Iowa Mayor Puts $5 Bounty On Stray Cats

CatsThe mayor of Randolph, Iowa is taking drastic measures to curb the feral cats in the area.

Since March 1, Mayor Vance Trively’s plan of putting a bounty on all stray cats has been in effect. If a resident can lure a cat and catch it, the person will get five dollars.

If a cat or dog does not have a tag or collar on, the animal will kept “for a time for people to claim them”. If they are not claimed, they will be euthanized.

Randolph City Councliman Allen Wendland said, “Either people keep their cats in or like dogs, if they keep ’em under control we shouldn’t have a problem, it’s just the stray ones and cats propagate quite frequently.”

Several residents, including Chasidy Wederquist, said the bounty plan is ridiculous and that killing the animals is not the right way to deal with the stray cats.

Community members also have gone on the city’s community web site and called the bounty plan inhumane and stated it is dangerous to family pets.

But city officials disagree. Wendland said, “There’s not much of a bounty on ’em to where people are gonna make a lot of money on it.”

Some animal organizations are worried that people will take pets and take off their collars or tags, so they can get the bounty money.

John Snyder of the Humane Society of the United States said he doesn’t have a problem with humanely killing a feral cat, but said the money spent on the bounty and the vet expenses would be better used on hiring a professional.

Snyder stated, “I’m concerned about children, people trying to capture these cats that don’t have knowledge of what they’re doing, being scratched or injured or inhumanely handling these cats for five bucks. Is it worth it?”

It has been reported that two cats have been already turned in since March 1.

Source: WTOP, KPTM

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22 thoughts on “Iowa Mayor Puts $5 Bounty On Stray Cats

  1. Lets make a REAL difference.Offer the $5.00 for removing the illegals that are bankrupting the nation.These cats deserve a hell of of lot more than death.What is their crime ? Owners that did not keep indoors or spay or neuter ? How can we become killers of animals and allow illegals to devast the nation ? TNR works. Not familar with this program ? Check out TNR programs. No Feral cat has ever devastated the nation by bringing in illegal drugs or molesting childern.Lets address the national invasion and bankrupting the nation by a corrupt goverment .Some issue NEED top priorty.

  2. I can tell you all the drug addicts and crank heads and low life blood sucking leaches who will not work a job and any other animal abuser will take advantage of this situation and will terrorize and hurt these poor cats and then they will be rewarded with money. This is so sickening! I can’t believe the Mayor is this ignorant and brutal. HOW DOES SOMEONE LIKE THAT GET ELECTED????

  3. We should not punish animals for the irresponsible actions of their guadians.

    The mayor sounds like a fist class jerk.

    Why not spend the money on educating about S/N and a fund to S/N

  4. Donna, unless your ancestors are Native American Indians, you better look in the mirror when you lump all immigrants as drug dealers and child molesters.

    I do agree that hiring a professional to manage a TNR program makes a lot more sense then offering a $5 bounty.

  5. Well, what a great idea. At last unscrupulous people can make money from breeding cats indefinitely. Just keep a couple of cats, as soon as the kittens reach a certain age, turn them in for five bucks. Short on your allowance this week kids? Go hunting for the neighbors cats and turn them in for five bucks. Which idiot thought up this plan?

  6. I know that illegal immigration is a hot issue and not one to really get into here….but I think classifying all of them as violent crimimals is wrong.

    Next time you eat just about anything….think about who picked it….and no they are not taking jobs from anyone.

    You can not get most Americans to work in the fields.

  7. I know on the east coast, people use a live trap, call animal control, a vet will nuter them, then they released back into the wild. Feral Cats are a natural predater. I think the should consider this. However, the dogs i feel very sorry for, thats really sad..

  8. This guy is an asshole.

    These people should be ashamed of themselves!

    ~The Lioness

  9. Furmom, you are right. This is going to lead to all kinds of cruel methods of obtaining cats just to turn them over and get $$$. It is not merely a cruel plan, it is a STUPID one. As all cruel plans are. Stef

  10. Mr Wedland needs to look up the meaning of ‘propogate’-i believe that refers to plants,not animals!! the bounty is about the stupidest idea I’ve heard of in a looooong time!!!!

  11. Here’s a couple of links with some more information, including a statement from the vet that was apparently involved that says they weren’t contacted by the city of Randolph:

    (Note that this is NOT the official City web site)

    And here they are saying that this plan may actually be against state/local laws:

    This yokel makes me ashamed to live in Iowa, but then coming from a smaller farm community, there’s way too many people around here that don’t think twice about killing stray animals.

  12. Ken, feral cats are a natural predator in ASIA, not the US of A. Not many of the wild creatures they hunt here have been able to evolve defenses against them, especially wild birds. The are an invasive species like European House sparrows and starlings.

  13. Update- I just got an email from Alley Cat Allies… Trively’s plan has been overruled by the City Council after thousands of letters opposing the mayor’s barbaric plan poured in. Humane and effective TNR programs will be implemented instead. Looks like the cats will be safe. And hopefully, this evidence of Trively’s true colors will help put an end to his future political career.

  14. Well, Well! I was about to say, “Rats Anyone? yum yum.” The bottom line is that cats take care of a lot of things we do not give them credit for. Just ask any farmer with a barn full of hay. The TNR plan is the way to go.

  15. Typical story out of Iowa. Such a backwards place. My family and I made a mistake and moved there years ago. Couldn’t believe how backwards it is there. So typical.

    We are so glad to be gone. One of the reasons we left was because of the horrible way they treat pets there.

  16. Donna, I agree with you all the way, last week a family here in michigan was excuted by 2 illegals in this country. They think they are gang memebers from El Salvador. I know they don’t all do this but why should we take care and support them when they shouldn’t be here in the first place. The farmers that own the farms that border mexico are being run over with violent illegals. Unless you were born here or got here leagally I don’t want your butt here. This is a real hot button and all this crap is sucking this country dry to the bone.

  17. Wouldn’t it be much better to trap, spay and neuter, and return cats to their former location.

    Just 18 months ago, I adopted two feral kittens (maybe 6 weeks or more of age). My vet’s tech trapped a mother and four of her kittens. A fifth was believed killed by a raccoon. The mother was too wild to rehabiltate, but was spayed and returned to where she was trapped. All four kittens now have loving homes.

    My two are adorable, well behaved house cats, who get along well with a ten year old female that I adopted from the county pound six years ago, when she was four.

    There are more humane ways to solve problems, if only the people in charge would be willing to try them.

  18. This is terrible, although taking what positive I can from it, I’m SO glad this didn’t happen near me – I would have been very worried about my cats. A stupid idea by a stupid man!! Sure, one cat would only net $5, but any unscrupulous neighbour of a multi-cat household… well, I’m sure you know what i’m saying!

    I’m so glad this has been stopped.

  19. If pet cats are inside where they belong, then there will be no reason to worry. I live in an area with a Trap, Neuter and Release program. Last January feral cats froze by the dozens in the alley behind my building. Releasing these cats means that they can starve, dehydrate in the 103 degree temps we have right now, be killed by dogs, coyotes, and of course hit by cars. We would never round up a band of feral dogs, neuter them and release them— why are we spending our very small shelter funds on this program that results in a sad end. We are simply putting off the enevitable. Euthanasia would be kinder.

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