoning mounted, government agencies and media sources kept reporting “16 animals have died…”

    As the days and weeks passed, I found some better sources of information. I found Itchmo, and their recall alert e-mail service. I found pet connection and their live blogs of FDA press events. I discovered the courageous reporter Dave Barboza of the New York Times and his articles about agri-business in China. I learned some sobering truths, among them: all food recalls are voluntary except for baby formula; even the most highly regarded commercial pet food is crap; almost all pet food comes from the same source; China has been producing toxic food ingredients and exporting it to the states for more than a decade; the FDA and USDA are sham agencies in place solely to service the agendas of agri-business and phamaceutical industry; some veterinarians are complicit in maintaining the illusion that commercial pet food is good nutrition and a sizeable percentage of their income depends on that illusion…. and the list goes on.

    In May 2007, Nermal’s pet food brand was named in the so-called “cross-contamination” recall. I vented my rage on Sunshine Foods, Menu Foods and the FDA, none of whom can repair my little man’s broken kidneys.

    I watched incredulously as the poisoned ingredients wormed their way into every level of the food supply, and the government scambled to find ways to make that seem ok.

    One of the more troubling aspects of the revelations of mass poisoning was the reaction of many pet owners who refused to believe that they had been duped by the pet food industry. I left several pet forums forever in the early days of the recall when posters attacked anyone who tried to warn them about the scope of the problem. Some of them actually rejoiced when they received coupons for 50% off their next batch of poison.

    I read posts on several blogs that blamed the victims of the mass poisoning for not being “informed” pet parents. I read ridiculous posts and press releases from pr firms hired by the pet food industry that tried to convince us that everything was really ok.

    But the poisons keep coming… in foods, in toys, in drugs… and for all the political posturing and reorganizations and new appropriations, nothing has changed. The government cannot protect you or your pets, and furthermore, it doesn’t want to.

    So on this day, I say a pox on you Menu Foods, and all who do business with you. A pox on you, Chem Nutra, and all crooked or careless importers. A pox on you Pet Food Institute, and all the pr outlets that tried to gloss over this disgraceful event. A pox on you, FDA, and your woefully inadequate response to a mass poisoning. A pox on USDA, who alllowed agri-business to reap a profit from introducing known toxins into the human food supply. And a pox on the indifferent mainstream media (with a few exceptions), and those vets who cared more about their pet food sales than their patients. I fantasize about the day that the people responsible for this travesty pass on, and are met on the other side by the thousands of innocent animals who died in agony, to escort them to the gates of hell.

  2. At 2 p.m. today on web radio station Pet Food Recall: A Year Later, a 31/2 hour program dedicated to the friends lost. It opens with a song written for the pets by noted composers Karen Phillips and Yohanna Vanderkley of Weebils and Songs. The interviews feature the recall months from various view points. The program will be repeated into the late evening.

  3. Member: Dennis

    In memory of Poofers

    Gentle Persian male aged 21 years
    Euthanized with kidney failure and spleen cancer 2006.
    Suspected food poisoning.

    He made a point of saying goodbye to each of the family before he hid to die. He is sorely missed.

    In memory of Precious

    Gentle Persian female aged 21 years, half sister of Poofers.
    Euthanized with cancer 2007.

    Both memorialized by our vet at Kansas State University Veterinary College. Oldest animals in his practice. He said “You must be doing a lot of something right.” Alternative treatments, yes. Food at the time, sadly no.

  4. Today, my heart goes out to all of you who lost your dear companions. I’ll save my anger at all those who were culpable for tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the stories and pictures of your loved ones.

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered the loss of their beloved companions due to the horrible recall. I also pray it will never happen again.

  6. We lost our beloved Pretty, age 20, 3 days before the recall.
    She was a beautiful marmalade kitty. We had raised her since she was a kitten. She was very loving and loved to get her tummy petted.

    We lost our beloved Dickens, age 20, 5 months after the recall.
    Dickens looked like a Maine Coon type kitty. He was Pretty’s brother and we had raised him since he was a kitten. He loved to wake up his Dad every morning, he could not rest until he woke us up. He loved to cuddle too.

    Our one survivor, Venus, age 8, is still being treated for kidney disease.
    But with love and treatment and no more poisoned food she is doing well.
    She is the most beautiful black and white kitty with eyes that just look into your soul.

    All of our cats WERE eating the Iams food that was recalled.

    We have been devastated by these losses and are sickened at the thought that we fed our beloved pets food that we trusted and was even veterenarian recommended.

    We love our cats even in death and will always remember them. They are forever in our hearts.

    And for Venus we keep going on and fighting this insidious disease. We try to make the most informative choices now, but there are no more guarantees, since the FDA will not do its job, and there are no more ethics in the large corporations that make pet food. The dollar seems to rule and no one cares about doing the right thing anymore.

    Our lives have been greatly blessed by our cats and we are thankful to have had them in our lives. We continue to be grateful for Venus in our life now. Without the others, she is getting pretty spoiled.

  7. Thank you, Pat, for saying what needed to be said. My heart too goes out to all who lost their beloved furbabies.

    On Nov. 1, 2006, just months prior to the recall, I lost 14-year old Bunky, the most good-natured cat I’ve ever had. Cause of death: renal failure. A diet of Science Diet for years recommended by the vet. Never again.

    When I adopted Velvet later that month, I did what I should have done years before. Research. I’ll never completely free myself of the guilt I feel. I can only do the best I can for Velvet.

  8. Im terribly sorry for all of you. My heart goes out to each and everyone for your loss of your loved pets. I pray that this will NEVER happen again and for those still dealing with the effects of the recall, god bless you as well. Be strong and have faith.

  9. Pat said it all, but I would like to have AAFCO, Menu Foods, Chem Nutra and the FDA/USDA inundated with copies of this Itchmo issue. Can Itchmo create a mailing list we could use to do that?

  10. Carolyn I am going to save this issue, and see if you find out anything. Oh I am so sorry to everyone that lost these beautiful babies. I lost my dog in 2004 7 years old to lymphoma and 2 months later my 11 year old cat Rocky. we don’t know what happend and now looking back I bet it was the food. we need to put them out of business by not buying this food. I use Eagle Pack Hollistic on Missy and 1/2 half my own cooking. I am very nerrvous but this is hard I know. Denise

  11. I’m with Pat, I couldn’t have said it better my self! My heart goes out to all who have lost a pet.

  12. My deepest sympathy on everyone’s loss.

    It is sad that it took something like this to make us take notice not only of the quality of the food but of all the chemicals we dump into our pets.

  13. My heart goes out to ALL of you. I am a fairly new dog owner…(I had animals as a child) so i really dont know the in’s and out’s of all this, and it really concerns me. Would a class action law suite, do any good? I know there has to be a lawyer among us….I dont even really trust the F.D.A. with MY food, meds, or anything they say something is safe one day and not the next….I am sorry for all of your loss’es. THEY are FAMILY, and it hurts the same…

  14. These innocents were slaughtered by poisonous food
    from a food safety system that is in absolute shambles.
    The other victim at my house of the Recalls of 2007 is
    trust in food producers/importers/manufacturers and
    AAFCO for pet family members. You killed that trust
    along with our furkids. The victims of 2007, pet and
    people, are going to haunt you for a long, long time.

  15. Gosh this is so darn sad to read all of this about the losses. I know they never were honest about the numbers of our babies that were lost. I say to eveyone talk to the food companies if you are feeding comerical food. if they won’t talk to you go some place else. I shope at a small specialty store. alot of the foods they have there can’t be found in the big box stores. I am not saying my dogs food is 100 percent no way. I just give her what I feel is good. I also cook 1/2 of her food. i am real close to being done with comeriacal foods. I was watching Oprah one day and she has cooks for her dogs. I am thinking of buying a food processor to make this cooking easier. take care everyone sincerely, Denise

  16. Chloe. 5year old persian. Suffered kidney failure from cat food. Survived after excellent vet care & lots of $. Still having various problems but is a happy girl.

  17. This just breaks my heart. I am so fortunate to still have my 2 healthy dogs & 2 healthy cats – Angie, Mollie, Binkie & Princess – all rescues from the SPCA. I am sorry for the loss you all have suffered.

  18. I didn’t list my cats names in the forum and do not know how to post pictures to the forum but for MY cats who died too from the poisen pet foods Kidney damage and 1 had some unknown issue but I still feel it was blocked kidneys from the Melamine. I didn’t want him to have exploratory surgery at age 16…he went from 13 pounds to 5 pounds…Total kitties lost to PF …my 4 precious kitties. Now I am left with a hole in my heart that had been filled with these cats from 16-19 years…Sudden deaths and illnesses from BAD FOOD ….Add…my 4 to the list …Their initials were…S, KK,T AND M…A candle burns in my garden window for mine and all the furkids and their moms and dads..I know the loss and pain we all feel…Two of my cats died just before the recall..As I type this my dogs food is cooking in the over and my heart misses the furry souls taken from me

  19. Thank you Itchmo for all you have done for all of us who have or had our beloved furkids affected. You have helped to make a very stressful year easier by providing us news and info and also a place to vent. Because of your site I have found many wonderful people who have helped me, and I hope I helped them, through a very difficult time.
    3/16/07 I will never forget.

  20. My Meg, a beautiful Scottish terrier, died in Sept 2007 of renal failure. She was not quite 9-1/2 years old. She was not a victim of the pet food poisoning as far as I can tell. She had other health problems. But I could tell she was very sick and it was time to say goodbye. We did every thing we could for her at great expense, and I still feel quilty. I can not imagine the guilt I would feel if I had fed her poisoned food. I pray that everyone who lost a pet to the bad food achieves some peace in the knowledge that they loved their animals and their animals loved them.

  21. This is so powerful to read, my eyes are full of tears for all of the pain and the suffering that one went thru, one of the hardest things to get thru.
    My heart aches for all of those who lost their pets to something that didn’t need to happen. Who would have thought that we were slowly poisoning our pets. Not knowingly made no difference, it didn’t make one feel better just because they didn’t know, the feeling of guilt was overwhelming at times, So thankyou Carol and everyone here tonight for your support, as It was something that helped us get thru this. I have learned so much over this last year..I thank Itchmo for the daily updates, and always keeping on top of reporting. I thank the animals for teaching me a great lesson about health and how important the food we eat is. I was blessed as Ishka at 21 years of age survived, and her kidney disease has reversed. I have been told that it is impossible for that to happen, however it has. When this happened, I wanted to share these results with all other pet parents in hopes of rejuvenating their pets as well.
    This is in honour of all of the pets who were sickened or died. We will not forget.

  22. My heartfelt sympathy to all who loss furr kids to the pet food recall. As Cheryl said above: We will not forget.


  23. I was feeding several feral cats I had tried to trap to have nuetered I fed them “WalMart’s Special kitty” canned and dry cat food along with “NineLives” these cats were never really healthy but they kept ketting thinner and I wanted to get them help but could not get them to go into traps two dissapered and then my last male disappered I know they went off to die then THANK GOD I saw your warnings and managed to not kill my two females if I could prove the deaths were related to “Special Kitty” trust me “WalMart would remember me thank God my house cat(16 yr. old Emily ate only “Fancy Feast” wet and Purina sr. dry I contacted and received in writting these were safe as well as the dog’s food .THANKS for all you did and continue to do to help keep our precious fur babies well I tell every pet parent how GREAT you are!!!My sympathies to all the parents whose babies are waiting at “Rainbow Bridge”
    Judy Boone
    Fort Worth

  24. Kuma survived but has the kitty equivalent of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She is on a double dose of steroids daily to keep her white blood count under control. Her quality of life has suffered and she probably won’t live the number of years my other kitties did. I hate corporate America and our government. I blame them for all this sorrow. The photos and stories y’all have posted break my heart. What scares me is that nothing has changed. This is going to happen again to either people or pets. I think it is still happening now. Heaven help us all.

  25. Pat,
    You said it all. I wonder if we will ever know the true numbers of animals who were impacted by this. My heart goes out to the pet owners who have suffered from this. I can not imagine the depth of their grief.
    I believe our government has an obligation to the people to hold these companies to strict standards for pet foods and in turn enforce these same standards. I blame much of this on corporate greed–anything to make a quick buck. After following this tragedy, I really believe we were blessed with our animals not having been affected by the recall. we were always very careful what we fed them, but now we scrutinize absolutely everything, including dog toys.

  26. My second and third pet to die from the poison pet food were put down just a few hours before Menu announced what they had known for months.

    The dying and sickness began in December 2006 in my house with the first pet to die of kidney failure.
    Doubtless because I was letting the pets get into something toxic, the vets all said.

    Anger? Beyond that, all the way to rage.

    But that is nothing compared to how I feel now, all these months later, to know that all our pets suffered and died for nothing, that nothing has changed.

  27. Bravo Pat for your words of wisdom and thanks to you all for your heartfelt comments. I lost my precious Rocky on 3/12/07 after feeding him the Special Kitty pouches since he was a baby. He was 3 yrs old. He was my most favorite pet I had ever had. He would crawl up on my shoulder and sleep, he would sleep next to me every night. He would yowl at the door after I left our home to go anywhere. We were very close and I still miss him so very deeply and my heartbreak will probably never heal. I wish I could send Menu Foods, the FDA, USDA and every agency involved all the bucketloads of tears I have cried over them robbing me of my friend so they could have some of my pain in their greedy selfish hearts. Rocky got sick fast and was dead in 3 days from acute renal failure. To this day I do not believe melamine was the only culprit. I was at the vet when he showed me my babies mouth..just like those pictures of the rats when they banned cyanaric acid poisoning. The vet said there was nothing he could do that Rocky was too far gone. Rocky knew it was time when the vet laid him down to inject him with the final dose to take him away from me. I laid my head down by his, held his paw and looked in his eyes until the vet pulled me away after he was gone. No amount of money can fix this sadness. I wish I knew what it would take to get the regulators of all levels to stand up and take notice. Unfortunately money and greed are their motivators. And, since the US owes China billions of dollars, yes, that is where our great president is getting US money, our government will not ban their imports as they should. Our kids have already been effected too with the toys that were recalled. Where is it going to end…………………………..No, I will not forget,,,or forgive

  28. It is so sad to read about all these beloved pets, often care for so well for so many years, to die so needlessly. Even though my pets narrowly escaped by chance on other foods at the time, I was just as angered and saddened as everyone else. By now I am just about beyond angry and sad, I don’t know quite what to call my feelings now. The only support I can give is I have voted with my wallet since. I can’t trust these food producers, I can’t bring myself to buy their stuff anymore. I won’t be over how nearly my animals could have been affected until someone can assure me that it could not happen again. I don’t think we are nearly at that point right now. The whole food supply is now just as much at risk, including the human supply. As far as I can see, it’s still business as usual for most of these manufacturers.

  29. I sob heavily, with tears flowing, hidden by myself so no one can see. All the pain and horrific deaths inflicted by the thoughtless corporations……I am so sorry for all who lost a beloved fur kid. Lucky for us that we found out the truth and got the wake up call that was at least 10 years too late.

  30. As I look back on the year gone by, I am so grateful that although my babies were eating some of the poisoned food, I hadn’t fed them enough of it to kill them. Pip was severely ill in 2004 and continued to have problems into ’05, ’06 and ’07. It wasn’t until the recalls that I really scrutinized what I was feeding my 5 babies and as soon as I switched over to a regional, holistic “boutique” brand, she suddenly regained the life that had been sucked out of her. I am convinced that it was not an allergy or virus or asthma or any other illness (as suggested by the vets). It was the food.

    My heart goes out to everyone that has lost their babies. I know how hard I prayed during those trying years with her. She made it. Thousands did not. This issue is not over by a long shot and I am always wary of feeding them anything except for my homemade “stews” which cannot sustain them as they don’t have all the vitamins they need. Supplements have no better a reputation than canned and dry food. I take my chances every day knowing that one day, the recalls will rear their ugly heads again.

    I pray I will be as fortunate the next time around. Bless all of you for your strength and perseverance. Many more are counting on us.

  31. In memory of Mashuro, a white oriental shorthair dumped without so much as a name to call him, probably abandoned by his owners at the first signs of urinary problems, and adopted by us because we had just lost a white cat. Twenty three days owned by us, 21 of which were spent at the vet where the staff grew to know him better than we did. He died abruptly after a meal of chicken he begged off of a vet tech, having survived and almost recovered from the vet’s attempt to repair a badly damaged bladder that may or may not have been related to the pet food recall. We don’t know what he was fed before he came to us, but we can guess who made it. (The sorrow of the loss of the first white boy [lost this date one year ago], the worry over Mashuro, the utter terror and anxiety over what was safe and not safe to feed the dogs and cats we had at home. In the cupboard were cans of dog food of a different date but the same brand as one of those that would be eventually recalled.)

    There may be no justice here on earth, but such anguish cannot be ignored forever. We counter those who say ‘it’s just an animal’ with the accumulated sorrow and undeserved guilt of the people who had their hearts irreversibly wounded when they realized they had poisoned their own friends and family members. There will be an accounting.

  32. Jasper, male cat, 6 years old…. had violent seizures starting just after eating the contaminated Iams food and had to be euthanized. I still weep over his death, the tragedy, the expense. Life will never be the same for me and his friend, Pip. Our lives were shattered. I hope his spirit is well and happy. Much love to you, my brave, sweet boy… tf

  33. In memory of Scooter. I had her since she was two days old. Renal failure due to poison pet foods age 19. Perfect health…..untill the poisoning. And little Halo……… 8 yrear old loving torti. All she ever wanted was to be close to her family. My heart is wounded for eternity. Money for innocent lives is the ultimate insult. I grieve for my girls. I trust the pain and suffering WILL be returned to the greedy, “lives for profits corporations”. We will not forget the deaths that came from greed.

  34. Oliver, beloved friend and companion, euthanized Feb 11th, 2007. He used to curl up on the back of the couch right in the spot where my hand falls when I sit in my usual TV-watching position. His siblings and I will miss him forever.

  35. My heart goes out to all involved. I too, lost my SharPei that I raised from Day 1 which was Aug 3, 2006 and died March 21st due to food that was unsafe. One company with a recall that had 2 products with same numbers. I work for a Vet and have so much pain from watching senseless deaths and the ones that did make it, had long lasting effects. Now, pups less than a year old are having renal failure. The ages are so close to the time of the food was just not right and either the damage started in the womb or at the time of weaning. The company involved wants proof. I don’t want the money, but if I did receive anything. I would use it to help those nwho cannot afford to replace their pet and do all it takes to get the expenses taken care of as we all know, the first year of shots and spay/neuter etc can be costly. The food I used was related to the March 30th recall by a Major Well Known Company. I am so sick of large companies taking the liberty to poison our animals, but yet they have to prove nothing, we have to prove causes of death and very painful memories when nobody knew how or what test for until it was too late. My heart cries with and for all of the petparents as well as the ache I carry for what I know, but have to prove. Jo

  36. My heart goes out to all involved. I too, lost my SharPei that I raised from Day 1 which was Aug 3, 2006 and died March 21st due to food that was unsafe. One company with a recall that had 2 products with same numbers. I work for a Vet and have so much pain from watching senseless deaths and the ones that did make it, had long lasting effects. Now, pups less than a year old are having renal failure. The ages are so close to the time of the food was just not right and either the damage started in the womb or at the time of weaning. The company involved wants proof. I don’t want the money, but if I did receive anything. I would use it to help those nwho cannot afford to replace their pet and do all it takes to get the expenses taken care of as we all know, the first year of shots and spay/neuter etc can be costly. The food I used was related to the March 30th recall by a Major Well Known Company. I am so sick of large companies taking the liberty to poison our animals, but yet they have to prove nothing, we have to prove causes of death and very painful memories when nobody knew how or what test for until it was too late. My heart cries with and for all of the petparents as well as the ache I carry for what I know, but have to prove. Jo

  37. Lest we forget, the FDA archive names four companies that had recalls on that date:

    Nestlé Purina PetCare Company recalled all sizes and varieties of its ALPO® Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food with specific date codes.

    Del Monte Pet Products recalled Jerky Treats®, Gravy Train® Beef Sticks and Pounce Meaty Morsels® brands as well as select dog snack and wet dog food products sold under private label brands (that would be Ol Roy, Happy Tails and Dollar General). The press release is dated the 31st, but FDA apparaently posted in on the 30th.

    Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. recalled Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry food from the market.

    Eight In One, Inc., a division of United Pet Group, Inc., recalled nationally all lots of Dingo® CHICK’N JERKY treats, saying they had the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

    A pox on them all.

  38. My baby girl ate the Prime Slices Variety. Same numbers and dates, just chunks, instead of slices.They say they tested my food, which I still have some of the recalled numbered cans. They said it contained no mold, no infestation and no off odors. They referred me to a Claims Service for the exact words were…to help me buy a pup to ease the pain. Now I was with my Mama Pei and my baby was delivered into my hands and I removed the bag as well my girl was not one of the best moms in the world, but she knew she didn’t have to be. I cannot replace that experience. I have panic attacks and have a Yorkie that is a Service Dog. The 2 pups I kept were from years of raising therapy dogs. Not officially, but many went on to be. One reason I kept 2 is because it was my reward and knowing the personalities differ. I planned on My Girl being a replacement service dog as businesses prefer they be on the ground as on a leash, it just saves being questioned, which was against the law, but I don’t like to have stress just to shop certain places. Now my little boy, he just loves life and all it has to offer and he is wonderful to take to our Nursing Home. So, by having my babies from my dogs. AKC Registered SharPei who are free of many of the Pei problems and their Daddy was waited on 2 years to get the male I wanted due to health, personality and well, the total package. But, the info they want puts my Boss, A Vet, on the spot as considering how hard it was to get any info about this except for itchmo, proof that this was the cause makes it hard for me to ask anything. My job is quite unusual as I take care of the Clinic and patients that are coming in or stayovers and the phones and he has a crew who take care of the Livestoc Auction Cattle and most communication is by phone. I see him less than most people. He just knows I give the best TLC and do whatever needs to be done and having worked with animals all my life. If anything needs done within legal limits, I can and will do it and do it right.
    So, I really hate to have him to anything that could cause problems and he was so fair with my medical bills, the company would get off so very easy. We also live in a very small town and he would have everyone even those that didn’t have a problem with the food wanting some way to collect. I just cannot figure out what to do. But, did you see they didn’t name any of the problem poisons in their so called letter I requested on the food???
    I do think before I ask him anything about the letter issue. I want to find a trustworthy place to test. We have it done on cattle food with usually results in a day or two. That favor I don’t mind asking.
    The first on your list is the one I had problems and had calls with people calling on the dry very colorful food that had dogs urinating blood and had to refer them on when he wasn’t in or going to be in soon. One of their so called high end products. You know what I asked for out of them when they requested a sample, the truth, only the truth and to fix the problem. It was never a money issue but if I would find out that for a fact the food I still have cans of is contaminated, I think their problems would be much more than their Claims Service could handle. I just don’t know what to do as my panic gets worse when I dwell on it. But, how can one not?

  39. every sorrow and hardship is an opportunity for education and awareness. as hard as it is to loose our loved ones and how hard it appears to get justice in all this from these slick near pathological immoral CRIMINAL companies , there is always the chance to reach out to others which i feel helps with the healing process.

    i was in the store yesterday and saw 2 relatively young ladies standing bewildered in front of all the cat food. you could just tell they had just gotten a new kitten/cat and had never had a pet of their own as adults and had no idea what to feed it. i watched them for awhile and decided to take a chance and ask them if they had just adopted a cat – which they had from a shelter- and then i made suggestions on what would be best to avoid and what would be best to feed them and about the recall and that they could easily research it all on the net and make their own best choices for their new friend . they seemed thankful i had taken the time- like anyone in Target knows cat food from dog food let alone what’s crap or anything about the recall. it took 5 minutes of my time and i was there anyway. there’s always the chance they could have told me to mind my own business and to buzz off but they didnt and it was worth while causing them to think seriously about what theyre feeding their cat because it could very well effect the length of it’s life and the quality thereof. 5 minutes and if it made a little difference it was worth it- not telling people what they should do but making them think seriously about their choices – to become more aware that you can’t just pluck things off the shelf and be assured of the safety of the product- a complete outrage. although i myself did not lose any cats to the recall and count myself lucky, it’s the sad experiences of the people here that compels me to always make the attempt to say something when these situations arise.

  40. cheers to you, mittens! the best way to remember our fallen friends is to do whatever we can, whenever we can, to help other pets and the people who love them to avoid the same fate.

  41. I am so sorry for the many that lost beloved pets as a result of this atrocity. A sad “anniversary”…

  42. My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered the loss of their beloved companions due to the horrible recall. I also pray it will never happen again.

  43. I lost Max on December 12, 2006 – a victim of poisoned NutroMax pet food. I miss him, and still dream of him often. He was 16 years old – a beautiful and sweet blue Persian.

  44. I saw the memorial to the pets when it was first put on the front page. However, I did not have the courage to read all the comments. Even now the tears are flowing for all the lovely creatures poisoned by this travesty. I have said it on Itchmo before, and I will repeat, the pet food poisoning has been going on for years and years. The animals succumb as it builds in their systems and the crystals scratch and damage their kidneys. I lost Purr-Purr, my beloved companion of three years in July of 2006. I could not afford to take her to a vet, but I had fed her Natural Balance weightloss variety and Trader Joe’s canned (Menu Foods). In addition to Pat’s poxes, I will say I have and do pray that all those involved in the crimes against God’s creatures, and the cover-up that followed and continues to this day, may eventually face their Creator with a full knowledge of their guilt. Purr-Purr was a rescue cat from the animal shelter. I chose her because she was 12+ years old and I was certain no one else would give an old flea-bitten (truly), partly shaved cat a home. She nursed me through Stage IV colon cancer and chemotherapy. I am still here, Thank God, but she is not. I cannot express my grief at her loss, and the overwhelming guilt I felt at the time. I thought when she died I could have done something to save her. Well, it was the food, not old age, 15 IS NOT OLD IN CAT YEARS! I could only have stretched out her days with re-hydration, blood tests etc at a cost of hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars that I did not have. God will punish the guilty. I will never buy any food processed by Menu Foods, Diamond Foods or Natural Balance again.

  45. PS — for those interested in strenghthening their pets’ system, try Gemmotherapy. Although I did not know what was wrong with Purr-Purr at the time, I gave her drops of Common Juniper in her water throughout her ordeal. It is this that likely saved the kitten we got about a year after Purr-Purr. Kitsa commonly ate Purr-Purr’s food rather than her own. You can learn more about Gemmotherapy at . It does not interfere with any pharmaceuticals. I have been taking a protocol of Gemmotherapy (herbal tinctures) and Oligotherapy (homeopathic trace minerals) for almost 5 years now for the cancer in my liver. I do not sell it or earn money. Like Mittens, I just want to help others with what I have learned.

  46. my cat elvis he was like7 years old he died he got shot with a arrow :( he died when i was like 3 we will always & forever rember him we will always love you forever elvis :( & my cat midnight

  47. dear, blackbeauty i know you are just a dog & cant read this lol i know you have a good home but i still miss you your baby rosey is doing good & rosey has a baby of her own now her name is coco she loves her anyway i just wanted you too know i dident want to get rid of you & i love you with all my heart & more than most people you were special & still are & tell clifford & little lady i said hi & i love them to :) in some kind of doggy way mom loves all of you too & so does your brother & your daddy & so does your sis :) i still wish i could go back & keep you i would problay give anything to have you back i wish i still had your chain collar but when we moved i lost it but you still got a very special place in my heart & i will come visit you 1 day i hope not soon but maybe 1 day :)


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