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Pictures sent in by Donnita.

This is her baby Tink. The top picture is Tink at 8-weeks-old and the bottom picture is Tink at one-year-old. This is what Donnita had to say about Tink:

I met her at 6 weeks and have had her since she was 8-weeks-old. She was born blind due to too much white on white breeding. She is blind and deaf although she sees “movement” and light . She has a veil over her eyes. I would love to find research to see if it’s correctable. She is a very rewarding part of my life, and no matter how badly things may get, she is always number one to me and will receive the best I can give her. I feel I was meant to be hers, and she mine.

Tink is inside with me, however she has many furry family members, including dogs: Sierra, Sage, Karma, and Drew, and cats including Rowan, Kali, Skye, Hurley, Willow, TC, Fern, and Autumn, plus a couple of wild strays.

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  1. She is a precious baby and I completely understand why and how much you love her. I think you two are a perfect match. She is sooooo pretty! Your life together has been blessed.

  2. Are you able to provide more information about your pup’s blindness. Is it absolute, light sensitivity, nystagmus? Has she had a thorough exam by an ophthalmologist? If the albinism (? ) and deafness are absolute, your pup may be of special interest to a veterinary school. Good fortune in your pursuit and pray for good health in every other area.

  3. Thank you for all of your comments. I was pleasantly surprised to see her up on the site today. Tink has not had a thorough eye exam. when she was a pup I was told she had no eyes, there is a name for it though I do not remember it at this time , but I know she does as she sees light and some shadow movement. She has amazing sonar of some sort as she rarely runs into things and will turn away at the last second. She can hear certain pitch, but you must make a very high sound in order for her to hear it. Leaving you with a headache. LOL I would like her to have a thorough professional eye exam, at this time funds do not allow it.

  4. Donnita, she is a lovely, lovely girl. I’m so glad she has a caretaker who loves her as much as you do. :)

    ~The Lioness

  5. What a wonderful love story. What a wonderful furry family you must have, with Tink occupying a most special and exalted place. I know she brings you much joy. Thank you for sharing her with us. Stef

  6. what a sweet baby. she is so beautiful. so glad u found each other…blessings 2 u n u’r family…

  7. What an inspiring story-thanks for sharing. Not only does your love for Tink shine through, but also your respect for her. You two are a great pair!

  8. What a lovely pup and a how lucky that she found you, and you her!
    I’d read a little about dogs with similar conditions at Rolling Dog Ranch, so many are abandoned. It’s very heartlifting to see her in such a loving home.

  9. Hi Donnita,
    Tink is beautiful!! Sounds like you have a houseful of love!! Check out Rolling Dog Ranch in Montana. They are a wonderful couple that has over 100 animals with disabilities, including blindness. Last months newletter cover story is about a Dane/mix who is also blind. A really great org. with sooooo much love to give to these animals. Maybe they can help you with info for Tink! Lots of love and hugs to her from Washington!

  10. she is beautiful, have you taken her to an optamologist. I am so glad you have her and she has you. I am so sure she will be fine as long as you are together. sincerely, Denise

  11. This is such a beautiful story, and Tink is so pretty. She is incredibly lucky to have an angel like you in her life.

  12. Hi all, Donnita, maybe Alameda east in Colorado, they are very innovative and have come up with all sorts of amazing treatments for various ailments. Good luck, I already love Tink, she reminds of our white little pb.

  13. What a beautiful little princess. It’s good to know that she has so many playmates to stimulate her senses, and I am sure that she does yours. That’s the best thing you could have done for her besides taking her in.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet story with us and the best to the both of you.

  14. Again, more thanks for al of the responses. All possitive. That was really nice to see. To answer one lady, Tink is an American Bulldog/ Pit mix. She is small for her breed, weighing about 45 lbs. The father was at 100 lbs but mom, the pit was small for her breed as well. All of the pups stayed small. At a little over a year old, she now will go down teh steps to go out on her own. THis is a HUGE accomplishment as she was getting very heavy to tote out to go potty every day. I have been online to rolling dog ranch. but I will got here again, and see if they can give me some insight on her condition. I actually wrote them about another special needs dog, but I never heard back from them…. On that note, that well ended up becomeing part of my family. LOL

  15. aww yur dog is ao pretty i would love to have such a pretty da i am happi dat she is in a nice home and i bet yuh treat hurr just lyk a babi i would love to have such a beautiful dog lyk dat……i hope yuh and da angel sent from heaven have a wonderful lyf togther..
    i am out

  16. thank you to all who viewed my wonderful Tinkerbelle and gave such support. She is still the love of my life and the sun in my heart.:)

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